Day 20: Thanks to St. Bonaventure, Glenshaw, Monroeville/Penn Hills Parishes and Catholic Group #216

Did you ever have the dreaded D’s?  Doubt, Disappointment and Discouragement.

Recently the Choices pregnancy services mobile unit came downtown and one of regular sidewalk advocates mentioned his disappointment that no one had allowed us to escort them to mobile unit nor gone in for some time vs going into pp.

Don’t we all wonder if we are making a difference?  Do people see us?  Does God hear our prayers?

Well the advocate’s disappointment didn’t last long as a couple stopped to talk and the went into the mobile unit. Then later a woman walking towards pp with the intention to go in stopped to talk with the same sidewalk advocate.  She wanted real help. After talking with her and telling her about all the help and support available she agreed to go into the mobile unit.  Along the way she told the advocate that God has sent them to be there for her when she was so in need.

Later we chuckled as we have had several experiences over the years when doubt, disappointment and discouragement had crept in.  And then God steps in to show us HE is there for us.  And while not being disrespectful, we joking look up and say “show off”.  And one of us is always quick to say “Oh ye of little faith”.

Have faith.  TRUST is greater than the 3 D’s. We get noticed.  We make a difference.  We with God’s help save lives and souls.  Peace and joy. Tim

Here are reports from today at the vigil starting with Sue 7-9 am:

“It was freeeeezing! I didn’t think I would need my parka, so I just wore a light jacket and brought a hat….but decided to leave the hat in the car cause I thought I was over-doing it a little. ‘couda used the hat!!! oh yeah, I cracked open a package of hand warmers too! The first picture is shift Buddy Rose and I with our hoods up because the wind tunnel was active! Second picture is Sandy, Thao and Dean with Rose in the distant background on the other side of the circle! It was a chilly morning for sure, but first shift that it has not rained! Diane and Tom met us with all the materials, can’t wait to see what Diane has thought up for the next time it rains…she said it inspired by an idea Rose mentioned last week!! Rose and I stood on one side of the circle and Thao on the other. We prayed and Rose handed out many 40 DFL brochures. Shout out to Dean and Sandy who responded to the request for additional help…it was fairly quiet with the usual foot traffic and workers entering planned parenthood. As Fr. Chris said at the kickoff mass, I remembered to offer my time and prayers for the soul that has been entrusted to me for these 40 days. Thank you, Sue ”

From Rose S. also 7-9:

I just came from the morning and read the quote that Sally had

said last year when she was pushed over, “I felt like a feather falling…”

During our prayer this morning I saw a small feather fall right into the

circle and thought of Sally…what a Sign !

From Ginny 9-11: Fr. John and Saint Bonaventure parish was praying together today. It was very quiet and no problems. It was the best weather for this shift this campaign. We said a rosary and a Divine Mercy Chaplet

From Donna 11-1: It was a chilly day today. We thought it would be quiet because of Columbus Day but there were a lot of people out and about. Some prayer warriors prayed the rosary and others prayed quietly and handed out pamphlets and cards and greeted those who walked by. Some positive and negative comments. The usual head shaking and eye rolls, sad but a lot of people seem so angry. We had some thumbs up too and others share that they are pro life too. 
Lord we pray that you would bind the enemy and remove the stronghold he has on our city. We boldly pray that this modern day holocaust of abortion will end in our city our country and our world.  Empower and fill us with your Spirit and give us Your strength to persevere. In Jesus name I pray. Amen
Blessings For Life,

Here is from Peter 3-5 pm: Steve from St Thomas More joined Marie and myself for our first hour on this beautiful day.  We prayed the Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet.  Jim, a regular, also stopped down.  Katie and her son Nick joined us for most of the 2nd hour as they created a colorful sidewalk statement.  It’s a true blessing each of us is gifted in different ways to communicate with others. Overall the shift was fairly peaceful with some positive comments and smiles, especially for the artwork. -Pete

Day 13: Thanks to St. Raymond of the Mountain and St. Teresa of Avila and lots of others

Who knew…

… that one could find true joy by witnessing outside the abortion center? Did you ever recognize that deep feeling in your heart as you were leaving and probably driving over one of our bridges? Knowing you did God’s will by praying and witnessing to those going by and those going in?

