We just want to let you know that many of those who participate in 40 Days For Life still pray, witness andimg_1933 counsel outside the pp facility every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday mornings (abortion days). The sidewalk advocates are there. Diane often brings down the fetal models and big sandwich boards and others bring signs or still use the “Pray To End Abortion” signs.

Lots of people stop by to join us. Some stay a few minutes and say just one prayer, others say a few. So if you ever “get the call in the night”, a tug on your heart or just want to do something meaningful and important on one of these days know we’ll be there and you can join us. No need to sign up. Just show up. Stay as long or as little as you like. If you can’t come down pray for us. Don’t underestimate the power of your prayer. We sure appreciate them. So thanks ahead of time.

Here is something funny that happened on Veteran’s Day that we believe reflected a little Divine intervention. This high school band set up photooutside the pp facility and used this area as a staging area for all their instruments effectively blocking off the facility to abortion bound women. Reminds me of the expression “God works in mysterious ways”.

An early Thanksgiving to and for all of you.

Day 34: North Hills Reformed Presbyterian Church and St. Ann

10 Lepers Cured

The passage of the 10 lepers always makes me wonder, would I have been one of the nine who didn’t come back to thank our Lord for their healing or maybe, just maybe, would I be the one who came back.

Maybe this situation is similar to what happens and the vigil site. Are there 10 couples who change their minds as they drive by when they see us outside and don’t come back to thank us? Maybe. But we do know for certain, many do change their mind because of our presence. A few have told us.

Let me also not be like one of the nine and be remiss in thanking YOU. Thank you for your dedication and effort. For making the sacrifices to put your own wants and desires aside to come to the vigil to witness and pray. You all inspire me. Sincerely so many people have touched my soul in so many ways with your faith, your courage to reach out and your commitment to ending abortion. Thank you.

We all have our busy lives, so diverse but the same. We all love the comforts of life and some of us more than others care about what people think of us. But we put the “me” aside and made the effort. Like those at the foot of the cross, You came, you stayed. It wasn’t easy. You might have been uncomfortable. You may think you didn’t make a difference but you did. Our efforts in the Lord’s vineyard will not be in vain. You’ll never know until heaven just how big an impact you had. But trust me on this. You made a difference. For that I am grateful. Thank you.

See you in the spring or if you ever hear that voice calling in the night and want to join the few who come year-round on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday mornings know you are welcome. God bless you all and may HIS angels surround you. Peace and joy.

Tim B.

Today at the vigil we have North Hills Reformed Presbyterian Church 7 – 11a ; St. Ann Catholic Church, Waynesburg 11a-3p; HOURS ARE EMPTY FROM 5-7!

Here is from Kathy 7-9 am:

“A chilly morning but it was warmed quickly by the presence of Faithful Diane, Bill Weir (Reformed Presbyterian Church of NH and old friend of mine), and Faithful Rose (St. Mary’s of Glenshaw). Bill was joined by Sam and Charles, also of RPC. We spent some of our time in silent prayer. Charles and I passed out a few bookmarks with tootsie pops to passersby while Rose handed out 40 Days brochures. A couple going into PP acknowledged us but did not want any info. PP workers also entered.

Sam and Charles
Sam and Charles

Toward the end of the second hour, Bill H. stopped by and stood with us. Please pray for Bill’s family. Another Bill, but goes by William, stopped by and asked for a coat which I gave to him. Rose left to catch her bus. The men from RPC and I devoted time to singing the Psalms from the psalter that they brought. Strong voices singing God’s strong words of victory! Thank you RPC for your witness.” Kathy L.


From Ginny 9-11 am:

“The good folks from Presbyterian reformed church were praying with people today. Charles did an excellent job of getting people to stop and pray with him also Sam and his family and his two children were there. They were just darling and they caught everybody’s eye and they sang together was so beautifully”

From Beth 1-3:

“Welcome first-timer, the beautiful Carly from her church in Tarentum, who joined Rose, Billy, the wonderful folks from St. Ann’s in Waynesburg and myself on a semi-chilly day outside PP. Executive director, Kim Evert and her second in command came out around 1 and smiling and continued down Liberty. Maybe she was smiling because we said that we were praying for her.
Anyway, whoever has the 1-3 shift tomorrow, be ready with prayer for a woman who said she’d be back to prove to me abortion isn’t killing an innocent human being, that life only begins at birth. She questioned my every move so I asked her if she would believe an abortionist. She agreed so I gave her Anthony Levantino’s website, abortionprocedures.com for a doctor’s version of the debate. Ask her if she watched all four parts. Since Dr. Levantino performed 1200 abortions, he should know more than most. So just be ready.
As we said good-bye to the St. Ann’s group who prayed and prayed, and said hello to Francis, Carly said her very first hour at PP went quickly. Welcome, you’re joining a great group of pro-life people
See you on Sunday,”

img_4632We have a few gaps in this weeks schedule. We need prayers for the following hours:

TUESDAY –  2-4

THURSDAY 11-11:30 and 12:30-5

SUNDAY 9-11 (Don’t forget the closing rally at 6:30 at the vigil then the party at 7 PM at Catholic Charities)

Pictures and stories from today’s vigil will be posted throughout the day, so stop back.

