Thank you, Sunday Pray-ers!

A huge thank you to the dozen wonderful people who braved the cold this morning to pray for our littlest brothers and sisters in Christ!  The group included a dedicated young woman who came after working the night shift at a hospital and two small prayer warriors who came with their parents.

I have to admit that I was dreading standing out in the weather today, but the title of the daily devotional really encouraged me before I went:  “God will use your sacrifice.”  To all of you who have prayed through this campaign and brought the light (and warmth) of God to that place of darkness, thank you for allowing God to use your sacrifice to do great things for all of His children!

Thank you to the beautiful group from St. Regis in Trafford, PA!  They kept a strong presence at the vigil all morning, joined by the faithful Sunday “Regulars.”

Please pray for “Sy” and an Iraq veteran who both stopped to express opposing views.  They were more or less respectful, but misguided.  May God bless us all with an awareness of the sacredness of human life and of His sovereignty over it.  Thank you again for allowing God to use you to build that awareness!

“Pictures” of Sunday morning

I’m so sorry–for the second week in a row, I did not have a camera with me at the Sunday morning vigil.  I missed such great opportunities for pictures that I’m going to try to describe them instead:

“Photo” #1:  Al and Sally faithfully praying in the dark as I drove up to Planned Parenthood to start the shift at 7 AM.  In addition to holding down several four-hour shifts of their own throughout the week, they come every Sunday morning so that I won’t be standing alone on a dark, deserted city street.  The incredible pro-life service they give all year round, year after year, is truly an inspiration and a blessing.  When they are called home to Heaven many years from now, there will be a standing ovation as they walk through the Pearly Gates!

“Photo” #2:  New friend Mary, who stood and prayed with me for the entire four-hour shift!  I’m so grateful to her for her sacrifice and service, both for the unborn and for myself.

“Photo” #3:  Dear Pat, who prays and witnesses fervently at every Sunday vigil.  If we each had just a fraction of her passion and zeal, abortion would end here and now.

“Photo” #4:  Sweet little sparrows that hop around the sidewalk from time to time.  They make me think of Jesus’ words:  “Are not five sparrows sold for two small coins?  Yet not one of them has escaped the notice of God.  Even the hairs of your head have all been counted. Do not be afraid. You are worth more than many sparrows.”  (Luke 12:6-7) Although we will never meet them here on earth, our God knows and loves every precious child who has been murdered in that dark place.  And he knows and loves us, noticing what we’re doing for the least of his brothers even on days when no one else seems to.

“Photo” #5:  A rosary hanging in the crook of the little tree growing outside Planned Parenthood.  I don’t know if someone put it there because it was accidently left on the sidewalk by a devoted prayer warrior, or if it was put there purposely.  But it was comforting to think of it being there even when we are not, as if the prayers continue after we’re gone.

“Photo” #6:  A sea of black and gold jerseys as people streamed into the city for today’s football game…starting very early this morning!  Can you imagine what would happen if as many people got as passionate about defending life as do about the Steelers???  Let’s pray for the Holy Spirit to ignite thousands of hearts to be “fans” of the unborn, of women in crisis, and of all our most vulnerable brothers and sisters!



Busy Sunday morning!

Day 33

Sunday morning, downtown Pittsburgh is usually quiet and empty. Nikki has kindly been recruiting vigil participants to come and pray during my shift so that I won’t be standing there alone while the city is virtually deserted. Today, a wonderful group of people answered the call! We had a great turnout, including nine children (one preborn!)
Then, a providential surprise–the annual MS walk came streaming down Liberty Avenue! We were able to witness to hundreds if not thousands of people who were there for that worthy cause. As you might expect, reactions ran the gamut from encouraging to angry. But how great that God arranged for such a large group of us to be praying when we had so many watching!

Thanks to everyone who came out early this morning to pray for an end to the horrors of abortion.  Your presence was so appreciated and so powerful.  The highlight of this morning’s vigil was once again the faithful witness of beautiful children, this time six of the wonderful Vanguras.  What a beautiful pro-life statement this family makes just by standing there! 

Two African-American men stopped this morning to share their stories with us.  One said that he tried unsuccessfully to convince his girlfriend not to have an abortion twenty years ago, and he is still mourning that child today.  Another recounted how his then-sixteen-year-old sister became pregnant and wanted to have an abortion.  However, his faithful family convinced her that it would be wrong.  The precious baby born to his sister just graduated high school with a 4.0 average and was accepted to Spellman College on a full scholarship!

Sunday Mornings

There are no dramatic stories to report from the last three cold, quiet Sunday mornings–unless you count the fact that wonderful people have chosen to spend Sunday morning praying on a sidewalk instead of sleeping in or sitting at home with a cup of hot coffee and the newspaper! Parishoners from St. Killian’s, Madonna del Castillo, and Assumption parishes have kept the vigil going on these mornings, along with other faithful souls who frequently pray there. A special thanks to Al and Sally Brunn who are always there before sunrise–it’s so comforting to see you there already when I arrive! Another special thanks to the three children who came for the “second shift” today–we were so encouraged to see you standing up for our littlest brothers and sisters!