God smiled on our Prayer Vigil to defund planned parenthood

IMG_2190The rain held off and the sun even tried to peak out over the Prayer Vigil and Jericho March to protest planned parenthood,  ask for God’s help to defund pp and ultimately end abortion.  Several dozen came out on this Saturday morning despite the forecast and early sprinkles. KDKA TV covered the event and interviewed Jeannie F. who emphasized that tax dollars are not to be taken away from women in need rather that should be redirected away from pp to Federally Qualified Health Centers of which there are 12 within a 5 mile radius of pp. She emphasized that solution to dealing with women in crisis is to deal with the crisis be it material needs,  pressure or perceived lack of options and not abort the child. She also brought a carload of great signs that boldly and clearly witnessed to our purpose.IMG_2197

In closing those participating were asked to continue to Pray to End Abortion and to contact their U.S. Senators and Congressmen and ask that they pass legislation to defund planned parenthood.

My Thanks to all who came out despite the weather and concerns over counter protests.  Thanks also to those who couldn’t come but prayed for us.

Tim B.

Help defund planned parenthood with Prayer April 29

April 29 flyer 300 pxHere’s how you can help defund Planned Parenthood in Pittsburgh

On the last weekend in April, pro-lifers across the country will hold rallies, marches, prayer vigils and demonstrations at Planned Parenthood facilities as part of the second annual National Day of Prayer and Protest Against Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood is the nation’s largest abortion chain and receives over $500 million from taxpayers like you every year. But pro-life leaders in Washington are working right now to end that government subsidy.

Come out on Saturday, April 29 and join tens of thousands of pro-lifers across the country in support of this urgent campaign to defund Planned Parenthood!

Event: Prayer Vigil and Jericho March at Planned Parenthood
When: Saturday, April 29, 9 a.m. to 10 a.m.
Where: 933 Liberty Ave, in downtown Pittsburgh

More Info: Contact Tim Barr at timbarr5480@gmail.com


Editors addition: Please note that  40 Days for Life Pittsburgh is part of 40 Days for Life.  The group does not endorse candidates nor will include any information on the websites which appears to have a party affiliation.  40 Days for Life is not a political movement.  Please read the mission statements on the About page and on 40 Days for Life- the national website.  Any use of these websites to endorse candidates or political parties will be removed and reported to 40 Days for Life- national.

Day 34: St. Mary, St. Anne and St. Irenaeus

Only 7 loaves

Did you ever feel that you are just not qualified? Or don’t have enough of something, be it skills, education, time or money? Or then think, can’t somebody else do it that is better suited for the task?

Isn’t it possible that is similar in a way to how the apostles felt when they told the Lord they only had 7 loaves of bread to feed the large group of followers? When they looked at the few loaves of bread and themselves did they think “He really doesn’t have much to work with”?

How many times did our Lord tell them “Be not afraid” ? How many times does our Lord say this…to us? When we say, “what can I do to prevent or end abortion? What is the value of going to the abortion center to pray?”

When his apostles said they only had 7 loaves to feed the masses, they thought they could only make do with what they had and thought it just wasn’t enough. They didn’t take into account what God can do to magnify our efforts to proportions well beyond our wildest imaginations.

As our Spring 40 DFL campaign comes to an end we can consider in hindsight that perhaps we are those 7 loaves of bread. He multiplied us. By our participating we fed the masses. Our unique individual efforts have fed the masses in all walks of life that we encountered downtown: the abortion bound, the passersby’s in cars and on the sidewalk and pp workers and like a ripple in the water we will affect so many more.  We are not perfect. We are all flawed. Some of us have a bit of Pharisee in us. Yet, He made use of us and we had a very big impact and affect on so many people in so many ways. Most of which we will never know.

Please, do not question the value of your being there. Know for certain you have touched and fed the souls of so many and the lives you saved will have a profound impact for the good in time to come. Because as we all know, HIS laborers do not labor in vain. So you should have no doubts about whether you made a difference.

So I close simply by saying Thank You for your prayers, fasting and witness. Thank you for stepping up despite not being perfect. Thanks for being a loaf of bread.

If you haven’t yet been to pray at the vigil you still have this last week. The Spring Campaign ends Sunday night with a short prayer vigil at 6:30 at pp followed by a closing rally and reception at 7 pm inside Catholic Charities at Liberty & 9th St. As is true in our spiritual life, it is never too late.

