Day 24, Pamela’s reflections

4/1/2011 – First experience with the prayer vigil 40 days for life. What a surreal experience. It wasn’t until I got home in the quietness of my bedroom that I wept. I wept for the fact that in the middle of a busy city – people coming to and fro – passing right in front of the building where I am not allowed to enter the inner white line – people standing at the bus stop – the young girl who comes out in a daze still under the influence of medication, with her dad on one side and her mother on the other smiling – she can barely walk as they pass me by – they walk away and she reaches over and grabs her daddy’s hand and her mom strokes her back – how is this happening – how have we gotten to this point – how can we pass this place where women are choosing to allow someone to suck the very life out of them while they literally suck a child from the saftey of their young womb. And how can we not weep everyday for a generation lost. But instead things fill our lives and consume us and all this takes backseat to our own problems our own comfort zone. And when I go back next week – what will have changed – my heart Lord, yes my heart will never be the same. Everyday at the center I speak to young women and now I have visited the place where some of them have destroyed a part of themselves and then return to allow me to see the spiraling down and the pain – the “problem” replaced by a loneliness and sorrow that cannot be fixed. Pregnant again, now often trying to replace the child that they have forsaken physically, but now cling to emotionally. The cycle continues – I have come full circle.

A man who showed up at the end of our shift put my unspoken thoughts into words – “I thought to myself – should I go to the stations of the cross at church, or should I go live the stations in front of the abortion clinic.”

Pamela Minto, AIM Women’s Center, Steubenville, OH

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