Day 35: St. Paul Seminary and Individual Volunteers

At the beginning of this 40 Day campaign, I kept getting the campaign theme wrong…I was mixing up my “T’s” and spreading the word that the campaign theme was TRUTH not trust.

But Truth and Trust are intimately related and I think will be the basis for why Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry will eventually, ultimately fail.  Abortion is based on half-truths and lies.

Planned Parenthood has worked hard to become known as a health-care provider, rather than an abortion provider…but the TRUTH is, according to their own website:

Mammograms are not performed at any PP clinic

Prenatal services only made up 0.18% of their services and

PP provided primary care to <1% of their clients

“Don’t tell half-truths and expect people to TRUST you when the FULL TRUTH comes out.

Half-truths are No better than lies

They have worked the numbers hard, but their own reporting shows that abortion is a large part of their business. The most recent annual report states that they completed 327,692 ABORTIONS. Prenatal service was given to 18,684 clients along with 1,880 adoption referrals. 

Which means 15 out of 16 pregnancy-related services provided by PP were abortions.

The PP on Liberty Ave reported that they performed 2890 abortions in 2016

That is why we stand on the street right at their doors, to try and spread the TRUTH of what they truly provide, to anyone who is open to hearing the TRUTH. And if you are pregnant and in need of HELP, to try and get YOU to the many places in Pittsburgh that you can TRUST to help!

fall blog 3 side 1 card IMG_5391

7-9: Charlene

It was cold on the street today but I think we have had worse days. My last shift until Spring and I had the pleasure of Dick, Sally, Al, and Bill joining me. No pictures since my phone thought it was too cold. PP might have had a Halloween party because food came but no devil costumes needed. Patients didn’t start coming until 8:30…back to normal time. Let us pray that by Spring Campaign PP will be closed and we can concentrate on East Liberty and Magee. Charlene

9-11: Beth

Another busy day at Planned Parenthood.  Lots of staff and clients entered as Edith, Suzanne and I prayed quietly that all this will be over and no child will die and no woman cry when speaking about abortion.  Thanks, Jeanne, for the cute new signs with prayers included.  As John and Kathy from St. Anne’s arrived and the shift manager badge was passed to Ceil, the blonde that came last week reappeared holding her pro-Planned Parenthood sign (would she ever have the guts to carry a pro-abortion sign?).  When someone reminded her that babies were being killed inside that building, she immediately changed the subject to birth control.   The fact is: abortion is wrong; change the subject to a million different  causes and none of those causes will  mean a thing if you’re dead from an abortion.

Thanks to all the great witnesses that came for the Tuesday 9-11 a.m. shift throughout this campaign.  It was an honor to pray with you.

11-1: Cecilia

The cold and wind made it a little “tricky” today for us but the Seminarian came to stand witness for Life during my shift and that was really a “treat”!!  Fr Tom, Brian, Gabriel, Dan & Sean covered the other side of the sidewalk with prayer, song, lifesavers and flyers.  Merv kept me company and entertained when he started counting smiles that we received after offering “mints” to those passing by.  He got up to about 25 before leaving.

day 35, st. paul seminary

day 35, st. paul fr. tom





And Denny not only came back this week but he drove his wife and my dear friend, Patti and I down again.  So I thank them for their company, their friendship and for their sacrifice to come all the way to Pittsburgh again to join with the Seminarian in prayer and song!  What a blessed day!

day 35, st. paul 1

I was able to hand out flyers, pins and baby models to several girls who really needed to share them with someone they knew who was pregnant.  The one girl had a friend already there for an abortion.  She tried to talk her out of it and I begged her to go back in to let her know that help was available.  Another girl said that we could pray for her friend “N” who is also contemplating abortion.  And we had a couple pass by.  The young man took a lifesaver.  Since the girl did not get one, I caught up with them to give her one.  She took that but did not want the flyer that we had.  They went into the bookstore briefly but did come out and went into PP.  The young man did take a flyer from me before heading in.  Too bad PP won’t let them keep it.  They won’t let them become more informed so that they could make a better choice.  I was praying that they would follow their heart as they did seemed to be struggling with their decision but they refused our offer for help.

Nancy said she couldn’t take pictures so here are pictures of some of the Seminarians that came for the start of Nancy’s shift:

day 35, john paul

Seminarian John Paul
Seminarians Adam and John
Seminarians Adam and John


1-3: Nancy

On a relatively cold day, we had seminarians from St. Paul’s with us – John, John Paul, Sean, Adam – Patty from Sts. John and Paul parish, and then later Michael and Kimberly, all the way from St. Ann’s in Waynesburg to warm our hearts with their prayers and presence. Two visits from Karen reminded us of the challenge we face to persist in prayer and love those who oppose us.

3-5: Pat


Things were peaceful today – and unexpectedly so since it’s Halloween.  I enjoyed praying with and getting to know a little better, Clair, who I’ve met before.  And I also had the chance to pray with (on the other side of the sidewalk) and get to know Kimberly and Mike, who were just married in July!  It turns out that Mike and I have a few people we know in common.   Pat, 5-7

5-7: Lisa

Psalm 68  Our God is the God of salvation.

I love this psalm as it reminds us all of what can be for each of us – all we have to do is ask!  Salvation for all!

This evening was surprisingly, fairly quiet.  It enabled us to pray a lot.  The beautiful new posters of the baby faces with the petitions for life to our Lord were joyfully prayed.

Mike and Kim, members of St. Ann parish in Waynesburg, had been at the vigil since 2 pm and continued to lead us in prayer for another hour.  Kim, as usual was on her knees making a beautiful impact in her petitions to the Lord.

Kim, Mike, Jim and Johanna filled the sidewalk with prayer tonight!
Kim, Mike, Jim and Johanna filled the sidewalk with prayer tonight!

Andy and Nick, members of St. Winifred parish, along with shift manager Jeff answered the call to stand with my dear faithful partner on every Tuesday shift, Johanna as word went out that she and I would have been by ourselves this evening.

Andy and Nick answered the call!
Andy and Nick answered the call!






A great big thank you to Mike, Kim, Jim, Andy, Nick,Jeff, and especially Johanna.

Shift managers Lisa and Johanna
Shift managers Lisa and Johanna
Faithful Diane loading up the vigil materials, as she does for 40 days straight! How many lives are silently saved because of her sacrifice? Only God knows!
Faithful Diane loading up the vigil materials, as she does for 40 days straight! How many lives are silently saved because of her sacrifice? Only God knows!


