Day 34: Weirton Catholic Churches and St. James Catholic Church (Sewickley) 

Could you have stood at the foot of the cross?

I wonder if I could have stood there. Would I have wondered, “what’s going to happen to me?” Would I have said “I’m just not comfortable being there”. And perhaps I ran and hid instead?

I often thought standing outside pp is similar to being at the crucifixion.

Deathscorts prodding distressed women along like the cruel centurions. People on the streets hurling insults. And then there are the violent deaths of the innocent.

Back then some of the believers were afraid or too confused to come forward. But some did come and stood at the foot of the cross. You too do the same when you come to pp. You are there standing up for our Lord. You are saying, “This is wrong killing an innocent child”. You are showing your love for our Lord and the innocent unborn.

This Lenten season you made the additional sacrifice and came to the vigil. The time of crucifixion has never been a time for restraint but a time of courage. You were bold. You were not afraid. You made a difference. You did something important.

Who knows you might hear with the ears of your heart “today you will be with Me in paradise”.

Tim B.

Thanks to the faithful from Weirton Catholic Churches and
St. James Catholic Church (Sewickley)  for their witness today.

Below are stories and pics from today on the sidewalk.  Stop back as this will be updated throughout the day.

Vicky praying for a couple minutes before she left for work.

From Sue D. 7-9 am:

“It was a relatively warm morning. It was great to see joyful Vicky stop and pray before she left for work. Rose and I enjoyed talking as well as praying the rosary and the divine mercy, particularly for the young workers we see entering PP. The regulars passed by and Rose handed out all of her 40 days brochures. She told me about a pro-life program at her church… they are wrapping up their program by throwing a baby shower for one of the women that was saved from abortion during our past fall campaign, how beautiful, Praise God!!”  Sue

From Marshall 9-11:

“Greetings from Ohio to all, the Monday 9 to 11 shift was another good

Paul, Sheila and Mary (Sheila and Mary are from St. Joseph the Worker in Weirton WV)

experience and it draws our campaign closer to Palm Sunday and the end of this particular time. I was blessed with several prayer warriors and guests on Liberty Avenue today. Sheila and Mary joined in from St. Joseph the Worker Catholic Church in Weirton, WV and Paul joined us a little later. We also had a very special guest, Joe B., who stopped by in honor of St. Joseph, and that was a good blessing during the shift. Please pray for two men whom visited us a separate times, Israel and Paul. Both men were recently released from prison. Israel especially asked us to

Marshall and Mary

pray with him. Another memorable occurrence was the PP guard who poked him head out to check on us. I think that must have been because Sheila was asking ladies who walked into the facility if she could provide them with alternate resources. I hope our efforts changed a heart or two, and I personally appreciate the new display in the glass of the children sizes in the womb. It really adds to the experience of all whom see it. God bless you all.” Marshall

From Ginny D. 11-1:

Sandy from St James in Sewickley PA and Paul from Baldwin

“We had well wishers and said many prayers
Edith was also there passing out much literature
We were grateful it was quite as cold as last week .” Ginny

From Beth S. 1-3 pm:

“Thanks to Beth Ann from St. Alexis, Sandy from St. James, and Edith also from St. James, for keeping my sister Rose and I in prayer today during one of the prettiest afternoons of the 40 Days. PP had very few visitors, just lots of people walking by, giving mostly positive comments. The new fetal models really bring the humanity of the baby to the focus of the debate. So many people just take a glimpse out of the corner of the eye to see what PP has lied about: it’s a child and therefore a family involved in an abortion. “An abortion chops down a family tree.” True. Angela from St. Louise and new Beth from John XXIII arrived at three just as Rosalinda was taking over the 3-5 shift. Blessings to everyone from the Monday 1-3 shift. Hope to see everyone on Sunday.” Beth


Day 27: Christian Assembly (Bentleyville), Lutherans for Life, Holy Apostles Parish (Baldwin)

“Heaven never fails to hear me” 

Do you remember the line from the Three Musketeers “Heaven never fails to hear me”? Well, I’ve used this line countless times with my family in so many different situations. When I text them, I  just type “H” and they know what it means. I do it because I believe God always hears my prayers.

I know this is true of our prayers on the sidewalk downtown outside the abortion center as well. He may not answer them exactly the way we want or when we want it but I am certain HE hears them… and in this one instance recently he answered them exactly as we asked.

It was a bitter subzero Saturday morning. Joe K., sidewalk advocate, and I were praying together outside pp. Two women approached the abortion center and refused our literature and our offers to help. We told them about the Choices mobile sonogram across the street and that help was available there. One glanced toward it and then they entered the clinic.

Then two young men arrived on the other side of the abortion center, took off their hats and began to pray. Did I say it was subzero? If I wasn’t so impressed with their willingness to endure the discomfort or down right pain to their ears from the extreme cold I would have begged them as a father to put their hats back on. But instead we joined in their prayers from the other side of the arc.

And guess what happened? Heaven heard our prayers. The two women came out of the clinic and walked across the street into the Choices mobile sonogram unit to meet with Betsy and Jill.

Heaven will hear your prayers as well. You might not see the same almost immediate results but Heaven will hear you. So come back and join the vigil. Pray downtown for those you see going into the clinic. And please pray everyday for those who are standing witness at the 40 DFL vigils. If you can’t come during the vigil, know there are year-round sidewalk advocates and prayer warriors on the sidewalk most Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings. Pray for them or join when you can.

If you can come tomorrow (Tuesday) between 1 – 2 that would be great as our Shift Manager Nikki will be all alone.

Remember there is also the special election for the open congressional seat on Tuesday (tomorrow). Please make the effort to vote. And pray as “Heaven never fails to hear me”. “H”, Tim B.

