Photos from day 29

Hi everyone.  I must apologize for my lack of email communication lately.  Comcast has shut down my ability to send bulk email, and I am waiting for business class service to be installed next week.  We also are exploring a new way of sending email that would be linked to this website…so hopefully, one way or another, we will be able to communicate with all of you through email again by next week!

I want to share the following photos with you.  They were just sent to me by Marci and Diane, from Grove city.  Marci gave her testimony at our 40 Days for Life opening event on March 5th, and has a ministry called Amazing Grace.  Here are photos of her group that participated in our vigil on day 29:

Shannon and baby Bryan stopped to visit our vigil, day 29
Shift Manager Rev. Patterson, with participant from Marci's Amazing Grace group
Marci and prayer participant from Amazing Grace group
Shift Manager Cathy, with participant from Marci Deal's Amazing Grace group

I also would like to share a story of a possible life saved that Marci and Diane told me about.  Diane wrote:

Terry and her sign may have saved a baby. Terry saw a tall young woman peek into the window of PP. The woman looked at Terry and her sign “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you – God”, tears streamed down her face and she walked away. We all prayed that this young woman will never return to PP.

If we count the three women/couples who came to Planned Parenthood and turned around and left…without saying anything or taking any information from our volunteers…if we count them as possible “saves”…then we are up to 8 so far here in Pittsburgh!

Praise God for all He has done, and for all that He will do in Pittsburgh!

God bless you,


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