Day 30…Different parts of Christ’s Body worked together!

This morning was truly a blessed time at the vigil. Although no church was scheduled to participate until 11:00, many women from different churches and denominations came to pray for an end to abortion. I was blessed to pray with Susan and her daughter Veronica, from St. Maurice in Forrest Hills. Laure, who is 8 months pregnant with her first child…and who generously created this blog website for us…came with her friend Lindsay. They were later joined by Marissa and baby Zoey. They are all from Murrysville Community Church. We also were blessed when Pam and her little boy Fred stopped to pray with us. Here is a photo of these inspiring, Godly women:

Veronica and Susan from St. Maurice in Forrest Hills, Pam and her son Fred, who just stopped to pray with us...and Laure and Lindsay from Murrysville Community Church