We are like the disciples when they returned to Jesus from their mission with great joy. Sure it requires dealing with the inconvenience of going downtown and being uncomfortable holding a sign and praying in public. However, if we do our part to end abortion through our prayer, fasting and witnessing, God will hear our prayers and through His power will end abortion in HIS time and way.

Don’t be stingy with the joy. Feel free to share it and ask your family and friends to join you. Peace and joy to you. Tim
Here are today’s stories from the vigil starting with Sue 7-9 am:

Rose and I were joined by regular pray-er Thao and a new guy, John …this was John’s second time standing at the vigil. We chatted a little and John told us his beautiful story of conversion. You do meet the most wonderful people during 40 days for Life! It was a steady downpour during our time, but we had many positive comments, a high five and a woman who stopped to tell us about her daughter who chose life and adoption about 12 years ago for her grandchild! Many employees entered PP and we offered our time and prayers to God for the end to abortion at PP. Thank you! Sue

From Ginny 9-11 am: It was very quiet on the sidewalk.
One lady came by and asked us how late in a pregnancy Planned Parenthood does abortions. When she heard 22 weeks, she was surprised
She said she had trouble in one of her pregnancy at 24 weeks and needed a lot medical attention. She was blessed to carry her baby to term.
She asked us for a set of rosary beads, to pray for the babies and mothers. Which we gladly gave her.

Beverly prayed with Maryannne, my shift buddy, and me today.

Here’s from Rachel 11-1:

Prayer Warriors from St. Raymond of the Mountain

We had 5 of us. Ed, Joe, and me were St Raymonds. Andrea and Janie Our Lady of Grace. Almost all positive, thumbs up, God Bless you, and only two people rolled their eyes. 

From Beth S. 1-3 pm:

Needless to say, this was not a day to work on keeping your tan at 933 Liberty Avenue.  All the forecasters that said the rain would clear out by noon should sharpen their pencils and try again.  Someone asked me how many times I would use the word “wet” in my report.  Yes, it rained and rained which is a whole lot better than “it snowed and snowed.”  And I was honored to be with the 40 Days for Life version of “pro-pro-lifers.”First, everyone came prepared with umbrellas, some boots, some rain hats and ponchos.  Congrats to Diane and Co. for having the umbrellas already there in the set-up, an insurance policy.  Second, the choir of angels from St. Teresa of Avila Church, Diane, Mary Lou, Marge, Ken, Ruth, Sandy, Ed, Bobby, Libby, and Maggie, kept beautiful prayers floating upward while angel Margie from Christian Bible Fellowship and I manned the other side of the infamous circle. Everyone knew the rules, keeping the sidewalk open and maintaining a prayerful demeanor. And as one of the gentlemen remarked, it was just a wonderful group of wonderful, wet people.Perfect timing, as they were leaving, Vicky and Kevin came to meet Marie as the next shift began.  PP didn’t have many clients, mostly staff going in and out.  We pray for each staff member and those that pass us whether they are with us or against us.  There is no place where God’s grace cannot go, in every heart and  storefront on Liberty Avenue.

From Marie 3-5: It was a cool rainy shift with Pete.  No activity at Planned Parenthood.  Rev. Van Hayger from Buffalo joined us for a rosary and Thao from Catholic Charities came for the last part of the shift.

Day 6: Thanks to St. Alexis, St. Sebastian, St. Bernard, St. Ann and St. Alphonsus parishes and all individuals

Did you ever wonder why you get the call inside your heart to protect the unborn from abortion? Why you are drawn to go down to the abortion mill to help save lives through you prayer and presence?

It’s not for everyone. And it’s not easy. As the expression goes “if it were easy God wouldn’t need you”.

We all have our unique talents and calling. I’m guessing that since you are reading this, you were chosen to be a witness for life and to stand up for the unborn. You were called to be an evangelist. This is God’s will for you. And the bonus for you (us) is that when we answer the call and do his will, we find true peace and joy. Real happiness.

As St Paul said “ He gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists…”

So if you are being called to be an evangelist, it’s time to do HIS will for you. Come back to the vigil if you haven’t already signed up, consider coming down more than once if you can and perhaps reach out to a friend or family member who might also be hearing the call but doesn’t know how to answer it. Share the joy.

Sign up or just show up and revel in true peace and joy.

Tim B.

