Possible turn-around on Day 25

David, who regularly sidewalk counsels at Planned Parenthood on Saturday mornings reported the following story of a couple that may have been headed for an abortion, and turned around and left:

About 9:15am a black couple approached me heading to the abortion clinic. The woman was wearing sweat pants (a common indicator, since Planned Parenthood’s website instructs women to wear loose fitting clothing when coming for an abortion). I offered my literature and said: “They kill babies at Planned Parenthood”, and I offered the pink card to the crisis pregnancy center in Oakland. They stopped dead in their tracks. They did not take my literature. They turned and went in the opposite direction of Planned Parenthood. They walked about 20 feet, and they just stood there talking. After about 5 minutes they headed in the same direction away from the clinic. I was their until 10:30 and did not see them come back. I hope the Holy Spirit touched their hearts as they heard the truth. Plus, there were about 20 people praying there, and they may have been too embarrassed to go to that evil place. Thank you Jesus! And thank you to all the people that showed up on this rainy, cold morning!


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