After this 40 DFL campaign is over, If you ever hear the call in the night with the ears of your heart to do some charitable deed to protect the unborn, know that year-round every Saturday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday prayer warriors and sidewalk advocates are outside planned parenthood praying and trying to save lives and souls. We are usually there from 7 till 11 am. No need to sign up. Just show up.

Be not afraid, join us.

We hope to see you at the rally and again soon. I hope you have a Happy Easter.

Tim B.

Today at the vigil we were blessed with St. Mary (Glenshaw), St. Ann Catholic Church (Waynesburg) and & St. Irenaeus (Oakmont).

In thanksgiving for the blog writers whose fingers are trained for battle— and prepare the reflection before they go on leave!!

Marian adds from Saturday-  addition, not a do-over… recognizing others in the pro-life community:

In the Spirit of cooperation:  Before I head to the sidewalk on Saturday mornings, I do my “heavy lifting” in prayer.  I meet the wonderful people at The Oratory (Adoration) and St. Paul’s Cathedral for Mass on Saturday mornings.  It is not by my design.  If it were, then I would only be dreaming of them instead of meeting them in person.

Each Saturday, our younger brothers and sisters from CMU and the University of Pittsburgh, who are active in the pro-life community, meet at the Pittsburgh Oratory to drive to the abortion clinic in the East Liberty section of Pittsburgh.  Although not ever having been there, I have never heard that location described with words other than with synonyms for dark and creepy- by veterans of the pro-life community. On my way, out of the door at The Oratory, I met Mark and Nicholas.  Mark and I recognized each other from Mass and Bible study.  Mark has been praying in front of the East Liberty clinic since last semester. Today, Nicholas was joining the group for the first time. Both young men have recognized for years there is something wrong with abortion. They are willing to acknowledge that in public, prayerful, peaceful witness.  The younger generation fighting for life is well represented at the Pittsburgh Oratory.

Then at the end of Mass at St. Paul Cathedral, I started talking with Yolanda.  Yolanda is a veteran of pro-life witness when the abortion clinic in downtown Pittsburgh was located closer to the shopping area. Yolanda would go to work and see the guards and another group of people.  At the time, she didn’t know the location near her work was an abortion clinic.   She recognized the Rosary beads in the hands of many who were praying, so she joined in prayer there on a regular basis. We have other veterans from that period of time too praying with us on a regular basis.  Today, Yolanda, as she usually does, joined in praying the Rosary with the usual prayerful suspects at St. Paul Cathedral.  They have been keeping us lifted in prayer daily.   Companions on the journey— visible and invisible!!

Saturday was still a gloomy day on the sidewalk but I knew there were people who had my back in prayer!

40 Days for Life – welcomes prayers from all denominations!!  Prayer works.


Reports from today:

Kathy L.  7 am -9 am:

Thank you to all who helped cover for me last Monday due to a family emergency.  And thank you for your prayers for my dad who is on the mend.
Peggy and I prayed through some pro-life prayers together.  I noticed several passersby glancing at our “Choose Life” signs.  The usual PP workers arrived.  Bill H. also arrived and stayed briefly.  One young woman passed by and hurled an insult toward us.  Bill may have countered her statement with a blessing. Not long after that, Ginny arrived to assume SM duty.
Bill H and Peggy!! Several days a week the Holy Spirit schedules Bill to come and pray with the water!! Peggy makes sure on several days that she arrives early to help Diane!!


Ginny 9 am -11 am:

St Mary’s Pro-life group from Glenshaw

Elaine ,Ginny ,Vince
We had a peaceful prayerful morning.


Johnny and Maryellen report for the 11 am  to 1:00 pm. 

People traveled from Waynesburg today.  Some faces are camera shy.



Beth, with many hats in the pro-life movement reports for the 1 pm to 3 pm shift:

We started out in the sun and even when the rain came, I think the SON stayed with us.  Lots of good friends from St. Ann’s in Waynesburg made the 1-3 shift a wonderful, prayerful occasion. Carol, Kathy, Mary Ellen, Tilly, Jake, Mike and Kim, Elaine joined Rose and I as we kept vigil on a busy day.

Bill H., Katie and Nick stopped  by and Alice from St. Alexis came to help with the 3-5 shift. It seemed as though there was lots of employee activity, and hopefully, few clients.

Thanks, bloggers, for all you do,


Francis on the sidewalk for life from 3 pm to 5 pm: 

Francis reports that he was alone for part of the shift but Alice, from St. Alexis, did witness with him for awhile. 

Judging wisely with the sign for life!!!



