Day 1: St. Louise de Marillac Church- All Day!

Today is just Day 1.  We are engaged in a spiritual battle but there is wonderful news so read the whole blog!  And keep our 40 Days for Life leadership, local, national and international in constant prayer.  The enemy will work overtime in this  fight.  He, she, it- hasn’t learned who the Victor is yet.  But we know!

Tonight’s blog is dedicated to our Sidewalk Advocates.



And to 3198 babies who died at 933 Liberty Avenue in 2015.

We know God is love so we know they are in His Hands.

We are all responding to the call to be Sidewalk Prophets.  So, in honor of that knowledge, a Christian singing group  The Sidewalk Prophets have songs you may like to listen to.  The stories from today tell us these people who come to the sidewalk want to LIVE LIKE THAT!  And God will Help Us Find It.


Thank you to all who came out today to witness for life!


A Save!!!!!

And a new life for the baby and the mommy!

Terri reports:  Terri is a sidewalk advocate!

I was working with Katie and Elsie this morning. A young woman was outside smoking. Katie tried to talk with her and so did Elsie. She didn’t want to listen and seemed to have her mind made up about having the abortion. I walked over to her. She was upset and crying. I spoke to her for a good twenty minutes. She kept telling me why she should have the abortion and why she shouldn’t be a mother.

I just talked about the help that there is available and that people cared. I told her that she needs to look in the mirror and realize that she is special because God chose her to be the mother of this child, and that her child will change her life for the better. She is 15 weeks pregnant. She had paid PP $671.

A PP worker came out to get her for the abortion. I hugged her and told her that she could change her mind and that I would wait for her outside. Those of us who were there prayed. I thought that I would be giving her information about post abortive healing. After about 15 minutes she came out with a male friend who had driven her there. She changed her mind! She told me that the fact that I wouldn’t give up and kept talking to her made a difference. While we were on the street later talking, she pulled out a 5 by 5 inch photocopy of her sonogram that she asked PP for.  Let us keep this young woman and prayer.   From Sidewalk Advocate  Terri


Susan D. has the early shift on Wednesdays and was there to greet and help Diane set up.  Diane delivers  the supplies every day. Susan also writes the blog for Tuesdays during this campaign.

Chris and Jim from St Louise de Marillac with Katie, a Sidewalk Advocate.


Denny from St Louise de Marillac with Sue and Walt


Diane was already setting up the signs and trunk when I arrived! Katie was there as well and brought some new big PINK signs offering help to women passing by or going into Planned Parenthood. Shortly thereafter, Chris and Jim from St Louise de Marillac arrived and started praying on the opposite side of the circle. Katie was passing out pieces of candy that has cards with fetal development and available help attached. You can see her holding the box in the picture above. She was able to give out a lot of information!

Denny from St Louise arrived and we prayed the Divine Mercy while Katie continued to hand out information. There were a lot of people passing by and one man stopped to say how his girlfriend chose LIFE for their daughter because he supported her! His daughter is now 17 years old and an outstanding athlete. He was super proud of his daughter and so happy they chose LIFE! It was such a contrast to the  young couple who looked so very sad going into Planned Parenthood. But they did take a pro-life resource card… (and from Terry’s report we know they left PP).

Walt and Bill arrived to pray and stand vigil as well. The sidewalk was very busy, so thank you to everyone who showed up today and for St Louise de Marillac for covering the entire day!


Cathy reports from the 9:00 to 11:00 shift.  Cecilia took pictures so you can see them below.

When I arrived, Katie was talking to a young woman near the door.  She later told me that the young woman was crying.  She did go inside, but a good while later she and a guy came out (maybe he had gone in before I got there).  Terry went over to talk to them, and they talked for quite awhile, before going back inside.  Terry said they were going to get their money back.  After another while  they came out, without having the abortion!  Terry took them across the street, presumably to talk and get connected with some help.  Thank you God for saving these three children of yours, the baby, the mom and the dad!

Note to Katie:  Without your being there and talking with the woman before she went in the first time, Terry may not have had the chance to do what she did.  We are all in this together!

Thank you also, to the faithful members of St. Louise who were praying while all this was happening.


Cecilia reports from 11:00- 1:00


A nice group from St Louise de Marillac was praying the rosary when we arrived.  Prayers and songs continued my whole shift!


Joyce and Pete joined Fr Tim with the Guardians for Life group who filled the sidewalk with prayers and songs.  What a wonderful turnout!



It is so nice to have the Knights of Columbus join with us each campaign! Their support and presence is so appreciated.



I was thankful that my friends Joyce and Pete could join me today for the ride to the vigil. Here they are with Sidewalk Advocate, Terri.


Sidewalk Advocate,  Katie and Walt, also a Sidewalk Advocate,  with the group from St Louise. It’s so nice to have Seamus back with us! And it’s a blessing  that I had at least one pastor there my whole shift.




