Day 17 Possible Save

Even though it was cold yesterday for all those who came for the 11 – 3 shift, our hearts were kept warm through prayer.  At 1pm an orange school bus pulled up and 25 students and at least 4 adults from Aquinas Academy arrived.  These high school students chose, on their day off, to pray at Planned Parenthood for the unborn babies and make a stand for Life. They were very peaceful and prayerful, holding up signs and joining in praying several rosaries and even singing  the Chaplet of Divine Mercy during their two hour stay. John Mihm led them in a scriptural rosary and later Fr. Joe Cadori came and lead prayers, too.  While Fr. Joe was standing on the opposite side from me something wonderful happened.  He relates that he always says to anyone coming out of PP, “We are praying for you today.”  After he said that to a young woman who had just walked out the door, she turned to him and said, “I  didn’t let them take “it” from me, in case you wanted to know.”  We believe the “it” was her baby she was referring to.  Sally says that the girls who go in there for their exams and discover they are pregnant are often told, “We can take care of that for you right away.”  So, while no one questioned her further as she kept walking, Fr. Joe and I believe a baby was truly saved! (I had prayed to Our Lady in the morning that it would be nice to have a baby saved from abortion on her feast day – the Feast of the Annunciation!)

This has been my third 4 hour vigil shift in this 40 Days for Life campaign, and each time I go I receive many blessings – from having old friends I haven’t seen in awhile stop to chat and offer encouragement, to having passersby take the pamphlets I offer, to many foks thanking us for being there, to being able to chat and pray with many new faces of dedicated pro-lifers from all over  Pittsburgh who are united in the cause of ending abortion, to feeling very peaceful as I stand there knowing there is a blanket of prayer and fasting covering us as we stand on the front lines to fight for LIFE.  I have been truly bessed!  Thanks to all who fast and pray behing the scenes for all of us.

Rose Waruszewski

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