Day 11: Thanks to Bellvue Knights of Columbus, Ascension Holy Name Society (Jeanette), Guardians for Life, St. Paul of the Cross Parish, Assumption, Our Lady of Grace and Our Lady of the Lake



I have the privilege of using a chapel at a neighborhood church for a few hours each week. Last week, as I was leaving the chapel, the doorknob fell off in my hand. I examined the parts and could not see where the problem was — the parts all seemed sound and the screws holding the knob in place were not missing. As I pondered the situation, additional chapel visitors came in. Luckily, one was a skilled craftsman who took a look at the parts I held. After examining the situation, he explained that the door knob was not fixable! He showed me how the steel bar which runs through the door had sheared in two, and suggested that the only solution was a replacement. It turns out that the explanation was an astonishing, yet simple one. Visitors to the chapel WORE THE DOOR KNOB OUT !!!! . None of us did it independently, and no one realized what we were capable of, but day after day, visitor after visitor the quarter turn on the chapel doorknob ultimately broke down the steel of the mechanism. TALK ABOUT THE POWER OF PRAYER! Each turn of that doorknob meant someone was coming to pray with Jesus, someone was taking time out of a busy schedule to be a part of the worship of the Savior of the World. So– in reality although the doorknob finally failed as I was using the chapel, every one of us who have entered the chapel is guilty of breaking the doorknob! Our prayer cut through STEEL.


Today on the sidewalk, you will hear the remarkable, fantastic, glorious SAVE of a baby. This miracle was accomplished this morning, as one of our Sidewalk Advocates greeted a woman headed to the PP clinic. This morning, one woman chose LIFE for her child. This morning, the heart of our pro-life effort was full. But, like the doorknob, it was not just our sidewalk advocate Sue who is responsible for this wonderful event. It is the culmination of the prayers, sacrifices, fasting, teamwork, and advocacy of EVERY ONE OF THE Pittsburgh 40 Days for Life Team. This SAVE IS YOUR SAVE——- You DID IT!!! Certainly, Sue was in the right place at the right time. But we know that is not the whole story — prayer warriors were on the sidewalk with her, others were in homes or cars praying, others in convents and rectories. Some people involved had a 40 Days for Life yard sign displayed, or were simply wearing a 40 Days T-Shirt or a PRAY TO END ABORTION button on their jackets. Some responsible people can be found because they have a pro-life bumper sticker on their car! You see, just as every one of the prayer warriors entering my church chapel BROKE the doorknob, IF YOU ARE READING THIS BLOG, you SAVED A BABY TODAY! with love and HOPE- Jeannie

Guardians for Life and St. Anne’s prayer warriors start the day

7-9am Shift Manager Tim Reports: It was a brisk & blessed morning as we had prayer warriors on both sides of the PP entrance. Father Tim and the Guardians for Life and the Bellevue Knights of Columbus led the prayers.

9-11am Sidewalk Advocate Sue Reports:

God saved a precious baby today from abortion!!!!!  PRAISE HIM!!!  And I am so very thankful He allowed me and all praying today to be on the sidewalk today to witness to it!  A lady changed her mind.  A huge THANK YOU to the many prayer warriors from the Guardians for Life, Assumption, Our Lady of Grace, Our Lady of the Lake in Edinboro, PA, Ascension and other Jeannette parishes, St. Paul of the Cross, Sidewalk Advocates for Life, and also including a young family of four with two adorable children.  A steady flow of folks did enter PP today, and we prayed for each one entering and exiting.  I can remember only one negative reaction today from a passerby, who spit on the sidewalk in front of some folks.  But because of the saved baby, joy prevailed among the praying folks.

The witness to the decision today for Life was astounding; I’m finding it difficult to put into words the joy I’m feeling about this.  Please pray for the lady who chose life today and her baby, and for everyone who entered PP today:  clients and workers.  And please NEVER EVER think that your prayer and witness is ever in vain!!

11am-1pm Shift Manager Dean Reports: Not much happened during the time I was down there.  I handed out some cards.  There seemed to be a larger than usual amount of traffic going into PP.  Basically, it was a pretty quiet afternoon.  

1-3pm Shift Manager Kathy Reports: 2 hours went by quickly! Shift buddy Anthony, went behind PP and verified there is a back door. A passerby stopped to talk, “ Its murder pure and simple” he reflected sadly. First timer, Stacy, engaged with Kevin as he stopped , ”The embryonic state is our first encounter with heaven and creation.” 3 girls came out of PP at intervals, & 2 took information. We passed out many cards and Anthony observed: “We will never know how many babies are saved by these because they have resources!”

