Marci’s Thoughts on the Use of Graphic Abortion Photos

Marci sent me her thoughts about graphic abortion signs and gave me permission to post this here:

I know we all have our own opinions as to what advertisements are effective but I agree with those who feel the pictures of the aborted babies hurt us more than help us. As one who has been through it, even with all of the healing and the Amazing Grace God has poured out over me when I see those, I see Gracie & what I did to her. I have to continuously remind myself of her face & the beauty for ashes that God has given me.

I feel that those pictures will push away post abortive women rather than draw them in. They already know what they have done. Those pictures are a constant reminder of when I first discovered what I had done in school. If someone doesn’t know, it pains me to think of the agony it could send them into. God’s harvest is as gentle as grapes. If we try to collect it with coldness we will frost what could be ripe for the picking. If we pick it with strong hands we could squash what He wants to do.

I believe that by showing life and the beauty of life (i.e. babies in the womb, infants & small children), we would gently be able to cut them from the vine & place them in our basket. The aborted baby pictures do have their place but they portray us as judgmental & uncaring.  The light & love of Jesus is all that they need to see. It’s his gentle & nurturing way that will attract them in.

Now I don’t want anybody else to be offended by my opinion or think that they hurt me; I’m fine. I knew what I was getting into & that it wouldn’t always be easy.  I pray that I have not been offensive but this is just the view of one who’s been there.


3 thoughts on “Marci’s Thoughts on the Use of Graphic Abortion Photos

  • March 15, 2011 at 4:09 pm

    The graphic signs actually cemented my resolve that abortion is wrong…no matter what the circumstance. If I had never seen a photo of what an abortion does to a baby, then I may have been able to justify an early term abortion (up to 12 weeks)…in some hard cases. But, seeing a photo of a 10 week abortion…and seeing those tiny, perfectly formed hands and feet…and the little face…really convicted me that it is the murder of a human child…and wrong no matter what. I know we all have different opionions on this, and I really appreciate Marci sharing hers. I will definitely remember her opinion and try to be as sensitive as possible in the future. I just think that, since abortion happens in the dark…where the enemy thrives…if the photos are not shown…that gives him the cover of darkness that he needs.

    • March 15, 2011 at 4:20 pm

      Did you ever see the movie A Walk In The Clouds with Keanu Reeves? God reminded me of the part in it where they had to get up before dawn to the sound of sirens because the frost was on the grapes. They had barrells of fire in between the rows of grapes & used these big things that looked like wings to gently fan the warmth onto the grapes so they didn’t freeze. But if they did it to fast it would also destroy them because of the heat. He then started speaking to me about his harvest. We are the ones who are to be full of fire but we must be so gentle with what we’ve been given & always listen to his voice so that we know when & how to handle each grape. One might be just right for the picking & it’s time to get the basket. Another might be so cold that we need to just slowly warm them with his love. Others may have just fallen to the ground and need picked up & dusted off. Only He knows what each one needs. It’s our place to be submitted to the Holy Spirit & be full enough to be lead by him to reach each one on their level. Like Paul said, be all things to all people.

      I know that there is a place for both signs and what might reach one might hurt another. It’s a tough call. It was those pictures that caused me to realize the seriousness of what I had done. So I guess they affected us the same way in a sense. I just wanted to bring to the table another point of view that other’s might not have thought of. I honestly just kinda turn my head away from them when they are there. The one Barbara had wasn’t offensive, it’s the ones where the babies are all chopped up & bloody because that was the first image I saw. That was the first definition of abortion or my “education” on abortion but it was too late. Had I seen that before hand, my thoughts are now that I wouldn’t have done it.

  • March 26, 2012 at 9:03 am

    The use of aborted fetuses for persuasion, in most cases, does not work. You can not persuade someone while disgusting them. It is that simple.
    To truly persuade there has to be a willingness to meet at some mid-point. If that unwillingness is there, then no one will be persuaded. This tactic has been used since the 70s. I see the pictures, I shut down, I walk away.


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