Day 28: St. Peter (Steubenville), St. Joseph (Cabot), St. Ann (Waynesburg), Catholic Daughters of America

The Dad of a very good friend recently died. I have known my friend, his siblings and his parents for 30 years.  I knew his Dad, but not really all that well, like who he really was…he always seemed a bit gruff to me! I couldn’t quite reconcile in my mind the tender stories his family told about him.

But then there was the eulogy at his funeral…“To know his kids, their kindness, smarts and humor,  is to know BUD, they are the best reflection of him. He has left a lasting legacy in his children, who will carry on his characteristics”

It suddenly clicked, aahhh, now I understand who Bud was, cause I know and love his children…They are the best reflection of him!

people-2585733__340And then the whole thing kinda struck me in a much bigger way…applying the same principle to God the Father. Do I really know God the Father, like who He really is? Of course I do, cause I know His children, beginning with Jesus his Son and including ALL of us who are made in the image and likeness of God. He has made us His lasting legacy and we should be carrying on His characteristics. When we choose to embrace the characteristics God has placed in us, we can be a reflection of the Father!

I think we are showing that to the people we meet on the street! I know I feel it every time I go to the sidewalk, I am surrounded by the most beautiful people because you are reflecting who God is!


Charlene 7am-9am

Today was a day when gloves and hats were needed and the chill went deeper due to the large number of people going into PP. Customers…not visitors. We had Jackie, SWA with us who spoke with several and had a long talk with one couple…but they went in…chill. We were lucky to have our two Warriors from Steubenville…St. Peter Catholic Church, Stacey and Beth and Sally, Al, and Bill.


It is easy to feel down sometime but we have to remember that we did not join some club in 40 Days. God called us each by name to do what we are doing…he did not say it would be easy or a quick fix.He sent us by name and said He would be with us. And that’s all we need. Charlene

Beth 9am-11am

Today it was cold outside and definitely cold inside 933 Liberty Avenue.  This morning was the busiest day, and therefore the saddest day seen in quite some time.  From Steubenville Tracy and Beth, Suzanne from Bellefield Presbyterian, and Elsie from Sidewalk Advocates witnessed a steady flow of single women and couples coming and some leaving with those little brown bags (abortion pills? antibiotics?).  When we arrived, Jackie had spoken to a couple seeking Planned Parenthood services.  But they came out later and told Jackie that the preborn baby was too big.  So we can only pray that they receive the help they need. They did not want to go to Catholic Charities.

Time went quickly and then Bill helped me disentangle the shift manager badge from my coat and hoodie and let me run to catch my bus.  Thanks, Bill.

p.s.  I left a Pirate umbrella among our stuff.  Hopefully someone will walk away with it; it was pretty much kaput anyway.

Cecilia 11am-1pm

Thanks to “Saint” Bill for being at the right place at the right time!  Beth was able to catch her bus and I was able to hit the bathroom before beginning my shift. day 28 1

Today was our church’s vigil day during my shift and into Audrey’s.  It was so nice for Father Mark to bring me down.  I was able to direct a few passersby to him during our shift.  He kept busy in conversation and also handed out brochures after a Edith left.  We had 3 newbies come down from our church!  Richard spent his time with Fr and Edith.  He rescued a sign that had blown into the street and decided to wear it.  Did anyone mention how windy it was today?

Elsie stayed much later into the shift.  And, when leaving, took a girl “N” with her to get her food for her and her two older girls.  Please pray for “N” to find food until her food stamps come in.

They were very busy at PP.  Abortions and contraception were being handed out like candy.  We could see the sadness of it all.  One girl came out seemingly with her boyfriend and parents.  She seemed traumatized.  Was this really her choice?  And what about the men’s choice?  One young man pulled up.  After a brief moment, the girl got out and went quickly in.  He took longer.  After getting out, he stared up and down at the abortion mill then slowly made his way in.  We encouraged him to get her out and offered our help.  He did come out a while later and drove away by himself. day 28 2

Newbie, Steve, joined me in conversation during his lunch break.  We worked as a team when we were able to interact with others.  He handed out the yellow business cards.  Several people took extra resources to post and hand out.  He then prayed the rosary with Rick T. when he showed up.  “Regular” Bob also stopped by to get some prayer time in.  And my church friend, Darlene, signed up to offer rosary prayers from home during our vigil shift too.  It is always so nice to have the praying going while we are trying to interact with those passing by.

At the end of my shift, my friends Joyce, Patti and her husband, Denny (a newbie), showed up for the 1-2 hour.  With Audrey now there I was able to take a break to warm up.  We were glad that Denny could provide the transportation to Pittsburgh and offer his warm smile to counteract the cold that surrounded that place 28, 3

Audrey and Jim 1pm-3pm

Today was a day of many contrasts – the sun was shining one minute and the next minute it was cloudy.  Many passersby shared their support and many did not.  But the overall shift was inspirational – we had a great turnout and we prayed fervently.  It has been awhile since I was at a shift that had abortions performed that day.  I would say over eight couples or single women went into PP.  It was very sad.   They all came out sad……  Our pro-life rosary was tearful but hopeful and uplifting.

IMG_9525 (640x480) IMG_9543 (640x480)

The earlier shift was from St. Joe’s in Cabot.  They were an enthusiastic and vibrant group sharing our information with everyone.  St. Ann’s from Waynesburg came a long distance, but their hearts were strong and supportive.  They brought a calming peace and a prayerful comfort to our vigil.

IMG_9550 (640x480)If you want to know why we are there – we are praying for the parents and the babies that they may have peace and God’s love.  We pray for their spirits.  Whenever I am at the vigil, I feel the spirit of God and the spirit of the many tiny souls that are floating up to heaven.

Mike 3-5pm

We were blest to have seven beautiful people from a Catholic Church in Waynesburg from 2 to 6 pm.

They prayed the rosary for hours and were an inspiration to me and others. Karen, the passionate advocate for Planned Parenthood, was with us to keep us on our toes and strengthen our fervor for life.  A gentleman named Perry stopped to tell us he was behind us 100% and he talked for about 10 minutes about his life, the miracle of birth and the gift of life. His words of encouragement were inspirational and heart warming.