Here are reports from today’s Vigil:

From Sue 7-9 am:

7am-9am shift was a downpour. 1st time I have had a shift with pouring down rain, Rose made reference to each rain drop being a baptism! Myself, Rose, Larry and first time vigil participant Brendan said all 4 mysteries of the rosary as well as a Divine Mercy. Thao stood on the other side and prayed. We really didn’t engage any people passing by becuase of the weather. It was nice to kind of draw into my poncho and concentrate on praying without interruption! It slowed down after about an hour as Diane said it would and pretty much stopped when the 9am shift came! Thanks, Sue

Here is from Ginny 9-11 am:

The rush-hour traffic with all the rain slowed me down and I felt bad I was 10 minutes late but Maryanne was there taking care of things thank God

There were over a dozen people from Saint Alexis and Saint Alphonsus Church 
What a blessing to have so many people praying with us today

Brandon had moved to the Pittsburgh area just a month ago he belongs to Saint Paul Parish and he came over to join our 40 days
Another blessing God has sent us

From Donna 11-1 pm:

Diane and I got there for our first shift this campaign and thankfully the rain had stopped. Thank you to all the prayer warriors that came from St. Sebastian, St. Alexis, St. Alphonsus, St. Anne’s and St. Bernard’s; Vince, Dick, Claudia, Beth Ann, Keith, Bob, Carol & Dave. And I apologize for any names I may have missed and for not taking more pictures! The good comments outweighed the bad today. Thanks be to God! We had a few “thank you’s, thank you for your service, God bless you” and a bus driver stopped, beeped and gave us a thumbs up! We had two homeless veterans stop by and we tried to direct them where they could get help, the VA hospital, Shepherds Heart, Catholic Charities. The one gentlemen was wanting to complain. I told him we would pray for him, so Vince, Diane and I did. Things seemed to quiet down and Ingrid joined us from St. Anne’s in Castle Shannon. She prayed the rosary. Sheila from St Bernard’s came early for her shift and joined Ingrid. There were two women that came out of PP and I offered them a card and they handed me a brochure on Stigma-free affordable Therapy. Interesting!
One of our prayers today was, “God help us to be faithful”. It’s not easy to stand, pray and witness but God will use our obedience for His good and His glory.
May all who walk by us at Planned Parenthood in Pittsburgh be blessed and may they come to know the love of our Heavenly Father. In Jesus name I pray. Amen. Blessings For Life, Donna

From Beth S. 1-3 pm

Three amigos, Shelia, my sister Rose and I kept the vigil going today amid warm breezes and, for the most part, friendly Steeler fans. PP had people going in and coming out but we didn’t discern many abortion-minded women or couples. Not much in the way of conversations or questioning, just lots of football fans crowding the sidewalk. May all our vigil shifts be as peaceful.

From Marie 3-5 pm:

This was a quiet shift so Pete and had a lot if time to pray. At the end someone from Catholic Charities joined us. 

Croatian film director and producer to screen “40 Days…” film in Pittsburgh four times.

The film “40 Days for Life…” which documents the significant growth and impact of the pro-life movement resulting from the participation and witness in the 40 Days for Life Campaigns will be shown 4 times in Pittsburgh. The producer and director, ANTE ČALJKUŠIĆ, also President of 40 Days for Life – Croatia along with KRUNOSLAV PUŠKAR Regional Coordinator of 40 Days for Life – Croatia will be present at all of the screening.
The film includes Pope Francis who appears in the film met with Ante and was given a copy.
The film powerfully shows the pain and sorrow of abortion and along with the joy and triumph of the Croatian 40 DFL community. 40 DFL is the same organization shown in recently released film “Unplanned”
The film team truly believes 40 DFL worldwide will bring about the end to abortion.

There will be four free screenings in Pittsburgh:  CLICK HERE for a downloadable flyer with all the details of the screenings!

First Screening

Saturday, July 27 after 5:00 PM Mass

St. Nicholas Croatian Church

24 Maryland Ave; Pittsburgh, PA 15209


Second Screening

Sunday, July 28 at 1:00 PM

Holy Trinity Ukrainian Catholic Church, Parish Hall (basement of church)

730 Washington Ave; Carnegie, PA 15106

Reservation required–please call or email
Sunday morning Divine Liturgy (all English) is at 11 AM followed by refreshments and a screening of “40 Days…” in the parish hall. All are welcome!

