A 2nd trimester abortion

Rain again! Still there was a good group from St. Mary Assumption in Glenshaw, and the usual regular pray-ers. A man even stopped and prayed with us before going on his way.

The abortionist, Beatrice Chen, almost always goes in around 9 a.m., often with one or more med students who are being trained to do abortions. Today Al saw her go in at 7:45. He told one of the ladies that her early start means a second trimester abortion, which takes all day to complete. Sure enough, a woman went in who had to be at least 18 weeks. The man who brought her left her at the guard station & went away, leaving her to face the “problem” alone. Was it “her choice” or his? Would she be doing this if she could see her fully developed baby on their sonogram? God help us all for allowing these terrible things to happen.

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