Everyone reports on the young woman and baby!  Immediately after our arrival a girl came out of Planned Parenthood with her friend and were greeted by Terri , Elsie and Katie. They had spoken with her earlier. She changed her mind about the abortion. And really seem to bond with Terri. . Praise God for this save on our first vigil day

Chris K.  stood  watch during the 1:00 to 3:00 shift:

Chris is also a board member of a local pregnancy center.

Sue, Seamus, Sister Faith, Mary, Guy, and Dana

What a beautiful day God gave us to start our Fall Campaign!  The shift went well, with nary a harsh word directed at us.  One man even gave us $20!  The traffic in and out of Planned Parenthood was intermittent, with only several couples going in.  One couple parked their car where we were for an hour or so and walked across the street to the DMV office.  When they got back into their car, she seemed upset and her husband gave her a kiss.  I was standing near her car window and mouthed “Do you need help?”.  She rolled down her window and said that they had two children and were pro-life, but that she had two friends who needed help.  We gave her three of the yellow “Help” cards and she thanked us.  Those cards are such a great idea, especially with the attached candies.

We had children stop by and look at the fetal models, with one mother explaining to the young boy with her that his aunt was four months pregnant and that’s what the child looked like inside his mom’s tummy.  I was joined by faithful prayer warriors from St. Louise de Marillac church.  Such a blessing!

Angela and me.

Barb L. 3:00- 5:00  not feeling any love coming from PP:

Out of the car and onto the sidewalk.  The giant whirring sound blasts of the buses and trucks.  Sunshine and blue skies.  Planned Parenthood doors and windows darkly reflecting daylight, refusing an easy glance into its first floor.

“Do I find pleasure in the death of the wicked – oracle of the Lord GOD?  Do I not rejoice when they turn from their evil way and live?

Ezekial is not concerned about appearing politically incorrect.  He calls some things evil.

The passers by who stopped to talk were not politically correct either.  So many adults, teens, preteens and one little 2 year old who could not stop waving and smiling as his dad chose a piece of candy for him from our box.  The fetal models were the stars of the show.   “How could someone kill such a little baby?” Yep. That is a baby. Yep. That is killing.

Witnesses  came to pray with us; Mary Ann, Brad and Hank.  How wonderful to have such beautiful opportunity to bring Jesus to the sidewalk on this sunny September afternoon.

Brad, Mary Ann; St. Louise de Marilac Richard Lewis, shift manager 3-5

Shift manager Barbara


Joe Krol, 5-7 Shift Manager


Joe with Hank and and St. Louise de Marilac

What a joyous evening to kick-off 40 DFL to pray, share, and witness for the end of the evil that permeates 933 Liberty Ave. The sunshine and gentle breeze sure makes one appreciate the day even more when you think of being down here in February…

Started the evening greeting / talking Brad from St. Louise and Henry from St. Valentine’s and was shortly joined by Dave from St. Thomas and Andy who is also from St. Louise.  There was some strong praying and opinionated sharing going on…

Foot traffic was a bit slow / quieter than nornal this evening…  Though most of the comments were positive, I did have to chuckle at the one individual who expressed a deep, deep concern about my employment status (Get a job!) – this comment seems to be an oldie but goodie for me, but know what, we are working for God – so I guess I do have a job and an important one at that!.

We were joined later in the evening by Andy’s mother, Clair.  A young woman and her beautiful  baby Miujiza (Swahili for miracle), who I had the pleasure of seeing her make smiley faces at her mom, stopped by on their way home.  The mother thinks she may be pregnant (child #5).  I was able to talk to her and give her resource info for her and her family and witnessed Clair also offer help beyond and above…  Please pray for this mom, her situation, and her children.

Towards the end of the evening a young man passed by and expressed regret that he was born.
It was a joy to witness both Andy and Clair talk to this young man the rest of the evening and ultimately
he left us in a much frame of mind – Andy & Clair – what beautiful souls!!!
The evening closed by packing up things with that dynamic duo – Diane & Tom.  Thank you so much for your untiring dedication to making sure that the supplies are always there for us!!!
Henry, Dave, and Tom.


Thank you to all who helped and prayed today on the sidewalk for life!


UNITED in Prayer for Life

At the crossroads for life-2000 years ago,  Jesus laid down his life for his friends.  blank-crossroads-sign-clipart-1

Now we are asked to:


                                     Stand for Life



“America is at a crossroads and the Sanctity of Life is under increasing attack. We’re coming to 50 states in 40 days to sound the alarm and help bring our nation back to life”  excerpt from the national team flyer


Click on this link for the flyer:        Pennsylvania 

Save the date: Wednesday, October 5, 2016  6:00 pm




In United  peaceful, prayerful  witness,  we will rally for life in front of 933 Liberty Avenue.

Pittsburgh is the site of the Pennsylvania statewide rally.  Please join us for life.






The new RV donated to 40 Days for Life!!
The new RV donated to 40 Days for Life!!


Mission                         40 Days for Life national updates

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United in Prayer… See how it works! Come to the Fall Kick Off Rally!


