Bob’s Incredible story from the vigil on March 15th

While we were there on the sidewalk the morning of March 15, we were approached by many encouraging and wonderful people. One fellow stopped to shake the hands of each of us individually, and to share with us a personal story.

Several years ago, his mother was advised by a doctor that she had Cancer; a terrible tumor growing within her, and it must be removed. Because of its location, she would not be able to have children. She went to St. Joseph’s Oratory in Toronto and prayed before the statue of the patron of families. While she was kneeling there, she looked at the feet of the statue, and noticed that they were flesh, and not plaster or stone.

She let her gaze slowly work up the statue, and noticed that the robe was not stone, but rather appeared to be cloth. As her eyes got as high as the hands, she noticed that they too were flesh and blood. Unable to look higher, in her awe she dropped her vision back to the feet of the statue and said “Thank you. I know you will give me my son.”

Her doctor persisted in telling her that she had a tumor which had to be removed, but she refused, putting her faith in God and the silent promise of St. Joseph instead. Several months later, she returned to this same doctor and said “I would like to introduce you to my tumor. His name is Frank.”

Frank was a special gift given by God and St. Joseph to this faithful woman who refused to believe in doctors who do not know, but only guess. She chose to remain faithful to God and His will, and was blessed with a son. Not just any son, however, but a son who sincerely believes that he was given to her so that he might care for her and love her in her later years when she needs someone to look after her and her needs.

Frank is the only one of four children who survived. He was supposed to have multiple terrible illnesses. He does, in fact, have MS, but is still vigorous and health and refuses to be cowed by the dire predictions of doctors. He uses the Heavenly Physician for his care. His mother is now getting frail. She was diagnosed with a dreadful disease that would kill her within one year. He is still caring for her, 11 years later.

This child for whom she fought was sent by God to her to help her in her old age, and to care for her when no one else would be around to do so. In doing so, they are both witnesses to the preciousness of life both at its beginning and at the end of its enjoyment of this world. All of life is precious to God. We must treasure this gift for as long as God chooses to share it with us.

With Love and Prayers,

One thought on “Bob’s Incredible story from the vigil on March 15th

  • March 23, 2011 at 1:19 pm

    As Frank’s life demonstrates, God has a reason for every child He creates. When that child’s life is taken, his particular work cannot be accomplished. Those he was meant to help are left alone. If he was to marry and have children they, and the children they were to have had, will never be born. Every child aborted leaves a huge hole in our world that he or she has not been allowed to fill.


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