Bill helped out during empty hours during Rosalina and Francis’ shiftimg_4633



Day 27: St Peter and Paul and St Paul’s Seminary

“To March into Hell for a Heavenly Cause”

I just listened to Andy Williams sing “Impossible Dream” from the Broadway show “Man of La Mancha” (OK I’m showing my age) and the lyrics “To march into hell for a heavenly cause” sent a chill down my spine. I couldn’t help thinking how much it reminds me of our efforts to fight the evils of abortion. But I take inspiration from the song to fight on despite what seems hopeless at times and I take comfort in knowing God is on our side. We will not lose this fight. We will prevail sooner or later. But we must do our part. We must fight on. As Father Frank Pavone said and I’m paraphrasing “there is no Easter Sunday without Good Friday”. Maybe we have to sacrifice a little.  Sure it might be rainy or a little chilly or dark in the morning.  Oh well.  Nobody said marching into hell would be easy.

So get your armor of God on. The fight is underway. We must march into hell for a heavenly cause. Come or come back to the vigil. Sign up or just show up. We need you and want you.  There is still time. If you have fallen away or haven’t been to pp to pray and witness no worries. No need for excuses. You are always welcome. We’ll be there. Like the army general who values more the soldier who in battle once retreated but returned to fight valiantly more so than the one who fights but without intensity. We value your return. Join us in the fight.

Below are stories and pictures from today’s vigil. Click SCHEDULE above to sign up.

Today at the vigil we were blessed with the groups from St Peter and Paul (Steubenville) and St Paul’s Seminary.  However there is no one signed up for later today between 5 and 7 pm nor tomorrow from 7-10 or 3-7.  Come if you can and join the fight.

From Kathy 7-9 am:

“I finally arrived before 7 a.m. and was greeted by faithful Diane and Marian. Diane left after setup and Marian stayed until Tracy and Beth from St. Peter’s arrived. Each woman took a sign and their post, one on each side of the building. Marian and I conversed about our sidewalk time on Saturday, closed in prayer and Marian went off to work. While Beth, Tracy, and I were reading from the scripted prayers, a man who was passing by came close to our faces and “roared” at us. We were a bit startled but kept reading the prayers.

Overall, the atmosphere was peaceful. Many workers entered PP. Beth greeted some of them. One woman accepted the yellow business card before going inside. I noticed some passersby glancing at the fetal models and my homemade sign. I passed out a few more cards but mostly spent the time praying.”

From Ginny 9-11 am:

img_1238“The ladies from St. Peter’s Church in Steubenville Ohio witnessed and prayed today during my shift
Some young children from CAPA school were doing a fire drill they noticed the baby models and wanted to touch them I said I’ll give them one from the bin they loved it and then all the kids wanted one the teachers came over and told him they’re not allowed to have them they had to give them back they tried to take them off of them I did not see any of them give them to the teachers
Hopefully the little babies wIll spark a light of sanctity of human life”

From Beth S. 1-3 pm:

“It was an honor to be with the gentlemen from St. Paul’s Seminary , Rev. Bill and later, brother John from the Cathedral, as we prayed our way through a peaceful afternoon outside of Planned Parenthood. It was as chilly outside as it is inside that facility with the wind ripping through Liberty Avenue. Adam T., David S., Merv K., Gabriel S., and Jacob G. launched songs on that wind and sent prayers heavenward while few clients or workers went inside. May every day have as few customers as today, in fact, may everyday have no customers at PP.”

Beth and Tracy from St Peter's Steubenville
Beth and Tracy from St Peter’s Steubenville

Thanks, beth

Seminarians from St. Paul Seminary in Crafton provided a powerful prayer witness for life!
Seminarians from St. Paul Seminary in Crafton provided a powerful prayer witness for life!

From Audrey 5-7 pm:

“The Monday 5 to 7 shift was blessed with many inspiring people today. The seminarians from St. Paul’s were just finishing up their shift and it is always awe-inspiring to be with them. Rosalee and her husband John stayed for a short time with us, too.img_3726
A beautiful young woman, Kristin, shared the evening with me. We talked about life and the pro-life movement and Students for Life that her sister works for. Bill stopped by again to share prayers, stories and ideas.img_3727
The wind just started to pick up as we were loading all of our 40 Days for Life materials in Diane’s car.
God bless us all and the many babies who have been lost at 933 Liberty Avenue.”



Day 20: Memorial Park Church; St. Elizabeth of Hungary; Mt. Zion Baptist Church

They see us.

photo-2I was standing outside pp early on a Saturday morning praying with fellow shift manager Joe K. We were both holding large signs which had a big baby face with the words”LIFE” and “Choose Life” on them. A car across the street rolled down it’s window and the driver gave us the finger. Me, trying to be funny, said to Joe “oh is that a friend of yours who just waved to you?” He then looked at me with a bewildered expression then realized I was trying to be funny. (FYI my keeps telling me “you’re just not funny”, but I keep trying).

A little later a middle aged man with a camera approached us and asked if he could take our pictures and then he said “I don’t make judgements”. We said “sure, we don’t make judgements either. We’re just here to help.” Joe became a little suspicious and concerned that it would be used for negative/evil purposes against Pro-Lifers.

My take on both of these events is it’s great. It shows THEY SEE US. People in cars, on the street, escorts or those going in the clinic.  They see our witness to life. We are planting seeds. God will water them and make them grow. Even if the photographer’s pictures are used against us, those seeing our message will be exposed to the truth. We may get to plant seeds in the soil most needy. The world sees us and our message that goes against the world. It forces passerby’s to be aware that abortions are happening right here, right now. It is not an issue that can be ignored because we won’t let it.

They’ll know we are Christians by our love. By our actions. By our words.