See how our prayers are working across the country.  

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Click:  We are united!!  Keep your eyes on life!



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40 Days for Life is a focused pro-life effort that consists of

40 days of prayer and fasting  (2 campaigns a year)

40 days of peaceful vigil held from 7am – 7pm in front of ( shift managers are on during this time)

Planned Parenthood  933 Liberty Ave., Pittsburgh

40 days of community outreach


We are praying that, with God’s help, this groundbreaking effort will mark the beginning of the end of abortion in our city—and throughout America.  The beginning of the end has already started.


Check out these pictures to see what love and prayer can do.  Fisher’s Planned Parenthood, in Indiana, closed its doors. 

.group of prayersimage2[381]

Lifesite news about the PP sites closing in Indiana.


And from Sean Carney, August 24, 2016:  “We’ve just received word that an abortion center where eight 40 Days for Life vigils have taken place has gone out of business — the Planned Parenthood facility in Appleton, Wisconsin. “



Keep Fighting the Good Fight

Fall/Autumn  2016 Campaign

September 28- November 6   7am to 7 pm   in front of 933 Liberty Avenue Pittsburgh

Come and stand with shift managers and groups who are witnessing for life.

Grief- We Remember

Remembering the victims and heroes of 9/11/2001

The passengers on Flight 93 saved lives by giving up their own lives….unborn children were on that flight.  They are remembered.


Flight 93 Memorial Wall in Shanksville, Somerset County, Pennsylvania
and the unborn child

Who will He send to help us?


He sent His Son….

pieta crop compressed
The Pieta- Nikki’s painting with the unborn faces.

Who will go for Him?


40 Days for Life –     Fall/Autumn Campaign  2016

September 28- November 6  7am to 7 pm

Days of peaceful prayer to end the violence of abortion at 933 Liberty Avenue  Pittsburgh, Pa.


Will you answer the call?

Over 3000 babies were aborted at Planned Parenthood in 2015 according to their statistics.

Getting To Know You


getting to know you

Getting to know me?

Who do you think you are?

Why am I any of your business?

Why do you care?

strangers are friends

Do you ever feel like getting to know someone else is not worth the effort it will cost you?  I felt that way sometimes. I have been hurt by very close family and friends.  The situations were not related to abortion but it was still betrayal. So, like many people who have been betrayed, trust became an issue for me…trusting others and trusting in my own judgement.

Thankfully, I never lost trust in God.

I told a friend one day… “I have never hated God in any of this.”

“God doesn’t make junk.”  People have forgotten that God made us.  Each and everyone of us- was, is and always will be a person made and loved by God.  Even a renowned atheist can see the beauty of the human spirit!



Through prayer, and seeing first hand how God used my situation to help others, I was renewed and now always look forward to meeting new people. For however long or short the time, I know that God has placed people in my life and me in theirs for a purpose. I like getting to know them.



As Lisa so clearly captured in pictures and words in the previous post, Pittsburgh  Team Members Join the Worldwide 40 Days Family, getting to know people from other cities and countries was a highlight of the 40 DAYS FOR LIFE  Summer Symposium. When you get to know someone, you find out just how much you have in common.

Photo op for all of the campaign leaders.
Photo op for all of the campaign leaders.

The topic of discussion at the symposium was serious.  Abortion is a topic from which many people will walk away. 40 DAYS FOR LIFE confronts abortion  because abortion confronts us all,  each and every day.  One of the things I took away from the meeting in Orlando was that many people in the pro-life community are post abortive and that all of us have been impacted by abortion.   Through 40 DAYS FOR LIFE, the post abortive can turn their pain into the power to help others make life affirming choices.

Listen to  David Bereit tell the story of how the seeds for 40 DAYS FOR LIFE were planted in the hearts of four young people. In this video, David talks to Students for Life.  As it turns out, a father on his deathbed, pleaded with his own son, a friend of David’s also named David, to do something to bring an end to abortion.  David explains why the plea was so powerful. David calls witnessing for an end to abortion “the greatest  civil rights issue of our time”.

UNITED  is the theme for the Fall 40 DAYS FOR LIFE campaign.  How inspired is UNITED at a time when the our nation in particular, and the world in general, is so divided?   That which brings family members closer- newborns, weddings, funerals, crisis can also tear people apart.

With 40 DAYS FOR LIFE, we celebrate newborns and mourn the death of the aborted.  May the UNITED theme of 40 DAYS FOR LIFE strengthen our resolve to see that the world welcomes and treasures the unborn.  May we all, as a people, join together in helping all women, who are considering abortion, see that the baby is a blessing, not a crisis.  Help a woman get to know her baby.  Help the father get to know the mother and baby.


Getting to know you,

Getting to know all about you.

Getting to like you,


Getting to hope you like me!

“You know better than anybody else that as a mother you are bonding with your ‘bellybaby’ You are already getting to know your baby before you’ve even seen him. You know exactly what each kick and turn means. And your baby knows you too! He tastes, hears and feels your mood!”

