Sunday Mornings

There are no dramatic stories to report from the last three cold, quiet Sunday mornings–unless you count the fact that wonderful people have chosen to spend Sunday morning praying on a sidewalk instead of sleeping in or sitting at home with a cup of hot coffee and the newspaper! Parishoners from St. Killian’s, Madonna del Castillo, and Assumption parishes have kept the vigil going on these mornings, along with other faithful souls who frequently pray there. A special thanks to Al and Sally Brunn who are always there before sunrise–it’s so comforting to see you there already when I arrive! Another special thanks to the three children who came for the “second shift” today–we were so encouraged to see you standing up for our littlest brothers and sisters!

One thought on “Sunday Mornings

  • March 27, 2011 at 8:50 pm

    Jen, you are a true blessing to our 40 Days for Life effort in Pittsburgh! By taking the early morning Sunday shift and enabling our vigil to be maintained, you are an inspiration to me! It would be difficult to replace you! God bless you.


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