Here are the pics and stories from today on the sidewalk (stop back throughout the day as more updates are posted):

From Sue D. 7-9 am:

“I arrived 5 minutes late this morning. Rose, Tom and Diane were already there, super gracious and had everything set up! Rose and I prayed the rosary while the foot traffic in front of PP was still kinda slow. Pastor Paul and Dana from Christian Assembly showed up for their 4 hour shift and we split into both sides of the circle. 2 men with ladders were waiting for about 15 minutes to go into PP, so there must be some work going on in there. A lot of employees went into PP today. We saw a lot of the regular people who pass by and got a lot of positive comments along with a handful of negatives. One lady shielded her child’s eyes when passing the baby models, not really sure what she thinks she is protecting her child from…they are beautiful and children love to look at the baby models?? Anyway, we handed out a lot of information and were very grateful to have Pastor Paul and Dana with us today!”  ~Sue

Right and left: Pastor Paul and Dana from Christian Assembly of God Bentleyville, PA
Middle: Paul from Holy Apostles Catholic Church, Pittsburgh

From David 9-11:

Pastor Paul and Dana from Bentleyville, PA were here ALL morning. He had his guitar but, it was too cold out to play.
There were many positive comments today! A lady named Joanne stopped and talked for a while. Dana shared pamphlets and prayers with her and asked her to join us. She did not know what occurs here. She will spread the word.
I started to talk to Paul from Holy Apostles and a lady walked into PP. Quickly, we prayed that God would change her heart. The door opened, she came back out, and took our little yellow card. Thank God!

From Ginny 11-1:

I forgot my phone so I did not get any pictures One interesting thing happened today Governor Wolf was across the street with his security and another man eyeing PP. When the light changed they came across on the diagonal and went into the the bookstore. When we saw them coming we started praying for Governor Wolf and held our hands up towards him in a blessing. We do believe his intention was to go into PP but changed his when saw all the 40 Days for life signs and prayer warriors



From Michael S. 1-3:

“It was a bit cold, but beautifully sunny which warmed us up. Received mostly positive body language and encouraging gestures and comments.

Rose, William, Paul, Rich and Roseann from Holy Apostles Church in the South Hills

One young man walking by decided to spit on the baby display. This was Paul from Holy Apostles first time at 40 DFL and he was quite spirited and eager to be with us. He wants to return on some Saturdays.

Way to go Paul and Holy Apostles people. What a blessing to have time and fellowship and worship with so many loving, Christian angels. We are certainly all blessed!”
Michael S.

From Jeannie F. 5-7:

“Woo hoo. Terrific news from the 5 to 7 shift tonight. I was on the sidewalk with Jim when a woman came over — double amputee who told us she just had to thank us! She said two years ago she was pregnant and she and her husband had decided to have an abortion and she was walking in downtown when we were there and somebody from our group handed her some literature about pregnancy resources, and she looked at the models, and she decided to have her baby! How fantastic is this? His name is William and he is two. Her name is Elizabeth. I thanked her for being strong, and she said I had to be my son deserves a chance to live! God is so good. I don’t know if she was in our account of saves two years ago but we’ve got a little two-year-old boy running around thanks to somebody in our group who handed out literature. Woo hoo”

Day 20: Sowing Seeds

Sowing Seeds…

I’ve always liked this parable and like to see myself in it in different ways. Some days I’m the sower of God’s seeds. I witness. I offer hope and love. I hand out literature on the streets of Pittsburgh outside the abortion center. Some days we are preparing the soil for God to make the seeds grown. I pray, hope and am confident God will make the seeds grow in his time and His way.

Other days I’m the soil. The seeds are thrown my way. They grow and sometimes get tangled in the weeds and thorns of my everyday life and distractions or some day’s my commitment is week due to my love of the comfortable life and a touch of laziness. The things of this world so easily attract me. But sometimes, every now and then, I’m the rich soil and God’s seeds grow.

I witness outside pp despite often wanting to be somewhere else, often anywhere else.   But I know we make a difference. We plant seeds. Maybe we don’t see any growth. It is through God’s power and grace and in HIS time the seeds will grow. If we do our part, HE’LL do HIS. HE will change hearts and minds.

At the risk of overdoing the biblical references, let me add, “the harvest is abundant but the laborers are few”.

So here is my “ask”, come back downtown and join us. Bring a friend or family member. FORWARD this email to them with your “ask”. If you are signed up already, consider coming again. Find an hour somewhere in your busy schedule sometime during this 40 DFL campaign and come down again. We need you. Every extra person makes a powerful witness and plants seeds… and more importantly, God hears our prayers.

So look at the sign up sheet (Schedule above) and determine when you can come again especially when we need help. Sign up or just show up. Stay as long as you can or want. And also look at the daily emails and see the times when we really need someone to stand with our Shift Manager who otherwise will be alone (tomorrow from 3-4pm).

Come and sow seeds or be the rich harvest and yield a hundred fold.

Tim B.

NOTE: The vigil will not have 40 DFL Shift Managers after 1pm today as we will be attending a retreat, however, private prayer warriors are always welcome. So please still come if you were planning on it. Pray and plant seeds.

Pictures and stories from today will be posted throughout the day so stop back to see them.

Today we will have St. Mary of the Assumption (Glenshaw) and individual prayer warriors.

AGAIN, IF YOU CAN HELP TOMORROW (Tuesday) we need help from 3-4 pm as Shift Manager will be all alone.

From Sue 7-9 am:

“I had the priviledge of standing with 2 lovely ladies today, Rose and Susanna! We prayed the rosary and greeted as many people as we could to bring awareness to PP and the 3000 abortions they do every year. Many people read the sign Susanna was wearing and Rose is an expert at handing out informational literature! We got some negative and positive comments….when I reached out to give a precious feet pin to a lady, she said no thank you, and showed us her lapel where she had one pinned!! We had a slice of warm sunshine that we reveled in for about 20 minutes before it went behind the buildings! Sue

From David R. 9-11:

“A sunny morning but, it was behind the buildings. The coldness of the sidewalk slowly freezes your feet and we offered it up with prayer. I arrived to meet Sue and Carolina. Then, Cathy joined us. We handed out some rosaries and information. One young lady was interested in what we are about. We gave her information and talked about how we are the last line of compassion and welcomed her to join us.” David

From Ginny 11-1 pm:

St. Mary’s Pro-Life Group from Glenshaw: Carol, Samatha, Elaine,Vince, Gloria, Bernie, Ree

“We prayed the Rosary,Divine Mercy Chaplet, and the Stations of the Cross
The prayers made the time go by more quickly and helped us concentrate on our freezing toes. We had several thank you’s and other words of support” Ginny

NOTE: Today’s formal vigil ended at 1 pm for a 40 DFL retreat.