Nikki and Joe stand vigil for the 5 pm to 7 pm shift: 

We had a peaceful shift for the most part. A young man stopped to look at the fetal models. He wanted to take a picture of the five month model. He said that his pregnant girlfriend died, she was five months pregnant. So he lost her and his only child. He told me he started doing heroin when he was 15. He has been clean now for four years and has a job and plays the guitar in a worship band at a large church in Cranberry! I told him I would pray for his girlfriend and his child and him, and he even gave me his phone number in case my son ever wants to talk to him. It was very encouraging getting to talk to him!

Nikki and Joe, representing St. Irenaeus Parish in Oakmont.


After that Joe and I prayed together. We thought we would finish this vigil on a positive note, and then a woman who was headed into the bar looked at Joe, who had just greeted her with a friendly hello, and she spit right on him. You could just feel the anger and the hatred seething out of her. That was a shock for Joe, but we will pray for her healing.


Bonus report from sunny Florida per Sean’s email from Sunday for the national report:

It was Sunday. “The abortion center was closed,” said Tom in Fort Lauderdale, “but the vigil was not!”

So, on the Lord’s Day, a number of volunteers went out to pray.

“We impact a different public than we do during the week,” Tom said. “In the morning we see many churchgoers passing by and in the afternoon we see many at leisure. Most are unaware of the battle we fight every day at that center. And most are unaware of the stakes.”

He said 40 Days for Life is the ideal vehicle to bring the problem to light. “Everyone can participate. All it takes is a little time and a willingness to stand for life.”



Thank you to all who witnessed today.     Let the “Sonshine” in our hearts!!  We get by with a little help from our friends.




Day 27: St Mary of the Assumption and Holy Apostles Parish


Early this past Saturday morning at the vigil, one of the prayerful remarked “it is still a little cold here despite the temperature being so much higher than it has been throughout the vigil” and then went on to say “but it’s always cold here in the shadow of evil”. Another then attempted to quote Psalm 23 “yea though I walk thru the valley of death…” And we all agreed, praying outside the abortion center is like being in the valley of death. Figuratively and literally. It’s not easy and certainly not fun. Maybe we are little uncomfortable for whatever reason, Fear of confrontation, Fear of what people will thing of us or Fear of being inadequate. There is no doubt, we would all be more comfortable somewhere else. Yet we hear the call in the silence of the night. We hear “Be Not Afraid”.

We should fear no evil. He is with us. We are HIS hands and feet when we are on the street. We are doing something meaningful with purpose. We are doing HIS will. He will lead us to peaceful waters and hopefully all those we save as well. We should fear no evil.

And then HE confirmed HIS presence as one us raised his hands up, looked to the sky and said; “yet I fear no evil for He is with us”. And to my astonishment, there in the sky between the two buildings across the street was a white cross in the early blue sky. God smiled at us and reminded us to carry our crosses for Him, joyfully. Look closely at the pic and you should be able to see the cross.

What we do in our witness is important. It makes a difference whether you see it immediately or not. So, if you hear HIS call to come back to the vigil in the valley of death, Be Not Afraid. Come back. Don’t resist. HE will be there with us.

There are only two weeks remaining. Bring a friend or family member. Share the joy.

I hope you find true joy on the street in the valley of death.

Tim B.

Stop back throughout the day to see pictures and read stories from the today’s vigil.  And if you have time Tuesday from 3-5 and Wednesday 2-3 pm we don’t have many prayer warriors and could use the support, and who knows you might see a sign the HE is smiling on you.

Here is from SM Ginny 9-11:

“The good people from St. Mary’s of the Assumption prayed and witnessed today. We had IMG_1369very positive comments from passerby’s. There was this darling nun dressed in her beautiful blue and white habit with a white vail. She gave us all a hug.”

Johnny 11-1:

” We had a big crowd at our shift today; (4) people from Holy Apostles and (12) from St. Raymond Parish, which included their Priest!
20170327_122548Yours in Christ,”


From Beth 1-3 pm:

“Today, it was one great group after another. Arriving on Johnny’s shift, Rachel and her friends from St. Raymond of the Mountains in Donegal, PA were already in operation, praying and filling the sidewalk with hope for an abortion-free future. These pro-life warriors know how to get things done and are a great example of putting faith into action.