At this half way point in the campaign we have been so blessed with so many  diverse people UNITED coming to witness to life. If you haven’t yet been to the vigil during this campaign come plant seeds and be seen with us. Come back because we need you. If you have already been there think about coming back. See below for dates and times when we really need your help.  The harvest is abundant but the laborers are few (sound familiar?). Sign up or show up at the vigil. Tell your friends and bring them. Bare the discomfort of going and praying outside and abortion center. Come and be seen. Be Not Afraid.

I hope to SEE you soon.
Tim B


TODAY’S CHURCHES: Memorial Park Church (Allison Park) 7-11am ; St. Elizabeth of Hungary (Pleasant Hills) 11a – 3p ; Mt. Zion Baptist Church (Butler) 3-7p

We have some hours that need to be filled this week, otherwise our dear shift managers will be standing on that sidewalk alone! They are:

Wednesday 7am, 8am, 9am, and 6pm

Saturday 7am, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm and 6pm


From Shift Manager Ginny 9-11 am:

img_1214“Memorial Park Church of Allison Park was praying and singing and witnessing to lots of passerbys
10 minutes before the end of my shift a camera crew came along and were setting up to film a commercial they didn’t want any of us in the picture but Johnny the next shift manager said he’d pay them to let him in with his signs
Kathy had a chance to inform them what was going on there that it was a Planned Parenthood doing abortions so we did do a little education.” img_1213




From Beth 1-3:

Repeat after me:
God is in charge.
God is in charge.
God is in charge.
If I hear one more goofy election report I may have to spend all my waking hours at Planned Parenthood praying. And we did just that today. After a damp morning, Johnny A. and his friend James L. turned today’s praying over to our friends from St. Elizabeth of Hungary parish. Mimi G., Chris and Mike S., Mary Kay D., Kathy P., Mary Ellen H., Jenny and Peg O. joined my sister and I as we did the one prayer after another. Monday regulars Rev. Bill and Bill H. along with John M. kept storming heaven as we ended our shift. After a fast four hours, Rosalind came, always good to see her, and Jenny and John M. were still there to keep her company. Remember:
God is in charge.
God is in charge.
God is in charge.


From Audrey 5-7 pm:

img_3657As is typically the case on Monday evening the shift started off very slow and I was just Jim and I. A young libertarian fella named Chris stopped by and tried to debate with us on the legal ramifications of abortion. He attempted to use logic when in reality the bottom line is abortion is wrong no matter if there’s a law or not. Then the blessing of the evening was when Bill Harrison came by and shared his life stories with us.

Audrey & Bill H.
Audrey & Bill H.

Keep Bill and his brother in your prayers because his brother is recovering from an operation. As you may know Bill is a daily 40 days guy and has been doing it for years as well as one of the few only 11 people who have run all the Pittsburgh Marathons. God bless Bill! I think we should all learn to live as Bill lives with the Holy Spirit making our schedules and guiding us as to what we need to do. Amen!

Day 13: St. Mary of the Assumption, Word of God and Madonna del Castello parishes

snipimageI was watching the final episode of a TV talent show and one of the five remaining finalist talked about the dramatic change in his careers from pro football player to magician.    When asked what was the key to his success on the football field and then as a magician, he said 90 percent of his success was attributed “to just showing up”.

Isn’t that true of our efforts to end abortion? Like St. John at the foot of the cross who showed up when none of the other apostles did nor any other of the disciples, we have to just show up at the site of this modern day crucifixion site and stay despite all the emotional and physical difficulties that are present.

A few of the regulars who "Show Up" on Saturdays year round
A few of the regulars who “Show Up” on Saturdays year round

While the turn out for the campaign has been great, we still need more people to increase our impact.  There are a few open slots plus adding to the current sign ups makes a powerful witness to those passing by as well as those going into the clinic whether they are clients or workers.

So come to the vigil site downtown. Sign up or just show. Stay as long as you want.  “Just Show Up”. And bring a friend or family member.  Give them the opportunity to participate. Be a modern day evangelist. And as your reward you will receive free peace and joy.

Today we have St Mary of the Assumption and Word of God & Madonna del Castello parishes.  Looking ahead, no one is signed up to fill the Tuesday 3 pm hour and Wednesday 2 pm hour. This Sunday we have a challenge with the 7-9 am time period.  Can you help, even if just for a little while?

So again, “Just Show Up”. I hope to see you there.  Peace and joy.

Tim B.

Stop back to this site throughout the day as it will be updated with Stories and pictures from todays vigil.

From Kathy L. 7-9 am:

“God works in mysterious ways” Marian said to William, a happy recipient of one of the coats kept in the Forty Days bin. When I arrived, Marian and Diane were talking to William who appeared to be shivering from the chilly morning air and was waiting eagerly while Diane reached into the bin to give him a coat. As we were praying for William, Judy V. arrived and realized that William is also one of her drumming students. William’s face beamed when Judy said his name and he recognized her. A happy start to the morning:) 

William and Judy
William and Judy

Judy V. and Henry C. came to fill in the gaps from 7-9. Last week I mentioned that Henry was an old friend of mine and this week I learned that Judy and Henry were classmates at Duquesne University years ago. Blessed be the tie that binds!

Henry & Judy
Henry & Judy

Most of our time was spent praying the written prayers on the keyring. Before I knew it, it was nine o’clock and Ginny and friends arrived for the next shift. 

