Passing the Torch

After successfully leading fourteen 40 Days for Life campaigns at Planned Parenthood in downtown Pittsburgh, Nikki Bruni has passed the torch! My name is Susan David, I am the new leader of 40 Days for Life in Pittsburgh. 


I assumed the role this summer from Nikki who has united the Pittsburgh Pro-Life community outside the doors of Planned Parenthood for 40 straight days every Spring and Fall! I want to thank Nikki for her amazing and humble leadership. She has built an incredible framework and has done so much to bring awareness to the Pro-Life message and to turn Hearts and Minds towards a Culture of Life! I am so happy to say that she will continue to work on 40 Days For Life and keep the well-oiled machine in motion!! 

Believe it or not, the Fall 2017 campaign is just around the corner….We will start with our Kickoff event featuring speaker Kurt Kondrich on Sunday Sept 24th at 5pm at Holy Wisdom Parish, St Boniface Church.

                                                        Kurt and Chloe Kondrich

         The campaign will run from September 27th through November 5th and our theme this time is TRUST. With all the talk about fake news recently, the cold hard truth is that 3,000 innocent lives are lost every year behind the doors of Planned Parenthood in downtown Pittsburgh. But we TRUST that God is at work through our peaceful, prayerful witness and that He will bring about an end to abortion in our city!  It is NOT too early to for your CHURCH to choose their time slot to provide the peaceful prayerful witness at our vigil, email Nikki today at 

Visit our websites at  or to sign up as an individual prayer witness and remember, there will always be a Shift Manager, so you will never be alone!
God Bless you, see you on the Sidewalk! Sue


Day 35: St. Robert Bellarmine Catholic Church (McKeesport), Lincoln Place Church of the Nazarene, North American Martyrs Catholic Church (Monroeville), Hosanna Church (Bellevue)

“Time is not our own, and we must give a strict account of it” ….The time you have spent during the past 40 days are WELL accounted for!

In the “Days of our Lives” spent on the sidewalk in front of PP or Praying and Fasting, we can be assured that it is time well spent!

Each day, every day of our lives, God presents to us the people and opportunities upon which he expects us to act. This is how the Kingdom of God has been spread from the time of Christ’s coming until now. It depends on the faith and commitment of every man, every day of his life. We are called to witness in a special way to the Power of God to Transform all things human…the good, the bad and the ugly

Thank you for your commitment to LIFE and your willingness to be open to the people and opportunities presented to us on the sidewalk!

God has arranged for us to be present at PP so that His Kingdom will be advanced in this place and time. Maybe we have not seen any spectacular successes or miraculous conversions, or anything dramatic at all, but…….TIME WILL TELL!!

If you have been wounded by abortion go to:

Now for our Shift Manager Reports:

Charlene 7am-9am

Sally and Alex
Sally and Alex


Today was the last day this campaign on the sidewalk for Dick and I. We had such good company:Bill, Fr. Brennen and Helen from St. Robert Bellarmine, Alex from Hosanna, and Sally and Al. Alex could not come with Hosanna, so he came early saying that he used to come because his church did, but now he looks forward to it. He told about a testimony he had heard at church where a lady who worked in a restaurant on Penn Avenue was pregnant and considering abortion…but everyday she saw our signs and decided to keep the baby. We never know who we are affecting and that gives us so much hope.


Bill, Fr. Brennen, Helen and Al
Bill, Fr. Brennen, Helen and Al

 I have looked at the future Pittsburgh picture all campaign and that too gives me hope… there is no PP in the picture! There will be a future day when PP is gone. God bless you all!  Charlene

future pittsburgh
future pittsburgh

Beth 9am-11am

Let’s hear it for Fr. Brennan and the ladies from St. Robert Bellarmine Church, Helen, Carolyn, Mary, Marge, Mary S., and Pat, who kept vigil today along with Chuck, the “youngster” from Lincoln Place Church of the Nazarene, Bill H. and Tony from North American Martyrs Church.

And thanks to those wonderful people who keep the supplies organized.  When the rain came, there were enough extra umbrellas in the box so that everyone stayed pretty dry.

The “clinic” was in full swing with the abortionist arriving after 9 a.m. and clients began leaving shortly thereafter, one poor women looking beyond sick and distressed, taking nothing that was offered.  You can only wonder at what she was told and then what she actually experienced. When the truth about abortion is acknowledged, the number of betrayed men and women will call for a country-wide healing.

Lots of employees here this morning and they were told that we’re always praying for them.  Remember that’s what Abby Johnson said that was one of the things that helped her to go from PP “Employee of the Month” to pro-life warrior.

And…..if, if, if, I’m alone as Sidewalk Advocate next week from 9-11 a.m, it would be great if someone could come stand with me!  I have signs with a pregnancy resource number but if I would have to take someone to Catholic Charities for help (yeah!), I would hate to leave my  signs unattended. Just asking.                Thanks, Beth

Regina 11am-1pm

Today, my wonderful Parish, North American Martyers in Monroeville kept vigil in front of Planned Parenthood. It was great blessing to pray the rosary with Fran and John while Al and our Pastoral Associate, Tony held down the fort on the other side. We all shared in aborhant  saddness, and fervently prayed The Divine Mercy as the Bio- Waste truck collected and loaded the boxes containing the tragically destroyed  bodies of our little brothers and sisters. We stood and prayed for them today. We have all stood and prayed for them all of these 40 Days. At 1:00, Fr. Joe was serious and focused upon arrival,  ready to take his position and pray in front of the Abortuary. Fr. Joe led the next shift Manager, Nancy and Fran-who was now going on her second shift, in all 15 decades of the rosary consecutively! It is clear that Fr. is taking ground back for God as he walks back and forth in the street immediately in front of Planned Parenthood! Thanks be to God, and to all who came out to pray this, and any of these 40 days!  With love and for life, Regina 💜💜💜

Pic 1 (450x800)Pic 2 (450x800) Pic 3 (450x800)Pic 4 (450x800)

Nancy 1pm-3pm

The 1-3 pm hours were great.   Fr. Luisi from NAM prayed the rosary for the two hours he was there.   He had a goal of seven, almost made it! Fran stayed to pray with him. Tony from St. Joan of Arc came on the T to pray.  Bill stopped by.  And Cathy and Jim arrived at 3 as the next SM.   Several people stopped to be amazed at the fetal models. One little kid told his mom “I held the baby”.  Kids can be such truth tellers.  Nancy

Jim 3pm-5pm

Jim stood in as a substitute shift manager today! Thank you Jim for covering the sidewalk and standing for LIFE!

Lisa 5pm-7pm

A pleasant evening tonight on Liberty Avenue.  The traffic was horrendous all over the city taking in the closure of the Liberty Bridge due to a traffic accident and the crowds coming in for the last home game for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Our first time to be blessed with Mimmi joining us on our time slot this 40 Days.  We prayed a loud rosary to be heard in our little circle of Johanna, Mimmi and myself.  Pastor Gary and Rick held court on the far side of the circle speaking with several passerby’s.

Johanna and Mimmi
Johanna and Mimmi
Rick and Pastor Greg
Rick and Pastor Greg







The balance of Pastor Gary’s group from Hosanna Church, Breighton Heights, Erin, Bernadette and Neil persevered through the traffic to arrive and added to our petitioning the Lord to hear our prayers.

