Day 37…A young pregnant woman chooses life instead of Planned Parenthood!

What a beautiful, sunny, blessed morning at our vigil!  Although there were no churches signed up for this morning, I had plenty of company, between Katie, Beth, Cecilia and Barbara.  Here are a couple photos:

Katie, on day 37
Beth, Cecilia and Barbara, day 37

The best part of today was at 10:30, when a beautiful young girl who was headed into Planned Parenthood stopped when I asked if she would like some information about alternative places she could go.  She took my information and listened as I explained that Planned Parenthood makes its money by selling abortions, and that is what they will be pushing her to do.  She was receptive to going to a crisis pregnancy center instead, but had no transportation to get there.  I offered to drive her there, and she agreed.  We drove to Choices Pregnancy Center in Coraopolis, where she found out that she was indeed pregnant…10 weeks!  She even got an ultrasound, and was moved to tears when she saw her baby moving around on the screen.  When we left, she proudly showed me the photo of her baby, and she has an appointment for follow-up next week.  She was concerned about telling her parents…especially her dad.  Also, she doesn’t believe that her boyfriend will want her to keep the baby.  But, I believe that she has bonded with this baby, by seeing the ultrasound image, and I don’t believe she will let anyone talk her out of having her baby…praise God!  “A” is 21 and a part-time student at CCAC.  She is truly a beautiful young girl, and it was a joy and a privilege to be used by God to deliver her out of the blood-stained hands of Planned Parenthood and into the loving hands of the Christian women at Choices Pregnancy Center.  On the way  home in the car, “A” kept telling me how nice they were to her, and what a nice place it is, and thanked me for bringing her there. 

Thank you for your prayers and sacrifice!  It has made these “saves” possible.  We are up to 9 possible lives saved in Pittsburgh so far!  All Glory to God!

Your sister in Christ,


2 thoughts on “Day 37…A young pregnant woman chooses life instead of Planned Parenthood!

  • April 14, 2011 at 3:50 pm

    Let us all pray for an end to abortion.

  • April 14, 2011 at 6:54 pm

    That’s awesome, Nikki ! Thank God you were there for her.

    As so often happens it was not an abortion day, but you were there to talk with her, and you had a car.
    What happens when nobody is there, or if the only person who is there has no car, maybe not even a cell phone? At least everybody should have some literature on them at all times. Sally


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