Theresa’s story, Day 22

As we were praying the rosary, I was very touched by folks walking through who started to recite the rosary along with us as they passed through, one of which was a young fellow walking with his wife/girlfriend who was pregnant. They looked very young and probably not having an ideal life but nonetheless having the child.
A woman (probably in her 50s-60s) began ranting to us that she resented what we were doing as she was conceived due to rape and adopted and resents being adopted and her biological father should have been executed. She went on for a quite a while and very obviously was really hurting. I wanted to say to her but didn’t have a chance so will pray for her… that she will come to know the beauty of life, how life is a gift, and how very much God loves her and is thrilled that she had a chance at life. (As a side note: there was a photographer from the post-gazette there taking our pictures when the woman showed up and he asked her for her name and so may appear in the PG.)
Another fellow went by and reminded us that it’s not just babies being killed but also the elderly! Let us also remember this issue in our prayers as well.
So many folks going past and covering their ears and the eyes of their children – I pray that all passersby will open their ears and their eyes.
As we were praying “deliver us from evil,” one fellow passing by snickered and said… “It is too late for all of us.” So many walking around without knowing the Lord. So much evil and despair in peoples’ hearts – so much to pray for!
Finally, I had no intention of mentioning this at all … but now only because it ended up being such a blessing to be there on the day when I am being blessed by my own birthday and what a wonderful gift LIFE is! And what a blessing it was to be there with the group (K of C) led by Fr. Tim(at 1:00pm) for the rosary and stations.

Thanks again for all you are doing! I am in amazement at your tenacity! It is so highly emotional just being there for brief time periods.
In Christ, Theresa Eury

One thought on “Theresa’s story, Day 22

  • April 1, 2011 at 3:45 pm

    So many going past and covering the eyes and ears of their children. No graphic pictures to offend them. Only pictures of a developing baby in utero on signs that say, “Pray to end abortion”. They are afraid to have their children see that sign, or hear people praying. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? Why are they afraid to have their children see and hear truth?


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