Johanna, Pastor Gary, Erin, Bernadette and Neil
Johanna, Pastor Gary, Erin, Bernadette and Neil

A blessing for me to share the sidewalk with all the prayer partners that joined me on Tuesday evenings.  Thank you everyone.     Lisa McCann

Day 28: First Evangelical Free Church(McKeesport); Holy Angels Catholic Church(Hayes); Catholic Daughters of America


Calling Prayer Warriors for Wed 3/29 2pm-3pm….Shift Manager Chris standing ALONE

I saw an interview recently with Jonathan Kelly who is Senior Pastor of Harvest Chicago West. He was convicted of 3rd degree murder and turned his life around by finding God while in jail. The interview was to discuss what his Church is doing to try and impact the high rate of shootings and murders in certain neighborhoods of Chicago. So far in 2017, there have been over 100 murders and over 600 shootings. Him and members of his church stand weekly on the 5 most dangerous street corners and when asked why, he gave 2 reasons….

-It is intentional and it is about being on the ground with the people. It gives them a chance to pray, to talk to young people, and to connect with people in the community

-It is to get people connected into the Church, connected into resources and also let them know that there are people out there like them, who have been through the same thing, who have changed…and turned their life around

I was amazed at his courage and conviction and also the practicality of it! I can not help but see the similarities to 40 Days for Life, isn’t this what we are doing? Rolling up our sleeves and intentionally getting on the street to save lives?

The second part struck even more of a chord, when he was asked what more can be done, he said 2 things…

1) only the Gospel of Jesus Christ can take a dark heart that thinks its OK to take another life, and can change it. He added that his own story is a testimony of that!

2) Economic opportunities and jobs, things that would allow them to flourish! Right now, most readily available and prevalent are “all the things that will destroy them”

He might as well have been interviewed for 40 Days for Life. Then I read something that explained to me why his situation applies so well to us…

“The Ten Commandments disclose to us the only authentically human future, and this is because they are not the arbitrary imposition of a tyrannical God. God wrote the Ten Commandments in stone, but ABOVE ALL, he inscribed them in every human heart as the universal moral law…valid and current in every time and place!”

If you have been wounded by abortion go to:

Charlene 7am-9am


Making the World a better place to live with all of our differences. It sounds like a wonderful motto and a wonderful cause…something we would be behind. However, they support PP…so making the world a better place to live, does not include the unborn. The Lenten Pro-life prayer states the same message but in a way we can take to the sidewalk. “Give your people a clearer understanding of the profound dignity of every human life, including the infant in the womb.”

“Rain, rain go away…come again another day…Al and Sally and Dick and Char (and FEFC) want to pray!” While it’s hard to pick which one I would rather pray in- rain or cold- today’s rain was a promise of Spring and actually not hard to pray in. We had quite a large crowd as always from McKeesport. First Evangelical Free Church, Dean’s church, comes in a van bringing people at 7 and close to 9. Very organized.

So while it was a little wet, we didn’t need gloves, and the hecklers thought they would melt so didn’t appear. Only flowers and smiles and raindrops on the street. Charlene

Members of First Evangelical Free Church of McKeesport...with Dean, Al, Sally
Members of First Evangelical Free Church of McKeesport…with Dean, Al, Sally


Beth 9am-11am

Now this is the Pittsburgh weather we’ve come to expect, rain and gloom.  So many wonderful pray-ers from Pastor Kirk’s First Evangelical Free Church of McKeesport brought a feeling of warm concern and caring to a grey morning at Planned Parenthood.  Sara, Mark, Norman, Rick, Randy, Dave and Bill, along with Sarah, Kirk, Dean, Bill, Lynn and Joseph kept the prayers coming in spite one very angry man who screamed that we should get a job, called us names, told us what  we should do, and then…..said “have a good day.” Huh?  Otherwise, it was a somewhat busy day with couples coming and going with the usual staff members.  So good to see our friends from McKeesport again along with our regulars like Bill and others who just pass by with a kind word. ~Beth

Regina 11am-1pm


Upon my arrival at 11:00, I was warmly greeted by shift Manager, Beth who introduced me to my wonderful shift mates;  Kimberly and Bill from First Evangelical Free Church, and Deacon Dan from Holy Angels. I am always struck by the kindness and living faith of those who come out to stand, witness and pray for the unborn, and today was no exception! Thanks for coming out, you warmed my heart!  Blessings, Regina

Nancy 1pm-3pm

Bill, Kim and Deacon Dan had been there for previous shift with Regina and stayed throughout my shift.  PP was busy.  A few people stopped by just to say Hi.  Bill (SM)  was one, and said his 67th birthday is tomorrow.  Luther was there for a while!   Jeannie took pictures when she got there at 3.  ~Nancy

Jeannie 3pm-5pm

What a great afternoon shift we had in overcast, slightly rainy Pittsburgh.   I was greeted by Nancy who had been “keeping watch” with Bill and Kimberly– Bill is a regular at 40 Days and is a joy to work with but he brought delightful Kimberly for the VERY FIRST time!! Bill told me that he was in the public library wearing his “women regret abortion” pin when Kimberly approached him wanting to know more.  After explaining his position, which she agreed with, he told her about 40 Days for Life and VOILA!! The two of them met up here taking separate buses.  From what I gather, they had been on the sidewalk for FOUR HOURS!   Kimberly is a very approachable young lady and she was able to distribute scores of literature.  She promised to come back!   Just goes to show you what “wearing your heart (or little feet) on your sleeve (or collar) can do.  Well done Bill!


After an hour Bill and Kimberly were relieved by Brother Tom from the Oratory, who usually  pickets at the East Liberty abortion center.  What a joy to share the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, Rosary and Stations of the Cross with this faith-filled, committed, thoughtful young man.  Please keep Brother Tom in your prayers as he continues his formation with the Pittsburgh Oratory.   Their work among the students in Oakland is a very special calling.  We are so blessed to have them in our city.

Lisa and Co. relieved us with yet another FIRST TIMER.  God is so good!

Mary Kay, Lisa (SM), Brother Tom and Rick

With travel plans  a few days away, I will sign off until next campaign, but be assured of my daily prayer for the good works you each are about as we build the kingdom of God together on the sidewalk!     In life, Jeannie

Lisa 5pm-7pm

This evening’s 5 – 7 time in front of Planned Parenthood was spent joyfully and prayerfully.  My thanks to the Catholic Daughters of the Americas that came out and prayed with me and my thanks to Rick who has again been a pillar for me all these weeks.
We ladies experienced a completely positive evening while Rick does seem to continue to receive his weekly (unpleasant) one finger salute from one passerby.  Keep up the good fight Rick!  you are making those men uncomfortable for a reason!
The Catholic Daughters of the Americas who joined in tonight included by dear ever present Johanna L., member of Ct. Allegheny, North Side and Mary Kay and Donna from Ct. Westinghouse, Turtle Creek.      ~Lisa
Donna and Mary Kay
Donna and Mary Kay

Day 21: Sidewalk Advocates, Elk County Right to Life, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton


Cil is the shift manager for a double shift Wednesday (from 11 am – 3 pm).  There is a large group of volunteers scheduled from 11-1, but from 1-3 pm she will have only one person with her.  Since Cil and Joyce will be very cold after two hours…they will really need to be able to take a break to get warm…but won’t be able to do so unless someone else shows up at 1:00.  So please, if you are able to come for half an hour, or an hour at 1:00 tomorrow so Cil and Joyce can have a little break, that would be so appreciated!  (They won’t leave YOU alone…they will take individual breaks…one at a time).