Third Screening

Tuesday, July 30 from 6:00-8:00 PM

Catholic Charities of Pittsburgh

212 Ninth St; Pittsburgh, PA 15222


 Seminar includes showing of the film.

Fourth Screening

Wednesday, July 31 at 7:00 PM

Lincoln Place Church of the Nazarene

5604 Interboro Ave; Pittsburgh, PA 15207

412-977-4091 (ask for Judy)

Join us for a potluck at 6 PM (please bring food to share) before the screening at 7 PM, followed by a question & answer session.

Day 34: Thanks to Holy Family, St. Peter’s, and Triumph of the Cross Parishes from Steubenville (all day!)

“While all sorts of setbacks are encountered as difficult by those who do not love: those who do love, on the contrary, find them trivial and easily manageable. There is no suffering, however cruel or violent it may be, which is not made bearable or even reduced to nothing by love.”

He who loves either does not feel the difficulty or he loves the very difficulty  itself… The works of those who love are never distressing.” St Augustine

“Cheerfulness, maintained even in the midst of difficulties, is the clearest sign that the love of God informs all our actions.”  Fr. F. Fernandez

You all inspire me with your sacrifices, dedication and LOVE. Thank you.

If you haven’t yet been able to make it to the vigil, make time this last week of the vigil even if only for a prayer or two. Forward this on to your friends and family and let them experience the joy of true love.

And if you can’t come while this 40 DFL Spring Campaign is underway, know that there are faithful Sidewalk Advocates and prayer warriors outside of pp every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings usually from 7 -11 am. Come join us and Love. Tim B.

Here are today’s stories from street:

Sue and Rose, 7-9 AM

Rose and I were so blessed to have some beautiful people and families from Steubenville join us this morning! Also blessed to have so many passersby thank us for being there! It was a really uplifting shift!


Laura and her 4 children praying on the sidewalk. Laura organized her church (Holy Family) to cover the entire day,  7am-7pm!

Beth and her husband and another lady from Holy Family…I apologize, I didn’t get her name!

Deacon Dwayne came with his parents, his wife and 2 of his 5 daughters!
We are ALL the Pro-Life Generation!

These girls got up at 5am to be on the sidewalk this morning! Their presence was a wonderful witness!

A cute little origami baby my Mom gave me….I placed a card in one of the folds and gave it away!

Donna and Diane, 9-11 AM

It was a glorious day to pray today.  The sun was shining this morning and we arrived to see Laura and her beautiful children praying on the sidewalk.  Thank you to my friend Marti from church who joined me today.  There were so many faithful prayer warriors from the Steubenville Catholic Churches. We were joined by Lynnette, Dan, Bob, Veronica, Ted, Sophia, Anna, Laura, Richard, Joey, Nancy, Nathaniel, Catherine, Emma, Sara, Anna Mae, Rusty, Ben, Judy, Brooke, Cindy, Kate, Barry and many middle school and home school students.Thank you all for being with us today and for your beautiful singing and witness on the sidewalk and streets of Pittsburgh.  


Ginny, Bev, and Mark, 11 AM-1 PM

One wonderful group after another came to pray at 40 Days today. They came from various churches in the Steubenville area and from Franciscan University. One lady  brought her five children to pray. Her very good and beautiful baby girl was four months old. Another young woman sang the Divine Mercy with the voice of an angel. We got very many positive comments and no negatives. It was very uplifting for my last vigil for this campaign.


Rose, 1-3 PM

Just a thank you to my sister Rose for taking my shift. She reported that all the people from Steubenville and Franciscan U. were wonderful, as was Bishop William Waltersheid who said a rosary with them.


Marie and Pete, 3-5 PM

Shift was peaceful and prayerful. Stubenville Holy Family parishioners Tracey, Kimberly, and William joined Gloria from St Mary’s Glenshaw and prayer buddy Pete during this shift. Frequent positive reactions from people passing by. 


George and Bill, 5-7 PM…check back soon!

SO grateful to the Catholic community from Steubenville who covered all 12 hours of today’s vigil with fervent prayer and joyful fellowship!!!

Day 27: Thanks to North Hills Reformed Presbyterian Church, St. Patrick, Canonsburg, St. Thomas Anglican Church, Eastbrook and Volant United Methodist Churches

Standing at the foot of the cross

Did you ever Wonder if you would have had the courage to stand at the foot of the cross? I’m guessing the answer is yes. If you have the courage to stand at the vigil downtown in that sometimes hostile environment you would have stood at the foot of the cross.