Day 13: A sunny day of smiles

Day 13: Blessed are the persecuted (and then we smiled)

A car stops at the red light in front of pp. The window rolls down and the driver gives us the finger. We look

Smiling Joe and Tim

at one another and smile then I say, thinking I’m a funny guy “must be a friend of yours”. Joe K. the sidewalk advocate and my usual prayer partner most Saturday mornings just smiles.

I then paraphrase the Sermon on the Mount “Blessed are those who are persecuted and have evil things uttered against them for My sake for their reward will be great in Heaven.” I then usually add “bonus graces for us today”. More smiles.

Forgive me if I sound glib or self-indulgent but I was trying to make these points:

  • When we witness outside of pp we get noticed
  • We impact those who see us in ways we don’t always know
  • I acknowledge it is not always easy to pray outside pp
  • We are blessed when we endure the difficulties of our witness

If having someone give me the finger or utter some vile comment to me is the worst persecution I’m to receive, then I say, “Bring it”. I can handle that. Ditto for Joe.

So, if you are hearing a “calling”, want to get some bonus graces, need to do something meaningful and to make an impact, come join us on the street. Bring a friend or family member. FORWARD this email them as your “ASK”.   If you are able to help this Tuesday we have an EMPTY SHIFT 2:15-3pm and 5-7pm with just the 40 DFL Shift Manager.

Tim B.

Here are the stories from today on the street. Stop back throughout the day as it will be updated as stories and pics come in.

From Sue D. 7-9:

Dario (CMF/Word of God parish) and Sue

“It was nice to see the sun today! Rose and I gave out a lot of information to people who would accept it. My favorite thing to pass out is the 10 week precious feet coupled with a yellow resource card. Several people really gave a hearty thank you, and it made me feel like the precious feet pin is somewhat of a “gift”! The most activity we had was a school fire drill. 1st time 40 days pray-er Dario came early for his 9am shift and we prayed the rosary, just finishing as Lisa and her daughter came to take over the next shift.”  Sue


From Lisa C. 9-11 (who filled in as Shift Manager – special thanks to her!):

“Quiet morning with Dario, Natividad, and I praying at PP! We were thankful for clear skies, smiles, and “God bless you” s. Blessings of Lent, Lisa”

From Ginny D. 11-1:

“Patty, Sue, and Loretta from Our Lady of Grace Church in Greensburg, diocese came to pray and witness all day. We had so many positive comments today, at least 5 or more. “Bless You’s, Thank you for being here” ,etc. It was so uplifting. There was only one negative comment from a lady who said we were hurtful by what we were doing. We prayed for her.”

“A very very happy story. A lady came with a beautiful little girl, Jessie. The lady was her aunt. Her niece went to get an abortion, but when she heard the heartbeat she changed her mind. She told us how much happiness and joy that Jessie brought to their lives.”  Ginny

From Beth S. 1-3: 

“Wish I had some exciting to report for the 1-3 p.m. shift, but it was just a warmish, sunny afternoon in front of a cold, miserable place, PP. From Our Lady of Grace in Greensburg, Sue, Patty and Loretta stayed with me and prayed. Francis and Rosalind arrived and I made it home before the rush. Thanks to all who said an encouraging word as they passed. As for the discouraging words, nothing we haven’t heard before and that’s not going to stop us.” Beth

From Jeannie 5-7:

“What a beautiful time on the sidewalk this afternoon. I was blessed to be joined by three women Lisa, Beth, and Julie. Lisa “felt lucky “to have just missed her bus to Monroeville . She was able to spend some time in prayer with me on the sidewalk. She was celebrating becoming a grandmother, (baby Preston) and was reminded how perfect God’s plan is for our lives. Beth came down from Wexford and joined in for my second hour, and when Julie from upper St. Clair also arrived, we realized we all liked to sing 🎶— so we had a little gospel revival on the sidewalk.


What a beautiful way to have nightfall on the city! We had lots of good comments, and a few little children looked at the babies and we could hear the explanation from their parents. It was a truly uplifting experience.

SO-/ I prefer our women’s movement to the one we hear about incessantly in the papers. Women are moms and we’re pro-life.”  Jeannie




Day 6: Reformed Presbyterian Church of the North Hills

“Here I am, Lord…”

Here Word Press versionThis is one of my favorite songs. It truly speaks to my heart.  Maybe many of you hear it the same way and can relate to it. Specifically the line “I have heard you calling in the night… I will go Lord, if you lead me…” Do the ears of your heart tell you that God is talking to you when you hear it?  Or how about the line “Who will bear my light to them? Whom shall I send?” Well it did for me, despite me trying to ignore it for awhile.

Give the song a read, if you know the tune, sing it. And if you feel that twinge in your heart and want to say “Here I am Lord” well, consider adding more time to your commitment to pray to end abortion, fast and almsgiving (which can be giving your time to witnessing at the 40 DFL vigil).  OK, that was the “ASK”. We could use help this Wednesday on EMPTY HOURS from 11-12 ;  1-3  and from 3-4

We are thankful today that prayer warriors from the Reformed Presbyterian Church of the North Hills who heard the call and signed up to witness at the vigil along with many individual prayer warriors.

Today we will have pics and stories “from the street” from these dedicated shift managers, so stop back throughout the day:

7-9: Sue D.:

“I was joined this morning by Rose, who I met during the fall campaign, Vicky 

Derrick, Paul and Charles
Derrick, Paul and Charles

who came to pray for a
couple minutes before work and the men of North Hills Reformed Presbyterian Church. We were blessed with warm weather, no wind and only a slight drizzle in the last 15 minutes! The street was kinda quiet today, I guess because of the President’s Day Holiday. PP was

Rose and Bill
Rose and Bill

open and quite a few employees went in. Rose handed out a lot of literature and had to come back to the bin 3-4 times to get more! Me and “the guys” also handed out a lot of resource cards and Precious feet pins on our side too! ” Sue

9-11: Billy L.

“My shift was 9 am to 11 am with the North Hills Presbyterian Reformed Church. I stood out with a David, Charles, a Phoebe and their little ones, Miriam, Micaiah, and baby Esther, along with a Vita and a Charity and her children.