Your baby knows how you feel!

Getting to know you,

Putting it my way but nicely.                                   speaker-649039_960_720

You are precisely,                                                  

My cup of tea.


Getting to know you,

Getting to feel free and easy.

When I am with you,                                                                           pregnant-193839_960_720

Getting to to know what to say.

Haven’t you noticed,

Suddenly I’m bright and breezy,

Because of all the beautiful and new                                                  

Things I’m learning about you

Day by day.  (Oscar Hammerstein)

“The taste of the amniotic fluid depends on your condition and your mood. Every time your baby takes a little sip of this fluid, he tastes the changes. He has a much larger number of taste buds than an older child or adult. Also, the taste buds cover an even larger area, the entire oral cavity. He is a master taster. Research has shown that if you suddenly experience something stressful, the taste of the amniotic fluid changes. Small changes, such as during a chat with the neighbor, are not easy to measure. But when you, as a mother, talk with full attention to your baby, it’s usually accompanied with a lot of emotion. And he will taste that. Such intense emotions help your baby to understand your ‘talk’ better. Similar emotions help your baby to learn to speak after birth.”   

From The Wonder Weeks

getting to know the lyrics Get to know us!

40 DAYS FOR LIFE Pittsburgh  Fall Campaign  September 28- November 6.



getting to know you getting to know all about you

Pittsburgh Team Members Join the Worldwide 40 Days Family!


Jesus made the disciples get into a boat
and precede him to the other side of the sea,
while he dismissed the crowds.
After doing so, he went up on the mountain by himself to pray.
When it was evening he was there alone.
Meanwhile the boat, already a few miles offshore,
was being tossed about by the waves, for the wind was against it.
During the fourth watch of the night,
he came toward them, walking on the sea.
When the disciples saw him walking on the sea they were terrified.
“It is a ghost,” they said, and they cried out in fear.
At once Jesus spoke to them, “Take courage, it is I; do not be afraid.”
Peter said to him in reply,
“Lord, if it is you, command me to come to you on the water.”
He said, “Come.”
Peter got out of the boat and began to walk on the water toward Jesus.
But when he saw how strong the wind was he became frightened;
and, beginning to sink, he cried out, “Lord, save me!”
Immediately Jesus stretched out his hand and caught him,
and said to him, “O you of little faith, why did you doubt?”

jesus and peter
After they got into the boat, the wind died down.
Those who were in the boat did him homage, saying,
“Truly, you are the Son of God.”

After making the crossing, they came to land at Gennesaret.
When the men of that place recognized him,
they sent word to all the surrounding country.
People brought to him all those who were sick
and begged him that they might touch only the tassel on his cloak,
and as many as touched it were healed.

touching cloak

Matthew 14:22-36


Today’s Gospel passage (from Tuesday, 8/2) is very apropos to our pro-life journey and ministry.  There are times when we feel like Peter when he decides to do something risky… as long as he knows that it is the Lord calling him to do it.  However, when he begins to do that very thing the Lord was calling him to do, he gets afraid.  And Jesus lets him sink- and laughs derisively.  KIDDING.  The Gospel tells us that Jesus IMMEDIATELY stretches out His hand to catch Peter.  He does the same for us.  We must trust in Him and in His calling.

a hand reaching down to rescue someone in need.

A second thing to point out is that when Jesus arrives at the place where people are sick and hurting, those who need healing gather to try to at least touch the tassel on His cloak.  How many souls affected by abortion only need to reach out and try to connect with Our Lord?  There are so many sick and hurting men and women who have been scarred (mostly in their minds and hearts), and they are in such great need of the healing power of the Divine Healer.  We can be that bridge for them when we are on the sidewalk, as we pray for them and try to help in their time of need.




This past weekend, Nikki and three team members were privileged to attend the first ever 40 Days for Life Summer Symposium Leaders Conference in Orlando, Florida.  It was amazing in every way, and we are so excited to share a little of our experience with you!  And please make sure you catch the big news at the end of this post!


The conference was held at the Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center.  From the moment we arrived, we KNEW that we were not in Kansas any more:


We got very spoiled very fast.  Nothing wrong with a little pampering for a weekend.  But what was TRULY even more amazing was the quality of the presenters.  We heard from speakers who presented topics from legal rights to recruiting volunteers, from overcoming persecution to learning the impact of our campaigns behind the scenes.  There were about 250 attendees, including representatives from 10 countries outside the U.S.  (Currently, there are about 37 countries which hold 40 Days for Life vigils!)

We arrived late on Thursday night, and attended noon Mass the next day at the Basilica of the National Shrine of Mary, Queen of the Universe. (

Beth, Marian, and Nikki on their way across the footbridge to the basilica.


Front doors to the basilica, with Holy Doors of Mercy in the center. (
Front doors to the basilica, with Holy Doors of Mercy in the center.


mother and child chapel
Mother and Child outdoor chapel. How beautifully appropriate for our weekend.