We have 2 hours on Thursday 3/23 that NEED volunteers!

Thursday 3/23 1pm-2pm: Shift Manager Lisa will stand alone

Thursday 3/23 5pm-6pm: Shift Manager Rick will stand alone

Please sign up or show up! THANKS!!!

We were just made aware of a Students For Life Conference going on this upcoming weekend: Here is the Informational Flier if anyone can attend!!


Today is World Down Syndrome Day. The sad truth is that people with Down syndrome are disappearing. With the advent of fetal testing, a diagnosis of Down syndrome has become a death sentence. Parents are often told that abortion is the best course of action and 92 percent of the time…children diagnosed prenatally with Down syndrome are aborted. Doesn’t that stat say the worst about us as a society! 

Kurt Kondrich whose daughter is Chloe, for which the Pennsylvania’s “Chloe’s law” is named, recently spoke at the UN conference on “The Family, Child Well-Being and the Protection and Empowerment of Girls”…

The title of his presentation was: “Unborn Women Can’t Make History.”  He says the targeting and termination of children prenatally diagnosed with Down syndrome is a silent genocide and “What if a prenatal test is developed for autism, depression, baldness, shortness, ADHD, and the list goes on.”


He says the Bible verse he follows is Proverbs 31:8 “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.”

Here is a link to watch “World Down Syndrome Day 2017 – #MyVoiceMyCommunity”

In closing, Kurt says” I truly believe that abortion and the slaughter of our most innocent children is THE ISSUE of our time, and we will be judged by what we did or failed to do to END this American holocaust”

Charlene 7am-9am
7am and Sally, Al, Dick and I took up our regular posts. We stand in the same places every week…on the 4 corners of the semi-circle. Today we were joined by CHRIS who just “stopped by to pray”. It seemed like PP had more business than usual and Al tried to get their attention. We had one unfriendly confrontation but Al handled it and immediately after that, two ladies stopped to get “little feet”.  A relative was expecting and they wanted the feet for her. They said everyone should have a pair of “little feet” to remember. So, one of many good and one bad.

Marian asked that I post the sign on the building across from the vigil…Making the World a better place to live with all of our differences. It sounds like a wonderful motto and a wonderful cause…something we would be behind. However, they support PP…so making the world a better place to live, does not include the unborn. The Lenten Pro-life prayer states the same message but in a way we can take to the sidewalk. “Give your people a clearer understanding of the profound dignity of every human life, including the infant in the womb.”       ~Charlene

Kathy and Judy 9am-11am

Judy and I were blessed by many prayer warriors today. Elk County Right to Life Club stood from 9am to 1pm : Mary, Laurie, Janet, and Gretchen drove 2 1/2 hours!

Laurie and Judy

Bill, Pat and Kathy L came and prayed . Kathy also acted as a SA, while Richard, Ken and John prayed during the lunch hour!
I hope I didn’t miss anyone because they all love the blog!
There were many conversations, but one stuck out: a woman came out to smoke and offered “my friend doesn’t want an abortion but she was told by her doctor, if you have this baby you will die.” We stressed how important a second opinion is and gave her the number of high risk physician, also encouraging her friend that emotional support was important. She took the information and 
we followed with Intense Prayer for the woman! ~Kathy

Gretchen and Bill
Gretchen and Bill
Janet and Mary
Janet and Mary

Nancy 1pm-3pm

A busy day today, unfortunately several pairs went into PP, possibly for abortions. One girl was crying. It broke our hearts. And it wasn’t for lack of prayers, since many extra saints joined me on the sidewalk. Some stayed late from Elk County, some came early from Elizabeth Ann Seton. Others just came to help with prayers including Maryann on ACCESS. We had a good report from a passerby who said she had gone to the clinic 6 years ago with a friend who was pregnant, and that friend changed her mind about having an abortion after seeing the ultrasound? pictures of her unborn baby. I guess we just have to keep being faithful. God bless you faithful prolifers. ~Nancy

Jeannie 3pm-5pm

I can probably count on one hand the number of times I looked forward to my shift on the sidewalk.  And believe me, its been LOTS of shifts over the years…But with the way the weather was looking, TODAY was ONE OF THOSE DAYS–  and what a day it turned out to be:  Gorgeous weather, Beautiful and Plentiful Prayer Warriors, and ADORABLE CHILDREN!

Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton kids
Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton kids

 I relieved Nancy and joined Mary Ann (with her goodies) from St. Catherine Beechview, Walt from St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish in Carnegie, and Mary and Gaetano from St. Sebastian in the the North Hills – who responded to the need for witnesses even though their day is coming up!

Elizabeth, Vince, Vince, and Walt from Elizabeth Ann Seton parish in Carnegie --awesome group
Elizabeth, Vince, Vince, and Walt from Elizabeth Ann Seton parish in Carnegie –awesome group

Soon we were happily joined by Russ and Claire and their ADORABLE 5 children also from Seton.  I loved how the children related to the baby pictures and how very grown up Isabella  led a decade of the rosary!  Next to join us were Tess and Brian, also from Seton and the prayer circle was complete.

 Tess and Brian joined Russ and Claire and their crew for an hour of prayer this afternoon in the sun.
Tess and Brian joined Russ and Claire and their crew for an hour of prayer this afternoon in the sun.

With the bus lines that we usually get this time of day, the sidewalk was CROWDED with LIFE!   What a joy to share my prayer time with these folks from North and South!   Mary Ann gave out lollipops with tiny feet on them and we gave away a few of the 12 week fetal models  to students who stopped.  We were certainly uplifted in prayer and hopeful about the future with our young participants.  The best people in Pittsburgh are out praying during 40 Days for Life.  Of this, I am sure.  Thanks to one and all who made it such a fruitful time.  Jeannie

What a delightful afternoon we had with the folks from Elizabeth and Seton Parish and additional support from Saint Catherine's in Beechview and Saint Sebastian in the North Hills. Mary Ann Russ, Walt, Claire and clan
What a delightful afternoon we had with folks from Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish and additional support from Saint Catherine’s in Beechview and Saint Sebastian in the North Hills!

Lisa 5pm-7pm

The 5 – 7 witness time today was pleasant.  It was not cold and the sun shone on us for an hour.  St. Elizabeth Ann Seton parish was very well represented.  Upon arriving Mr. & Mrs. Betty and Vince along with Vincent were praying with Jeannie.  We then prayed a beautiful Spiritual Pro Life Joyful rosary that Vince brought the words along with him. 
 Betty, Vincent, Vincent
Betty, Vincent, Vincent
Soon came Susan with her five beautiful children.  How wonderful it was to see each of those children “know” which sign they wanted to hold. 
Sue's "army" of six.
Sue’s “army” of six.
Happy to have my stalwart friends Johanna and Rick with me again and then Bob showed up and we were happy to pray another rosary.  A few minutes after Vincent noted that there were not any comments made to us tonight the young mother and her three children that I see every week around the same time came by and the dear little boy gave us all a great big HI – HI YA!  He made our day.  God Bless him and his family.  
Johanna & Rick
Johanna & Rick

Day 14: Sidewalk Advocates, Redeemer Orthodox Presbyterian Church and Hosanna Church

THURSDAY 3/16 11am-2pm …Shift manager +1,  more volunteers are needed!