Thanks for all the assistance from the North Hills Reformed Presbyterian church
Thanks for all the assistance from the North Hills Reformed Presbyterian church

It was so wonderful to have this many volunteers standing out in the rain. It was pretty clear not much went on today the traffic of passersbies was kind of empty and we sang Psalm 146 to the tune of What A Friend We Have in Jesus.” Billy

11-1: Ginny D.:

“Five of my grandkids prayed with me today at PP. It was very wet. They did a lot of offering up for the babies.
Some of them , it was their first time.
IMG_1825They had loads of questions. I do believe they will become lifetime pro-lifers. They prayed two rosaries and two Devine Mercy Chaplets. A lady from Steubenville Ohio was there with her son to pray with us.”   Ginny

NOTE from Tim: “Ginny thank you for hearing the call and sharing it with your family. God bless you all.”

From Beth S. 1-3:

“When we arrived this afternoon, Ginny was there, soggy and leading her five beautiful grand kids in the pro-life cause. They made it through torrential downpours as did Anthony and Maggie V. from Greensburg. As we signed in, Maggie was helping a young man, struggling with a girlfriend’s past abortion. He took all the literature that Maggie gave him and after praying with him, he said he was going to try Rachel’s Vineyard. Hopefully, one more heart healed. Good work< Maggie.
Got thumb’s-up from a bus driver, a Muslim woman stopped to remind us that her religion condemns abortion, two women, one 18 weeks and one 19 weeks pregnant, took our yellow help cards, just in case.
And by this time Bill H. and Bill D. both came by and the rain stopped and the sun came out. Shift manager, Francis arrived and Bill D. said he would stay awhile and keep him company. Many all our shifts have the Son shine on them as He did on us today.” Beth

From Francis 3-5:

“Roselee is coming down with something. So I took the reigns. It was a lonely shift. Gave me private time to think and pray. Thank you for putting this event together. Compared to you and so many others, I do very little. In any event, it’s my gift to our Lord each lent.
I Spoke with one lady for about 20 minutes. She has four children and is due in June with her fifth. Highlight of my otherwise lonely shift.” Francis

Day 34: Elk County Right to Life (St. Mary PA) and Round Hill Presbyterian Church

Are you the 10th leper?      “Were there not 10 cleansed?”

Day 34 1 aOnly 1 leper said “Thank you.” I’m guessing if you are reading this you are the 10th leper. The one who showed gratitude to God for the many blessings you have been given. You went to the vigil and prayed. You didn’t say “oh someone else can do it because they’re …not as busy…better suited…”.

I know it’s not easy sometimes. We all have our leprosies be it laziness, excessive love of the good things or the attachments to the activities or stuff of life but God’s grace has given us the strength to overcome them, to heal us and we show our gratitude by participating in 40 Days For Life.

So, let me also mimic the 10th leper and thank you for making the effort and dealing with the discomfort of going to the vigil. OK, I admit, it was really warm and sunny for awhile, but let’s not forget the wind, rain and dark, chilly mornings and evenings. Those days took a little more effort. Again thank you.

If you haven’t yet been able to make it to the vigil there is still time to say thanks. This is the last week. You don’t need to stay long. Just show up. Stay as long as you want. God will also give you peace and joy in addition to the healing. If you can’t make it please pray. And if you ever hear the call to come back after this campaign ends, know there are some who pray year round. I know there are sidewalk advocates and the “regulars” there most abortion days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Join us.

The only critical need remaining for this week is WEDNESDAY  5-7, so that shift manager Joe K. is not alone! If you can help, please click SCHEDULE above to sign up and to let us know.

In addition, not-so-critical, but still would be helpful…prayer volunteers would be appreciated on today (Monday) at 2pm, Wednesday from 3-5pm, Thursday at 2pm and next Sunday from 11-1.

Again, Thank You. Tim B.

Today at the vigil we had many individual prayer warriors, the faithful from Elk County Right to Life (St. Mary PA) and Round Hill Presbyterian Church

Stop back throughout the day to see pictures and to read stories. Here is from Sue 7-9 am:

“I was greeted by Diane, Tom and beautiful Rose when I arrived this morning. We were all prepared for the gusty weather! It was very nice praying with Rose as she handed out stacks of 40 Days for Life pamphlets. She was very quiet about it, but I never saw such an affinity for people accepting literature!! It seemed quiet on the street and a small handful of workers went into PP today. We offered a rosary, divine mercy and Holy Face chaplet! Two ladies came to pray for the next shift as Ginny arrived and I left the sidewalk in good, faithful hands!” ~Sue

From Ginny 9-11 am:Day 34 G 1

“Four ladies from Elk city pro- life traveled 3 hours to witness and pray
Two sisters from Steubenville came to pray
Day 34 Ginny First TimerA young physician, John, came down to pray and witness for life for the first time from Mother of Sorrows in Murrysville. Thank God for all these wonderful people.”

From Nikki 11-1:

Day 34 Nikki 1“I had a peaceful shift from 11 to 1 and was blessed to share the sidewalk with four faithful sisters in Christ from elk County right to life. These wonderful women sacrifice faithfully every campaign! They drive three hours each way, and witness for four hours! What an inspiration they are! We prayed together, and used Jeanie‘s new baby signs with the wonderful prayers printed on the back, thank you so much Jeannie! We had many positive comments from passersby, thanking us for being there. No negative comments at all today. It was a quiet day at the clinic, not much happening. It was also great to see a new face, a man named John, who is a physician, was there when I arrived. Shift manager Ginny said he had been there since 930. Thanks to all who came and prayed today!” Nikki                        Day 34 Beth and Rose

                       From 1 to 3 shift manager Sister duo Beth and Rose (right) Remember last summer, when it wasn’t the heat but the humidity? Well today it wasn’t the cold as much as the wind that made a cold place even colder. Luckily, Rose and I were met by the warm, loving ladies from St. Mary’s in Elk County. We now know that the sound of a mating elk is called a “bugle.” What a wonderful crew. As they were leaving, Colleen and Gwen from St. Winifred’s came and we prayed as the wind howled. It seemed like mostly employees coming and leaving what has to be the coldest place on earth,Planned Parenthood.