Anthony, Bill and Knight Ted Join the Vigil
(Not pictured: Stacy from Peters Creek Baptist)

3-5pm Shift Manager Katie Reports: When I first arrived, Kathy stayed with me for a while until Jim from the Knights of Columbus showed up, as well as another individual named Jim who I’m told lives around there and comes down often. We witnessed Kathy be a wonderful advocate for life by explaining fetal development and birth control to two young girls who were curious about the display model. Charlie from the Knights of Columbus then came, as well as Bill, Jeff, and later Billy. We received a few negative comments, such as an individual telling us that abortion is “already a settled law” (as if that makes it moral), and two younger girls telling us that what we were doing is “messed up,” and then walked back the other direction and recorded us. Other than a few negative encounters, the evening was fairly calm without many comments, positive or negative, from anyone. 

5-7 Shift by Jeff and Billy…Billy writes:

I was the last shift with Jeff, today Katie stayed later because I was running a little late. Charlie also was with me this evening. There was a lot of traffic and people passing us by. During the shift we mostly got a lot of looks by passersby, but not a lot of conversations were engaged with us. We all prayed for a short bit and then Tom came to grab the gear!

Katie, Billy and Charlie, along with Jeff closed out the vigil today.

Day 4: Thanks to Choices Mobile Sonogram Unit, St. Sebastian, St. Peter, Log Church, St. Elizabeth, and Individual Volunteers


I often think of this line when I see a young woman pregnant for the first time, headed for Planned Parenthood. So much of American advertising uses this philosophy– We don’t want to be left out, to be the only ones that don’t know about something, to be “that guy” who is out of the loop. I always wonder if a woman who is headed for abortion could get a little glimpse of what her own motherhood would be like …… would she be able to have an idea of WHAT SHE MIGHT BE MISSING? What if we could let her know the incredible feeling of holding an infant close to you and snuggling with that baby-soft newborn bald head? What if we could explain the feeling you get when your kindergartner scribbles out a Valentine to Mom in that crumbly crayon printing? What if we could explain that motherhood is the TOUGHEST and BEST job in the world, and that the bond with your child only gets deeper over time? What if we could tell her WHAT SHE IS MISSING? Those of us who have been blessed to be mothers know that it is truly a struggle at times — it is sometimes heart-wrenching and even painful. Still, since the beginning of time and until today the bond between and mother and child is irrefutably the STRONGEST ON EARTH. Truly, if a woman headed for abortion knew WHAT SHE WAS MISSING, she would certainly not want to miss it. Our presence on the sidewalk insures that at least a few women each year get to imagine what they might be missing and CHOOSE LIFE!!

Shift Manager Reports from today:

Jill and Betsy with the Mobile Sonogram Unit

7-9 am Shift Manager Virginia reports:

The 7-9 AM shift 9/28 found no PP escorts and very light foot traffic and street traffic as well. PRAISE GOD! The Mobile Sonogram unit arrived at about 7:20 am, and almost immediately a young couple entered the unit which was sitting on the side of the August Wilson Center. They were in the unit for about an hour, which is great news. They exited and were still outside when I left. Shortly after they came out, Joe escorted another patient, a young gal that was headed to PP into the mobile unit. She was still in the unit when our shift ended. Thanks be to God for the mobile unit.
A loyal group from St Elizabeth’s joined in the praying and Sidewalk Advocate Sue came to do the next shift.

Shift Manager Sue with Linda & Vince from St. Sebastian and Mary Grace and her mom Suzy from St. Peter joined in prayer.

9-11 am Shift Manager Sue reports:

My heart always leaps up when I arrive at 933 Liberty and I see … NO ESCORTS!  Today was one of those days.  the no-escorts scenario often (but not always) indicates NO ABORTIONS being performed that day — and from what we could gather, that did indeed seem to be the case today!  Very few people entered PP during my shift.  And even better:  the Choices mobile ultrasound unit was there today, and not one, but TWO women entered for services!  The first was during the shift before mine (7-9), but the second was shortly after 9:00.  Joe K. had the honor of walking the second young woman over to the van, during which time he said she talked happily about the baby and about God.  PRAISE GOD!!!!!