A young man named “I” approached us after being at Planned Parenthood for 2 hours with his girlfriend. She is about 11 weeks pregnant and they drove down from Erie to have an abortion. He did not like what PP had to say and he decided abortion was wrong. He took a brochure of ours into PP and they took it from him and would not give it back. He asked us for another brochure and we gave it to him. We told “I” to google Pregnancy Resource Centers in Erie, PA and to contact them for assistance and support with the pregnancy. He was very grateful we were there and he is a very nice young man with good intentions to do the right thing. 

What an awesome experience! Thank you Lord for being there with us today and for strengthening and bringing Isaac and his girlfriend to us.

Lisa 5pm-7pm

Here I am Lord, I come to do your will.

20171024_172036 (640x360)
St. Ann prayers

Seven faithful prayers traveled to Pittsburgh from St. Ann Catholic Church in Waynesburg.  Attilia, Patricia, Carol, Kim, Mike, Barb and Kathy were there from 2 pm to after 6 pm praying and witnessing.  They had come to do the Lord’s will.  There was two handsome young men who stopped and joined in prayer.  They promised to return on another day but were leaving for their Bible class.

20171024_182640 (640x360)
Susan and Larry
 Donna and Rick traveled in with me for the evening and we welcomed Susan and Larry from St. Joseph Parish in Coraopolis all of whom answered the call to come and do His will.

Day 21: St. Robert Bellarmine (E McKeesport), Clarks Mills United Methodist Church, St. Catherine of Sweden (Allison Park), Catholic Daughters of America


Let us be little people, dreaming small and trusting in God to make it BIG!


  Sometimes we worry about accomplishing something BIG and we are busy “dreaming big” but then we miss out on all the very important “small stuff” that God places in front of us.

Carolyn relayed a story to me… about simply telling a lady going into church that she liked her scarf…the woman was overwhelmed by the small loving comment and told Carolyn that she just lost her husband. It was her first time in church without him! The seemingly small comment made a BIG difference in the woman’s day!

Barbara says in a blog post…I offered her our quite small, two sided, 2 x 3 ½ inch black and yellow card. I believe Barbara’s small gesture of handing out our small yellow cards can lead someone to seek Pro-Life help and have a BIG impact in someone’s life!

And I ad-libbed an observation Nikki made yesterday…Many people look at the fetal models. I really think the small babies make a BIG impact and plant many seeds, especially in young people. I think we are sowing small seeds that will reap a BIG harvest someday, bigger than we can know!

I pray that as we continue our 40 Days journey, that we can see and take advantage of all the “small stuff” that God has planned for us and rejoice in those accomplishments… Hearts are being changed and lives are being saved even when we don’t know it.  We have many interactions every day with our family, friends, neighbors, coworkers… so I pray we all take time to “dream small” and make a difference in their lives as well…

God can use small people with faith like a mustard seed to move mountains. We are willing to put aside our fears and feelings of inadequacy in order to step up to the platform (sidewalk) God has placed in front of us and let Him speak through us.

We are Little People, Dreaming Small and TRUSTING in God to make it BIG!

Beth  9am-11am

Busy day at Planned Parenthood, lots of single women and couples.  But 40 Days was right there, praying and witnessing and perhaps, giving Planned Parenthood a little well-deserved grief.  (memo to Planned Parenthood employees who read our blog:  our grief to you comes in the form of a reminder to your conscience;  you know abortion is wrong, and you know it’s time to stop, we’re praying that you have the guts to do so.)

Suzanne, our wonderful Tuesday regular was with the crowd from St. Robert:  Father Brennan, Carolyn, Mary S., Mary R., and Helen. Suzanne asked me if I noticed that the same woman had escorted three different young girls into PP and then after the last one, she walked back to the 9th street garage.  So can we now assume that Planned Parenthood has an escort, middle aged, black woman, medium, height with hair slicked back on each side, working on Tuesdays if our guess is right?  So much for offering woman the opportunity to hear of another “choice” the one for life.

Cecilia 11am-1pm

Wow….what a shift!  It took “a village” to get through our shift today.  God put us all where we needed to be.  Bernie came by with her beautiful painting of the pre-born Jesus which helped to sustain us.  Here they are:1

Pastor Adam Stump from Clarks Mills UMC led us off in a beautiful prayer.  While we were in the middle of praying, “K” came by with her PP sign and waited to argue and distract us.  Thankfully Pastor Adam was able to address her in such a calm and peaceful manner.  Some of us chimed in here and there but we did still manage to keep the prayers going and reach out to those passing by.  She first wanted to know how we could work together to decrease the number of abortions.  But she didn’t like most of our answers (abstinence, NFP…).  We explained some of the problems with contraception and the false sense of “protection” they give.  We did agree that offering support services to mothers and their babies afterwards is a good thing.  (That’s where our $ should be going, to support life, not to end life!)  We got on to many other subjects.  She commented that the size of the baby models were wrong.  I asked if it really mattered to her whether they were a week off.  Would she still think it was OK to abort at any stage, and she said ‘yes’.  There were many other subjects discussed that I did not catch.  But I thank God for Pastor Adam for his words of wisdom to her and to us!  Please pray for “K” that she finds the peace and truth that she seeks and comes to embrace life. 2

My dear friend Barb, who drove us down, felt called to stand vigil across the street.  She went over there with Joyce.  As the Lord would have it, a girl standing for the bus walked up to them to get more info about why they were there.  Joyce called me over to interact with them and we come to find out that she is a refugee from Ethiopia.  She has been here a year.  She cannot return to work until she heals from a surgery so she is living with a “nice guy”.  But she is now about 1 month pregnant.  Her boyfriend says he cannot afford a child since he sends money to support his family in Africa? so he suggested abortion.  She was shocked to learn that it is legal in the US.  She is scared but does not want an abortion and will consider adoption.  We first took her to Catholic Charities to learn about resources that they had to help her.  But ended up at Duquesne University to meet up with Joyce’s Uncle Father Vince who use to be a missionary in Ethiopia.  He spoke 2 of the dialects very well and provided food for us while we made calls and shared more info with her.  Please keep her in prayer.  Pray that her boyfriend is supportive.  If not, pray that she finds housing and is safe.  Pray that she is strong and stays with her decision to keep the child.  Pray that she can make the best choice for the future of her baby.  We will stay in touch with her.  Thank you Fr Vince for driving her back home and a BIG thanks to my friends Joyce, Provie, Patti and Barb who were flexible with their day and willing to travel all over town to help this special girl in need.


I also want to acknowledge Beth and Bob who came down to stand vigil during my shift!  It is nice to have the faithful come back time and time again!