THURSDAY 3/16 2pm-3pm…Shift manager will stand alone…!!!

Please Sign up or Show up!


Throughout salvation history, we know that no matter how far we stray from God, He always wants to give us every opportunity to return.

Look what happened to Ninevah when they believed what God had told Jonah about their city being destroyed. Their King told everyone to give up their evil ways and their violence. When God saw what they did and how they turned from their evil ways, he relented and did not bring on them the destruction he had threatened (Jonah 3:3-10)

Sodom and Gomorrah, not so much…but according to Isaiah,  they WERE given the opportunity. 

Hear the word of the Lord, princes of Sodom! Listen to the instruction of our God, people of Gomorrah! Wash yourselves clean, put away your misdeeds and cease doing evil: learn to do good. Come now, let us set things right! (Isaiah 1:10)

No matter how far we stray from God, He always wants to give us every opportunity to return. So we have HOPE!

If you have been wounded by abortion go to:

There is HOPE

I recently heard this popular saying, challenging us to fight: “HOPE has two beautiful daughters: their names are anger and courage. Anger that things are the way they are. Courage to make them the way they ought to be.” I have never heard of HOPE being described that way before. 

SO, we have HOPE  because:

1) we are ANGRY about the way “things are” at Planned Parenthood and

2) we have COURAGE to stand witness to the devastation and loss of Life

Charlene 7am-9am

The sidewalk at 7 during the “blizzard”.


With everyone expecting a blizzard… The street was quiet but cold. We felt the temps dropping about 8 but we weren’t sure if the temps were dropping or we were just feeling it more. Many good comments. The PP employees did not stay home from work today and we saw one client go in. May the Lord continue to look out for us this campaign and answer our prayers to close PP. -Charlene

IMG_2701Al, Sally, and Dick brace the elements!

Judy 9am-11am

3 people responded to the call to witness and came this morning in the piercing cold. We are very grateful to Diane for the handwarmers and I don’t think I would have made a 2 hour shift without them! Mostly workers entered PP today, but there were clients as well. I witnessed Pat drop to his knees in prayer as 2 pregnant ladies entered. We received a mix of positive and negative comments. As always, the baby models have a big impact and a man crossing the street looked so sad as he recalled his girlfriend was made to have an abortion by her mother. I was able to inform a woman about alternative Health Clinics since she was at PP for STD testing. A florist dropped off dozens of long stem red roses for us to give away, such a lovely gesture to be able to hand them out! ~Judy

Regina 11am-1pm

I am truly inspired, blessed and grateful for standing with such selfless, caring and faithful ProLife Warriors today! I was warmly greeted by Substitute shift Manager Judy and then generously kept company by Ken, long past, I’m sure, what was comfortable in the bitter cold
I then was graced by the powerful witness of Elaine, Michelle and Maggie who warmed my heart in spite of the bitter cold of this snowy day!
It was such a gift to be in the company of such loving son and daughter’s of our Heavenly Father and brother and sisters of Christ our brother and King!     God bless, Regina

Nancy 1pm-3pm

For the 1-3 shift not much to report.   We were freeeezing.  The hand warmers were wonderful,  and it was so nice to have several people so that we could take breaks to go into a warm place down the street.   But mostly the warm hearts of the ladies who stayed a long time in the cold made an awesome impression on those who went by.  ~Nancy

Jeannie 3pm-5pm

What a GUSTY day we had for the 3-5 shift!   I was immediately blessed to join in prayer with Elaine from Greensburg, who had come into the city to move her son into his first apartment and then STAYED 2 hours in the BITTER COLD to pray with us.  I always say “The best people in the world are on the sidewalk for Life”  I really believe this!

Lovely as a Rose Elaine from Greensburg
Lovely as a Rose Elaine from       Greensburg

Soon, Gary joined us from Hosanna Church in Brighton Heights-  We were blessed recipients of a dozen or so absolutely stunning long stemmed red roses. What a joy to pass them out to ladies (and a few men) letting them know how much GOD LOVES them!  Vicky, also from Hosanna joined us mid-shift and ,God Bless her, was on a break from work.

Hosanna, Brighton Heights
Hosanna, Brighton Heights

We had to “put our shoulders into” the cold but we did so with GOD and his SPIRIT on our side.  I always dress for the weather, and can barely bend over to pick up a dropped item— these courageous, loving, soldiers of Christ: Elaine, Vicky, and Gary were not prepared for the lashing Wind.  My appreciation and respect abound for each of them.  Blessings (and warm toes) to all! – Jeannie

Popsicle Toes
Popsicle Toes

Lisa 5pm-7pm

It was cold. It was snowing.  It was a blessing.  There were several obvious blessings today.  #1 would be sharing the sidewalk with two outstanding prayers tonight.  I was happy to welcome Rich D. again this week and Eli as a first timer coming to us from Hosanna Church, Bellevue.  The hand warmers were a blessing to have tonight!  The fact that it stayed daylight – a blessing. Not getting the predicted amount of snow – a blessing.   Although this may sound odd, the angry man was a blessing tonight also.  As we stand praying for the end of the tragedy of abortion, I also pray for the angry people.  I find their strong emotions toward abortion, their outbursts, their “walk by” vulgar comments evoke from me instant prayers for them!  They have to be hurting so much from abortion. May God Bless them.  ~Lisa

 20170314_184605Rich, Lisa and Eli

Day 7: Thank you Catholic Daughters of America and Individual Volunteers!


WED 3/8:   3pm-5pm Barbara and Richard will not be alone, but would appreciate a third person to come and stand for Life!

THURS 3/9:   1pm-3pm Shift manager Lisa will stand alone

                          5pm-6pm Shift manager Rick will stand alone


Sign up here:

OR please just show up if you are able to come! You will not be alone! Thank you!

HACKSAW RIDGE is the extraordinary true story of WWII medic Desmond Doss, played by Andrew Garfield who, in Okinawa during the bloodiest battle of WWII, miraculously saved 75 men in a matter of hours without firing or carrying a gun.

He was a pacifist on religious grounds and was unwilling to take a life or even so much as touch a weapon, but said that he would be proud to serve his country as a medic, if they would let him. No matter how much pressure the Army applied, the medic was unwilling to compromise his convictions. The soldiers in his unit came to hate the conscientious objector, going so far as to throw their boots at him while he knelt by his bunk at night to pray. They did not want a soldier beside them in battle who was “unarmed”. He stood by his convictions under tremendous pressure and abuse but insisted that “While others are taking Life, I will be saving Life”

download save

He was the only American soldier in WWII to fight on the front lines without a weapon, except for the simple prayer he uttered before single-handedly evacuating the wounded from behind enemy lines, under constant enemy gunfire and artillery bombardment. He saved the lives of 75 men on Hacksaw Ridge, carrying or dragging them over 100 yards, and lowering them to safety.

"Please Lord, Help Me Get One More"
        The Simple Prayer 

Desmond Doss probably never weighed more than 145 pounds and was undersized, but his grit, determination and faith in God made up for any lack in physical size. He was the first conscientious objector (he called himself a “conscientious cooperator”) to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Let us remember his example and fight this spiritual battle for LIFE  with unwavering conviction and courage and pray God will use OUR gentleness  to “Save Life while others are taking Life”.