Saint Raymond's faithful
Saint Raymond’s faithful

And also from St. Raymond’s, Father Ricky, the parochial vicar came with his friends, Gilda, Henna, Anna Maria who have a prayer group and they said they’ll try to come and pray at PP soon. Another new group from Holy Apostles parish, Rose, Donna, Anna Marie, Mary Angela, Rich and Rosanne filled their time slot admirably. Good work first timers!
And finally, who shows up but Father Jason and our girl, his little girl, Martha. Father Ricky led us all in a powerful exorcism prayer and we all

St Raymond's
St Raymond’s

know how powerful that can be. Finally as Rosalinda took the shift manager’s tag, Luther, who has been here before came to pray with us. As said before, one great group after another today. Deo Gratias!”






From Nikki and Joe 5-7:

“Joe and I had a very peaceful shift. The weather was wonderful! we just prayed together for

Joe with Francis and John who did the 3 to 5 shift along with Bill
Joe with Francis and John who did the 3 to 5 shift along with Bill

a while. After that Joe enjoyed passing out the precious feet pins and talking to whoever wanted to talk as they passed by. A woman named Dahlia came because she got the email saying that I needed volunteers. She belongs to Saint Mary of Mercy downtown. It was very nice to have her there with us! It was a peaceful and uneventful shift.”


Day 20: St Mary Glenshaw, CMU/Pitt Newman Club and St Irenaeus (Oakmont)

God gave me a “do over”

I was praying outside the clinic early one morning during the vigil and spotted a woman walking briskly from the parking garage at Liberty & 9th St. She had her arms crossed over her abdomen and was crying. A young man walked a few steps behind but couldn’t keep up with her. As she neared the clinic she was approached and offered help and resources but she wouldn’t hear of it. She stopped outside the clinic door still crying and trying to finish her cigarette. We again offered help and she called out something like “I’ve already paid. I have made the decision that is best for me” and then she entered.

I have seen so many women enter the clinic and have offered to help and was ignored but this one seemed different. She was tormented by her decision and I’m guessing she didn’t think she had viable options. I really thought we could help her and save her baby.

I was deeply saddened by her pain and decision and couldn’t help but to think “what if…”.  I thought maybe had I said something else or been more sensitive to her needs. I prayed intensely for her.

Well God gave me a “do over”. She left the facility, went to the garage but then she returned. This time I tried again with all the words I wished I had said the first time. But it didn’t work. She went into the building anyway. This isn’t the way I expected it to work out. Why the do over? Why wasn’t I successful?

I was very upset over the encounter, yet took comfort in the words of Shawn Carney, with the National 40 Days For Life team:

“By praying on the sidewalk, you’re the last sign of Christ’s hope for the women going into the abortion facility — and the first sign of His mercy for them when they come out.”

I’m certain God didn’t want her to go into the clinic, yet HE permitted it. I don’t know why but that is not for me to know. I didn’t give in to discouragement or despair. I accepted it. Sure I’ll rethink it and try to figure out how to be better the next time. And I’ll pray for her. I don’t know her name, yet I refer to her as “Hope”. I ask you to pray as well for her. And who knows, she might have changed her mind and came out later after I had left. Perhaps she named her daughter Hope.

I share this sad story because I want you to know that I am not discouraged. I trust in God and HIS plan for this couple. God can turn evil into good, in His time and way. My role is to be there and offer the love of God and hope and be the last lifeline offering other options to these women in distress. So I will return and try again and again. I’m confident we’ll be successful with someone else. So I suggest to you, do not get discouraged if or when it happens to you, and try, try, try again.

Tim B.

Today witnessing at the vigil will be St Mary (Glenshaw), CMU/Pitt Newman Club and St (Irenaeus). Here are the recaps:

From Kathy L. 7-9 am:

“Quiet morning. Mary Ann M., a dear woman with a heart for the unborn, joined me on the sidewalk. We both wore signs while she sat in her wheelchair praying and I sat on the bin doing the same. Several passersby greeted us with “good morning” and “thank you for being here.” After some time passed, Mary Ann and I read some of the printed prayers together. A man named Arthur stopped by to share his view that life begins at conception and inform us of the abortion practice in Iceland that he read about that terminates pregnancies because the baby has an extra chromosome. That practice occurs here in the U.S. as well. Very sad.

The usual workers arrived. One of them reciprocated with a wave before entering the building. Marie and Bill H. arrived for the next shift.”

From Ginny 9-11:

St. Mary's Pro-Life Group, from Glenshaw: Vince, Ree and Elaine
St. Mary’s Pro-Life Group, from Glenshaw: Vince, Ree and Elaine

We prayed most of the time. I had very nicely dressed young homeless man stop by to talk to us. He was very supportive.