Nancy 1pm-3pm

This time was significant since we had 5 new pray-ers from St. Catherine of Sienna. They got busy praying, and were taking in the new experience that was relatively quiet and peaceful. Many people thanked them for being there. Then we had a couple of women who decided to tell us off and scream their disagreements with us. For me it was just confirmation that our prayers and presence are working. PP is not happy about us being there. But we can be confident our prayers and presence matter. Nancy

Image.png (480x640)Great group from St. Catherine of Sweden Church making a BIG impact!

Michael 3pm-5pm

Today the weather was beautiful as it has been for this entire campaign thus far. I was pleasantly surprised to find Nikki here at PP to be with me during my shift.  We were blest to have others stopping by to be with us throughout the shift. God bless you special persons.

Image.pngA passionate and vibrant friend of PP named Karen was present during the 1-3 shift and for most of my 3 – 5 shift. She has been with us at other times as well. Karen was respectful of our campaign and eager to present a defense for the importance of PP. We agreed to disagree and Nikki did a great job of dialoguing with Karen in a respectful, assertive and professional manner.  Karen held a small sign over her head which said “Honk 4 Planned Parenthood.”  Karen was relentless and indicated we had the power to close this PP facility. I suppose she was right, however if a closing is to occur, it would be the result of our 40 DFL campaigns and the Lord’s divine intervention. We are merely vessels for Him and any power we may be perceived to have comes from the Lord. When Karen left, she wished us well and we did the same. It appears the other side may be feeling intimidated by our presence and may be doing their homework and know that over 90 abortion clinics have closed since 40 DFL began its first campaign in Texas a dozen years ago.

Lisa 5pm-7pm

A peaceful shift. Thank you to Jeff and Jim who stayed over from the previous shift to be with us for a while. Thank you to my Catholic Daughters who came to the call to stand with me for the 5 to 7 shift. Pictured, Johanna, Lisa and Donna.

20171017_184723 (640x360)

Day 14: First Evangelical Free Church(McKeesport), Geiger Church of the Brethren (Johnstown), St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church (Carnegie)

Surrender = TRUST

I recently started a new job…..and it has been a lot more challenging than I expected. I know from the circumstances of how I came to be hired, that it is one of those things that was meant to be!! But it has been really hard (can you hear the whine in my voice?). I start a lot earlier in the day than I am used to so my normal routine has been all out of whack, I am completely out of my comfort zone in so many ways…and I don’t like it!

But TODAY was different! As I was getting ready, it popped into my head to say a little prayer, nothing fancy. Just something like God, I know this job is part of your plan for my life, clear my head and help me learn. I figured I would just surrender all my frustrations and struggle with training and TRUST God that it will work out! And yes, I had my best day so far!!…OK, I still needed the cup of Sumatra Blend at 1pm, but really, I can say it was a good day!


I know this is a small area of my life, but wouldn’t it be great if we could tell the women seeking abortions a similar thing…Surrender to GOD and Trust these circumstances in your life to Him. The fact is…God’s will for us is always for our happiness. When we Surrender and Trust him, it is to our own happiness that we are abandoning ourselves!!

Charlene (7-9)

It was a beautiful 7-9 shift…the warmest shift Dick and I have ever had! And it was warmed also by our warriors on the sidewalk with us. Today was the day for First Evangelical Free Church of McKeesport. I have been so privileged to be shift manager the last 3 years when they came. Pastor Kirk brought 12 pray-ers during my shift!!


Jason,Roy,Alex, Dan,5 members of the Thompson family…including children who did such a good job handing out literature (who can resist those smiling faces), our Dean who is having surgery on Monday (prayers!) and Kathryn. Also Dick, Bill and I and Suzanne who is part of our regular Tuesday team now. Sally and Al usually join us but Sally told me since FEFC was coming, she and Al would be on the sidewalk with someone who had “less numbers”…everyone was concerned she wasn’t there but she is fine and being as gracious as ever.

“Walk with each other. Do not be afraid to embrace God’s gift of life. Whatever storms or trials we face, we are not alone. He is with us” St. Mary (Aleppo) Bulletin.  Charlene

 Beth (9-11)

Don’t know why, but cupcakes were delivered to Planned Parenthood today along with numerous staff members. How anyone could celebrate anything in an abortion facility defies any sense.  We keep praying that sense returns to Planned Parenthood, abortions stop and women are given real healthcare when needed.

Today the wonderful people from the First Evangelical Free Church of McKeesport , Patty and Dick, joined Elsie and I for our shift as clients entered.  Otherwise, it was a quiet day and the weather was wonderful for a Tuesday in October.
Cecilia (11-1)
I was so thankful that my friend from church, Pam, could join me at the vigil today and drive us down!  I’m having issues with my transmission so we were able to get back and forth with no issues today.  And she kept me company so I wouldn’t be alone for my first hour.  Pam was so good at reaching out to passersby encouraging them to join with us!

PamSA Elsie stayed for some time into my shift and had an encounter with a young man who now has custody of his two girls and lives with his Mom.  The second girl is not his but he told his wife not to abort the child or he would leave her.  So she did give life to the girl.  He adores both girls.  But his wife ended up leaving him (she has issues).  They all need prayers.

It was a “circus” in the city today!  Many stopped to take pictures.  See the pictures of the large bus that pulled up when we were there.  The man said they will be showing off the talents of their cats at the theatre next door to PP as a way to promote foster and adopting.  How ironic!  I told him we were there too to promote foster and adopting instead of killing!





Thank you so much to “non-organized” Peter who is not affiliated with any particular church.  He took the time to come down to the vigil to stand for life and shared his thoughts with us.  It was nice to meet him and to get input from him regarding how we deal with those who pass by.

40Thanks to John and Linda who came from Geiger Church of the Brethren to stand vigil at the end of my shift and into the next.  What a lovely couple!  They kept vigil on “the other side” and engaged in conversation with those who passed by.  They came all the way from Somerset!  God bless them!  Here they are with Peter:

We had one promising encounter with a mother who stopped to look at the models and asked us about fetal development.  We gave her the feet pin, flyer and resource sheet that we had.  She said that she thought her daughter just might change her mind if she can share those with her.  So she quickly went in to PP to try and convince her.  Sadly, we didn’t see them before I left.  But let’s pray that “F” changed her mind!


