Another possible save…as told by Lisa

Just wanted to briefly share this story from today (day 16). While we were praying, Tom V., who was beautifully leading us in prayer and example, began talking to a young woman who had a small boy with her. She had just learned that she was pregnant (she thought maybe she was about two weeks along). Tom called me into the conversation, and I learned that the woman’s name was Brandy, and she was considering an abortion because the baby’s father wanted it that way. But when I asked Brandy what SHE wanted, she admitted that she did not want to have an abortion.

Tom and I gave her phone numbers, and advised her to get help. Tom warned her of the physical harm that could happen in the course of the abortion procedure, and she seemed bothered by that. We also told her that if she had the abortion, she’d always have regrets. She agreed, since she shared that she had lost a baby by miscarriage, and that had been so hard for her. She seemed open and receptive to everything we were saying. We then prayed for her, as a group. There were about 8 or more of us there at the time!

But then, something odd happened. She did go into the clinic for a brief time, but then came out again. I was told later that she had wanted to see if she could find out exactly how far along she was. But when she came out, I called her over, and said, “Brandy, if you go in there for help, they will just pressure you to abort. If you call the numbers we gave you, you’ll get the real help you need from people who care about you.” She nodded, and I hope she agreed! We continued to pray for her, and I ask all of you to pray for her too. A possible save? Hard to say. But let us have HOPE. Our prayers and presence there are making a difference, whether it is an “abortion day” or not… and today was not.

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  • March 25, 2011 at 6:18 pm

    Nikki – thank you for the opportunity to take part in the vigil on 3/23.

    Let us all pray for an end to abortion.


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