Reflection by Barbara, day 37

Holy Wisdom Parish sponsored the 6 hours from 1 to 7pm on Thursday, April 14. Although not many people could come on a week day we took the day because it was available. People came. We had enough.
It was sunny and warm. The sidewalk was crowded.
One man stopped and said that he and his wife volunteered with the Tea Party. He thanked us for our witness. I thanked him for his. Another person, on his way to lunch, offered to bring me water. I was grateful. I hadn’t realized how thirsty I was.
A young man stopped for quite a while. He thought that abortion must be available to a woman violated by rape. He was sure she would be angry and would hate the baby. I noted that abortion would violate her again. We discussed forgiveness, adoption, women’s biological response to motherhood and the support of her loved ones. I wondered why the baby should die so horribly. It hadn’t done anything wrong.
He mentioned that he had a son and daughter, each by a different woman. For a moment, he wondered out loud if a different management of his sexuality might be better for him. In the end we agreed to disagree about rape and abortion. He gave me a big hug.
One of our young men volunteers offered a leaflet to a woman passing by. She looked at him, crumpled the leaflet and threw it back in his face. Good thing he was too tall for her to hurt him.
As evening came, a man walked past and entered the bar next door. He was wearing high heels and very little clothing, almost a woman’s bathing suit. Elaborate makeup and a wig completed the effect. I was reminded of the quote from Jeremiah, “More tortuous than all else is the human heart.”
Standing in front of Planned Parenthood holding signs; “Pray to end abortion,” “Take my hand not my life,” “Abortion hurts women,” “Men miss lost fatherhood,” “I regret my abortion,” 40 Days For Life volunteers provoke conversation. We know that silence and secrecy strengthen the abortion industry. We know that a baby being killed by abortion is physiologically unable to scream. We know that the baby’s mother is silenced by shame. And we know the power of prayer.
We are here to pray to end abortion and to invite others to join us. Many people arrive, bring out their Rosary and stay for about a ½ hour. Along with our hymns and formal prayers, our conversations can be a form of prayer. We offer abortion alternatives to women going in and out of Planned Parenthood. We offer God’s blessings to the people who are apparently employed there. We listen as Jesus did with the woman at the well.
The volunteers I met were people of God whose company was a gift to me. I learned about many prolife efforts in our area.

2 thoughts on “Reflection by Barbara, day 37

  • April 17, 2011 at 7:46 am

    Let us all pray for an end to abortion.

  • April 17, 2011 at 6:44 pm

    You had a very interesting shift, Barbara. Thank you for sharing this. As you document so well, educating people who pass by is part of our pro life work. When we are not on the sidewalk, education grinds to a halt. Sally Brunn


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