Day 34 Rosaline 1and 3-5 Shift Manager Rosalina (left) along with the group from Round Hill Presbyterian Church

Day 34 Nikki foursome

From Audrey (on left) 5-7 pm:

“The 5 to 7 pm shift today was cold and quiet. Pastor Matt and his son from Round Hill Presbyterian Day 34 AudreyChurch (Elizabeth) graced us with their presence. The end of the 40 Day vigil never feels like the end. We pray, “Oh Lord, give us the strength and the energy to keep fighting the battle for life even when the going gets so tough.” Audrey





Day 27: Weirton Catholic Churches and St. Alexis Catholic Church (Wexford)

Can you walk on water?

Day 27 WaterEven St. Peter found it to be hard to do.

“Then Peter stopped looking at Jesus and began to notice the difficulties around him. Seeing that the wind was so strong, he became fearful. He forgot for a moment that the strength holding him up on the water did not depend on the circumstances, but on the Will of the Lord… Peter began to sink, not because of the waves but because his confidence in him who can do all things wavered. He cried out to Jesus: Lord Save me!”    (From ‘In Conversations with God’ Vol. 4 p. 335)

Sure it’s easy at the vigil when people walk by and say “thank you being there” or “God bless you” but how about when someone drives by and gives you the finger? Is that a big wave for you?

Does your confidence wane at times? Do you really believe we can end abortion? Do you find it hard sometimes to go to vigil to pray? Do you find it hard to talk about your pro-life views? The waves around you are sometimes big but you are not alone.

This past Saturday three mature women arrived at the vigil and were signing in and one of them stepped back inside the buffer zone and was quickly rebuked by a pp escort. I reminded them of the line and told them they are just trying to intimidate us and asked if they were upset by it. The three of looked at me all with the same look that said “Really? You think that upset me? Really? We’re a lot stronger than that!” What a great demonstration of Trust and being in the loving hands of Jesus! They didn’t see that incident as a wave. Barely a ripple in the water.

The underlying foundation of 40 DFL isn’t that we will end abortion with our efforts, which are showing great results, rather we are praying for God to intervene. It is by accessing HIS power that we will end abortion.

St. Augustine said “God does not demand the impossible. Instead, when HE makes a request, HE asks that we do what we can do, that we ask for what we cannot do and for His help to carry it out.”

We are in the back half of the campaign and the waves can big and the wind seems strong at times. But we can walk on water. WE ARE NOT AFRAID. We are having a big impact. If you have been to vigil consider coming again. If for any reason you haven’t been able to make it, there is still time.

Be bold. Share the joy. Bring a friend and family member. Help them to do something really important and meaningful. Wouldn’t it be something to say after you are asked “what did you do today?” and you can say “I saved someone’s life”.

If you haven’t yet brought your church group or want to come again, click SCHEDULE above to see the times when we need you most. Or come when it is best for you. Just come to the vigil. Ideally we would like you to sign but if you don’t that’s OK just show up. Stay along as you want.

Come Walk on Water.  I know you can do it.

Today at the vigil we had prayer warriors from from several churches from Weirton and St. Alexis in Wexford plus lots of individuals.

Stop back to this site throughout the day as we will be posting pictures and stories from the vigil.

Peace and joy. Tim B.Day 27 9-11 1

The weather didn’t dampen the courage of these ladies from the Weirton Catholic Churches who stood vigil from 9-11 am.

From Jeff 7-9 am:

I got to the the sidewalk at 6:50am only to find Diane and Maryanne M. waiting for me. Phil and Bill from Reformed Day 27 Jeff 2Presbyterian Church of North Hills showed up soon after, as well as Phoebe with her three children, Miriam, Esther, and Micaiah. Her husband Charles joined them around 9 as I was leaving. Therese from St Barbara’s joined us around 8:30 and brought the rain with her, and Bill H stopped by to check to see that things were ok.Day 27 Jeff M in rain

Phoebe with children Miriam Esther and Micaiah from Reformed Presbyterian church of North hills. Micaiah stood like a soldier in the rain.



From Nikki 11- 1 pm:

“I had a very quiet and peaceful shift today. When I arrived at 11 shift manager Jenni was there with this wonderful Day 27 Nikki 1young mom and her precious children. 

What a beautiful witness for life they are!

After they left it was just me and a woman named Theresa from Saint Barbara‘s in Bridgeville. It was her first time there and she had been Day 27 Nikki 2there for two hours. She left and soon afterwards Beth and came from Saint Alexis in Wexford. It was her and I during most of the shift. We prayed together and separately, received mostly positive remarks. It seemed like the clinic was not Busy. I don’t remember anyone going in except for a delivery of some sort.

Day 27 Nikki 3Bethann was a great prayer partner today! At 11 the next shift managers sister team arrived, Beth and Rose. And also faithful Bill.


As I was leaving the next group from Saint Alexis came to witness. Day 27 Nikki 4Thank you everyone for your perseverance in this battle!”

From Beth S. 1-3:

“We, Rose and I, began our shift meeting the “award-winning” Nikki: way to go girl! The wonderful folks from St. Alexis, Claudia B., Mary R., Vince P., and Claudia L. helped pray through the rain and an occasional outright downpour. Perhaps the rain kept all the negativity away because there were very few offensive comments but a few “thank yous” and some smiles. It didn’t look like any clients went in, just an employee or two. All shifts should be as peaceful but maybe not so wet. Francis and Rosalind arrived right on time and Vince said he would try to stay with them if necessary. What a great group!”

Day 27 RosalinaPicture: In the rain Shift Manager Rosalina 3-5

Shift Manager Sue 5-7:

“It was a dark and stormy night…well not really, but it rained a lot for the first hour that we stood in front of PP! I was joined by my Dad, Diane and Mary Jane and we all had our umbrellas up just like the people passing by. The que for the bus stretched onto the other side of the buffer zone tonight. We were able to say many prayers and witness simply by having the 40 days signs around our necks. We got a lot of positive, supportive comments. The negative ones were mostly muttered quietly. Prayers were offered for the employees that left PP. Bill stopped by briefly and told us the wonderful news that PCUC honored Nikki and Joe with their Founders Award at the banquet held over the weekend! Congratulations to our fearless leaders!!” ~Sue





Day 20: St. Mary of the Assumption (Glenshaw) and Holy Apostles Parish (South Hills)

Do your friends know?

