Saturday – April 9th

A priest and lot of people from Johnstown arrived in a big tour bus around 8:50 and were still at PP when I went home at 11:10. They prayed and sang the entire time. We also had a family with 8 children from Wexford, many students from St. Vincent College, and many more pray-ers. Counting children & teens we had over 60 people up to 11 a.m.

Police came to tell us not to block the doors of the business to the right and to ask a college student who was kneeling in the street to kneel on the sidewalk instead. Then they went away. The guard was upset because one of the counselors was walking in the circle. She agreed to refrain from doing that. I had to admire a 71 year old lady, a cancer survivor, who spent almost the entire morning kneeling on the sidewalk. What a wonderful witness!

Another woman went into PP for a second trimester abortion. It was not the same woman who went in yesterday. PP had a very busy morning.

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