And another appropriate part of the church: mosaics depicting the story of Our Lady of Guadalupe, who is known as Patroness of the Unborn.
And another appropriate part of the church: mosaics depicting the story of Our Lady of Guadalupe, who is known as Patroness of the Unborn.


Interior of the main part of the basilica.
Interior of the main part of the basilica.


Smaller side chapel where we went to Mass on Friday and Monday.
Smaller side chapel where we went to Mass on Friday and Monday.


And the Adoration chapel, where we spent long times in silent prayer, listening to Our Lord.
And the Adoration chapel, where we spent long times in silent prayer, listening to Our Lord.


Back to the Gaylord Palms!  We started to get really excited when we began to see THESE all over the resort:

banners 1


banners 2

banners 3'

And even THESE on the floor to guide our way:

floor decal

In the convention center:

We had a welcome reception here... and met some amazing people!!!
We had a welcome reception here… and met some amazing people!!!


The conference room where we heard most of the speakers and spent most of our time.
The conference room where we heard most of the speakers and spent most of our time.


Our conference schedule:



What an amazing national team 40 Days for Life has:

L-R: Shawn Carney (President and co-founder), Steve Karlen (Director, North American campaigns), and David Bereit (CEO and co-founder).
L-R: Shawn Carney (President and co-founder), Steve Karlen (Director, North American campaigns), and David Bereit (CEO and co-founder).

Some of our speakers:

Dr. Haywood Robinson, Board Member and former abortionist, along with his wife. They now work as pro-life medical doctors.
Dr. Haywood Robinson, Board Member and former abortionist, along with his wife. They now work as pro-life medical doctors.
Sorry about the poor photo quality, but this is Matt Britton, Chairman of the Board and General Counsel for 40 Days for Life. He was informative AND funny. In the foreground, you see our new Croatian friends, Petra and Lidija, who were the next speakers.
Sorry about the poor photo quality, but this is Matt Britton, Chairman of the Board and General Counsel for 40 Days for Life. He was informative AND funny. In the foreground, you see our new Croatian friends, Petra and Lidija, who were the next speakers.


Jewels Green, former abortion facility worker, who gave a POWERFUL testimony.
Jewels Green, former abortion facility worker, who gave a POWERFUL testimony.


Our own Nikki sat on a panel of those who spoke about how to recruit volunteers.
Our own Nikki sat on a panel of those who spoke about how to recruit volunteers.


Nikki did such a great job that she got invited to speak in Croatia!! No kidding!!
Nikki did such a great job that she got invited to speak in Croatia!! No kidding!!


Brian Westbrook, of St. Louis Coalition for Life
Brian Westbrook, of St. Louis Coalition for Life.


Some of our amazing times with new friends and awesome discussions:

First things first. How about this unique-looking chocolate mousse dessert from Friday night?


The beautiful site for our Saturday morning breakfast!
The beautiful site for our Saturday morning breakfast!

breakfast 3


L-R: Teresa from Texas, along with our own Marian and Beth!
L-R: Theresa from Texas, along with our own Marian and Beth!


Kateri and Heather from Georgia. What an amazing and enthusiastic woman Kateri is! Great stories of God's work to end abortion in Georgia! And she gave us a great idea about novena Masses to end abortion!!
Kateri and Heather from Georgia. What an amazing and enthusiastic woman Kateri is! Great stories of God’s work to end abortion in Georgia! And she gave us a great idea about novena Masses to end abortion!!


Originally from Mexico, this beautiful couple- Salvador and his wife, Karina- now live in North Carolina.
Originally from Mexico, this beautiful couple- Salvador and his wife, Karina- now live in North Carolina.


L-R: Karina, Kateri, Heather, Donna (from Texas), Teresa, Marian, Beth, Lisa
L-R: Karina, Kateri, Heather, Donna (from Texas), Theresa, Marian, Beth, Nikki, Lisa


Photo op for all of the campaign leaders.
Photo op for all of the campaign leaders.


Saturday dinner at another beautiful restaurant- the whole place was reserved just for 40 Days for Life!
Saturday dinner at another beautiful restaurant- the whole place was reserved just for 40 Days for Life!


Our group heading to our table.
Our group heading to our table.


Sunday’s Mass was awesome… and then we spent the day relaxing!

Monday morning, we headed out to get to 8 am Mass:

Beth, Nikki, Petra, and Lidija trying to figure out the Uber app. It was only our third Uber reservation ever! (The first two were on Friday.) Nikki's got the hang of it now!!
Beth, Nikki, Petra, and Lidija trying to figure out the Uber app. It was only our third Uber reservation ever! (The first two were on Friday.) Nikki’s got the hang of it now!!