Do your friends know how strongly you believe in the sanctity of life and that you are a pro-life warrior? When I first got involved in pro-life activity, I didn’t tell many, if any people let alone my friends or co-workers. Looking back I’m not sure why but I’m guessing it was a concern with “what would they think?”. Tim and PS1Would they think less of me or ridicule me? I’m guessing it was some of both. Perhaps it was that pride or vanity or fear thing. Oh, and let’s not forget how uncomfortable I was praying downtown in front of everyone passing by.

However, slowly I became emboldened. I went from “praying only” at pp, to holding a bumper sticker as a sign (wow, how’s that for bold). But slowly my signs got bigger and my prayers longer and louder and involvement in 40 DFL deeper. The little mustard seed started to grow. And I became more joyful.

Working in God’s vineyard does make me happy.

So then I started telling friends, family and co-workers and you know what? They were interested and wanted to get involved too. They just didn’t know how. Let’s be clear, they all didn’t jump at the chance. Some just politely said “oh”.

Abby Johnson said, “Abortion is a silent tragedy”. People don’t hear about it or think about it. I believe there are many good Christians out there who would stand against abortion but they don’t know how.

So now I tell people about 40 DFL, how it adds purpose and meaning to my life and then how to get involved. And you know what? They get involved. Of course not all of them but some. After this calling is not for everyone. “Some are apostles, some prophets, some evangelists…”IMG_2447

My advice to you is “BE NOT AFAID” tell your friends. Maybe forward them a good blog (like this one) or invite them to join with you when you are going next to pray at the vigil. Or sign up to go again. Or just show up. Click SCHEDULE above if you want to sign up.

Just tell them. Peace and joy.

Tim B. 

Tomorrow (Tuesday) for the last two shifts (3-5 & 5-7) we need prayer warriors, so that Michael and Lisa M. will not be there alone!  Stop by if you can even if for only a few minutes.

Today at the vigil we will or have had St. Mary of the Assumption (Glenshaw) and Holy Apostles Parish (South Hills). We will be posting pictures and stories from today’s vigil throughout the day so stop back.

Here’s from Shift Manager Sue D. 7-9 am:

“It was a really quiet morning on the sidewalk! It just didn’t seem like there were even that many people in town….I focused my time praying quietly, it is so important that I decided not to even attempt to engage passersby or hand out any information. I let the baby models speak for themselves! Several workers went into PP this morning but overall it was pretty quiet. Bill stopped by and told me a story about how someone prayed over him this weekend and he is healed from arthritis! He was feeling very limber and was trying to remember how to do the Teaberry Shuffle, LOL!! As I was finishing my shift, a person made a comment “my body, my choice”….I just glanced at the baby models and wonder if she ever considers the baby’s body? Ginny arrived for her shift right on time, it is such a blessing to meet so many faithful people!” ~Sue

Day 20 Ginny and SonFrom Ginny SM 9-11 am:

“My son was on his way to the bus station. He spotted me in front of PP and stopped to pray.”Day 20 Ginny 2

“A couple his first time at 40 Days and her second They spent an hour praying. It was a very quiet morning otherwise.”



From Beth S. 11-1 pm:

Day 20 Beth S and one“Today it was as chilly on the outside of Planned Parenthood as it must be on the inside of Planned Parenthood, considering their business. When Peg and I, from St. Elizabeth of Hungary arrived, Rose and Mary Angela from Holy Apostles were waiting. We were joined by Anna Marie, also from Holy Apostles, to continue praying until Nikki came around 3 p.m. There were a few negative comments, my favorite coming from a woman who kept asking me if I was voting for Trump. She seemed really annoyed with me when I told her the election was over.
Well, sometimes life comes at your fast.
There were also quite a few positive comments, thank yous, thumbs up, etc. All in all, a peaceful, prayerful occasion.”

From Nikki 3-5 pm:
Day 20 Nikki Lisa Bill“I had a very peaceful, prayerful shift from 3 to 5. It was great seeing Beth when I arrived along with her friend from her Parish, St. Elizabeth. Also there was Peg, from holy apostles Parish. After they left, I was joined by faithful Bill and my dear friend and fellow shift manager Lisa, who had come to make sure I wouldn’t be alone. We had many positive comments, I don’t remember any negative.

A few times, people stopped and just wanted to chat about the importance of life. One man stopped and asked, “is this an abortion clinic? I had no idea!“. One woman wanted to pray with us, which we did. Most of the shift, we just prayed silently and while I prayed, I Day 20 Nikki 1watched people‘s expressions. Many, many people look at the fetal models. I really think they make a big impact and plant many seeds, especially in young people. I think we are sowing seeds that will reap a big harvest someday, bigger than we can know! We just have to keep going, as Beth always says. Thank you shift manager Hank and Joe for Day 20 Joe and Hankfilling in for the 5 to 7 shift tonight!”

From Joe K. 5-7 pm:

“Well, today is the half-way point and this was the first day that
reminded me that we are truly into the fall season – hoodies-n-coats…

The shift transitioned from Nikki, Lisa, and Bill to Hank and I must
say that it was a little bit of a different evening… First, I was honored
and thankful to have the opportunity to share the shift with Hank.

Passerby “A” also transitioned shifts and offered support, shared some Bible verses, and also asked for prayers. One scripture passage shared was Psalm 92, the King James Version (KJV), which is one of the places that mentions a unicorn…

Not that I didn’t believe (the reference), but when I got home and looked it up – there it was in verse 10 – “But my horn shalt thou exalt like the horn of an unicorn”. I could definitely to do a better job of TRUSTING… Thanks & prayers for “A”!

One gentleman stopped by in his Range Rover to gloat over the downfall of a local leader… Another very angry young man made sure (multiple times) to express his “displeasure” with my personal participation in our vigil. This was mixed-in with occasional thanks and support from passerby’s to balance out the evening.

Hank provided many of the passerby’s with friendly hello’s!

A young person from a local college working on a “project” interviewed / photographed Bill, Hank, and myself at various times… I believe we were
all open and TRUSTING. I do hope and pray that not only do they publish
the TRUTH about the issues and our movement, but that this TRUTH is self-recognized / realized.