Hum… Did it ever seem to you that when we are are praying outside pp IT IS as if we are praying at the crucifixion? When I think about the actual crucification I can barely comprehend the love and mercy the HE showed for us. As St. Paul said “he did it for me”. That’s the love and mercy I hope I show and offer to all those we encounter on the street at the vigil and for the unborn, the defenseless.

So I keep telling myself, be like Saint John. Simply show up. Stay a while. Pray, offer love and understanding.

Want to be at the crucifixion? Come back to the vigil. Get your group or a few friends to come back to witness, pray outside pp and perhaps save a live and a few souls. Sign up or just show up. Show your LOVE.

Here’s are the stories and pics from today at the vigil starting with Sue 7-9 am. Stop back throughout the day as the blog will updated.

7-9 am: Rose and some members of NH Reformed Presbyterian Church

From Sue 7-9 am: It was a great shift! Shift buddy Rose and I were so happy to have the men from North Hills Reformed Presbyterian Church with us! They always pick a Monday morning shift and so we got to reconnect! We were reminiscing how in the fall Charles re-directed a woman to WCN for free pregnancy services and that she is most likely due to have her baby very soon!! A little later Sam’s wife came with their youngest child to witness and we also had Sean from St. Paul’s cathedral come to pray for about an hour before he went to work. There were many people passing by, a lot of regulars that we recognize and some workers entered PP. The sun started shining as we finished our shift and it seemed to get about 10 degrees warmer! Thanks, Sue

Sean and Rose, and Bill and Charles 7-9 am

From Beth 9-11 am: In the theater on Saturday night, 40 Days for Life seemed wonderful and effective, which it is. On this Monday morning, the rest of the reality showed up in the form of a wind chill factor that had us all moving to stay warm and one woman dropping obscenities like snowflakes. Well, Unplanned must be making some people very angry; it shows the truth and for some, that’s not good especially when we know the truth always wins in the end.
How about the little children who spot the fetal models. One little boy walked across Liberty smiling and shouting, “I love those babies.” A mom with her beautiful daughter stopped and showed her that she was once just that small. Now if three year olds can recognize a human baby, don’t you think adults should be able to do the same?
Congratulations to all the wonderful people standing in the cold from the North Hills Reformed Presbyterian Church. Bill W.
Kevin K., Sam, Meg and especially brave, Greta S. brought the sunshine with prayers and witnessing. Charles H, pastor stayed for almost four hours and even surprised us later with special guest stars, our best marketing tool: his three beautiful children, Miriam, Michal (sp?) and Esther.
As Ginny assumed the shift manager duties, Rosemary and Letitia from Canonsburg were already taking up the task of praying for all the Unplanned babies that come our way.

From Ginny 11-1 pm: We had only positive comments and good job’s
With the home opener of the Pirates, it was hard to find a place to park.
It was extremely cold. There was a little bit of sunshine towards the end of the shift that we were very grateful to God for.
Fr. Tom did not dress warm enough, but was very brave offering it up for the babies. There was a young man who had just moved to Pittsburgh who stopped by on his lunch hour to pray, with us.

Carol from St Mary’s and ladies from St. Patrick’s, Cannonsberg, with Fr. Tom

From Donna 1-3: It was a beautiful sunny afternoon in Pittsburgh. Thank you to my faithful shift buddy, Diane and my friends from St. Thomas; Kathy, Karen and Diana who joined in prayer today. We handed a few things out today. We heard a few God Bless you’s and keep up the good work ladies and one gentleman said “God Bless you and what you’re doing is working”. There was one particular gentlemen who was not very nice. He told us to find something better to do and to get a life.

A couple by the name of Sam and Sherrie stopped by and placed the beautiful roses that you see.

From Marie 3-5: Very positive day. Several positive comments from individuals. One woman and her daughter had seen “Unplanned” which moved them and they ask about joining with us during 40 days. Sara, Loren and their 2 daughters from Eastbrook and Volant United Methodist church spent time in prayer and witness

Did you hear about Closing Candlelight Prayer Vigil at Planned Parenthood?

Join your fellow pro-lifers on Sunday April 14, 6-7 pm at PP downtown to end our vigil and pray together for an end to abortion. Did you know PP is the nation’s largest abortion provider, performing 36% of all abortions in our nation—over 330,000 each year. In 2018 they performed 3,019 downtown Pgh at our vigil site.