If you have been wounded by abortion go to:


Charlotte 7am-9am

Dear 40 days, the picture below is of 2 of the most holy couples that walk the face of the earth ( ok  Pittsburgh area!)


Al & Sally —   Rose & Bill     Here they are standing this morning at Liberty ave.

We all know Sally & Al are long time, really long time advocates for the pro-life cause.  So many years of blessings to the Pittsburgh area and to us! How many woman and children have been saved by their presence?? We will never know, but their resilience to do what God has called them to do is an amazing witness for all of us who dread the cold & misery of  standing on the Pgh street named above. Their faith shines out for all to see. Their love for one another, God and mankind is so important in a world of confusion and hopelessness.   As Sally was leaving today, she said lets pray for “a client” who is in there, that hopefully she will reconsider. How many days has she said just that…the thought truly boggles my mind. And what did Jackie call them? “lovebirds”.  Yes, they are lovebirds but not only to the sense of one another, but you see, in “What God intended love to be.”

Bill and Rose you may not know so well, but we at St. Gregory in Zelienople do. They are a couple who will do anything for others!! While so many others may have another answer to questions like ” I am going to 40 Days for Life tomorrow at 7 am, would you like to join me?”- the answer immediately from both of them is “Yes”!! This is always their answer to what God is calling them to do—Over and Over- Yes, Yes Yes!!   From running our St. Vincent DePaul Society to volunteering almost daily at church and our local nursing home.  Their presence again is always together, at morning mass, every morning.  Bill offering his services at the Altar of our Lord at Mass and Rose always saying to me, “Charlotte please tell me how I can help,  whatever it is I can help you with.”  I have Never in my entire life seen anything or anyone like them.  What a blessing they are to our Faithful and our community!

So you may ask me,  what does this have to do with today on Liberty Ave?  Listen everyone out there— and See them!   A perfect example of how to live your lives.  Do not be afraid to join in on God’s undertakings, that encompasses what the 40 Days are, an undertaking of a Big Plan brought to us from Our Lord.   And you know the more we are there,  the more we pray… who exactly knows what is happening in the spiritual realm.  What is happening that we do not see, but is in the scheme of God’s major plan for us and Our people and Our country and Our world!

Beth 9am-11am

What a wonderful group!  Lisa H. kept me company until Fr. John and Connie arrived.  Then Father Jeremy, Ken, and Mike prayed for those entering, few couples and one or two women.  It was rain and grey skies, which always come right before the sun.  So we won’t be discouraged in any way.  Our signs and equipment are getting old and so are we but yes, we’re still at it. 

Rosalina and Francis 11am-1pm

Our  shift was quiet…A girl came out of PP and said she thought that what we were doing was not right, “PP does a lot of good and that they helped her sister that had cancer.”
 A new girl with us walked all the way from Oakland to be there!

Nancy 1pm-3pm

It poured rain, so we thanked God that it was not cold. Nothing really remarkable happened other than 5 extra people came to pray at PP so that a shift manager would not be alone!! Praise the Lord for this wonderful pro-life group of people.  A new person -Kim- came to pray and said she will be back.  Nancy G

Our Damp, but Happy afternoon group!
Our Damp, but Happy afternoon   group!

Jeannie 3pm-5pm

It was a drizzly “cleansing” afternoon on the sidewalk today.   Even our little model babies got a bath! 

I relieved Nancy and was “blessed among MEN” for the first hour as John, Bill and Ron stood and prayed with me.

 Later came the students– I am still delighted to see the faces of children looking at those models.   One little boy was fully amazed when I told him that he was that size once — he said, “no way- my mom said I was always Big!”…   There was some kind of need for emergency vehicle nearer into the city on Liberty.  I hadn’t heard the wail of sirens for awhile— 2 ambulances, 2 fire trucks—it really echoes off the buildings!   As I prayed for those being helped by these first responders I thought we are a little  like firemen— our commitment to save every life we can, our determination to keep trying, our exposure to danger and anger…..LIFE is so very precious that firefighters and EMTs will risk their own lives to run into a dangerous situation to ensure that everyone who can possible be saved, is.   Keep on my fellow first responders— LIFE is worth it.   Lisa McCann (best Hug-giver in Pittsburgh) and Rick relieved me— and I floated along back to my car.  

 With a joyful, if damp, heart – Jeannie

Lisa 5pm-7pm

 With joy I welcomed hearing this morning that my dear friend Johanna, a sister Catholic Daughter, would not let me stand alone in the 5-7 shift this evening.  I invite everyone that I speak to about our pro-life efforts, to join the 40 Days for Life vigil.  I leave an open invitation to them to meet me where I leave from for my Tuesday evening shifts or let them know that any time they can join in, any day of the week, 7 to 7,  7 days of the week.  You will always find someone there to welcome you to the Vigil.  I was very happy to bring with me this evening a new prayer warrior, Rich.  As it turns out Rich is a life long friend of the Bruni brothers.  Rich took up the far corner in front of 933 Liberty Avenue like an old pro.  His prayerful presence was very welcome to us two ladies. 

The Power of One - standing sentinel - Rich member of Holy Wisdom, St. John XXIII
The Power of One – standing sentinel – Rich member of Holy Wisdom, St. John XXIII

We had a relatively peaceful shift with Rich reporting a few unpleasant encounters.  Johanna and I experienced smiles and thank-you’s.  The weather cooperated, for the most part with only a slight drizzle – that did not dampen our spirits.

Consider Yourself Blessed!

Today Fr. Jason Charron blessed the 40 Days For Life 2017 Spring campaign! He offered a blessing upon each of us present  and upon everyone participating in 40 Days for Life who could not attend today. So, even if you could not be there, Consider Yourself Blessed!

Fr. Jason Charron

Blessing upon us

His reflections afterwards reminded us that we are in a Spiritual Battle for Life. He said that humans don’t kill innocent humans, it is humans under the influence of evil that kill. He recommended that each shift begin with the Sign of the Cross and if you have Holy Water, try to remember to bring that also!

The 11am Mass Fr. Jason offered at his parish, Holy Trinity Ukranian Catholic Church, also had many intentions for our 40 Days For Life campaign included in the regular Sunday Liturgy and the parishoners are participating as one of the Church groups signed up for a 4 hour shift…We would like to thank them for hosting us today!!

…See ya on the sidewalk! Sue



Day 35: Sidewalk Advocates, Byzantine Catholics and Catholic Daughter of America!

OK everyone, we are in the home stretch!! Only 1 hour is empty on Wednesday from 6-7pm!

We have shifts open on Thursday  from 11-1pm and 3-5pm! Let’s finish strong!!!

We will gather at PP this Sunday 11/6 at 6:30pm for our closing rally followed by a scrumptious potluck at Catholic Charities, all are welcome!

To become saints means to fulfill completely what we already are….God’s adopted children in Christ Jesus! Whenever I go to the sidewalk, I always feel that I am surrounded by saints! The first verse of the Methodist hymn sums it up perfectly…we are singing the resurrection song by offering HOPE on the sidewalk. Death and Sorrow are EARTH’s dark story, we will awake to EVERLASTING peace!

Sing with All the Saints in Glory

  Sing with all the saints in glory,
sing the resurrection song!
Death and sorrow, earth’s dark story,
to the former days belong.
All around the clouds are breaking,
soon the storms of time shall cease;
in God’s likeness we, awaking,
know the everlasting peace.