Hank and I utilized the rest of the shift to pray and share – talking about, among
other things, Trust, Forgiveness, and Healing…”

Day 13: St. John United Evangelical Protestant Church ; Madonna del Castello & Word of God parish (Braddock/Swissvale) and EMPTY SHIFT 5-7 PM

“Yet the baby felt our love before…”

I was praying recently on a Saturday morning at planned parenthood. There was a priest praying as well (Fr. G). We were approached by a twenty-something year old woman who was inquisitive as to what we were doing and why. While we were talking with her, a couple entered pp (after rejecting information from the sidewalk advocates). The young woman upon seeing what appeared to be our lack of success asked “what’s the point of you being here? You don’t stop them from going in. Why not do some other type of social work to help those in need?”

love your babyAnd the priest said the most profound thing, and I’m paraphrasing here, “While we didn’t stop them from going in, the baby felt our love. And soon it will be in presence of God and will feel unimaginable love.”

Wow. That floored me. “The baby felt our love”. That gave a whole new meaning and purpose to why I should pray and witness outside pp. For that short remaining period of the baby’s life it felt love. Our love.

That revitalized my commitment and has me eager to go down to the vigil to pray and give my love. I’m now more confident than ever that my efforts “will not be in vain” despite an apparent lack of success.

If you have love to spare and haven’t yet signed up to pray at the vigil, sign or just show up. Stay as long as you want. Let the babies feel your love before…

Just click “Schedule” above to sign up.

Today at the vigil we have prayer warriors from St. John United Evangelical Protestant Church 7-11am ; Madonna del Castello & Word of God parish (Braddock/Swissvale) 11a – 3p ; Individual volunteer/s 3-5pm; EMPTY SHIFT 5-7 PM (if you can stop down between 5-7 it would be greatly appreciated by Sue.)

Stop back throughout the day as pictures and stories from today’s vigil will be posted.

This week we need people to share their love for the two empty hours on Tuesday… from 11-12, and from 2-3. And also Wednesday 2-3.

From Shift Manager David  7-9 am:Day 13 7-9 1

“Ron, Pastor Win, and David from
St John Evangelical Protestant Church.
On the sidewalk, in the rain, at 7am, these three men, never stopped smiling, praying, and witnessing, for God!”

Day 13 9-11 2From Shift Manager Ginny 9-11 am:

“A group from St John’s Church was at the vigil todayThere were many “Thank You’s for what we were doing “ from passer by’s .
But there were a few derogatory and hateful remarks from others
Day 13 9-11 3We just continued to pray for all.”

From Nikki 11-1 pm:

“When I arrived on the sidewalk I was blessed to see Pastor Win with two members of his (Burry’s) church. They had been there since 7am! It is so inspiring to see men of prayer AND action! We prayed together for a few minutes before they left. Already arriving for the 11-3 shift were Deacon Ron and two men from Madonna del Castello and Word of God parish in Braddock/Swissvale. Three MORE men of prayer AND action! AWESOME!!! Soon after they arrived, we were joined by two faithful ladies,Day 13 11-1 4 MaryAnne and Georgette! Ken (a new shift-manager sub) also came to pray during his lunch break. Deacon Ron had prepared prayer booklets, which he passed around and everyone prayed together for the entire time I was there! They were a beautiful, prayerful and peaceful witness!”

“A young woman named Bethany (it is her real name…she asked me to post it) stopped with her beautiful little girl in a stroller. They baby is Annaikah Grace. She told us that she was on the table to get an abortion when she discovered she was much further along than she thought…so she courageously chose life for this little beauty! She has also bravely given up two of her children for adoption and showed us photos of the “forever families” to which her babies were given. She receives regular updates about her children and is happy that she was Day 13 11-1 strollerable to bless these families who were praying for a child. She asked me to post her story so that if anyone is in a crisis pregnancy is afraid of the adoption process…she would like to reach out to them to help them. I have her contact information if anyone needs it.”

“During my shift I received equal amounts of positive and negative responses. I saw thumbs-up from cars, and many passersby expressed their thanks for us being there. On the other hand, there was an older woman (in her 60’s) who was walking with a group of people, who (with forced bravado and a forced smile) yelled out (with her fists in the air), “Yeah! Choose abortion!!!” My cheerful response was out of my mouth before I even though of it…I said, “I am glad your mom didn’t choose abortion!” She was so caught off guard by my loving reply that she didn’t know what to say, except a weak “I wish she had!” Her group all laughed rather nervously as I think they realized the silliness of her reply.”

“Later a young girl was walking with a group, and she was also trying to impress them with her bravado as she shouted “Thank God for abortion and women’s rights!” I thought about the IRONY of actually thinking you could THANK GOD for the “right” to KILL!!! But I didn’t respond to her, except for a gentle smile and an interior prayer for her.Day 13 Beth and Rose

At 1pm, the next shift manager (sister dynamic duo, Beth and Rose) arrived and I handed off the torch to them.

Thank you everyone for your beautiful prayers and witness today!”


From Beth S. 1-3 pm:

“When Rose and I arrived, we were met by the wonderful group from Madonna del Castello with Deacon Ron leading the prayers and songs. Patricia from Ingelsia Sion Church mentioned that the traffic was very light today and it only made sense after I realized that it was Columbus Day and lots of businesses were closed. Unfortunately, Planned Parenthood was opened and I heard one of the workers say that something was being planned for tomorrow. Maybe they’re planning to close the place!

Anyway, Win, David, Jim and Ron were joined by Maryanne and Peggy from Madonna del Castello, Joan from St. Patrick’s in Canonsburg, and from North American Martyrs, Manny, (sorry if I missed one woman whose name I forgot) so we had a great group of people handing out the yellow cards and witnessing for life.

One woman and her son stopped to thank us for 40 Days. They were from Washington State, just visiting. She gave Pittsburgh high marks for just about everything especially the friendly people, friendly to the cause of life!”

Beth S.

From  Shift Manager Hank 3-5 pm:Day 13 Hank pic of Billy 3-5

“It was a relatively quiet afternoon, not the usual traffic given that it is Columbus Day and many people were off. Billy was with me for the entire shift so we had both sides of the circle covered. We received a number of thumbs-up, a high-five and several thanks for being here. Most by-passers returned our greeting warmly. We did distribute many of the little feet and other materials. We did of course have time to pray for an end to this abomination.”