This vigil will be one of more than 100 taking place across the country during the Nationwide Pro-Life Candlelight Vigil. It will also serve as the closing ceremony for our local 40 DFL campaign. Given the time we may not have candles but instead lighted balloons.

This vigil will be followed by our 40 DFL Closing Celebration at Catholic Charities at 9th and Liberty.  It’s pot luck so bring a treat to share. All are welcome.

Day 20: Thanks to St.Irenaeus, St.Januarius, St.John the Baptist, St.Joseph and Our Lady of Joy

Recently I passed this sign in the window in one of those contemporary home stores and it stopped me in my tracks. WOW. I thought that’s what we are trying to do downtown, yet said so simply. I’m not known for my brevity, hence why this sign really struck me. We are at the vigil site TO CHANGE LIVES and we do!

We don’t know the impact we are having but I am certain we are having a big one. Remember the equation for changing hearts and minds is: Us + GOD = Kaboom! Most often we only see the Us part.

Additionally while we are changing their lives, I believe by our participation, prayer, and fasting we are changing our own lives as well. I admit when I leave the vigil I have a sense of both peace and joy. I feel like I’ve done something meaningful. I hope you do too.

We are halfway thru so if you haven’t been to the vigil yet, call a friend, co-worker or family member and sign up or just show. Someone will be there. Stay as long as you want. If you’ve already been there come on back, the weather hopefully will be better than when you were there. If you can’t make it, pray for us.

Come change lives and experience peace and joy. It’s free to all. Tim B.

Here are reports and pics from today at the vigil. Stop back throughout the day as it will be updated as reports come in. Here is the 7-9 am report from Sue.

It was a typical Monday with people going to work and school. Rose and I both noticed that it is day 20…! That first half seemed to go by quickly! St. John the Baptist parish is scheduled for the full day at the vigil. Joe from the parish came before he had to go to work and John was still there at the end of my shift. The men prayed on one side and Rose and I on the other side. A handful of employees entered PP this morning. Rose gave out a lot of info and there were many glances at the baby models. Rose took the picture of John and I. Thank you! Sue

From Donna 9-11 am: Thank you to our friends from St John the Baptist; Jack, Erin, Walter and Frank. It was great to have them join us today. There were two things that happened today. First, a gentleman by the name of Alvin came to shake all of our hands and thank us for being there. He had his son at the Driver’s License Center taking his driver test and saw us standing there. We thank God for him and knowing God sent him to strengthen us and help us to persevere in prayer to end abortion where we live. The second thing was a man riding by us on the street on his bike yelled to us “you should find something better to do with your time”. Diane responded “God bless you”. We know God has called us to be there for such a time as this.
To God Be The Glory. Donna

Part of the team from St. John’s

From Ginny 11- 1 pm: We had a bit of excitement when the protesters for the Rose trial came down Liberty Ave . There were 6 policemen on horseback, loads of police, cars, and several hundred protesters. Many were friendly One gave us the finger, others said they were not protesting us today
Some young students asked about our display and were quite surprised by the number of abortions done at PP in a year.
Another student was 7 weeks pregnant I gave her the brochure for the developmental stages of a baby She was very grateful for it.
We also got many thank you’s from passerby’s for being there. Praise God

From Beth 1-3 pm: Rose and I have seldom seen such a steady downpour. Luckily it wasn’t too cold, just enough to add the misery of wet weather to the misery that goes on inside PP every day. Lots of staff coming and going but few clients. Lianne joined us with her beautiful praying and fellowship. Just the three of us keep the prayers going and in spite of the rain, we received some encouraging words from those passing by. Overall a quiet shift.

From Marie 3-5 pm: Pete, Gloria and Marie spent a quiet and prayerful 2 hours in front of the clinic, One woman stopped and thanked us for our witness.

From George 5-7 pm:

Today shows how important our 40 Days email system is: I had to leave my shift 1/2 hour early to serve as cantor for today’s holy day. Email alert went out that Bill would be by himself, and we ended up having a total of, get this, nine people.

We did some praying, a lot of singing, and got a handful of “I support what you are doing!”

Day 13: Thank you St. Thomas Anglican Church and Holy Apostles Parish

I was just thinking how special we all are. If you are getting this note, then you have been called and you are special.