“Regulars” Bill and Bob stop by during my shift.  And Shift Manger Lisa came down to train SM Billy around the time that SM Nancy showed up!  Here they are:

Nancy wrote from the 1-1 shift:

The Acro Cat bus being there was definitely a negative. The one sustaining thing throughout all this is how super wonderful the 40 days vigil  SMs and prayer warriors are.  Pat and Mary Elizabeth came to pray and did not let the bus fumes deter them.  SM Michael arrived early.   He is a super PR person.  The couple from Somerset are gems, and were able to see humor in all that was going on.  He was able to explain how buses are not allowed to idle with their motors running for more than a few minutes, but they can run their power generators as long as they want to.   We are definitely making progress in the battle.  Nancy

Lisa wrote from her 5-7 shift:

Today’s Responsorial Psalm:  If you, O Lord, mark iniquities, who can stand?  These words started my day and I reflected upon them throughout this day.  They were helpful this evening.  We had a woman stop by twice confronting us with what we know is the truth.  “Karen” tried to refute the facts we know to be true.  I sensed deep sadness and denial from her.  Not one of us are not marked with iniquities, with the love of God may we continue to stand for the most 13, 6th shift, debate


I have been shift manager for the 5 to 7 Tuesday time slot for a few years.  It is a privilege to do it.  I cannot say it is a joy, as we reflect on what and why.  I can say it is a joy to stand beside the prayer warriors God sends to me.  This second Tuesday of the campaigns always finds St. Elizabeth Ann Seton church in Carnegie, always well represented, in prayer with me. Walt, Tess, Vince, David and the beautiful “R” family.  It’s great seeing those children growing up in such a loving family.  Their young daughter lead us in the Divine Mercy at the end of the evening. Thank you so much.  I always know I can count on you to stand in prayer with me.  day 13, 6th shift rocco family

day 13, 6th shift vince

Thanks you also, Johanna.  My dear friend.  I thank God for you and your commitment to this cause.

day 13, 6th shift, johanna

Here is a cool picture taken by Lisa tonight:day 13, 6th shift cool pic

Day 7: St. Peter Catholic Church (Steubenville); Holy Angels Parish (Hays) and Individual Volunteers


FIREI came across an acronym today for an easy way to remember how we are best positioned to receive the free offer of God’s supernatural grace. H.O.T


“It’s hard to be humble,” says an old country song, “when you’re perfect in every way.”It can be pretty hard to be humble, especially since we live in a society that encourages competition and individuality.

Let’s pray for HUMILITY so that we can be ready to Receive and Share God’s LOVE at Planned Parenthood!


Jesus said, “Put out into the deep water and lower your nets for a catch.” Peter replied – “Master, we worked hard all night and caught nothing! But at your word I will lower the nets.” 

They got such a big catch of fish that their nets were torn and their boats almost sank!

Let’s remember the power of OBEDIENCE, you have answered the call and been obedient by committing to the Vigil


“He who trusts himself is lost. He who trusts in GOD can do all things” The confident, trusting soul is like a lightning rod for God’s mercy and grace.

Let’s TRUST that God will use us as lightning rods for his Mercy  and Grace at Planned Parenthood

Our pray-ers today were definitely H.O.T and I believe God will use their efforts and all of our efforts to combat evil and rescue souls!

Charlene reports from the morning shift:

My first shift of the Vigil and I am reminded of a prayer in Sunday’s National 40 DFL blog…”Gracious and Merciful Father, we renew our dedication to defending the unborn and All whose right to life is compromised by our godless society’s selfish lack of concern”. I was joined on this Fall morning by these “dedicated defenders of the unborn”:

IMG_3267 (640x480)IMG_3266IMG_3262

It was a pleasant morning until “our godless society’s lack of concern” showed up and a white man in his 20’s took two sidesteps and knocked over Sally. We all know and love Sally and Al and we know of their dedication to the cause despite their age. The assault was over in a minute and the man did not stop except to push Sally’s bag toward her. Sally would not go to get checked and the police were called and came and took a report. . The Guard at PP said he would have come out if he had seen. He states he is going to start watching closer. Prayers for our dear Sally that she has healing!

Abolitionist William Wilberforce said,” you may choose to look the other way but you can never say you did not know”. He was talking about Slavery but our presence on the sidewalk shouts that out about abortion.  (St. Bonaventure Bulletin 10/1). ~Charlene

Shown in the above photos are:  Bill, Sally, Al, Dick, Tracey and Beth(from St. Peter’s Catholic Church in Steubenville), Suzanne from Bellefield Church EPC, and Eloisa from Iglesia Sion Church.

Beth reports from 9-11

Two good things happened today:  the abortionist and two others were five minutes late (wish they had never shown up at all) and a gentleman seeking health care for his wife got an appointment at Catholic Charities after Elsie persuaded him not to go into Planned Parenthood.

But wait…..another good thing, Tracy and Beth from Steubenville and Elsie and I all were there, praying and offering help.  And then it was 11 a.m. and the great group from Holy Angels arrived.  And I guess that was another very good thing from our shift.

Cil writes from the 1-1 shift:

I was surrounded by “angels” today!  My “angel” friends from St. Joes (Barb, Joyce & Patti) came to the vigil with me and Barb was a saint to drive us down and buy us pizza for the ride back home!  The ladies prayed the rosary, divine mercy and offered their beautiful smiles to those passing by.

Barb, Joyce and Patty were Cil's prayer companions today
Barb, Joyce and Patty were Cil’s prayer companions today

We were greeted with a great group of “angels”…Holy Angels from Hays!  Thank you to Deacon Dan, Jack, Pat & Pat, Mary Ellen, Gerard & Deana for keeping up the prayers and songs on “the other side”.

Angels on the sidewalk
Angels on the sidewalk

A young man stopped to talk with us about the need to keep praying and that God hears our prayers.  He said that they may not be answered right away.  He said that God has something like a “mailbox” in heaven and the angels go back and forth with the prayers but sometimes the devil’s demons try to stop them.  But that God triumphs in the end and our prayers are heard and answered.  So keep it up!  And let’s ask the angels to intercede and keep up the battle for us!

Two young Jehovah witness men stop and spoke with us.  I invited them to gather a group and join with us as they also believe that abortion is wrong.  The one is from Seattle and the other from Denmark so I told them to look for 40 Days there and gave them info.  It was a great conversation.

