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 Lenten 2020 Campaign: Feb. 26 – April 5

7 am to 7 pm daily (closes at 5pm on Saturdays)

Corona Virus Update:  Our 40 Days for Life prayer vigil in front of Planned Parenthood has been suspended to protect the health of our community, but we are continuing to pray from our separate locations. If you have signed up to be on the sidewalk at a particular time, please use that time to pray from home or in a church instead!  If you have not yet signed up for a particular time, please pray at ANY time, wherever you may be, for the end of abortion!  

Keep in mind that God will use this crisis for GOOD!  It is a test of our faith!  Will we hide in fear and fight our neighbor for the last roll of toilet paper?  Or will we trust God as we continue this campaign? If PP is still killing babies…I think we should still be praying!

Use this flyer to promote 40 Days for Life in your Church!

Click HERE to sign up for hours at our 40 day prayer vigil at Planned Parenthood as an individual prayer volunteer.

Email Fran at to sign up your group for a block of time at the vigil.

Help us to maintain our 40-day continual fast by signing up to fast (bread & water or liquids only).  Our goal is for at least one person to be fasting every day.  Sign up here!




Please continue to pray for an end to abortion. One person can make a difference!  In fact, prayer can make all a the difference in the world.


Pastor Win praying. Thank you, Pastor, for being a witness for Christ.
Pastor Win praying. Thank you, Pastor, for being a witness for Christ.


 If you are afraid to come to the vigil, be encouraged by reading this account of a first-time participant:  How to Pray at an Abortion Clinic for the First Time