From Beth 1-3 pm:

“We’re not planning a CD anytime soon, but Deacon Ron, Bernie, Mike, Madeline, Mary Ann, Rose and I filled the sidewalk at 933 Liberty Avenue with prayer and song in a pretty good fashion. Probably due to Columbus Day and the DMV being closed, there seemed to be less foot traffic for our shift. A few PP employees came out and returned. Kim, the executive director of PP walked quickly past as we told her of our prayers for her and the others. Many well-wishers, only one real confrontation about rape victims (the man seemed really angry so who knows how the he had been hurt). Only saw one “client” go into PP. Of course, that’s one too many.
A million thanks to all our prayer warriors.”

Marie and St. Mary's Group
Marie and St. Mary’s Group


Today started out slow. Francis finished up the earlier shift and Jim and I thought we would be alone for our 5 to 7 Monday night shift. We were blessed to have Denise and Stephen from St. Joseph’s in Coraopolis join us. They prayed fervently and devoutly the Rosary. They said they usually come in the morning, but we were happy to have them join our evening shift. With less than half an hour to go before Diane was to pick up the materials, Jaynet suddenly appeared. She was looking at the display and we began a conversation that brightened our entire shift. She was a soft spoken older  woman with a sad, regretful past of having an abortion. She spoke of how God had forgiven her of her mistake, but it is hard to forgive yourself. We both said we are all “works-in-progress” with God’s grace showing us the way. She spoke of how her sister (who recently passed away) had given up her son for adoption, and how as she was dying she thought loving of that son she was never able to find. Jaynet was proud that she raised her children to be pro-life and when her daughters found themselves to be pregnant at an early age, they both kept their babies. Sadly her two little granddaughters were taken from her, but we both believe that they will be waiting for her in heaven. She was happy she had other grandchildren and felt so blessed with her family and the joy God had given her throughout her life. We welcomed her to join us in prayer and we held hands and prayed. We invited her to join our prayerful, peaceful vigil any day and she promised she would be back. Her beautiful smile radiated God’s love in her heart and soul. We will continue to pray for her and her children, those she lost and those still with her.img_3595-copyimg_3592-copy


Day 6: St. Mary’s and St. Raymond of the Mountain

One Step at a Time
One Step at a Time

Recently I was doing some serous hiking in Yosemite National Park. We set out on a 5-hour hike to climb a waterfall. When we reached the base of the falls all in the group were already a little fatigued from the two-hour climb to get to this point.  Maybe we were all a little dehydrated, out of shape and a little doubtful that we could do it.

As I looked up at the cliff I admit I was a little anxious.  As we started the steep ascent using both hands and feet to climb, one of the others was considering quitting and I found myself trying to encourage them by saying “just take one step at a time, you can do it.”  Of course I had to get philosophical and said “t’s just like life, sometimes it’s hard, really hard and you don’t think you can make it but just keep going, just one step at a time”.

They didn’t quit and it was hard, really hard and scary I might add. Later the hesitant climber said that climb was one of the most significant accomplishments of their life.

I couldn’t help but to draw parallels to all of our’s life goal of “climbing the mountain” to ultimately get to heaven.  We all have our unique struggles and sometimes the climb seems to be getting steeper and steeper. But we struggle on. Sure we fall but we get back up and begin again. And again.  I also see the parallel to our United efforts to end abortion.  We all know the end goal and we want it but sometimes we want to quit, or postpone the effort or have lots of excuses why not to make the effort now. And of course we have bouts of doubt and discouragement. But I offer each of you reading this the same advice “just keep going, just one step at a time” and I assure you’ll find peace and joy in this lifetime and you will ultimately reach the top to the mountain and we will end abortion.

So now is your time to take a step to end abortion. Come back to the vigil site soon whether you are signed up or not and this time bring a friend or two.  Bring your brother or sister too. Sign up or just show up.  We’ll have someone there to keep you company.

Click here to sign up your church group or see when no one is signed up: click-here-to-view-scheduled-churches-for-fall-2016-vigil

Today at the vigil we have St. Mary (Glenshaw) and St. Raymond of the Mountain (Donegal), however, no one is signed up after 3 PM today or Wednesday morning before 11 AM, so come down and join the Shift Managers who will be alone if you can.

Here is from Kathy L. Shift Manager 7-9 am:

“For my first shift of the fall campaign, I was greeted by Diane, Marian, and Henry C. (an old friend of mine) who answered the call to come and pray so I wouldn’t be alone. Thanks to Diane who is always prompt in delivering the materials and also thanks to Marian who is willing to come daily to the vigil before going to work in case a shift manager is running late. God bless you Marian:)

Henry and I prayed together using some of the prayers on the ring and also spent time in reflective prayer. Passersby were mostly quiet except for one young woman who loudly expressed her opposition to our stand for life. I received a few “thank yous” from passersby for my presence there and many who passed by us, looked intently at the fetal models.

By 8:30 a.m., PP workers began arriving as did two women (mother/daughter perhaps). She did read the sign for pregnancy help but did not accept literature. They approached the PP door, but turned and walked toward the bus stop and stayed there talking. Next, Ginny, the SM for 9-11 arrived with her group from St. Mary’s. I said a departing prayer and then left.”

Henry C. from St. Paul of the Cross
Henry C. from St. Paul of the Cross
Ladies from St. Mary's
Ladies from St. Mary’s

Here is from Today’s Shift Manager Ginny 9-11 am:

“This was St. Mary’s Glenshaw this morning at 40 days for life it was pretty peaceful until a young man came by and accused us of being terrorist and we were exposing nude pictures of babies and he said that the one man in the group was a rapist luckily Bill came by and started to talk to him but he only left after we started praying the rosary again.
Our group had two new people Who are first timers at 40 days for life we also have a man who worked for the diocese and started to pray the rosary with us when this all took place.”




