Suzanne’s story from day 10

I went to Pittsburgh last Friday to visit all of my homeless friends and make deliveries, and then I went over to the Prayer Vigil for 2 hours from 2:45 thru 4:45pm with my 17 year old daughter, Emmy. Something AMAZING happened!!!! Emmy and I had our signs that say, “ADOPTION NOT ABORTION”. We were chatting and praying to ourselves, when I noticed a young man (maybe in his early 20’s) approach an older gentleman from St. Ursula Parish who was praying behind me. I overheard him asking the man from St. Ursalas’s about our signs. He seemed to have an angry attitude and he loudly said, “Let me ask you a question!! What about special needs kids, huh? What about a kid with Cerebral Palsy, huh?? Who would adopt a kid like THAT??” Well…I couldn’t believe what I was hearing!!! I felt my spirit leap inside of me!! I spun around and said, “Excuse me, but did you just ask who would adopt a kid with Cerebral Palsy?” The young man shook his his yes. I then said, “Well…I DID!!! I have an adopted son with Cerebral Palsy!! AND…..I also have two who are mentally retarded!!” The young man was stunned!! He asked me a few questions and began saying how amazing that was. His attitude totally changed, and he then even accepted some literature from the man from St. Ursala’s!!!!!!!!!! After he walked away, the gentleman said to me, “WELL!!! That sure was a home run hit!!!” And I just couldn’t stop laughing and smiling!! In that instant I knew that God had prompted me to pray at the Vigil today for this VERY reason!! God knew this young man was going to ask that question. And God knew that I would be able to come forth and say, “I HAVE!!!” And God knew that this would cause a change in the young man’s heart. It was awesome!! Just awesome!!!

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  • March 24, 2011 at 9:03 am

    A wonderful story, Suzanne! You being at the vigil at that particular day & time was no coincidence. It is all in God’s plan.
    I know God has blessed you for adopting the boy with CP. Our grandson, Matthew, almost 13, was born with CP. Our whole family knows that, in spite of all the problems, Matthew is a special gift from God.


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