Today, I heard that the word Martyr actually means WITNESS…maybe everyone who has witnessed during this 40 days are not the kind of martyrs who die physically, but martyrs who have died to self, to emotions and to comforts. Thank you for the  sacrifices you have made, Rejoice and be GLad, for your reward will be great in heaven!

Charlene 7am-9am

Despite students walking around in shorts and tee- shirts, it was not summer on the sidewalk. We continued our layers. Al, Sally, Dick and I were not joined by any churches. It is not a problem for those of us praying but I do wonder the impression it makes on PP and those passing. How really into the “battle” are we? We pray in church every week for an end to abortion… is it that hard to stand and be counted in public? Maybe it is…I guess that is for each one and God to know. For Ann Marie it made perfect sense. Heading to NYC to visit family, she had an hour to wait for her bus and decided the best way to wait was “just show up” on the sidewalk and pray. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if more just “showed up” and prayed on their way thru? Charlene


Ann Marie and Al


Dick and Sally

Beth 9am-11am

Welcome first-time 40 Days-er, Linda who joined a great group of regulars: Lisa, Georgette, and John on the sidewalk today.  A few couples, but it seemed a little slower than the usual Tuesday.  More friendly faces than otherwise, so thank you God for fine weather and wonderful friends!


 Nikki 11am-1pm


Beth and friend from her church, St. Elizabeth in Mt. Pleasant


John, Lisa and friend

I had plenty of company on the sidewalk today!  It was wonderful to see so many faithful people taking time out to witness for the sanctity of life!  Two ladies from St. Catherine came  on their own, even though their church hadn’t signed up.  They handed out literature and did a great job of it!


 St. Catherine ladies from Beechview who came on their own

Deacon Paul, of the Byzantine Catholics handed out candy from the bin to children who passed by.  Some of us greeted passersby, distributed literature and prayed.  It was a blessing for all of us to be used by God today to be a sign that all lives created by God are precious.


Deacon Paul and Fr. Jay lead their group of Byzantine Catholics

Thanks to everyone for hanging in there through these 35 days!  We are almost there!


Nancy 1pm-3pm

 In addition to the deacon and priest and parishioners from the Byzantine Catholic Church from Dubois (who were there praying and singing prolife prayers),  the prolife club from Aquinas Academy arrived, brought by their leader Joe Austin.  They sang and prayed.


Then Sue and Sandy arrived to pray as well as Bill before the shift ended.   Jeannie arrived for the 3-5 shift with her two sisters.  It was a very joyful and prayerful time for all.  Nancy G

Jeanne 3pm-5pm

At mass today, I heard that we are all called to be saints.
On this blessed feast of all Saints, I reflect on the reality that the Saints came marching in to the sidewalk today.

I was prepared to be alone, and was comfortable with that situation. My two lovely sisters decided they would come and pray with me.


Sisters Jeannie, Annie and Claire!

img_3578Even John M. joined the crowd. What a great turnout for a shift that was supposed to be super quiet.

 We arrive to the sidewalk to find Fr. James from Punxsutawney, and Sandy from Steubenville and Sue who answered the call to be there for the afternoon. And then Came even more Saints – – the Gallaghers from Saint Philip in Crafton joined us for the duration of my shift, and were a welcome addition to the prayer team.

img_3580St phillips in crafton gang

Don from moon had a meeting cancelled and decided to be with me s as well. I’ve had far fewer folks when we had a full schedule! Never doubt the power or Our God! We had several people thank us for being there, and very little opposition to our peace filled and prayerful message. A few kids from Kappa stopped by and we were happy to give them some of the 12 week models of the precious one.In all, it was an absolutely lovely all Saints Day with all the Pittsburgh Saints on the Sidewalk! Blessings to all, Jeannie

img_3575Annie, Sue, Don , Fr James, Claire

Lisa 5pm-7pm

It was such a lovely evening tonight.  We received so many life affirming comments that it definitely made up for the unpleasant ones.  We were especially filled with joy with the woman who pulled up along side of us in her vehicle with words of encouragement and she was able to stay while we prayed an Our Father with her.

I was surprised by the little old man that goes in and out of the bar next door on a daily (evening) basis.  He has never  made any comments to me before.  I always see him leave and then he returns within the hour.  On his return trip tonight, he went into Planned Parenthood.  We thought he was confused about the door he was going into and upon his exit a few minutes later we offered him assistance finding “his” door.  To our surprise he said he meant to go into PP because he wanted to give them a donation and that we needed to “Just Stop”.  We were taken aback to say the least! but then we just included him in our prayers.

Another busy evening of people (employees) going into PP this and then they had a pizza delivery.  It is hard for me sometimes to fathom how life as usual continues with the workers.  It appears they need to continue training new employees so maybe we have changed some hearts of some employees and they are finding other – any other -employment.

I thank all the people that came and stood with me tonight.  We had a few “extras” that I was not counting on.  Praise the Lord for all of you.

Pictured is a few fellow members of the Catholic Daughters of the Americas that I know I can always count on to stand witness with me when nobody else had signed up.


Pictured are John and his wife Donna.  Donna is a member of Ct. St. Rene out of Monroeville, faithful Johanna from Ct. Allegheny, North Side who has stood with me every week and Donna who is a fellow member of my Court, Ct. Westinghouse, Turtle Creek.

Blessings, Lisa

Day 28: Elk County Right to Life (St. Mary PA) and Hosanna Church (Bellevue)

We have one empty hour on Wednesday from 2-3pm…And on Thursday there is no one signed up from 7-9am and 3-7pm! Please come and pray if you can!


Here is part of St. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians from yesterday:

Let no one deceive you with empty arguments, for because of these things the wrath of God is coming upon the disobedient. So do not be associated with them.

Sounds like St Paul was having similar “problems” as we do today!  2000 years later, the devil is still trying his best to deceive us with empty arguments! But our modern society literally has information at our fingertips, doesn’t it seem that we should not be easily deceived?

We have ultrasound pictures….We have fetal models…we know a baby has a heartbeat at 21 days.  We are talking about human beings…so All arguments for abortion are EMPTY. But, still, women seeking abortion are blinded to the truth by these empty arguments or maybe blinded to the truth by their circumstances. So WE stand to counter the empty arguments, to offer the truth and hope and light!

Paul’s letter goes on to say: For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light. Try to learn what is pleasing to the Lord. Take no part in the fruitless works of darkness; rather expose them.

That is part of what we try to do on the sidewalk, expose the truth and bring it to LIGHT…Since the building is not well marked, many people passing by do not know that pp occupies the building. If I get a chance to briefly engage someone walking past, sometimes the only thing I say is that this is PP and over 3000 babies lost their lives here in 2015. I think the number is shocking to most people and maybe next time they pass by they will recognize the truth of what happens here.

Therefore, it says: “Awake, O sleeper and arise from the dead, and Christ will give you Light”

Kinda like being a pumpkin! A lady recently being baptized said this about what it’s like to be a Christian:

“It’s like being a pumpkin:
God picks you from the patch, brings you in, and washes all the dirt off you may have gotten from the other pumpkins.
Then he cuts the top off and scoops out all the yucky stuff.
He removes the seeds of doubt, hate, greed, etc.
Then He carves you a new smiling face and puts His light inside of you to shine for all the world to see.”