From Beth S. Shift Manager 1-3:

“Rose and I were praying along with Tom and Marilyn from St. Bernard’s, a wonderful couple and witness. Michelle, Rachel and her friend Sue, (happy 29th birthday!), stayed until 2 p.m. so there always was a great group of people. We also had a few people who just stopped by on their lunch hour to pray. Reverend Billy was back and said that he’ll return next Monday. All in all, a peaceful day with kind people.”

Pictures from 3-5 pm:

Shift Managers Rosalina and Francis 3-5 pm
Shift Managers Rosalina and Francis 3-5 pm








Audrey worked the 5 pm to 7 pm shift and sent in these pictures:

Brother John and Charles.



Audrey and Jim


And don’t forget the National 40 Days for Life mobile unit will be coming to Pittsburgh this Wednesday Oct. 5 at 6 PM.  Join us outside planned parenthood if you can.

Tim B.

A Father’s Love and Father’s Day Vigils

Fall campaign September 28- November 6.

The thought of a Father’s Love evokes different emotions and memories for all of us. We think of our own fathers and those of us men with children, of our love for them. A kaleidoscope of virtues, behaviors and feelings fly though my head: kindness, sacrifice, caring, compassion, patience, impatience, joy, sorrow, pride, time, effort, gratitude, ingratitude, love, anger and forgiveness. Underlying it all is love.

Yet my love for my father and my children pales in comparison to the LOVE of God the Father with His limitless love, mercy and forgiveness that HE has for me and each and every one of us. When I think of the Prodigal Son or “For He so loved the world He gave His only son…” I feel blessed and joyful to be a son of God and to be loved by HIM unconditionally. I am filled with true happiness and am reminded that my goal in life is to get to heaven and to help my children and all of those around me to do the same.

On this upcoming Father’s Day weekend I ask that each of you pray for those fathers who are confused, deluded and considering abortion for their unborn children and hope they instead welcome them joyfully into the world.

There will be two prayer vigils Father’s Day weekend: Saturday June 18 at planned parenthood from 7-10 and Sunday starting at 7 until at pp as well. Please join us in praying for those fathers in need.

To all fathers, I wish you a joyful and peaceful father’s day. And to God the Father, THANK YOU for loving me.

Tim B. (as seen with my two children and father)

My Children








My Father
My Father

Here are a few pictures of our 40 Days For Life families:

Nikki’s husband Joe with their daughter:


Katie and her father John:

katie, christopher and john

Day 34: St Joan of Arc and St Anne of Waynesburg

Pleasure vs. Happiness 

“Technological society has succeeded in multiplying the occasions of pleasure, but finds great difficulty in giving birth to happiness. For happiness has its origin elsewhere: it is a spiritual thing. Money, comfort, hygiene, material security etc., may often not be lacking, but nevertheless, despite these advantages, boredom, suffering and sadness are frequently to be found supervening in the lives of many people.” Pope Paul VI

Those of you reading this probably already know the happiness that comes from participating in 40 DFL, from giving up your time, the simple pleasures of our individual lives (like sleeping in, drinking coffee and reading the paper) and enduring some harsh weather. And from knowing God loves you and smiles on the heart that strives to express its love for HIM in deeds, since it knows that “deeds are love – not sweet words” (Luke 22:39)

If for whatever reason you haven’t yet been to the vigil. Come. There is still one more week. Sign up or show up. Tell you friends and bring them. Share the joy.  We only need help this week today from 5-7 and Wednesday from 7-10 am and 2-5.

And if you can’t come this week, come to the clinic any Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday throughout the year. Sidewalk Advocates or someone (a prayer warrior) is usually there. I’m there most Saturday mornings and know for certain there are others there from 7 till 10 am.

Come find happiness. It’s free for the asking.

Here are stories and pictures from today’s vigil.

Tim B.

PS: I want to thank my new friends in Stuart Florida who are participating in 40 Days For Life. It was a privilege and inspiration to pray with them along the busy 6 lane US 1 Highway (they are not allowed inside the private plaza where planned parenthood is located). They witness to tens if not hundreds of thousands of people passing by. Thanks for the warm welcome. (That’s me in the red shirt along with Lynn the Shift Manager.  Wouldn’t it be nice to need sun glasses at 9 am at our vigil?  Oh that’s Jennifer with the umbrella blocking the sun. And Zoey in the purple.)


Here is a picture of Jason, who joined Shift Manager Johnny from 7-9 and kept him from being alone.

Jason and Johnny

From Jeannie 9-11:

What a delight it was to stand in the drizzle and pray away the rain! I was joined initially by new participant Jason, and then a lovely trio of ladies from St. Joan of Arc, in Finleyville. In time, Bill Harrison and WIll French both made appearances. 2 more lovely ladies from Waynesburg rounded out my morning.

Bill & Will were blessed among women!

For whatever reason, today became a STATIONS OF THE CROSS FOR LIFE morning, and we truly appreciated the weatherproof card file supplied by Diane— What a blessing as we enter this most holy of weeks.

If you haven’t read them yet, flip through and read the Stations– they are a powerful reminder (and lovely prayer) for Him who sacrificed all for us.

Thanks to my slightly damp companions, it was VERY SUNNY and WARM on the sidewalk.

In Life, Jeannie

Jeannie 3-14 R1

Jeanne 2 R1 3 14

From Mark:

These women came to pray from waynesburg.
Very intent in their prayer and making contact with several passerbys.

