Day 12…Nikki’s reflections on prayer at the vigil today

It was a wonderful, peaceful time at the vigil on Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon!  Even when Planned Parenthood is closed, we are still bringing the power and the love of Christ to the devil’s doorstep when we pray at the site of so much darkness.  Here is a photo of Maggie and her family, who held the third shift on Saturday.

Day 12 (today) was another blessed time at the vigil.  During the second shift (11pm – 3pm) I had the privilege to stand and pray with groups from Madonna del Castello parish and also from Good Shepherd parish.  Although I am not Catholic, they allowed me to be part of their beautiful and solemn prayers.  I was struck by the humility of Catholic prayers…very different from my Protestant prayers.  It actually brought tears to my eyes, watching these beautiful, humble Christians bringing the power of the Holy spirit through their sacrifice of time and through their humble prayers and song.  We are storming the gates of hell, by uniting the Body of Christ in our prayers.  Although recognizing our differences in denominations, instead of allowing those differences to divide us (which would render us less effective in this battle), we choose to appreciate those differences and respect them…while focusing on our shared unity in Christ, as we are all adopted as His children…Hallelujah!  Here are some pictures of the prayer warriors from Madonna del Castello parish, who participated in the vigil from 7am to 1pm today.

Here are some photos from Good Shepherd’s group of prayer volunteers:

Others stopped by for prayer also…we had a terrific group!

We are expecting rainy, cold weather this week…that won’t keep us away…just dress appropriately…and I’ll see you at the vigil!
God bless you all!


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