Day 22 – Sorrow, Anger & Inspiration

This morning was a long, cold morning at the vigil.  I was blessed to have Joe from Hosanna church stand with me for two hours, and then was alone for quite a while.  While I was sitting there freezing, watching people walk by without even looking at me…I began to doubt the importance of my presence there.  It is amazing how the enemy can attack us when we are alone.  When there are church groups and fellowship, it is great, but when one is alone…there is an entirely different feeling to it.  But, there was a reason for me to be there.  As I was sitting there, just waiting for my shift to be over, a woman practically ran out of Planned Parenthood in tears.  She came straight over to me and said “They are in there with my sixteen year old daughter, and they are talking her into having an abortion!”  She told me that they had tried to get her to sign the consent forms, but she refused.  When her daughter said she would have the abortion anyway, the mother left the clinic in tears.  I comforted and consoled her as best I could…prayed with her.  I gave her information for a crisis pregnancy center in Oakland and encouraged her to take her daughter there.  Please pray for Cindy…for her daughter Tianna, and for her unborn grandchild.  Later, I saw her daughter leave the clinic alone…also looking upset.  Cindy came back soon after that, looking for her daughter.  I told her that I had seen a young girl leaving, who I believed was her daughter…but I couldn’t be sure.  So, Cindy went into Planned Parenthood to see if her daughter was still there, and to make sure they wrote an excuse for her daughter to get back into school.  She came back out a few minutes later, in tear again.  She said they refused to give her ANY information about her daughter!!!  They wouldn’t even tell her if her daughter was still there or not…let alone whether or not they gave her an excuse to get back into school!  They told her that because she UPSET Tianna…that they would not ALLOW her back in again!   I couldn’t believe it!  This poor mother, distraught over the potential destruction of her own grandchild…and the trauma that she knew her own daughter would go through (she had also endured an abortion herself, at age 17 and did not want her daughter to go through the same horror!)…this poor mother was being denied the basic right to know if her own daughter was still in the clinic or not!  I was ANGRY!  How can this be?!  I don’t often feel anger, but I do right now.  Please pray for Cindy, Tianna and the new life inside of Tianna.

Later, two young mothers and a toddler showed up to pray.  I was on my knees, alone on the sidewalk…praying for Cindy and Tianna, when they showed up.  They promtly spread a quilt on the cold sidewalk for little 2-year old Ava to sit on, and began to pray.  I was awed and inspired by their witness.  Especially when I found out that They each have 6 children already…and Vicki is pregnant with her 7th!  As busy as they must be…with young families…they made time to come to the vigil and pray!  I am so inspired by these two extraordinary women!!!  Here is a photo of them:

So, in the end…I would have to characterize my morning vigil with these three emotions;  Sorrow (for Cindy) Anger (at Planned Parenthood’s audacity) and inspiration (from Dani and Vicki).

Finally, I would like to pass on another prayer request from Cecilia, who participated in the vigil yesterday. She wrote:

I wanted to pass along a prayer request. While I was there, 2 women came out of PP to smoke. We asked if we could help them and told them we had some free info if they wanted it but they pretty much ignored us and talked among themselves. After they went back in, a while later the older lady came back out to smoke. I made eye contact and asked, again, if we could help her. She then spoke and said that it is her friend that is having the abortion, not her. And that she tried to talk her out of it but she wouldn’t listen. I tried to explain why it wasn’t good for her but she said that she would not listen or change her mind. So I told her that we had post-abortion info should her friend need it some time. She was open to receiving the material. Then she mentioned that this was her friend’s second abortion so I shared with her some info I had on chastity and said I pray that she does not find herself in this position again. She took the material and went back inside. But before doing so I asked what the first name was of her friend. It is “N”. I told her we would pray for her and she appreciated that. So please keep her in prayer.

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