Day 29…wonderful women step out for the first time to pray at an abortion clinic!

I was blessed this morning to stand as a witness to Life with many young women from Ryerson South Wheeling Baptist Church, Gospel Alliance Church and First Assembly of God in Waynesburg.  None of these young ladies had ever done this before, but they bravely stepped outside of their comfort zone to endure the cold…the busy, hectic city…the parking issues and all the inconveniences.  They did this because they recognize that abortion is the greatest injustice in our nation right now.  They did this because they truly love our Lord Jesus Christ, and want to be His hands and feet and obey His command to pick up our cross and follow Him.  I was inspired and blessed to pray with them.  Here are some photos from this morning:

Shelly, Katie and Jessica, Day 29
Ryerson's group joined by Stephanie Gospel Alliance Church ,Julie, Brenda and Rhonda from First Assembly of God in Waynesburg

 There were two women who just showed up this morning at different times to pray for just a short time.  Here is a picture of Mary and her young son, John Paul:

Mary and John Paul stop to pray at our vigil

It was especially inspiring to talk to one of the women who participated today, to hear of her story of her recent healing and reconciliation from a long-ago abortion.  She even brought a small memorial to her aborted daughter to leave at the site.  Praise God for her healing…and that He is preparing to use her past suffering to help spare others from enduring the same suffering!  I forgot to take a photo of her memorial (a pick shoelace with the name of her daugher “Tia” written on it), but you can faintly see it in the photo above.  It is tied around the tree branch behind Mary and John Paul.

One note…I saw the mother and daughter (Cindy and Tiana) that I spoke to last week.  She was the woman who was crying because the staff at Planned Parenthood were trying to talk her daughter into having an abortion and she refused to sign the consent form.  Well, they came back today and were inside the clinic for about 5 minutes.  When they came out I was able to speak to Cindy.  She said she is still trying to get her daughter to choose life.  She hasn’t brought her to a crisis pregnancy center yet though.  I urged her once again to bring her to Women’s Choice Network and gave her more information.  Please continue to pray for them.  Cindy is planning to take her daughter to Magee Hospital for an ultrasound.  I explained to her that Magee does abortions…especially late term abortions…and would not try to persuade her to carry her child.  So, I hope she takes my advice.  I hope and pray I never see them walk in on an abortion day.

Please continue in your prayers and fasting…also please come to the vigil when you can.  We need help covering the vigil this Sunday morning from 7-11am and on Monday from 7am-4pm.  Otherwise our shift managers will be alone during these times.

Thanks and God bless you! 


One thought on “Day 29…wonderful women step out for the first time to pray at an abortion clinic!

  • April 7, 2011 at 8:29 am

    Thanks Nikki! You and Barabara are an inspiration to me. What dedication! Stay strong in the Lord and his calling for your life. He reigns and abortion will end! Stephanie


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