We were able to share info with a young lady about NFP and Pope Paul VI Center.  She wants to conceive but has been unable to for a couple years.  She also took birth control info with her as she believes it was the Depro that has caused her infertility.  Please keep her in prayer as we then found out that she is not married but is engaged.  So many have this fear to commit these days…

And speaking about commit… I had similar fears 25 years ago.  But my husband and I are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary today!  He has been an “angel” in my life so many times.  I was blessed to see the movie, “Mully”, with him tonight at the Mills.  I highly recommend this story of an orphan who made a life for himself and then opened his home and heart to welcome so many other orphans into his ever growing family!  Let’s pray that the women who come to PP can open their hearts to the life within them.  And that more will consider adoption or fostering children.

Nancy reports from 1-3pm:

A very prayerful time. Deacon Dan and other prayers from Hays, who came for a four hour shift, continued to pray until 3 pm. Two lovely ladies from parish close to Meadowlands , Deb and Clare, came to pray, and stayed beyond 3 so that Mike would not be alone as shift manager.

First time shift manager Michael managed a DOUBLE shift (3-7pm) and writes:

The weather is beautiful on this day the Lord hath made.  Thank you Lord for this day and all of thy blessings.

Great group of witnesses from Holy Angels parish in Hayes
Great group of witnesses from Holy Angels parish in Hayes

It was an exciting day for me as it was my first time to be a shift manager. I truly appreciate having Judy and Johanna join me so I was not alone.  Beautiful people from Holy Angels in Hays were present most of the day with Deacon Dan praying and glorifying God. What an awesome witness for all to experience. It brought me great joy when a young lady named Jessica approached me and praised us for what we are doing.  She said more people should be declaring the truth about abortion and she was so sincere and passionate. Jessica said she recently had a baby named Melissa, but the baby was in the care of CYF.  I could see how difficult it was for her to admit this sad fact, but she was hopeful she would get Melissa back once she secured adequate housing. I told her we would pray for her and Melissa and she was very appreciative. She asked if we pray out loud and I said “yes, would you like us to pray now?” and she said yes. Judy, Jessica and I held hands and I prayed. When I was finished, Jessica asked if she could pray, and she prayed the most beautiful and heartfelt prayer for several minutes. In my opinion, this young lady was in emotional pain and had alot of stuff going on, but she had a great deal of faith and love for the Lord and was an inspiration to Judy and I.  Please pray for Jessica and her baby Melissa. I told her it would bring me much joy if she gets Melissa back before the 40 DFL was over, if she could bring her to meet me here on a Tuesday between 3 and 5 pm.  She was very happy to hear that and said she would like to do it. Jessica made my day and this experience reminded me how many people are suffering, but working hard to overcome it and asking for divine intervention. God bless and strengthen Jessica in this personal battle she is in the midst of now. Faithful Bill paid the vigil a visit and spent some time bestowing his wisdom on us.

I felt anxious about being a shift manager for the first time, but I went home feeling at peace and thankful for the people of God who are all gifts to us from Him.

Grateful to be alive and in His midst,


Speak UP!

Join us in 4 DAYS:  Sunday,  September 24 at 5pm…Holy Wisdom Parish, St. Boniface Church

to kickoff the largest 40 Days for Life campaign ever, 375 CITIES WORLDWIDE!!!

This is what our featured speaker, Kurt A. Kondrich M.Ed Senior Director of Development Human Coalition Pittsburgh, has to say:

“I am the father of a beautiful daughter Chloe who was born with Down syndrome in 2003, and my life mission is to defend and protect our most vulnerable children from

the leading cause of death in America – ABORTION. 

My favorite Bible Verse is Proverbs 31:8 “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves


Won’t YOU also speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves and JOIN US in the Peaceful, Prayerful Vigil in front of Planned Parenthood on Liberty Avenue.

The Vigil Calendar is about TWO-THIRDS full, WE NEED YOU!


Let’s have OUR largest 40 Days campaign ever and be THE BEGINNING of the END OF ABORTION in PITTSBURGH!!!

Campaign Dates: Wednesday Sept 27th through Sunday November 4th


God Bless you! Sue David


Little bit of good

Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world. ~Desmond Tutu

Katie did her “little bit of good” by holding her Bi- annual Diaper Drive!
Thank You to everyone who did their “little bit of good” by DONATING!!!
The Grand Totals are: 974 diapers, 230 wipes and 204 dollars!!
I think every woman who believes she is alone, would be overwhelmed by the support that is available to her and her baby!
I am asking you to do a little more of a “little bit of good”…the 40 Days for Life peaceful, prayerful Vigil is only 3 weeks away and the vigil calendar is about half full…
Can you do your little bit of good by signing up individually for a 2 hour shift once a week?
Or commit your church to a 4 hour time slot? email me: to order Flyers and Bulletin inserts! click HERE to view  
Let’s overwhelm our city by putting our little bits of good together and fill all 480 hours of this vigil before September 15th!
Check the schedule at  
Then email Nikki at to commit for your time slot.
God Bless You! Sue David

Passing the Torch

After successfully leading fourteen 40 Days for Life campaigns at Planned Parenthood in downtown Pittsburgh, Nikki Bruni has passed the torch! My name is Susan David, I am the new leader of 40 Days for Life in Pittsburgh. 


I assumed the role this summer from Nikki who has united the Pittsburgh Pro-Life community outside the doors of Planned Parenthood for 40 straight days every Spring and Fall! I want to thank Nikki for her amazing and humble leadership. She has built an incredible framework and has done so much to bring awareness to the Pro-Life message and to turn Hearts and Minds towards a Culture of Life! I am so happy to say that she will continue to work on 40 Days For Life and keep the well-oiled machine in motion!! 

Believe it or not, the Fall 2017 campaign is just around the corner….We will start with our Kickoff event featuring speaker Kurt Kondrich on Sunday Sept 24th at 5pm at Holy Wisdom Parish, St Boniface Church.

                                                        Kurt and Chloe Kondrich

         The campaign will run from September 27th through November 5th and our theme this time is TRUST. With all the talk about fake news recently, the cold hard truth is that 3,000 innocent lives are lost every year behind the doors of Planned Parenthood in downtown Pittsburgh. But we TRUST that God is at work through our peaceful, prayerful witness and that He will bring about an end to abortion in our city!  It is NOT too early to for your CHURCH to choose their time slot to provide the peaceful prayerful witness at our vigil, email Nikki today at 

Visit our websites at  or to sign up as an individual prayer witness and remember, there will always be a Shift Manager, so you will never be alone!
God Bless you, see you on the Sidewalk! Sue


Day 35: St. Robert Bellarmine Catholic Church (McKeesport), Lincoln Place Church of the Nazarene, North American Martyrs Catholic Church (Monroeville), Hosanna Church (Bellevue)

“Time is not our own, and we must give a strict account of it” ….The time you have spent during the past 40 days are WELL accounted for!