One young woman came by me and said
I like abortions
With a smile on her face…all I could think was her saying
I like pizza
I like pepsi
I like candy
I like abortions

Maybe she is an unfortunate soul who is insulted when the nasty pregnancy shows up and she immediately kills the baby as though she was killing a fly or stink bug
I could only pray for her as she walked on

Mark R1 3-14

From Beth 1-3:

Since everyone had brought an umbrella,it didn’t rain. Beautiful weather and very few people going into Planned Parenthood made it even nicer. Rose and I were joined by the great team from St. Ann’s in Waynesburg along with Mimi and Pastor Billy, handing out his”God Loves the Unborn” tracts. Billy, ministers at the Light of Light Mission on the North Side and today he asked when the next 40 days would begin. He thinks it should be 24/7 all year. We’ve made a follower here. Many favorable comments outweighing the negative. Thanks to everyone for a wonderful prayer-ful spring season.

From Rosalina 3-5:

Today a young man appeared w/a sign… One side read his support for abortion & the other side read that he loved satan… I was saying my rosary … He was dancing in front of me & was trying to engage me in conversation.. I was praying and would not let his evil in…I knew the stronger I became made him more insistent … I had my eyes closed and in prayer…People were passing & saying “God Bless You” as he did his jig in front of me… I felt so peaceful !!!When he left I heard him say “same place same time tomorrow…

March 14 Bill

From Joe 5-7 pm:

The 5-7 shift was spectacular weather-wise, but relatively low key otherwise.
No groups were signed-up, but Roselee, the 3-5 Shift Manager, stayed for
a while so that I would not be alone – such a kind and thoughtful gesture!

An individual with a pro-PP sign left as the shift began. He was attempting
to provoke / confront the prior shift. Great work gang in keeping your cool!

I was able to hand-out a Subway gift card to Cynthia, whom I had met before,
and was looking for some help.

Another passerby reached out his hand to me and we prayed for Life.
He expressed deep regret for the abortion he played a part in and indicated
that there was room for all children on this earth.

A mother and her daughter stopped to look at the Fetal Models and thanked us
for being there.

The remainder of the shift was spent in prayer and in reading / reflecting on today’s
readings. Most appropriate in today’s readings was the story of Susanna
and Daniel (DN 13) who can be an example to us all – those praying outside of
and those entering / exiting PP.

Suzanne refused to be compromised and submit to the sinful ways of the world, instead
choosing the Lord’s way, while Daniel’s wisdom and courage to speak-up and defend
Susanna via the truth saved her life.

Finally a thank you to ALL who supported this campaign – it has been an honor
to try and serve… God Bless!!!

Day 27: Living Hope Church, St Raymond of the Mountain, Covenant Community


I was standing and praying alone outside of planned parenthood. I was feeling a little discouraged and wondering if it made any difference if I was there or not. I didn’t want to be there. I was uncomfortable and again wanted to be “gone”. I was letting the devil inside my head. I was letting discouragement create doubt. My love of the little pleasures and comforts of life were calling me.


A Port Authority bus pulled up and stopped directly across the street. From top to bottom, front to back there we pictures of baby faces. Row after row. Up down and sideways. I could only guess the number of babies to be “a gazillion”. I was dumbfounded. I’m sure it was an advertisement for a hospital maternity unit or healthcare insurance, but to me it was God clearly talking to me and telling me this is why I’m here. For them. For HIS innocent children.

And then I chuckled. God spoke to me. He told me it was important that I be there whether I see results or not. I was making a difference.

This pumped me up and taught me to trust in God despite my doubts and to listen to HIM with the ears of my heart.


I was now standing alone outside the clinic sometime later. Others had been there but had to leave. I wanted to stay but was hoping someone would join me. Anyone would be good. So I prayed. And then HE spoke to me AGAIN! I looked down Liberty Avenue towards the point, and I thought I saw what looked like a parade coming up the sidewalk. As the group came closer, I saw it was a Eucharistic procession of about 100 people singing, praying and carrying prolife signs. They offered words of encouragement. I chuckled and looked up and all I could think to say after “thank you” was “show off”.

I know now for certain that it is important that I be there and that it makes a difference. And when someone needs to be there with me HE will send them. Maybe it will be you.

It will make a difference that you are there as well. If you’ve already been there, come back. If you haven’t been there you are invited to come join us.

“Be Not Afraid” sign up or show up. And bring a friend. There is still time and we need you. CLICK HERE to see the sign up schedule.

Tim B.

The 7-9 am shift manager was Johnny, and the faithful folks from Living Hope Church in Whitney PA (way out near Latrobe!) adopted the 7-11 am shift.  He writes:

This was the most spring-like day for the 7-9 shift! (3) young fellas from Living Hope Church were right on time for their 7-11 vigil in spite of over an hour travel time (God Bless Them!). Bill came by for his regular 1/2 hour “pep-talk” during the middle of the shift. No PP traffic.

Kevin and Matt from Living Hope Church were the early morning prayer warriors today!
Kevin and Matt from Living Hope Church were the early morning prayer warriors today!
10 month old Brantley and his fans from Living Hope Church made a wonderful witness!
10 month old Brantley and his fans from Living Hope Church made a wonderful witness!

Jeannie managed the vigil from 9-11:30 and wrote:

Enlightening morning at PP—

I was blessed with pilgrims from afar—- Latrobe that is!   We were treated to the company of a darling, happy 10 month old, who was wide-eyed at all the city hubub.  He reminded us all of why we were there.

