Day 34…Our Presence Continues, with faithful members of St. Thomas a’ Beckett and St. Killians

Monday, day 34 started on a quiet note…with no church presence until St. Thomas a’ Becket joined our vigil at 4:00.  However, I was blessed during my morning shift to be joined by Vicki and Dani…and their tiny tots.  These are the two women that I wrote about…who awe and inspire me that, with six children each (and another one on the way for Vicki) can somehow find time to come to the vigil and pray…with a few of their little ones with them!  Here are some photos of us:

Nikki & Dani (holding her son), day 34
Little Ava speaks a BIG truth!
Children are the most powerful sign of life and hope...this will defeat Planned Parenthood's false message of death as the only option!

Later in the day, faithful witnesses from St. Thomas a’ Becket parish in Jefferson Hills, and also some from St. Killian’s in Cranberry joined our vigil.  Here are some photos of them:

We are in our last week now.  I hope to be able to communicate with everyone through email again by this afternoon!  Let’s stay strong in our prayers, fasting and vigil all the way through day 40!  I would like to invite everyone to come to our vigil on Sunday, the last day…so that we can maintain a strong prayer presence on our last day of this spring campaign.  Please come if you can.

God bless you!


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