One story about one of our Uber drivers.  He was originally from Haiti, but that was over 20 years ago.  Marian was so great about telling our drivers why we were in town… and when she told this driver, he shared his story.  Turns out that back in Haiti, his girlfriend got pregnant and had a botched “back alley” abortion, which was completed at a hospital.  He feels regret, even now.  “I could have had a child,” he said to us sadly.  Amazing, isn’t it– the impact that this abortion has had on him for decades.  And does he ever talk about it?  Who knows.  Maybe he will now.  We definitely prayed for him at Mass, and will continue.


A beautiful statue depicting the conversion of Saul on the road to Damascus. Reminded me that ANYONE can have a conversion of heart about abortion. St. Paul, pray for us!
A beautiful statue depicting the conversion of Saul on the road to Damascus. A good reminder that ANYONE can have a conversion of heart about abortion. Saint Paul, pray for us!


L-R: Marian, Petra, Lidija, Nikki, Lisa, Beth. Our new Croatian friends!
L-R: Marian, Petra, Lidija, Nikki, Lisa, Beth. So happy that our new Croatian friends joined us for Mass!


Our group from Pittsburgh (Lisa, Beth, Marian, Nikki) having one last snack- and enjoying the atrium one last time- before heading to the airport.
Our group from Pittsburgh (Lisa, Beth, Marian, Nikki) having one last snack- and enjoying the atrium one last time- before heading to the airport.


And now for the big news:

Check out the new wheels owned by the national 40 Days leaders!

The new RV donated to 40 Days for Life!!
The new RV donated to 40 Days for Life!!


“United” is the theme for this fall campaign.  The theme is all about uniting during this very divisive time in our culture.  The national team made it a priority to get a campaign in all fifty states-and they accomplished their goal!  Wyoming was the last state to get on board, and now all fifty are in!  The national team will be visiting all fifty states- in 40 Days!- in their new RV.  Pittsburgh is scheduled for a statewide rally when the RV visits us at 6 P.M. on October 5.  Please try to join us!

united 2


united back


My husband didn’t quite grasp how they were managing to do fifty states in 40 Days… so here’s their schedule to show you!

united front correctunited back correct


Thanks for taking this little virtual trip with us… hope you enjoyed it.  Let us pray for God’s blessings upon our upcoming fall campaign, here and AROUND THE WORLD!!!

international 1


international 2


international 3


international 4


international 5


international 7


Let us keep up the prayers.  They are not wasted.





Do You Hear What I Hear?

                                  Do you hear what I hear? 


Pray that the violence of  sanctioned abortion ends in our lifetime, so that all people can be free. Planned Parenthood in downtown Pittsburgh was closed for the day on Saturday, July 23,  Let us pray that it closes each and every day of the week.  Pray that the workers and abortionists read and listen to messages of life.  Pray that at least one of the workers at the Pittsburgh clinic has a change of heart and becomes the catalyst for change in Pittsburgh, (one of the most livable cities in America).

The story behind the song

“One mission would continue to haunt Noel Regney: He was assigned the task of leading a group of German soldiers into a trap where the French fighters could catch them in a crossfire.

Although Regney was shot that day, he survived. The French suffered only minor injuries. But the memory of the enemy soldiers falling to the ground, most of them dead, was etched in Noel Regney’s mind.

He never commented publicly on what took place that terrifying day. It has been said that he was intentionally wounded by the French to protect him from the Germans, in the belief that his injury would indicate he had no knowledge of the trap that had been set for the enemy.

Not long after this encounter, Regney deserted the German army and lived underground with the French for the rest of the war. “Only then did I feel free,” he once observed.”

  A nation, which sanctions abortions, needs peace makers.

The following is a series of video talks from former abortionists.   The videos are a few years old, but oh so great to hear!  Dr. Robinson’s voice is prophetic about 40 Days for Life. Listen as they talk about their walks into the abortion industry and their journeys away from it.

An abortion doctor is the last person to see the aborted child alive. Dr. John Bruchalski, a former abortion provider, states that “abortion is a bad choice in many, many ways…most women who have abortions do not go back to the abortion clinic for a follow-up…Abortion is the most common surgical procedure in this country and there is no follow-up…” 



         black heart                                      fcd1b14fe185b63e85e709d6d5928880


John Bruchalski:


Dr. Anthony Caruso:

 Dr. Haywood Robinson

Dr. Robinson states:   “God said to Saul, “You are going to take my Gospel to the gentiles.”  Dr. Robinson speaks from a black man’s perspective.     He calls the men who started 40 Days for Life –   geniuses!!!!

One of the websites is directed toward teens by which teens learn the truth about abortions from former abortionists:  Teenbreaks

Dr. Bernard Nathanson: ” I am personally responsible for 75,000 abortions. This legitimizes my credentials to speak to you with some authority on the issue…..

“A favorite pro-abortion tactic is to insist that the definition of when life begins is impossible; that the question is a theological or moral or philosophical one, anything but a scientific one.  Fetology makes it undeniably evident that life begins at conception and requires all the protection and safeguards that any of us enjoy. Why, you may well ask, do some American doctors who are privy to the findings of fetology, discredit themselves by carrying out abortions? Simple arithmetic at $500 a time, 1.2 million abortions means an industry generating $600 million annually, of which most goes into the pocket of the physician doing the abortion.”   ….

