The morning of mysteries & the save that wasn’t.

Morning 3-22-11
Mystery#1 – Before I arrived, a well dressed mother & father took a child into PP. There is a difference of opinion about the age of the girl. Al said, “no more than 6 or 7”. The man from the pizza shop across the street thinks she was more like 11 or 12. When they were going in, Al said, “They kill babies & hurt women in there”. The girl had her fingers in her ears, but still might have heard him. They came out no more than 10 minutes later. Al did not see the girl crying, but the pizza man said she was “crying her eyes out”. They went away & never came back. This is a puzzle, because, if she was only early school age, why would her parents take her with them to an abortion mill on a school day? They would have taken her to school and then the woman would go with her husband for her own abortion. It makes sense to assume that she was 11 or 12, and suspected of being pregnant or having an STD. Was she crying so hard because she knew she was being taken in to “kill her baby” as Al had said? We’ll never know.
Mystery #2 – Fr.¬†Joe was there with about 7 from his parish. About 9:30 two girls came out of the mill and told him and the others that they had decided not to have the abortion. One of the men gave them a flyer, and they went away. However, they came back about 45 minutes later & went in & did not come out. Did they change their mind? Or had they been told to tell us they were not going to have the abortion by PP employees just to confuse us? We’ll never know.
Mystery #3 – A young man came down Liberty Avenue with 2 teenage girls. Both girls looked very distressed. The one was very underdressed for the weather, wearing only a thin sweater & shivering. I was sure they were going in. I offered them a flyer. The girls refused, but the guy took it willingly and thanked me for it. They passed PP, went down the street & did not come back. We often see underdressed girls going into PP in winter. They know they will be inside, and warm, in a few minutes & don’t have the bother of a coat. Were they intending to go in, saw people praying & holding signs & decided not t do it? We’ll probably never know. Sally Brunn

One thought on “The morning of mysteries & the save that wasn’t.

  • March 22, 2011 at 3:46 pm

    Wow, what a morning! Let’s hope that lives were saved this morning! I pray for that little girl, whatever the situation is. Thanks for sharing these stories, Sally!


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