Day 16…BRRRRR!

It was SO COLD at the vigil this morning!  I guess we’d better get used to it, according to the forecast for the next week.  Everyone, please make sure you bundle up in many, many layers if you are coming to the vigil!  This morning we had two very dedicated people from St. Catherine of Siena parish, Mary Ann and Steve…who were there at 7am and planning to stay until 1pm!  Here are some photos:

Mary Ann, Steve and Beth

Mary and Rose, also from St. Catherine of Siena

I had another person who wanted to debate about God again today.  He talked with me for a long time.  His name is Nathan.  He says he is a Nazi.  He also has a drinking problem, and because of that, he is dying from pancreatitis.  All three of his children were aborted, he had no say-so in the matter.  He stated that he was adopted, and wished that he had been aborted, because his life is such hell.  He was married three times, and all three wives left him.  He is so deep in sin, that he feels unforgivable at this point.  He would not allow me to pray for him…with him.  Unlike the fellow that harassed us yesterday, I don’t believe Nathan was “evil” or demonic…but I do believe he is a victim of demons, and is under satan’s influence.  I will be praying for his rescue.

Make sure when you come to the vigil, to put on your full armour of God!  I do it every time, and have such a peace…and no fear!  We don’t have to fear because Christ is with us and for us…and if God is for us, who can be against us?

One thought on “Day 16…BRRRRR!

  • March 29, 2011 at 7:41 am

    Clearly, Nathan needs the help of prayer and fasting, as our Lord tells us that some spirits can only be cast out by prayer and fasting. Let’s help him!


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