Amazing names!

I’ve been wanting to share this since last week. You know, Nikki posted near the beginning of the vigil that three baby girls had visited 40 Days for Life with their parents, and how their names were so meaningful to our mission! The first was Zoey (meaning “Life”), the second was Grace, and the third was Precious!

Well, in the course of my weekly shifts, I have encountered three more. One little baby girl and her mom approached just as we were finishing the rosary. Her name was Maria Grace. Coincidence? No.

The next week, another baby girl was there, and while we were about to pray the rosary again, I learned that her name was Maria Elizabeth. AND she was born on the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe (the patroness of the unborn)! Not a coincidence that time, either, I’m sure.

Finally, last week, I was there with another group, and another baby girl. Of course, in the back of my mind, I’m thinking, “Will this happen again? I mean, how long will the Lord keep this up?”

I asked the mother her name, and of course, it was…. Gianna.

St. Gianna is one of the most famous pro-life saints who has gone before us. She lived not that long ago, in the 60’s, and was told during her last pregnancy that she should abort her child due to health complications, or she would die. She refused. And she died. And now she remains in our memory as an example of one who would rather give up her own life than kill her child in the womb.

The Lord continues to amaze me. Isn’t He just always surprising us?

Thank You, Lord! And thank You for these amazing names! These babies are a reminder to us of Your constant loving presence with us. Thank You!

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  • April 4, 2011 at 8:51 am

    Thanks for sharing this Lisa! Our God is good, and merciful. He is so willing to bless us when we are faithful! Thank you for your faithfulness!


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