Ryan Catholic Newman Club
Ryan Catholic Newman Club 11-3 pm







Shift Manager Johnny with the group's first to arrive
Shift Manager Johnny with the group’s first to arrive



I arrived for my 5 to 7 shift to see Rosalina. She had Mimi and Andy with her. Thank you Andy and Jeff for answering the call and coming to make sure Rosalina wasn't alone! Here's a picture of Rosalina clowning around for the camera
I arrived for my 5 to 7 shift to see Rosalina. She had Mimi and Andy with her. Thank you Andy and Jeff for answering the call and coming to make sure Rosalina wasn’t alone! Here’s a picture of Rosalina clowning around for the camera





From Rosalina 3-5 pm:

Mimi and Andy
Mimi and Andy


Luther and David
Luther and David

From Nikki 5-7 pm:

“I was blessed to have many people with me during my shift tonight! Even though he is sick, my husband decided to come with me and it was good to have him there. Mimi and Andy were there for a while after I got there and after they left Jeff from Saint Irenaeus church in Oakmont came because it was our scheduled time. It was great to see him and to have him

I was so happy to see Jeff from Saint Irenaeus! I had reserved my shift today for Saint Irenaeus to provide the witness and had put it in the bulletin but really didn't push to get volunteers, so I wasn't expecting anyone to come. It was a blessing to have Jeff come and stand with us today!
I was so happy to see Jeff from Saint Irenaeus! I had reserved my shift today for Saint Irenaeus to provide the witness and had put it in the bulletin but really didn’t push to get volunteers, so I wasn’t expecting anyone to come. It was a blessing to have Jeff come and stand with us today!

stay and witness with us! Soon after he got there a young man named Luther came by and asked if he could sit a while and rest. He also wanted to hold a sign. He stayed for at least an hour. It turns out that he is being evicted from his rented room tomorrow and needs to find shelter. We gave him a card that has a list of all the shelters in Pittsburgh. David, an off duty shift manager, came to be with me for the 6 to 7 hour since he had seen that there was a chance I would be alone. When Luther was leaving we said a prayer for him to help him to find housing. When David heard that Luther was going to be homeless, he reached out to Luther in a way that was an honor to witness. He very generously helped him and also told him how much God loves him and with so much love told him about Jesus’ mercy. I was really touched at the way that David was Jesus for Luther tonight. Really, Jesus was on that sidewalk ministering to Luther tonight and I was very privileged to witness it! Many people stopped and thanked us for being there, we had a few nasty comments but more positive than negative. All in all it was a good shift and I am glad that we have this opportunity to be Jesus on the sidewalk for 40 days. We were all very happy to see Tom when he came to pick pick up the materials. Thank you everyone for coming today! You made Jesus smile!”

Day 13: St. Teresa of Avila and St. Paul Seminary

“On the plains of hesitation lie the blackened bones of countless millions who at the dawn of victory lay down to rest, and in resting died.”

Adlai E. Stevenson

Our 40 DFL campaign is well underway and doing great. Participation is at an all time high despite the winter weather. But we can’t rest yet. We can do more. We can be stronger and bolder. So if you are looking for “charitable deeds” do as penance during this lent come back to the vigil if you have been there already or if you haven’t yet been able to be there, come. Bring a friend or family member. Share the joy of doing something meaningful. We have an opportunity to witness to life at a critical and pivotal time in the history of our county, and hopefully to save lives and souls.  Remember “Be Not Afraid”.

If you can come back, remember someone is always there between 7 am till 7 pm so you don’t need your barbarachurch group to come back. If you want to be kind to a 40 DFL shift manager look at the schedule and see where the shift manager will be either alone or with just one companion.

This TUESDAY (tomorrow) there is NO ONE signed up to stand with shift manager Charlene (7-9). Stop by if you can. Even if only for a few minutes. It will be greatly appreciated.

Click HERE to see the schedule of those churches and individuals signed up.

We are at the dawn of victory. Do not lie down and if you do, rest for just a little while and then come back. You will make a difference and have an impact no matter how imperceptible and I am confident you will find peace and joy, if not while you are there certainly on the way home as you know you have just done something important.

Stop back throughout the day to see pictures and stories from today’s vigil.

From Kathy L. 7-9 am:

Very cold morning. A few comments Peggy and I received from passersby were equally as

Shift Manager Ginny
Shift Manager Ginny

cold but not long afterwards our hearts were warmed by the kind act of a young lady named Savanah who saw us from the bus, waved to Peggy, and brought each of us a cup of hot coffee. We thanked her, offered a prayer for the unborn together, and off she went to work. God bless Savanah.