In the “Days of our Lives” spent on the sidewalk in front of PP or Praying and Fasting, we can be assured that it is time well spent!

Each day, every day of our lives, God presents to us the people and opportunities upon which he expects us to act. This is how the Kingdom of God has been spread from the time of Christ’s coming until now. It depends on the faith and commitment of every man, every day of his life. We are called to witness in a special way to the Power of God to Transform all things human…the good, the bad and the ugly

Thank you for your commitment to LIFE and your willingness to be open to the people and opportunities presented to us on the sidewalk!

God has arranged for us to be present at PP so that His Kingdom will be advanced in this place and time. Maybe we have not seen any spectacular successes or miraculous conversions, or anything dramatic at all, but…….TIME WILL TELL!!

If you have been wounded by abortion go to:

Now for our Shift Manager Reports:

Charlene 7am-9am

Sally and Alex
Sally and Alex


Today was the last day this campaign on the sidewalk for Dick and I. We had such good company:Bill, Fr. Brennen and Helen from St. Robert Bellarmine, Alex from Hosanna, and Sally and Al. Alex could not come with Hosanna, so he came early saying that he used to come because his church did, but now he looks forward to it. He told about a testimony he had heard at church where a lady who worked in a restaurant on Penn Avenue was pregnant and considering abortion…but everyday she saw our signs and decided to keep the baby. We never know who we are affecting and that gives us so much hope.


Bill, Fr. Brennen, Helen and Al
Bill, Fr. Brennen, Helen and Al

 I have looked at the future Pittsburgh picture all campaign and that too gives me hope… there is no PP in the picture! There will be a future day when PP is gone. God bless you all!  Charlene

future pittsburgh
future pittsburgh

Beth 9am-11am

Let’s hear it for Fr. Brennan and the ladies from St. Robert Bellarmine Church, Helen, Carolyn, Mary, Marge, Mary S., and Pat, who kept vigil today along with Chuck, the “youngster” from Lincoln Place Church of the Nazarene, Bill H. and Tony from North American Martyrs Church.

And thanks to those wonderful people who keep the supplies organized.  When the rain came, there were enough extra umbrellas in the box so that everyone stayed pretty dry.

The “clinic” was in full swing with the abortionist arriving after 9 a.m. and clients began leaving shortly thereafter, one poor women looking beyond sick and distressed, taking nothing that was offered.  You can only wonder at what she was told and then what she actually experienced. When the truth about abortion is acknowledged, the number of betrayed men and women will call for a country-wide healing.

Lots of employees here this morning and they were told that we’re always praying for them.  Remember that’s what Abby Johnson said that was one of the things that helped her to go from PP “Employee of the Month” to pro-life warrior.

And…..if, if, if, I’m alone as Sidewalk Advocate next week from 9-11 a.m, it would be great if someone could come stand with me!  I have signs with a pregnancy resource number but if I would have to take someone to Catholic Charities for help (yeah!), I would hate to leave my  signs unattended. Just asking.                Thanks, Beth

Regina 11am-1pm

Today, my wonderful Parish, North American Martyers in Monroeville kept vigil in front of Planned Parenthood. It was great blessing to pray the rosary with Fran and John while Al and our Pastoral Associate, Tony held down the fort on the other side. We all shared in aborhant  saddness, and fervently prayed The Divine Mercy as the Bio- Waste truck collected and loaded the boxes containing the tragically destroyed  bodies of our little brothers and sisters. We stood and prayed for them today. We have all stood and prayed for them all of these 40 Days. At 1:00, Fr. Joe was serious and focused upon arrival,  ready to take his position and pray in front of the Abortuary. Fr. Joe led the next shift Manager, Nancy and Fran-who was now going on her second shift, in all 15 decades of the rosary consecutively! It is clear that Fr. is taking ground back for God as he walks back and forth in the street immediately in front of Planned Parenthood! Thanks be to God, and to all who came out to pray this, and any of these 40 days!  With love and for life, Regina 💜💜💜

Pic 1 (450x800)Pic 2 (450x800) Pic 3 (450x800)Pic 4 (450x800)

Nancy 1pm-3pm

The 1-3 pm hours were great.   Fr. Luisi from NAM prayed the rosary for the two hours he was there.   He had a goal of seven, almost made it! Fran stayed to pray with him. Tony from St. Joan of Arc came on the T to pray.  Bill stopped by.  And Cathy and Jim arrived at 3 as the next SM.   Several people stopped to be amazed at the fetal models. One little kid told his mom “I held the baby”.  Kids can be such truth tellers.  Nancy

Jim 3pm-5pm

Jim stood in as a substitute shift manager today! Thank you Jim for covering the sidewalk and standing for LIFE!

Lisa 5pm-7pm

A pleasant evening tonight on Liberty Avenue.  The traffic was horrendous all over the city taking in the closure of the Liberty Bridge due to a traffic accident and the crowds coming in for the last home game for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Our first time to be blessed with Mimmi joining us on our time slot this 40 Days.  We prayed a loud rosary to be heard in our little circle of Johanna, Mimmi and myself.  Pastor Gary and Rick held court on the far side of the circle speaking with several passerby’s.

Johanna and Mimmi
Johanna and Mimmi
Rick and Pastor Greg
Rick and Pastor Greg







The balance of Pastor Gary’s group from Hosanna Church, Breighton Heights, Erin, Bernadette and Neil persevered through the traffic to arrive and added to our petitioning the Lord to hear our prayers.

Johanna, Pastor Gary, Erin, Bernadette and Neil
Johanna, Pastor Gary, Erin, Bernadette and Neil

A blessing for me to share the sidewalk with all the prayer partners that joined me on Tuesday evenings.  Thank you everyone.     Lisa McCann

Day 28: First Evangelical Free Church(McKeesport); Holy Angels Catholic Church(Hayes); Catholic Daughters of America


Calling Prayer Warriors for Wed 3/29 2pm-3pm….Shift Manager Chris standing ALONE

I saw an interview recently with Jonathan Kelly who is Senior Pastor of Harvest Chicago West. He was convicted of 3rd degree murder and turned his life around by finding God while in jail. The interview was to discuss what his Church is doing to try and impact the high rate of shootings and murders in certain neighborhoods of Chicago. So far in 2017, there have been over 100 murders and over 600 shootings. Him and members of his church stand weekly on the 5 most dangerous street corners and when asked why, he gave 2 reasons….

