Praying in the Rain…a moving experience by Jessica (Emmanuel Christian Church)

I think everything went pretty well for the weather we had. It was definitely a very moving experience and I am so glad this is something I got the privilege to participate in. We had the expected “against us” comments but I believe we got more positive feedback than negative. Cookies were brought by one of the volunteers from my church and people really seemed to respond well to them. Some even seemed like it made their day.
We all survived the storm that passed through and most were able to stay dry. I myself found that the harder the rain came down, the closer I wanted to get to the road (there wasn’t a lot of foot traffic during the rain), so that passer byes could read the signs and see that I was standing there with a purpose! I really was happy to be able to stand in the rain (I had an unbrella but a less fortunate person needed it more) dripping wet and see that I wasn’t there to be comfortable, nothing about what we do is supposed to be easy or comfortable, although I did highly enjoy doing what we were there to do. I did find myself getting a little emotional when I would see young women coming in and out of the clinic, some with a little brown paper bag. God Bless all the volunteers!


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