Another woman changes her mind!

God continues to rain down His blessings upon our 40 Days of prayer, fasting and vigil!  I just got a report from Sally, our vigil manager on duty this morning, that another woman has changed her mind…and another life has been spared from abortion!  She wrote the following:

“A tall, older woman came out, and I showed her my sign with the 800 Care Net number and told her we could help whoever she was with. She went back in and, a short time later, she came out with a younger woman of another race. The older woman pointed to the other lady and said, “she didn’t do it”. I asked the younger woman if we could help in any way, and she said, “No” and they went down the street. I doubt that my sign had anything to do with it because the time was just too short between the woman seeing it and the two women coming out, but something touched her heart. Thank God!”

Praise God!!!

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