At one point, an angry young man stood inside the circle and told us how wrong we were. He referenced “all the good things PP does”,, “Back Alley Abortions”, ‘Welfare moms’, Pregnancy from rape, Catholic Church sex abuse, etc… All the hot button issues! The very loyal  Bill H. and I approached Mitch, introduced ourselves, and engaged him in discussion.  We slowly and calmly explained our position.   We were blessed to have the fetal models on hand to show him just how developed each little abortion victim was….Through the grace of the holy spirit, Mitch left with a very different appreciation of what we were doing.  I have a feeling we will see him again.

Later while we were praying, a gentleman in a white PA health department vehicle parked and entered PP. We could only hope  he was doing some sort of evaluation.  He came out 20 minutes later and stopped and asked us “what Church are you with?”  I was ready for a put down, but shared my home parish anyway.  He said “Oh, I go to St. Bonaventure;  we were down here praying Friday”.. You could’ve  knocked Jackie and I over with a feather.  We beamed at him and asked him to take the Holy Spirit into the building with him each time he enters. What joy.

Another Mitch stopped by, this one a visiting entertainer from the House & Garden show.  Again, we patiently explained our presence, and I felt we led him a little closer to the truth of the life issue.

MOST surprisingly— the weather was a balmy 41 degrees!

Our God is an Awesome God!  –  In life, and with a full heart,   Jeannie

St. Raymond of the Mountain Church adopted the 11-3 shift.  Another group that traveled a great distance to stand and pray for the sanctity of life!  Shift manager Mark took these photos:

no shortage of prayer warriors on the sidewalk today!
no shortage of prayer warriors on the sidewalk today!
Great turnout from St. Raymond of the Mountain Catholic Church in Donegal!
Great turnout from St. Raymond of the Mountain Catholic Church in Donegal!

Beth managed the vigil from 1-3 and wrote:

Shift manager sisters Beth & Rose pray with the wonderful group from St. Raymond of the Mountain
Shift manager sisters Beth & Rose pray with the wonderful group from St. Raymond of the Mountain

Wonderful weather  and a wonderful group of prayer warriors from St. Raymond of the Mountain,  Bernard’s and Word of God Church (sorry to those I have forgotten).  Anyway, very slow client-wise at PP but very busy prayer-wise.  Bill, Francesca, Lisa, Mary Ann and Phileme joined Rose and me and the great group from St. Raymond’s from Donegal for a  quick two hours.  Lots of positive comments and very few negatives, perhaps the beautiful weather put people in a good mood.  Pastor Billy came around two handing out his pro-life tracts and Roselina and Jon were right there when our ride home arrived. It’s a privilege to pray with such pro-life people.

Covenant Community Church adopted the 3-7 shift at the vigil today.  Rosalina was the shift manager from 3-5 pm and Joe K. from 5-7pm.  

Rosalina took these photos:

Becky and Erin, the coordinator from Covenant Community Church
Becky and Erin, the coordinator from Covenant Community Church
Mary Ann from St. John Fisher in Churchill joins the prayer vigil
Mary Ann from St. John Fisher in Churchill joins the prayer vigil

Joe wrote:

Psalm 42:8 – Deep calls to deep in the roar of your torrents, and all your waves and breakers sweep over me.

Finally, a beautiful shift and another opportunity to witness to the beauty of life!

I was blessed to be joined this evening by beautiful waves of faith-filled folks from Covenant Community Church from Wexford – some of whom traveled quite a distance for their shift – Zelienople, Butler, Cranberry.

Jillian, Lindsay and Tracy from Covenant Community Church
Jillian, Lindsay and Tracy from Covenant Community Church

It started off during the change of shifts where Erin, 7-month Noelle and her mom were finishing up their shift.  I was then joined by Jillian and Lindsey for the start of my shift.

A woman stopped by and engaged Jillian and Lindsey in conversation about abortion – she apparently works in the healthcare field and is conflicted about abortion, but Jillian and Lindsey’s conversation / witness ended with all wishing each other a good evening and the young lady drifted down stream.

Chris, Jake and Tracy from Covenant Community Church in Wexford stand for life this evening!
Chris, Jake and Tracy from Covenant Community Church in Wexford stand for life this evening!

The next wave from Covenant Community consisted of Tracey, Chris, and Jake.  We let the Spirit move us for the majority of our time together in some “uncanned”, but heartfelt prayers for life.

All was extremely quite on The Liberty Ave. Front – no passerby’s, no drive-by’s, and only a single person exiting the doors of PP, the night ended as peacefully and beautifully as it started…

Psalm 107:29 – He hushed the storm to silence, the waves of the sea were stilled.

If any more stories or photos are submitted, they will be posted here.


DAY 20: Byzantine Catholics of Pgh, St. Alphonsus, Park Baptist Church

“It’s the hardest thing I have ever done”

I was standing outside planned parenthood and a woman who came to pray and witness outside the clinic said this to me. She said she had faced many other struggles in her life and some were really, really difficult. But coming to the clinic and watching women go in and knowing what was happening there and witnessing in public was by far the hardest thing she has ever done. “I’m just so uncomfortable”.

I remember my first time outside the clinic. I no sooner had gotten there and I wanted “to be gone”. I had committed to praying one rosary which should have taken less then 20 minutes. It seemed like forever. During that short time, I saw couples going in and I pleaded with them not to go in. I struggled to crasp the reality of what was about to happen. I offered to adopt their baby. I was emotionally devastated and drained the remainder of the day. But I went back as has the woman who made the  above statement. I’ll admit at first and for awhile I’d get really anxious the night before and wouldn’t sleep well and even now I still feel little uncomfortable.

