Day 11…a third woman turns away from Planned Parenthood!

When our campaign began with a baby named Zoey (meaning Life), a 3-year old named Grace, and a 5-year-old named “Precious” who tried to hand the prayer volunteer a dollar to “pay to end abortion”…I knew that the Lord was giving us these signs to show us that He planned to bless our efforts.  But this is beyond what I expected!  There was another woman who changed her mind and left Planned Parentood today!  This makes three women in one week that went to 933 Liberty Avenue for an abortion…and left with crisis pregnancy center information in their hands.  Praise our heavenly Father!  He is so Good!  I think there must be hundreds of Christians in our city who are fasting and praying…and we have had many folks (including many pastors and priests) who have sacrificed pride, comfort and time by praying at the vigil.  We have been storming the gates of hell with the power of Jesus Christ, and we are seeing the results!  This is an exhausting effort, but it is truly inspiring and exciting, to get to be used by our Lord in His plan to end abortion.  Please keep up your prayers and fasting! 

In Christ,


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