“As a scientist I know, not believe, know that human life begins at conception.  Although I am not a formal religionist, I believe with all my heart that there is a divinity of existence which commands us to declare a final and irreversible halt to this infinitely sad and shameful crime against humanity.”   Dr. Nathanson co-founded NARAL  (National Abortion Rights Action League) in 1969.  He died in 2011 with a full conversion of  a heart for life.


 Dr. Anthony Levatino: “It took a personal tragedy to prompt a change of heart. While he was doing abortions as a resident, he and his wife were trying desperately to have a child. There I was throwing kids in the garbage, five or six a week. Just give me one, I thought.”

 red hearts

 Listening is the key  to life when witnessing on the sidewalk.


If you are an abortion worker, scroll down to the last blog (July 11) for information on securing financial help and guidance in your journey away from the abortion industry.   Sharon Yorston-  a former abortion worker.

Do you hear what I hear? 

                                     I hear hope!!!

Fall campaign  September 28- November 6.  Pray that there will be no need to have a campaign this year at 933 Liberty Ave.   Pray the workers and abortionist doctors and nurses will have a change of heart.

Why should it matter?

They did it!!!  David, who prayed in Pittsburgh as well, was one of the prayer warriors!

Wonderful news and update from David S. , who, while temporarily working/training in Pittsburgh,  prayed with us in Pittsburgh during the 40 Days for Life campaign. He emailed me in response to the most recent email with this post. Praise and thanksgiving!  Another PP clinic is closing.  Read the letter from the coordinator of his community’s campaign.I am very excited and thankful to pass along the news that the Fishers Planned Parenthood is officially closing on July 26


child rosie the riverter

What does it matter to you?  

What are you going to do?  

When you read the headlines, do you think “It’s not mine”?  

When you read of lives lost, do you think of the cost?

What does it matter to you?


The word, matter, is used in slogans these days… all lives, black lives, police lives, children’s lives  (oh, back up a moment)…. all lives (but not the aborted) black lives (but not those targeted by PP);  police lives (not those in utero who may have grown up to be police) and children’s lives (except those in utero).

Google it:  The verb, matter, means “of importance or significance”.  The noun, matter, meansphysical substance in general, as distinct from mind and spirit; (in physics) that which occupies space and possesses rest mass, especially as distinct from energy.”

Former abortion workers  did not think that other people’s lives mattered- especially the unborn child.   They took part in abortions daily.  Working as security guards, escorts, receptionists, medical support or the person who performed the abortion, what ever had to happen to get the customer to choose an abortion, they did.  The baby would die.  Many women who worked in abortion clinics aborted their own children as well.  Their own children did not matter to them.
But many have had a change of heart.
Metanoia:  change in one’s way of life resulting from penitence or spiritual conversion.
Click the link to (with printable information) website.
Former  abortion workers decided They Can Do It!  They can do better!  
                                                                               They can save lives!  
And in turn, save their own lives. the ministry started by Abby Johnson (second from left) used a Rosie the Riveter campaign in “Quitting Takes Courage”.

Quitting takes courage

d family
The unborn matter to people in Pittsburgh.

WE CAN HELP ABORTION WORKERS CHANGE THEIR HEARTS!  We can help them find the courage to quit working at an abortion mill.  We can help show them that God “loved us into being more then just matter”  because we are all made in the image and likeness of God.  

Pray for their conversion (metanoia) of heart; reach out; tell them about  Print and reach out with the resources from (with printable information)


Abby Johnson speaks to those who work for PP.    The pro-life group,  Secular  reviews Abby  Johnson’s book  The Walls Are Talking.

baby sitting we can do it

woman with black hair rosie            baby in we can do it t-shirttough girlwoman rosie the riverterIAM-members-from-District-Lodge-751-were-among-the-African-American-Rosie-the-Riveters-who-played-a-large-part-in-building-planes-during-WWIIcostume rosie the riveter

If you think you can’t, you won’t try.   We can do this.  We can be strong in our convictions like the women whom “Rosie” represented.  We can be the change the world needs.  We can pray, educate and help change the hearts of women and men who work in the abortion industry.                                        WE  CAN DO THIS!

40 Days for Life:

Fall 2016 campaign- September 28 through November 6

Whose lives matter to you?   What do you plan to do?  