But then I hear the expression rattling around in my head “If it were easy, HE wouldn’t need you”. Sure going to pray and witness outside the clinic requires sacrifice and extra effort. And no it is not easy.  But it is my cross to carry. 


While this might be the hardest thing many of us will ever do, it might also be the most meaningful and important as well.

As it says in the gospels so many times “Be Not Afraid”.

So, if you are feeling really uncomfortable, know that is normal. Know it will also diminish … eventually. Listen to the ears of your heart. Is it telling you something?  It’s not for everyone but is this your cross to carry?

Come back to the vigil. We need you. Sign up or just show up. Bring a friend and share the experience.

Who knows, maybe you’ll say it’s the hardest thing you have ever done and also the most important. And in that you’ll find true peace, joy and happiness.

Tim B.

Stories and pictures from today’s vigil will be posted throughout the day. So stop back and visit this site.

Marian was the first shift manager of the day (7-9 am)and wrote:

It was a blustery start to the day!  Thanks to Marianne and Peg who were helping with the shift.  Marianne, who was planning to stay until 11:00 am, was actually there helping Diane set up when I arrived.

The sidewalk was busy with pedestrians walking to work with some giving a sideways glance at the baby models. Th usual female suspect who walks by each day, as Peggy has witnessed, gave us her usual piece of advice about why we shouldn’t be out there. Sadly she wears the name of a local Catholic university on her bookbag.  The laborers are needed in every field.

Marian Carlino

 From Beth S. 9-11 pm:

” I started to complain about the frigid wind that made Liberty Avenue colder than it’s reported 43 degrees, I spied Mary Ann (who was there since 6:30 a.m.) and Peg, both shift manager subs extraordinaire, two women who just spent an hour in the wind and rain, smiling and praying. So much for my feeble complaints. Most people were huddled in their walk to work but some managed a hello and Gabriel, just passing through, stopped to thank us. Before we knew it, Karen, Deacon Paul and his wife, Pat and Fr. Jim from the Byzantine Diocese arrived, and to lessen the chance of a police call, we split up, some on each side of PP, leaving both sidewalks and storefronts clear. So if they were listening, the people of PP heard prayers for their conversion……in stereo. No customers, just workers, cold, clouds and gloom at PP today.” Beth S.

From Mark  11-1:

Well the time went by quickly what with the byzantine priests from dubois area.
They performed a suse walk service with chants and all. It was great!

Great group of Byzantine Catholics prayed today!
Great group of Byzantine Catholics prayed today!

Not much action at pp which was good.
Had a nice chat with a young man who was questioning the right to choose life or death. He left after a bit thanking us and said he is more pro life but .
He lost a set of twins who unfortunately had problems and miscarried.
He was a good man with a good heart that was trying to pump sense of life into him

day 20, 4th shift

day 20, 4th shift2

Johnny managed the vigil from 1-3pm and wrote:

St. Alphonsus showed up big time for their 1-4 shift today!  I’m pretty sure there were 7 of them!  Also a young lady from St. Barnard’s (Katie O’Brien) was there passing out her own candy snacks in FETUS – labeled bags (A great idea!). There was another fellow there passing out small pamphlets saying “GOD LOVES THE UNBORN” (He declined signing in.) Harry G. and another St. Alphonsus parishioner took pictures of the group.              Lots of prayers and zero customers for PP!!
Yours in Christ,

St. Alphonsus in Wexford shows up in force!
St. Alphonsus in Wexford shows up in a large group of prayer warriors!

Francis was the shift manager from 3-5 and wrote:

Two wonderful young ladies came by today and offered their thanks to me for opposing abortion. It was an inspiring moment for me because I M now certain that we are making progress. God bless those who support us on our journey. The photograph is of two people from St. Bernard’s in Mt. Lebanon.
day 20, 6th shift, katie and young man

From Joe 5-7:

The shift started walking into the sun towards PP and being greeted warmly as usual by
Shift Manager Francis. Seems like I don’t see the sun too often down in front of 933
Penn Ave., but maybe that is by design?

I was not alone – Hooray!!! as I was joined by Bill, a friend of Park Baptist Church in
Versailles Boro, who was in deep prayer. I introduced myself to Bill and as we
started to share we were stopped by 2 passerby’s.

Mark, who literally grabbed / hugged both Bill & I, said a quick prayer, and offered his thanks and support for us being here.

Chris, another passerby stopped by and asked if we had any of the Precious Feet Pins – which we were able to give him and he proudly showed how he displays them – in his ear – now that’s commitment!!!

Got a couple honks of horn, wave, and thumbs-up from a bus driver – that’s the first time
I’ve seen that!

Another passerby made a comment about being losers, but if standing out here defending life if being a loser, then I don’t want any part of being a winner.

The night ended in quite prayer as Bill remained until the end – thank you Bill for providing
company and support. What a wonderful man who had the pro-life seeds planted by
his mother at a young age, found God later in life, and has been working as a Pro-Life
Activist since 2000.

User comments
Bill from Park Baptist Church

Here is a link to a disturbing editorial that appeared in today’s PG “I am an abortion provider” (please pray for her): http://www.post-gazette.com/opinion/Op-Ed/2016/02/28/I-am-an-abortion-provider-for-Planned-Parenthood-and-the-Allegheny-Reproductive-Health-Center/stories/201602280017