The PP workers arrived and a two young women entered the building but ignored any offer for help. A man  stopped by to let us know that the CC warming center closed last Friday (March 10th). I stopped by CC after my shift and it is correct that the center closed Friday. The receptionist said that they may open for two hours on Wed due to the snowstorm.

From Ginny 9-11 am:

St Teresa of Avila team
St Teresa of Avila team

The faithful from St Teresa of Avila braved the weather to witness to life.  They prayed all 4 sets of mysteries of the Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet.

Riverside Church witnessing for LIFE

The ladies from Riverside Church stood for Life.


Everyone was very cold but offered up their suffering for the unborn babies and their mothers
It was a very prayerful morning.

Pam & Gregg from St Teresa
Pam & Gregg from St Teresa
A courageous lady from fourth Presbyterian Church
A courageous lady from fourth Presbyterian Church











From Jim 11-1:

“All went well on the shift today. no major announcements I relieved Ginny and found an old friend at the vigil from St Alphonsus in Springdale; pleasant surprise. Limited clients going in to PP and many exiting quickly. Cold but bearable, hope the snow misses us tomorrow. Another new experience was praying with (9) nine men in front of the abortion facility. Several walk up guys and several seminarians attending Duquesne for classes. I have to believe God and the many pedestrians were taken aback by this sight of men praying in public. “
Jim S

From Nikki and Joe 5-7:

Joe and Francis
Joe and Francis

“When Joe and I arrived for our 5 to 7 shift we found poor shift manager Francis standing there all alone. Rosalina had felt sick and so she had gone home about half an hour before we got there. It was nice to see Francis and talk for a bit. After he left Joe and I got right down to praying. We brought chairs, which made it nice. There were many people going into Planned Parenthood, including people bringing pizzas. Must have been some sort of training/meeting.
Nothing really happened worth reporting. Three little girls stopped and were looking at our fetal models and wanted to know if we had any they could have, so I gave them each a little 12 week model. A few people thanked us for being there, we got no negative comments tonight. It was a cold but good shift.”

Day 6: Weirton Catholic Churches, Memorial Park Church and Individual Prayer Warriors

“ A ship in the harbor is safe… but that is not what it was made for”

Battleship Red

As our 40 DFL campaign gets underway it is time for us to head out into open waters. It is time for us to put our faith and courage to the test. It is time to confront evil with gentleness, strength and truth. And fear not for we have God on our side. Sure we will face some adversity and maybe some harsh weather in this spiritual battle. But we are ships built and prepared to take it all on. We will have some smooth sailing and maybe some rough waters. But “Be not afraid” sail on.

Stop back to this site throughout the day to read stories and see pictures from the vigil.

From Kathy L. 7-9 am:

Quiet morning. Light rain and cold. PP workers started arriving around 7:30 . Peggy DPeggy D. was my prayer partner during this time. One man stopped and asked for something to eat, but all I offered was a shelter/warming station resource card as is our policy now. Two passersby thanked me for being there. One young woman entered PP but I wasn’t sure if she was a worker or patron.

Here is the Shift Manager report from Ginny 9-11 am:IMG_1321

“These are the ladies from St. Joseph the worker church in Weirton West Virginia One of the ladies prayed eight rosaries, another lady passed out information . It was a very peaceful morning God was with us” 

Jeff subbed from 11 to 1. He filled in at the last minute and really save the day! We put out a plea for folks to join him and he reported that three people came to stand with him during his shift. God bless you all for answering HIS call.

Beth S. the shift manager from 1-3 reminded us of this:

This day in History: on this date in history, 1857, the U.S. Supreme Court, in Dred Scott v. Sanford, ruled that blacks were not human beings, but property and therefore had to be returned to their owners. In 1973, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled in Roe v. Wade that preborn children were not human beings and therefore could be disposed of as seen fit by their “owners.” Therefore, the next time someone walks past and says that abortion is legal, the Supreme Court said so, remind them that the Supreme Court has been WRONG more than once, very WRONG.

It’s so nice to have a partner-shift manager as I do with my sister, Rose. Maybe some day we’ll have enough shift managers to double up, no one ever being alone. Today was grey, gloomy and very quiet. A few employees came and went, but it seemed like no clients. Who would guess that you can have quiet time for prayer on a downtown street.
Some nice compliments from those passing by, thanking us for our work.

Beth, thanks for sharing this perspective.