Check out the 40 Days for Life- Pittsburgh schedule for the fall campaign.   Vigil Schedule

Day 40 – People of God, St. Mary’s in Herman & Rock of Ages Alliance Church

This morning’s shift manager was Jen.  She took these photos of the People of God, who prayed and witnessed at our vigil this morning:

People of God has a strong turnout!
People of God

Jen wrote:

God allowed our campaign to close on an incredibly strong note this morning, as the faith-filled members of People of God came to pray for an end to the horror of abortion.  This group draws people together from various churches and denominational backgrounds to pray and work in Christian unity.  More than two dozen members of all ages came throughout the four hour shift.  Joined by loyal Sunday “regulars,” the street outside the clinic was lined with witnesses praying and singing heartfelt pleas on behalf of all who are affected by the scourge of abortion. The intensity of the prayer must have made Satan nervous, because he sent us a challenge that we had not yet experienced on Sunday mornings:  the man who has been coming to videotape debates with vigil participants showed up.  He was treated with kindness and respect, which he returned for the most part.  One thing is for sure:  whether or not David believes in God, God believes in David!  Let’s keep him in our prayers, as well.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this campaign.  It has been an amazing experience to meet so many of you willing to step out in faith to pray and sacrifice for our brothers and sisters in Christ!

Pat, who was the coordinator for the People of God group, wrote about their experience:

“A special thanks goes to Brad and Joe, who ran “interference” with a man who seemed intent on videoing us and drawing us into argumentation. (David)  He couldn’t quite get the notion that we saw prayer as our main business there and as the answer to the problem of abortion, so our good brothers occupied him elsewhere so we could focus on the task at hand.  A small instance of the spiritual battle we were confronting – what did we expect?  We also noticed a group that came to the Planned Parenthood clinic, not realizing it was closed on Sunday.  As they walked away through our vigil, one girl told us she wished “we had all been aborted”.  No one reacted in anger, and someone (or ones) expressed to her that God loves her.  May the Lord change her heart, especially if she is carrying one who will need her to show compassion and mercy.”

The second shift was managed by Timothy.  He wrote:

“Today’s shift was wonderful. Participants from several churches were present, including St. Mary’s in Herman. I was especially inspired by Susan, a true prayer warrior who continues to come frequently despite being in a wheelchair. David, the atheist, also stopped by, and we had a brief conversation. Please continue to pray for him.”

The third shift was managed by Jim, and had a group from Rock of Ages Alliance Church as the witnesses.  If I get any photos or stories from them, I will post them here.

Our Closing Celebration was wonderful!  Thanks to everyone who came out for the closing of our 40 day vigil at Planned Parenthood, and for fun, fellowship and food at Catholic Charities!   Thanks to Chaplain Steve Hubbard for leading us in song at the vigil…and to Andy, April and Jarod from Intent, for blessing us with their awesome music at Catholic Charities!  Thanks to all who brought delicious food also!  Lori took photos of the event…I will post them when she sends them to me.

Thanks for another successful 40 days everyone!  God bless you!


Day 9, Our 40 Days for Life Family rallies together to maintain the vigil!

I was so encouraged and inspired to see folks sign up to fill our vigil today.  We have no church presence there until the last shift (3pm-7pm), when St. Bernadette’s Parish in Monroeville will carry the torch.  So, when we sent out the email last week telling our family of our need, you responded!  I feel so blessed that the Lord gave us 40 Days for Life to band us together in unity…so we can all work together with one goal…to end abortion!  Towards the later half of our 40 days we have many days like today…with no church coverage.  I hope and pray that we can continue to support each other by each filling in where we can.  Today, it was important that we were there.  At about 10am, two young girls showed up and were trying to get into Planned Parenthood.  Luckily, the doors were not yet unlocked, and I was able to talk with them.  The one girl, Jada, had taken a pregnancy test at home and it was positive.  So she had come for another one.  I was able to give her information directing her to Women’s Choice Network…which happened to be open in Oakland at that time.  They left, looking for a bus to take them to Oakland, along with educational literature about fetal development and a little 12 week fetal model.  I pray they make it to Women’s Choice Network or one of our other wonderful Crisis Pregnancy centers…and don’t return later to Planned Parenthood.

Here are some photos of some of my brothers and sisters who came to hold our vigil this morning:

Sisters Barbara and Nancy drove all the way from Butler to stand with me during the early 7am hour!
Kim & Marie from St. Alphonsus kept vigil with me
Marie and Kim drove in from Wexford to stand with me for the 9 O'clock hour, and Vic stood for two hours, beginning at 8:00.
Mary Ann came for the 10 O'clock hour and was there as the second shift manager, Lisa, arrived.
First-Timer Chris (from St. Alphonsus) bravely signed up for 3 hours, so that Shift Manager Lisa wouldn't stand alone!

When I see young people, who have never done this before…stepping out in faith and courage, and driving into Pittsburgh to stand on a public sidewalk to witness to the dignity and sanctity of human life…it gives me the encouragement that I need to continue leading this campaign.  Thanks to ALL who came out this morning, and to all who will be coming tonight with St. Bernadette’s!  See some photos taken by Lori and Tim from the later shifts on this day:

Fr. Tony Gargotta, Pat, Lisa & Laura from St. Bernadette's in Monroeville
More saints from St. Bernadette' "regular" Susan
Christians unite on Day 9's last shift from many different churches!

And here’s one taken by Lisa during the afternoon:

God bless you,