-It is intentional and it is about being on the ground with the people. It gives them a chance to pray, to talk to young people, and to connect with people in the community

-It is to get people connected into the Church, connected into resources and also let them know that there are people out there like them, who have been through the same thing, who have changed…and turned their life around

I was amazed at his courage and conviction and also the practicality of it! I can not help but see the similarities to 40 Days for Life, isn’t this what we are doing? Rolling up our sleeves and intentionally getting on the street to save lives?

The second part struck even more of a chord, when he was asked what more can be done, he said 2 things…

1) only the Gospel of Jesus Christ can take a dark heart that thinks its OK to take another life, and can change it. He added that his own story is a testimony of that!

2) Economic opportunities and jobs, things that would allow them to flourish! Right now, most readily available and prevalent are “all the things that will destroy them”

He might as well have been interviewed for 40 Days for Life. Then I read something that explained to me why his situation applies so well to us…

“The Ten Commandments disclose to us the only authentically human future, and this is because they are not the arbitrary imposition of a tyrannical God. God wrote the Ten Commandments in stone, but ABOVE ALL, he inscribed them in every human heart as the universal moral law…valid and current in every time and place!”

If you have been wounded by abortion go to:

Charlene 7am-9am


Making the World a better place to live with all of our differences. It sounds like a wonderful motto and a wonderful cause…something we would be behind. However, they support PP…so making the world a better place to live, does not include the unborn. The Lenten Pro-life prayer states the same message but in a way we can take to the sidewalk. “Give your people a clearer understanding of the profound dignity of every human life, including the infant in the womb.”

“Rain, rain go away…come again another day…Al and Sally and Dick and Char (and FEFC) want to pray!” While it’s hard to pick which one I would rather pray in- rain or cold- today’s rain was a promise of Spring and actually not hard to pray in. We had quite a large crowd as always from McKeesport. First Evangelical Free Church, Dean’s church, comes in a van bringing people at 7 and close to 9. Very organized.

So while it was a little wet, we didn’t need gloves, and the hecklers thought they would melt so didn’t appear. Only flowers and smiles and raindrops on the street. Charlene

Members of First Evangelical Free Church of McKeesport...with Dean, Al, Sally
Members of First Evangelical Free Church of McKeesport…with Dean, Al, Sally


Beth 9am-11am

Now this is the Pittsburgh weather we’ve come to expect, rain and gloom.  So many wonderful pray-ers from Pastor Kirk’s First Evangelical Free Church of McKeesport brought a feeling of warm concern and caring to a grey morning at Planned Parenthood.  Sara, Mark, Norman, Rick, Randy, Dave and Bill, along with Sarah, Kirk, Dean, Bill, Lynn and Joseph kept the prayers coming in spite one very angry man who screamed that we should get a job, called us names, told us what  we should do, and then…..said “have a good day.” Huh?  Otherwise, it was a somewhat busy day with couples coming and going with the usual staff members.  So good to see our friends from McKeesport again along with our regulars like Bill and others who just pass by with a kind word. ~Beth

Regina 11am-1pm


Upon my arrival at 11:00, I was warmly greeted by shift Manager, Beth who introduced me to my wonderful shift mates;  Kimberly and Bill from First Evangelical Free Church, and Deacon Dan from Holy Angels. I am always struck by the kindness and living faith of those who come out to stand, witness and pray for the unborn, and today was no exception! Thanks for coming out, you warmed my heart!  Blessings, Regina

Nancy 1pm-3pm

Bill, Kim and Deacon Dan had been there for previous shift with Regina and stayed throughout my shift.  PP was busy.  A few people stopped by just to say Hi.  Bill (SM)  was one, and said his 67th birthday is tomorrow.  Luther was there for a while!   Jeannie took pictures when she got there at 3.  ~Nancy

Jeannie 3pm-5pm

What a great afternoon shift we had in overcast, slightly rainy Pittsburgh.   I was greeted by Nancy who had been “keeping watch” with Bill and Kimberly– Bill is a regular at 40 Days and is a joy to work with but he brought delightful Kimberly for the VERY FIRST time!! Bill told me that he was in the public library wearing his “women regret abortion” pin when Kimberly approached him wanting to know more.  After explaining his position, which she agreed with, he told her about 40 Days for Life and VOILA!! The two of them met up here taking separate buses.  From what I gather, they had been on the sidewalk for FOUR HOURS!   Kimberly is a very approachable young lady and she was able to distribute scores of literature.  She promised to come back!   Just goes to show you what “wearing your heart (or little feet) on your sleeve (or collar) can do.  Well done Bill!


After an hour Bill and Kimberly were relieved by Brother Tom from the Oratory, who usually  pickets at the East Liberty abortion center.  What a joy to share the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, Rosary and Stations of the Cross with this faith-filled, committed, thoughtful young man.  Please keep Brother Tom in your prayers as he continues his formation with the Pittsburgh Oratory.   Their work among the students in Oakland is a very special calling.  We are so blessed to have them in our city.

Lisa and Co. relieved us with yet another FIRST TIMER.  God is so good!

Mary Kay, Lisa (SM), Brother Tom and Rick

With travel plans  a few days away, I will sign off until next campaign, but be assured of my daily prayer for the good works you each are about as we build the kingdom of God together on the sidewalk!     In life, Jeannie

Lisa 5pm-7pm

This evening’s 5 – 7 time in front of Planned Parenthood was spent joyfully and prayerfully.  My thanks to the Catholic Daughters of the Americas that came out and prayed with me and my thanks to Rick who has again been a pillar for me all these weeks.
We ladies experienced a completely positive evening while Rick does seem to continue to receive his weekly (unpleasant) one finger salute from one passerby.  Keep up the good fight Rick!  you are making those men uncomfortable for a reason!
The Catholic Daughters of the Americas who joined in tonight included by dear ever present Johanna L., member of Ct. Allegheny, North Side and Mary Kay and Donna from Ct. Westinghouse, Turtle Creek.      ~Lisa
Donna and Mary Kay
Donna and Mary Kay