Rosilina the 3-5 Shift manager reported this:

An older woman was parked at the curb… She put her window down & offered me a drink… I thanked her and said I was fine… Then she got out of her car .. She told me she was pregnant (her third child), her husband was an alcoholic… She asked her father for the money to have the abortion … He said “No”…Meanwhile her middle son appears and asked her for money.. Her handbag was in the car.. I gave him a dollar…So she had her youngest child and told me she was very opposed to abortion … I told her she had a wonderful story and that she should think about coming down at 3:00 on Mondays … She said she may… That was what happened …

Isn’t wonderful how God puts us where HE wants us, when HE wants us? And then HE takes over and provides the “why”.  We just need to say “yes”.

Nikki and Joe had the 5-7 last shift of the day:

Joe and I had an eventful shift from 5 to 7. We arrived early and were able to catch up a little bit with the 3 to 5 shift manager Francis, who was there alone when we arrived. He said that his wife, Rosalina had been with him earlier. It was nice to encourage each other in our conversation. After he left, Joe and I began to pray the rosary. Soon Marian and Bill stopped by. Marian stayed for quite a while and we finished the rosary. While we were praying, a young man stopped by and asked us to pray for him. He explained that he lost his little boy in a boating accident a few years ago and said that it destroyed his marriage and he has had mental problems since. He is now homeless and trying to get his life back together. Marian gave him the card with all of the resources for the homeless on it and we prayed for him, with him, there on the sidewalk. Please pray for this man that he is able to get the help he needs. After Marian left it was just Joe and I, witnessing silently in the rain.

A woman came out of the bar and was smoking and so Joe, being the friendly guy that he is, started a conversation with her. I could tell she did not like us, but that did not stop Joe, and I believe that it was his innocent friendliness that began to break down the walls that she had put up against us. She ended up telling us that she had had an abortion when she was 20. She is in her 40s now. She said she is pro-choice and that it angers and upsets her that we are there, although she understands that we are as passionate for our cause as she is passionately against us. We talked about Nikki and Joe and ...Jesus and about how merciful he is, I asked if she had received forgiveness in the sacrament of confession, because she said she is a Catholic. She said she did, but she seems to be a very hurting soul, so please pray for her. She went back in the bar and when she came back out about Half an hour later, she was very drunk. After the woman went back into the bar Joe and I prayed a divine Mercy chaplet for her. So I am guessing that she was upset after our conversation, and so she went in and began drinking heavily.

While we were talking to her, there was another bar patron who stopped to yell at us. He was screaming that we hae already won so what are we still doing here? He said, “you have already won! I am upset that you have won, but you have already won, so why are you still here?” Soon after that Diane and Tom came to pick up the materialMarian Joe and Bill a little early and we got to talk a bit. All in all, it was a worthwhile shift and I believe that our witness is not going unnoticed!

Thank you to everyone who came out today



Saturday’s Protest pp Rally Big Success

IMG_2061They came from the East. They came from the North. They came from the South and West. Over 200 of the faithful (according to local TV) came to witness, pray and protest outside of planned parenthood, our nation’s largest provider of abortions and performer of a significant number of unethical things including shielding child predators, defrauding Medicaid and harvesting human tissue for profit. By our presence we asked our government to defunds pp of taxpayer funding and those fIMG_2064unds be redirected to other Federally Qualified Health Providers, of which there are 12 who don’t perform abortions within a 5 mile radius.

Our witness was IMG_2070powerful, prayerful and peaceful with the curbs on both sides of pp being lined with dozens of the faithful of all ages holding signs and praying. The Jericho March had around 80 people walking and witnessing on the streets surrounding the abortion center. We were filmed and interviewed by KDKA, WPXI and WTAE and were featured on TV throughout the day on both Saturday and Sunday.

IMG_2067While there was a small group of counter protesters we were protected by St. Michael as well as the Pittsburgh Police who had a strong presence. It also appeared that the counter protesters were part of us as several pro-lifers mixed in with them with better and bolder signs.

Pastor Joe S. opened the protest in prayer and Father Jason C. closed it in prayer.

This day we stood strong for life. This day we worked in HIS vineyard and the labors were many.

In the closing remarks the large group was asked to do three things:

  1. Pray to End Abortion
  2. Contact your senators and congressman in Washington and demand pp be defunded of our tax dollars
  3. Continue to witness for life and participate in the upcoming 40 Days For Life Campaign beginning on March 1.

God bless you and God bless America!

Tim B.

Stand against evil and Join vigil to Protest planned parenthood

“The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing” E. Burke

Join us downtown Pittsburgh for one hour outside planned parenthood in a nationwide effort to pray for the end abortion and defund planned parenthood Saturday February 11 from 9 am to 10 am.

