Saturday 4-1 Shift 3

What a wonderful shift we had on Saturday. It was a little chilly but the warmth of love for God and his children was stronger. There were people there from St. Elizabeth Church and St. Joan of Arc Church. We had 2 people just stop by, one was a woman from Monroeville who read about it in the Pittsburgh Catholic and decided to come pray with us, the other was a mother of 5 from Steubenville who I called a “rebel”. She brought pamphlets with her and approached people to talk to them.  I told her I was not comfortable with doing that and she said that my praying gives her the grace she needs to do it. Before she left, she placed a pro-life sticker on a box in front of planned parenthood. We had a young family come down and pray the rosary with us. It was amazing the witness they gave to me. Four young children and a dad in a wheelchair who exuded faith and grace. We had Fr. Nick Argenterri from St. Elizabeth of Hungary. He prayed the chaplet of divine mercy and the rosary with us. He also gave us a blessing before he left. We didn’t see any young woman leaving. The workers were all gone by 3:30 pm. I guess that is a blessing, it means they had fewer abortions scheduled.  I am truly blessed to be able to “hang out” with these faithful people. It was a non-stop prayer-fest.

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  • April 4, 2011 at 5:27 pm

    Thank you for your faithful witness every Saturday evening at our vigil! Thanks for sharing the wonderful ways in which God is blessing you and others at the vigil! It allows me to feel like I can still experience the vigil when I am not there.


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