So let us keep going for the next 2 weeks of this campaign, to stand in opposition to the EMPTY arguments and offer the TRUTH!

Charlene 7am-9am…brrrr!

It was cold this morning but I understand it was colder yesterday! We did not have a church with us but our faithful Tuesday Warrior group…Al, Sally, Dick, Jackie, and I were there. We did not take our pictures since we have been on the blog many times. We decided to take a picture of why we are there…the babies!!!


It seemed like 4-5 “customers” went in even before 9 today. Jackie got one girls attention and she seemed open but went inside. We said a prayer for her. I have been praying for one of the workers that seemed out of place among the other workers…I pray the Lord will guide her out of PP.

On another note, we need prayers for Sally who has Lyme disease and the medicine is making her sick. We also know that Lyme makes you very fatigued. Let’s pray she recuperates like I did.

Lastly…the blue sign was still across the street when I left. I love it there where it can be seen from PP window! Charlene

Beth 9am-11am

Although the wind was cold, the loving warmth of people who came to pray kept us going this morning.  Steve, Denise, Bill and Lisa were on hand when the “Fantastic Five” from Elk County arrived, dressed for winter.  Laurey K., Janet W., Gretchen M., Mary M., and Mary R. from the Sacred Heart-St. Mary’s parish traveled 2 1/2 hours to help us all end abortion,  they come every year! Such wonderful sacrifice surely will not go unnoticed.  Around 9 a.m. three physician-type women entered as we said a prayer for them.  Today saw lots of employees and some clients.  The big new signs are great; you never know who will see the phone numbers for pregnancy help and avoid the saddest “procedure” imaginable.


Nikki 11am-1pm

It seemed to be a very sad, somber atmosphere at PP today.  It was sunny, although chilly…and the inspiring witness of the five ladies from Elk County Right to life helped to encourage me!  However, we got few positive comments from passersby, and a few negatives.  Most just ignored, stared straight ahead and walked right by us.  One Uber driver dropped off a woman who looked to be about 5 months pregnant.  She would not take any information from me, but the Uber driver (a woman) did stop to talk through her open car window.  She wanted to know how many children I had adopted.  When I told her “two”, she was not quite as self-righteous as she had begun, and we had a nice conversation.  She was concerned about all the babies that are abused and thought that abortion is necessary…but she seemed open to my arguments that we don’t get to “play God” and decide who is going to live and who is going to die.  She seemed to agree with many of my points, and we left it with a mutual respect for each other.

A few “dads” came out and went back in.  I prayed for all the children that were killed inside that place today.  No one really talked, we were all silent…witnessing with our signs, and praying from our hearts privately.  It was a small suffering, but one that I willingly offered for the babies that were being killed within feet from where I was praying…as I was praying they were losing their lives.  I asked them to please pray from Heaven for the closing of Planned Parenthood and for an end to legalized abortion.



I had the great honor of sharing the sidewalk with five dedicated sisters in the Lord from Elk County! These wonderful ladies drive three hours each way and take a four hour shift on the sidewalk! Thank you so much for your prayer for witness today!

Dom is a young man who stopped to ask what our purpose was for being there. He thought maybe we were there to promote abortion and was very happy to hear that we were there to try to stop abortion. He was an African-American young man and had some questions as to how Planned Parenthood started. I told him about their founder, Margaret Sanger, about her eugenics and about the real reason that Planned Parenthood began. He was very interested and thankful for the information and said he would research it further on his own. He ended by giving me this flyer, he is trying to start a cleaning business and would appreciate it if we got the word out. So here is his information if anyone needs cleaning services in the Pittsburgh area, feel free to give him a call.


My friend Joan from Saint Joseph and Verona came with me for my shift today, pictured with sidewalk advocate Lisa

Jim 1pm-3pm

Our shift went well. A woman who seemed to be in her 30’s asked if she could talk to me. She told me she was a Christian and was against abortion , but not in the case of rape or incest. I explained to her how I felt the same years ago, but that I then believed that if you were against abortion you had to be against all abortions in every case. I then told her that I had seen a case where a woman was raped and her husband and herself really were angry and did not want to have the baby, but did. Years later they were so happy with their decision and told about it on the 700 Club. I told her also that any baby that is conceived was meant to be born by God. She then stated that some of these babies are then born into drug cultures and that wasn’t good, but I told her that God could use these babies in a way that would help society and its not our decision, but God’s. She also told me that she had a young teenage daughter who was very attractive and the boys kind of flocked towards her. She was worried about that and was thinking of putting her daughter on the pill. I told her that was basically giving her a direct license to have relations and told her to stress abstinence. She was very nice and I told her in ending that with her concerns to always remember, all things are possible with God. Talked with a homeless person also. Ladies from St Mary’s Pa were like family and thanks to Jeannie for relieving me 15 minutes early. God bless, Jim

Jeanne 3pm-5pm-Babies, babies, babies

It was a chilly and quiet afternoon at PP.  I was joined by JOE and DOUG from Hosanna Church , who just came from “rescuing” a women with a flat tire on route 28.  True Guardian Angels were they.

We continue to have a lot of positive reinforcement on the sidewalk— not one negative comment today!  I even got a compliment on a new baby photo from someone waiting in the bus line…  These folks line up 4 times per afternoon and wait in silence for charter busses to Chippewa/Beaver Falls.  They do their best to ignore us, but TODAY a lovely young woman stopped to say that the baby picture I was wearing on  my back was “especially cute”.   She said “I haven’t seen that one!”

Sooo- if you ever think people don’t notice us—you are WRONG.  They do!   Keep up the great work-


img_3556new baby picture (Lisa) and Hank

img_3557Our little 12 week precious babies are BACK!  I handed one to a teenager who had asked to take a photo of the fetal models we have displayed—she was thrilled!

Lisa 5pm-7pm

Birthdays.  How nice they are to celebrate.  I am a member of a large family.  October is the biggest month for my family’s birthdays.  I celebrated mine last week, and today we celebrate my loving husband’s.  I am very blessed to have my large family.  Which in turn makes me even more aware of the loss that goes on behind the doors of 933 Liberty Avenue.  What a sad loss to the baby’s parents, grandparents, siblings, cousins, the world.

Several young women went into PP this evening and did not come back out before the evening shift was over.  It made me wonder if they were new employees in training.  We must pray that they realize behind those doors is NOT where they want to work.

Tonight I was blessed to have 4 handsome men that the Holy Spirit strengthens to publicly proclaim their faith in our Lord and Savior.  Also, my friends Donna and Johanna.


In witness from Hosanna church in Bellevue we had Doug S and James J. (brother-in-law of each other)  Doug’s father was there earlier in the day.


Thank you Lord for the strength to stand witness for the babies and you another day.



Day 21: St. John United Evangelical Protestant (Burry’s Church-Rochester), St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church (Moon Twp), Park Baptist Church (McKessport)

We have some hours that need to be filled on Wednesday, otherwise our dear shift manager will be standing alone!  They are:   Wednesday 7am-9am,  3pm-4pm and  6pm-7pm!

So we are into the second half of this UNITED campaign and just in case you don’t get updates from the National 40 Days for Life, here is a great update….

“Since this 40 Days for Life campaign started on September 28 … we now have received reports of 264 babies whose moms chose life at the last minute — that we know of!”

