St. Killian’s Respect Life group held vigil this morning…report by Ray

What a truly inspiring experience we had this morning! The rollercoaster of emotions experienced, will not soon leave.

Along with myself, our group was comprised of the following: Fr Joe, Tom and John. We were also joined by Cindy, of St. Joseph’s in Duquesne We were greeted warmly by shift coordinator, “Sally” and 3 of her friends. I was truly amazed at the faith, perseverance and passion these women possess! When “Sally’s” shift ended, “Mike,” from Monroeville, took over the fight against this evil waged on.

This was a first time experience for Cindy and Tom and they were blown away by what they witnessed. Seeing young girls, some with their mothers and others with boyfriends or girlfriends, enter the abortion clinic with such pained and hollow looks on their faces, brought some members of our group to tears.

Lead by Fr Joe in prayer, we recited several rosaries, the Divine Praises of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. To witness Fr. Joe, in a last ditch effort after last ditch effort, try to change the hearts and minds of these young mothers to keep their babies, it was a witness I will never forget. To be at Fr. Joe’s side, definitely strengthened my faith. Even though there were times his efforts did not seem to bear fruit, Fr. Joe never gave up. He never quit! With great love and compassion, he offered words of hope, alternatives and awareness. I am sure his countless blessings and Signs of the Cross made while facing the doors of the clinic, had a profound effect.

There was an instance when we thought we had a “save.” Hearing Fr Joe’s words, a young girl started crying just before she entered the clinic. We started praying harder. Five minutes later she emerged and said she changed her mind!!! She walked away with her girlfriend in an obvious emotional state and they disappeared out of view. A sense of great joy embraced our little group, but that joy only lasted a short while. For that same girl returned about 20 minutes later and entered the building. What great sadness we felt. However, that inspired us even more to push on and keep up the good fight! We were also there when she exited the clinic about an hour later. You could see such sadness in her face…..She will be added to my prayer list.

Around noon, we were joined by Tim, from St. Teresa of Avila. Evidently, he drove in from Verona, just to join us. What an inspiration he was to the group and gave a witness to his past experiences. Again, I was awestruck at his passion for this movement.

As for passer-bys, we experienced a wide spectrum of reactions; from folks blessing us for our stand to a business woman intentionally walking by on 2 occasions, stating that it is her body and she can do what she wants with it. When I told her that Jesus loves her………She angrily snapped back that God does not exist!! As we continued to pray for her, we also wondered what event occurred in her life that has made her so angry???

As our shift came to an end, fresh enthusiastic troops arrived in the form of 2 ladies from the Assembly of God in Monroeville. They were expecting others to shortly join them.

So, did we make a difference today? I have no doubt in my mind that our presence and prayers saved at least one life today! We may not have personally seen it, but isn’t that what FAITH is all about?

I will be back @ 933 Liberty Ave..

Continued Lenten Blessings.


2 thoughts on “St. Killian’s Respect Life group held vigil this morning…report by Ray

  • March 23, 2011 at 6:39 am

    Let us all pray for an end to abortion.

  • March 23, 2011 at 1:04 pm

    I just wanted to make a comment to Ray about the girl who left, went back in and came out about an hour later. She could not have had a surgical abortion and be leaving in an hour. It is possible that she might have taken RU486, the chemical abortion pill. Yes, keep praying.


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