Did you get the call in the middle of the night? Did you say “Here I am Lord”?

I know it’s not easy to be pro-life in these times of ours. And if it were easy we wouldn’t need you.

Not everybody gets the call. God calls us each to do different jobs in HIS vineyard, “And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers”. And some are called like John the Baptist to stand up and speak out against the greatest evil of our times – for us it’s abortion. We witness for Life and truth outside the abortion center. We offer LOVE.

So if God is calling you, take the call. Be not afraid, He is with you always. I look forward to seeing you in the vineyard, aka on the street. Bring your church group, your family or your friends. It doesn’t matter if you come alone or bring somebody. If you already been there come again. If you haven’t come yet, just come. Remember someone is always there from 7 am – 7 pm. Sign up or just show up. Stay as long as you want.

Remember, take the call when HE calls. Peace and joy to all. Tim B.

See the stories and pics below from today on the street. Stop back to see updates throughout the day. Let’s start with Sue’s report below from 7-9 am:

My shift buddy Rose and I had a beautiful shift. We got to talk with Tom for a little while when he dropped off the materials and than Rose and I continued sharing stories about St. Rita, Saint of the Impossible. We both have a devotion to her. Rose has visited her Actual Shrine in Cascia, Italy and I have been to her National Shrine in Philadelphia! St. Rita, Saint of the Impossible, pray for us! We did get down to saying the Rosary, Divine Mercy and Holy Face Chaplet, all while Rose handed out so many “Watch me Grow” pamphlets! It was a quiet shift but busy with people on their way to work and school. A few workers and one client did go into PP while we were there. Donna and Diane came a little early to take over. Thanks, Sue

From Donna 9-11 am: It was a quiet peaceful day today. Thank you to Carol and Bill for joining us today. Carol is our church administrator at St. Thomas Anglican Church. We updated the information on our sign with the current statistics from 2018. We had many positive comments and a few blank stares. One lady said “God Bless you and keep up the good work”. Another gentlemen thanked us twice and said “God bless you”. Someone else gave us a thumbs up and another gentlemen told us he was raised Roman Catholic and is a staunch believer and his parents had 10 children. Praise God for providing prayer warriors today!
Blessings For Life, Donna

From Ginny 11-1: We had a very peaceful vigil today.
There were a lot of people who gave us positive reinforcement some told how they were so happy they didn’t have an abortion and how happy they were for the children that they had and others came by and said good work it was very uplifting. Others thanked us for the job we were doing. Rose and Beverly were with me to pray to witness to the unborn today. I’m thankful to God for having them there

FROM Beth 1-3 pm: Quiet afternoon for Rose and me. Helen joined us for prayers and fellowship.
PP seemed slow today. Hope it’s very slow tomorrow. So slow they just call it quits.

FROM Marie 3-5 pm: The 3-5 shift was covered with Pete and Gloria from St. Mary of the Assumption. The last hour was spent in discussion with a young man who wanted to talk about abortion. He was joined by a friend. During that time two others strangers joined in to support the value of life.

FROM George 5-7 pm: Bill and I had a somewhat uneventful shift yesterday Monday from 5 PM to 7 PM at Planned Parenthood Abortuary. Jim (Flaherty) was with us there also. One middle-aged, very agitated male pedestrian tried to somehow equate my support of an American citizen’s Second Amendment right to defend himself/herself as being hypocritical to our wanting to save babies!? (I equated aspirin to both saving and killing, as well as a scalpel/knife…). Of course, he would not accept that analogy.

A young man with a New York state license plate delivered what appeared to be medical supplies to the abortuary. The yellow plastic boxes showed that they are produced by “McKesson pharmaceuticals”. Do any of us hold stock in McKesson pharmaceuticals? Is there anyway that we could push back on McKesson? If McKesson would not deliver the solutions and medical supplies to perform abortions, I would assume that that could cause PPA to “hurt“, right?

And Tom came a little before 7 PM to pick up all of our materials and signs. What a good soldier for Life he is! … to schedule each day around being there at our start, and at our finish!


PS: why do we continue to call that evil place “Planned Parenthood”? Those two words are so “clean-sounding”. Why not call it what it is: the “Planned Parenthood Abortuary”?

Day 6: Finley United Methodist, St. Mary of the Assumption, St. Ursula and CMF Mother of Sorrows

It’s now time to sow seeds of truth and love.