WOW!!! That blew me away, cause I think all of you would say that you would be willing to stand out there for just ONE life! But, 264 lives (Plus the Mom’s!), that seems abundant! Today’s reading from Luke, says “The harvest is abundant but the laborers are few; so ask the master of the harvest to send out laborers for his harvest”.

canstockphoto3828704_compHere are the updates from today:

Charlene 7am-9am

On Sunday, Fr. CHRIS Stubna, St. Paul’s Cathedral, asked the question, ” Have you ever felt like throwing in the towel?” I’m sure in our personal lives, there may have been times when we were close, but here on the sidewalk, it’s a question we are faced with regularly. Passers-by will say,” Are you still here?” And we ourselves may fell tired and hopeless. But then God brings Al and Sally to the sidewalk and we are re-energized. Persistence and perserverence were the topics this weekend…and as Fr. CHRIS said,” along with these has to be Hopefullness…God expects Christians to be hopeful.”

And that’s why we are on the sidewalk, Charlene


Sally and Pastor Win



an attempted selfie of Dick and I
an attempted selfie of Dick and I


Beth and Rose 9am-11am

It is baffling how the woman who delivered the sheet cake this morning (I assume PP is celebrating” it’s 100 birthday) can then go to work there on an abortion day.  Lots of people today, clients and staff.

Faithful Al  and Sally were there as were Rev. Win, Steve and Denise from St. Joe’s Coraopolis, and Lisa H and myself.  Bill H stopped by.  

A few things: Not long after I began my shift, a young woman came out crying and said that she was going to keep “it” but took no help, just kept going and crying. Also, Lisa talked to a zip car driver who dropped off two young women.  He told Lisa that he tried to warn them about “going in there.”  Lisa had approached the girls but they just continued inside PP.  The cabdriver took literature and who knows what his next customer will need?       God bless and just keep going, Beth


Nikki 11am-1pm


Waste removal truck arrived today to transport the bodies of the babies that were aborted. They are in the boxes on the right in the back of the truck

As I drove past PP on my way to park my car, before beginning my shift, I was touched to see someone kneeling prostrate on the sidewalk in prayer.  I snapped a quick photo from my car.  It turns out it was Pastor Win from St. John United Evangelical Protestant (Burry’s Church), who had been there since 7am.  It was good to see him and talk to him for a few minutes before he left at 11.


Pastor Win


Pastor Win “Up-Close”

Right after he left, the crew from St. Margaret Mary Church in Moon Township arrived, right on schedule.  Fr. Frank arrived right after them.  It was so good to see my old pastor, who helped me so much in my faith!


Fr. Frank and crew from St. Margaret Mary

We all prayed together and I tried to be on the look out to pass out pro life alternative information to abortion bound women.  One young woman with long dark hair and bright pink hat, shirt and shoes went in, but refused the information.  Pat was there for his sidewalk advocate shift, and he also tried to talk to her when she came out a few minutes later for a cigarette.  She went back in.  We continued to pray.  At one point during our prayer, Fr. Frank and I were on our knees and a man escorted a young woman (probably his daughter) through the doors.  I told Fr. Frank after we were done praying that I wonder if the sight of a priest on his knees may have touched the conscience of that man.  (I did see them leave about half an hour later…too soon to have had an abortion.)  After about an hour, Fr. Frank left but a SECOND priest from St. Margaret Mary arrived!  Fr. Shawn was a blessing to pray with!


Fr. Shawn and crew from St. Margaret Mary

While he was with us the same young woman with black hair came back out and was taking pictures of the fetal model display.  I went over to talk to her.  This time she was open to conversation.  She explained that she was taking the pictures to send to her boyfriend, to try to convince him to let her keep the baby. He was adamant that she had to have an abortion.  She also explained that her parents, his parents and the entire family were against her, and that they all said she had to have the abortion.  She did not want to do it, but is on methadone and was afraid of having an addicted baby, and also didn’t know where she would stay if she kept the baby, or who would help her.  I explained to her that we could help her find housing, told her about Genesis house and Women’s Choice Network.  I think she may have left with me, but she said she couldn’t because her brother was inside the clinic, and he would be angry if she told him she was leaving.  Sadly, she went back in.  She did give me her phone number, and I gave her mine.  I texted her, encouraging her to come back out and talk to the priest (She said she is Catholic), but I had to leave after that, so I do not know if she ever came back out.  Please pray for “A”.

As Beth said in her blog yesterday, “God is in control!  God is in control!  God is in control!”  let’s make that our mantra!  Things like this can be so sad and discouraging, but God IS in control

Nancy 1pm-3pm

The group that was there during Nikki’s shift continued praying and singing during the 1-3pm shift as well!  Nancy

Jeannie 3pm-5pm

It was fairly quiet day on this beautiful afternoon from 3 to 5.  I was joined on the sidewalk by my favorite Baptists Bill and Bill from McKeesport and White Oak. Bill from white oak has a phenomenal story of being raised in an orphanage and himself becoming a foster parent. What a real witness to God’s love for each one of us. White Oak Bill has quite a way on the sidewalk — he was able to pass out many of his pamphlets inviting women to accept a rose from him.
I think Planned Parenthood was having some kind of a board meeting as many white well-dressed people were entering just before 4 o’clock. I was so very glad to be there with my “women need support not abortion ” sign when they passed by. We prayed in earnest that their hearts would be open to our message.

I was standing out directly in front of Planned Parenthood in the street and a young woman who was waiting to cross the street asked me how many children I had — I told her I was a single mom and had one child here and one in heaven. I asked her if she had children. She looked at me directly and said “No- I killed my children.  I was an addict.”   Wow there was such pain on her face I consider this exchange the first step in healing for her. I reached out and told her things would be better and I offered resources, congratulating her for getting off drugs. Don’t let anyone tell you ever that abortion is a simple procedure. That sweet young woman carries the abortion of her children and her heart.  I fully expect she will stop back and except our comfort in the days to come.

fullsizerenderLiberty for Whom?

One of those I had tagged as a PP board member exited just before I left .  I was still wearing my women need support sign and handing out my little yellow cards. I stepped forward and offered him one and he said “no thanks I’m good ” but gave me a smile. It made me think of Abby Johnson and the kindness of the 40 days for LIFE folks who loved her back to LIFE!
Grateful for the companionship and prayers of my two Bills, I passed the sidewalk and our intentions off to Lisa.

Lisa 5pm-7pm

This morning’s gospel from St. Luke read….The harvest is abundant but the laborers are few. Not so for us this evening. Especially since the Lord sent me Bills!  There were two gentlemen, both named Bill that had been there prayerfully witnessing since the previous shift coming in from McKeesport and White Oak.  These Bills were very good at handing out material.  Then  Bill H. stopped by and told us how proud he was earlier today when he came by and witnessed and that his son was with him; how proud he was that Bill H, and Bill H (son) both signed in. David and Jim also came to be with us.  I thank God for my dear friend Johanna who has been with me every Tuesday shift so far.  She is a beautiful lady that can easily engage many in thoughtful conversation.  Unfortunately, during our lovely evening we witnessed a beautiful young woman come out of Planned Parenthood violently ill.  It appeared that the ride/uber that pulled up for her refused to take her as she continued to be ill.  She then went back inside before we could offer any assistance. We need to pray for this young woman.

20161018_180329-640x360In this evening’s photograph are, Johanna, Bill, David, Bill and Jim