Pgh flyer R6The time has come to defund America’s abortion giant! Planned Parenthood is the nation’s largest abortion chain, killing over 300,000 babies each year nationwide and 2,300 downtown, and nearly half of their billion dollar national budget comes from our tax dollars.

But now the new 115th Congress is moving to strip Planned Parenthood of that money! On February 11, pro-lifers like you will take to the streets to demand our government stops funding an organization that specializes in killing children.

Please join us at the Planned Parenthood downtown Pittsburgh from 9 am to 10 am at 933 Liberty Ave as we protest and pray for an end to Planned Parenthood’s massive government subsidy, and an end to abortion in our country.

No need to sign up, just show up and bring a friend. Signs will be provided. You can also walk in a Jericho March.  Also see the flyer in our “About – resources” section.

Visit the Protestpp website to learn more about the nationwide effort: http://protestpp.com/#home

See you on Saturday Feb 11!

PS If you haven’t signed up yet for the upcoming 40 DFL Spring Campaign, please consider doing it now.  Visit SCHEDULE.


How did Jan 22, 1973 affect you?

Pink banner R1

In January 1973 I was a senior at Bishop Canevin high school and filled with the joy and anticipation of being done with high school and the mixed excitement and fear for what was ahead. Prior to January 22, 1973 I wasn’t the least bit aware of what was taking place within the Supreme Court. And when they announced their decision in the Roe vs. Wade case, it never hit my radar.

However, I was fortunate. I had a courageous English teacher who brought it to the attention of our class and then polled the class on our positions on the decision. Sadly at that moment my knee jerk, uninformed position was a reflection of the changing popular values of the late 60’s and early 70’s. On that day, this hormone enraged teenager saw this decision as an enabler of the “unconditional love” pop culture of the “Sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll” times. (Writers note: I am not confessing to sex or drugs but will admit I liked rock ‘n roll). When asked, I saw pregnancy as something like a light switch. It could be on or off and now off rather easily.

Fortunately for me, I didn’t hold this position for very long. Our teacher simply explained the facts of what pregnancy and abortion really are and talked about the physiology and spirituality of life beginning at conception. It was like being hit by a lightning bolt of truth. Just like that, my naive misunderstanding of pregnancy was shattered and my “hall pass” for uncomplicated sex was taken away within one class period.

That day planted a seed. One that would take some time to grow and blossom but one that was firmly planted and through God’s providence and the examples of others was watered and began to grow albeit very slowly.

Although 1973 was a long time ago, I didn’t realize how profound an effect it would have on me. (I’ll skip my personal journey to the present time.) Now in the new millennium I am a “pro life activist”. Beyond the joys of my vocation as husband and father, I find meaning and purpose in my efforts to end abortion and save lives through prayer, witneTim Barrss and counseling outside of an abortion center.

My calling is to witness downtown Saturday mornings year round with my big signs. It started as one day a month, now it is every Saturday. That’s my calling. I’ll admit it’s not always easy. The lure of staying in a warm bed, having another cup of coffee or reading the sports page is always there not to mention the deterrent sometimes of foul weather. Oh well, that’s my calling.Tim selfie


So how did the unleashed evil of Jan. 22, 1973 affect you? Was a seed planted that is ready to grow stronger and taller? Are you being called?

OK, here comes the pitch, if you want to put your faith into action with deeds and get more involved with the pro-life movement here in Western Pennsylvania. There are lots of ways. Here are just a few to mention:

  • If you are not going to the March for Life in Washington come pray downtown either Saturday morning Jan. 21 or 28.
  • Join your churches pro life group (or form one if none exists. We can help.)
  • Participate in the upcoming 40 Days for Life spring campaign March 1- April 9 as either an individual   click HERE or with your church group: Contact Nikki at nbruni@40daysforlifepgh.com
  • Get more involved with 40 DFL and become a shift manager by committing to two hours a week for each week of the campaign: we need someone for Sunday 3-5 pm.
  • Use 40 DFL Flyers or bulletin inserts at your church to speed the word about the upcoming campaign. Visit our GET INVOLVED page.
  • Get involved with the Magee Project to end abortions there
  • Pray for the 40 DFL team, and all pro life advocates and for the end of abortion
  • Become a Sidewalk advocate and attend the training seminar (contact us for more info)
  • Stop downtown to pray at the abortion center on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday mornings (abortion days) and join others in their witness year round.
  • Send this to a friend and ask them to join you in witnessing to the TRUTH of abortion.

God bless you in your journey and may it bring you peace and joy.

Tim B.