Farmers know when it is time to sow the seeds and so do we.

As our campaign gets underway our job is simple: sow the seeds of truth and love. Sometimes we don’t have to do a lot to have a big impact. The reason is we are not alone. We have God on our side. We just need to show up and sow the seeds. God will do the rest. He will make them grown despite the harsh conditions.

We must do our small part so God can do His . As He does with the plants in the field, He will make our seeds grow abundantly. Chances are we won’t see how the seeds grow, we won’t see the babies saved. We won’t know of the cars that passed by and kept going, nor those women who just kept on walking nor those who come out before their abortion. Sometimes we do find out that we saved a life. Maybe it’s when they leave and tell us or when someone stops and thanks us for saving their child years ago.

What seeds do we sow and how do we do it? It starts with our peaceful and prayerful presence. It’s our smiles and kind words. Our witness to those passing by on the sidewalk or driving down the streets states “every life is sacred, we care and we can help” and contrary to what many in the world say, we are saying by our presence “abortion is evil and wrong”. And of course there are the seeds of our prayers which I know are heard.

Well it’s time for us to do our small part and sow some seeds. We sow them and He’ll make them grown. Like the farmer we just need to trust.

Get your group or a few friends to come to witness and pray outside pp. So sign up or just show up. You and God will make a big difference. Tim B.

Here are the recaps from today at the vigil. Stop back as this will be updated throughout the day.

From Sue 7-9am:

I read Sunday’s blog before heading to the sidewalk this morning and I have to say, I felt the same way as Pat. But it was good to connect again with my shift buddy Rose. We said the Joyful mysteries and than Rose just started looking around and thanking God for every little thing that came into her line of sight. ie… public transportation (the noisy buses!!). Being grateful definitely pulls you out of the slump! Fran, whose birthday is today, showed up to stand with us in honor of her mother who at a young age,  chose life for Fran! Now I was definitely out of my slump!! Than I passed the badge to Donna and her sister who came early to stand for the next shift!

From Donna 9-11 am

It was a beautiful sunny cool Monday for our shift. My shift buddy and sister, Diane and I were joined by Fran and Findlay United Methodist Church members; Renate, Marsha, Paula & Pam and Evangeline Grace (3 mos) who made her first appearance at 40 Days For Life with her mother, Rachel and Grandmother, Suzanne. Mark also stopped by to pray the rosary and to welcome Evangeline Grace. It was pretty uneventful. We had a few nasty looks but several “thank you’s”. My sister was a little apprehensive since this was her first time but was thrilled to meet so many wonderful people and is excited to come back next week. God loves to take us out of our comfort zone. Thank you to all who came out to pray today and stand for life. While praying today all I could think of is “He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world”. I relate things to music and that is a MercyMe song “Greater”. After that I thought of Chris Tomlin’s song “Resurrection Power”. Hearing those words from those songs turned into prayers today. May the Holy Spirit empower us, fill us and equip us to combat the enemy of our day and end this modern day holocaust of abortion. To God Be The Glory


From 1-3 pm From Beth:

We weren’t doing anything unlawful so we wondered why the fire department official was headed our way.  He said, “Thanks, keep up the good work.” What a nice surprise on a cold day.  Charlie stopped on his lunch break, as did Pat.  Chris and Dan came and prayed with us as PP had a slow day from the amount of clients that entered.  Let’s hope tomorrow morning is twice as slow.  Rose and I turned everything over to Marie and Peter.  Only one negative from a man who said that if it wasn’t for PP there would be more abortions and all we had to do is check the “stats.”  Too bad he didn’t stop, just to get the true stats that even one abortion is one too many.

From Marie 3-5pm: PP was quiet. Had some positive comments and jestures  from passers by. Marie

Joyful Morning of Caroling

Thanks to all the faithful who joined in prayerful song as we sang lots of Christmas carols..  We were reminded that when you sing, you pray twice.  Despite the sadness of being outside pp it was joyful and I feel guilty saying fun (see the headwear on Sr Jolenta below).

Father M. started us off with Silent Night which we sang in German, Polish and English.  Jeannie and Sr. Jolenta lead the way and tried to keep us in tune.

Thanks also to Randy who provided the beautiful music and to God for the light snow.  It truly was a moving event.

Merry Christmas. Tim B.