From Shift Manager Sue 5-7 pm:

“I was proud to take over shift manager duties from my Dad…Him and my Mom are the root of my pro-life beliefs! She was home continuing her day of fasting and praying for the all the intentions of our vigil! I was joined shortly by Anna Marie who graciously answered the call to stand with me and travelled an Day 13 Sue and Hankhour to be there, what a sacrifice! I felt so peaceful just praying together and was so happy to hear how she became such a committed pro-life witness…her heart was moved to action when partial birth abortion was explained to her by a friend in her church! The sidewalk was fairly busy and we did hand out some 10 week precious feet pins and yellow cards! We got some supportive comments and one young lady turned around, smiled and said “I choose life too”! “

~ Sue


Day 6: North Hills RP Church, St. Mary (Glenshaw), St. Joseph (Verona)

Begin again and again

SunriseI walk my dog* early every morning and lately have seen the most beautiful sunrises. I am reminded by them that I must begin again and again. It’s a new day. Yesterday is gone. I can’t change it. Sure I made mistakes and OK I sinned some but that’s done. Today I begin again. I need to get back on track for my journey to heaven. I need to make a few changes even if they are ever so small.

I need to begin again because I haven’t always been the best version of myself. I make mistakes. I like the comfortable life. I’m lazy sometimes. I cling to my predictable routine. But with Jesus’s helping hand I begin again and make small changes.

So it is with the Fall 40 DFL campaign which has started and I once again I need to put aside some of my “me time” and make a sacrifice to do something really important. I need to participate in something that adds a little purpose and meaning to my life. And so I’m going to witness outside of an abortion center every Saturday for the next few weeks with the hope that we might dissuade someone from going in (40 DFL recently stated that when people are praying outside “no shows” go up to 75%) and also witness to those passerbys making them aware of what we are doing.

Are you ready to begin again? If you haven’t yet signed up to pray with your group or individually there is still time. Signing up is best but if you can’t please still come. Just show and stay as long as you can. You’ll make a difference. Click SCHEDULE above to see the sign up schedule to join our campaign. AND PLEASE NOTE WE NEED SOMEONE TO JOIN THE SHIFT MANAGER ON TUESDAY FROM 3-5 PM AS MICHAEL WILL BE ALONE.

So as the sun rises today we Begin again. And again tomorrow. The journey may be hard but the destination is worth it.

I hope to see you on the streets, again.

Today at the vigil we will have the pray warriors from North Hills RP Church, St. Mary Glenshaw and St. Joseph Verona.

Stop back later today as pictures and stories will be posted Life Chain Sandy and Rosie PS1throughout the day.

Peace and joy to you.

* my dog is pro life and participated in yesterday’s Life Chain 🙂

Tim B.

Here’s 7-9 SM Pat’s report:

My day started out with lots of layers – and I needed them all. It was cold out there this morning. And then about 10 minutes into my shift I began a conversation with a passerby who didn’t know what we were doing. When I explained, he told me that he was “for abortion.” Our conversation from there went at least ½ hour. Dan (not his real name) could use your prayers. He’s an African-American man in his late 20’s who sees the world so differently than we do. I hold out some hope that some of the things I said to him will get him to adjust his thinking.

Monday Chilly groupI was blessed to stand once again with Charles from North Hills Reformed Presbyterian Church. He brought along with him two others from NHRPC as well: Bill and Deb (another first-timer to the sidewalk!). Mary Ann from St. Catherine of Siena in Beechview, another veteran, was also with us.



Here’s from Nikki 11-1 pm:

I was blessed once again to have my friends from my church, Saint Joseph in Verona, to be with me for my shift today. The weather was beautiful, clear blue skies and Beautiful sunshine! We had lots of positive comments and thank you’s from passersby! I had a nice conversation with Eric, The bookstore owner, who is an Orthodox Jew. He told me happy new year, it is the beginning of the Jewish new year. I asked him what year they are on, and he answered they are in the year 5778! Isn’t that amazing? They literally have counted every year since the first man was created! I just think that is cool. He is a good guy!

There was a somber undertone, thinking of the tragedy that took place just a few hours before in Las Vegas. We offered prayers for the Victims in our rosary.Nikki 2 Day 6

Nikki 3 Day 6It was wonderful to see marie and Ginny, sister sidewalk duo, as we handed off the baton at the beginning of my shift, and then again at the end to see

Our other sidewalk sister duo, Beth and Rose as they took over for the 1 to 3 shift. NB pic 1 Day 6May God continue to protect us and to use us for his glory for these 40 days!

Nikki B.

From Beth S. 1-3 pm:

“Please, will someone remind me next February, when the cold, wet slush is seeping into my boots, please remind me how beautiful the weather was today.

My sister Rose and I were joined by Mary Jane from St. Pius X and Tony, from St. Joan of Arc. Busy day at Planned Parenthood with many young women leaving with those mysterious brown bags.

We had mostly positive comments, a few negatives and one very sad story from an older gentleman who said three women he knew had abortions and all they do is cry when the memory returns. Each abortion turned out to be a big mistake, getting a solution that was the opposite of the one they thought the abortion would bring. I mentioned healing resources but the gentleman just shook his head and said how wrong things can be.

What a sad story, one that we try to prevent every time we come to our shift. Does anyone return to Planned Parenthood and tell them of the harm that they do to vulnerable women when they need help the most? What compassion would they offer?

Francis and Rosalind came with the promise of prayers and their presence. We continue, we just keep going.

Submitted,  beth s”

From Rosalina and Francis 3-5 pm:

Day 6 Benson St AThis young man answer the call for empty hours from 3 to 5!

Francis writes: We need more like this young man! Benson from St. Ann’s in Mt. Lebanon. This is Benson’s 6th day. He’s coming all 40 days. Arrives after school each day about 3:30 and stays ’till 5!!!!!

From Sue D. 5-7 pm:

“Evening shifts are a new thing for me…I have always been on the 7am-9am shift! The crowds are pretty similar, they just go in the other direction! I had the delight of meeting Benson before he went home, he is one of our devoted young persons who has been there several times already in the 1st 6 days. We have such reason for hope.…The pro-life generation in action! Judy answered the call to stand with me and I was so happy to meet her, we prayed together as best we could over the traffic and people. We also worked the “community outreach” piece of this campaign and gave away a fair amount of the 10 week Precious Feet pins. I was thinking about guardian angels all day today and when I got in my car to go home, the first song that came on was “ The God of Angel Armies, Is Always by my Side” I heard it from beginning to end! What a gift, thank you God!”