We were joined by many gracious prayer warriors, including folks from St. Michael’s in Wheeling, students from Grove City College, and a few other locations that I apologize I did not write down.  Many thanks to Charlie and Amy H. for helping me out today with SM duties!  At one point, two young women entered PP.  I reached out to them to offer them information and told them about the free pregnancy tests & ultrasounds offered by the mobile.  The one woman looked like she wanted to talk, but continued in.  Joined by vigil participant Sue, I stood within view of the women as they were inside, and we prayed.  They stood at the entry window area for a long time, at times hugging and touching each other supportingly.  They disappeared over into the waiting room area, but came out shortly again and walked down the street.  I offered info again, but again they declined.  They then came back to PP and entered again.  It was awhile this time that they were in there, but when they came out, one held a paper and they looked stressed and walked hurriedly.  We told them we were there for them and invited them to come back and talk.  Please pray for these women, that whichever one is pregnant will choose life.

A young man came by at one point after the girls had entered for the first time and just stood in the circle for a bit, staring into PP.  He asked what we were doing and we explained, and he seemed interested.  He then entered PP and talked to the person at the window for a bit.  When he came out, I asked if he would mind sharing what he had been talking about with the person (who was the guard).  He said he’d asked the guard “how much it costs to kill a baby.”  The guard didn’t know but gave him a generic business card just listing local PP locations.  He remarked as he walked away that the Planned Parenthood name is ironic as “there’s no parenthood involved!”

As I was getting ready to leave to go get lunch, Sidewalk Advocate Judy finished out my shift by telling me a great story of something that had just happened.  A man had come along the sidewalk and gave her a thumbs-down.  However, he accepted some literature from her and then wanted to talk.  They talked for awhile, Judy listening while he presented his views and beliefs (pro-choice), after which Judy presented hers, which included citing some information to him about modern in-utero surgery.  The man listened, then left — but as he was passing Judy by a little later, he gave her a thumbs-up!!!  Great work, Judy — great work, Holy Spirit; thank You!!!

Grove City College students witnessing for life!

11am-1pm Shift Manager Dean reports:

Overall, things were fairly quiet at P.P. this afternoon. Sidewalk Advocate, Sue, told me that P.P. didn’t use  escort services Saturday morning and that usually means that were no scheduled abortions that day. 

1-3pm Shift Manager Kathy reports:

Beautiful roses were delivered by Linda’s husband during a prior shift. After decorating the circle and displays, Sue passed them to us to share with passersby. Many were delighted with this gesture of goodwill.
Prayer was offered for moms , babies, & clinic workers . Jim who lives downtown joined us. He prayed specifically for William, a clinic worker, hoping that he will come to realize how horrible his job is. We talked about the “ And Then There Were None” ministry. 2 hours went by quickly.

St. Sebastian Prayer Warriors

3 -5 Shift Manager Billy Reports:

Today I substituted for Katie B who could use get well prayers, please! I started with Bill and a young woman named Kathy who brought her two daughters Kylie and Julianna to pray with us. We had a few interesting encounters including one young man asking us if we would be interested in doing something with”shock value”. Bill peacefully told him no & gently asked him to leave.  Two young ladies  thanked us and prayed a Hail Mary for us. A little later, a lady named Lisa came to pray and and walk around the clinic. Patty and Steve also came along with Kevin and his cousin Erin. AMAZING! When I saw the email it was only going to be me and Kathy during these hours. Instead, the turn out has been what I’ve been praying for more workers in the harvest ! At the end of the shift a lady named Sandy came to pray and she said this cause was “near and dear to her heart” and she did not want shift manager Jeff to be all alone. It was so nice to see all the support. We had a few negative comments, but the amount of peace and love we had was great. 

St. Sebastian Church members joined Sue and Dean today.

Day 39: Thank you to St. Anne (Castle Shannon), St. Elizabeth of Hungary RL Group, Madonna del Castello and Word of God, Assumption (Bellevue), Catholic Men’s Fellowship, and Individual Volunteers!

Anyone who knows me has heard me say “IF you want to meet the MOST WONDERFUL people in the City of Pittsburgh, go to the Vigil in Front of Planned Parenthood.” I stand by this statement! My only “complaint” about 40 Days Pittsburgh is that we rarely get to be TOGETHER as a prayer community. BUT Sunday will be different. After our shared 40 Day journey completes its course, we will gather to celebrate and REJOICE as we plan the work ahead. IF YOU HAVE NOT done so before, CONSIDER attending the closing Prayer Service and the gathering which follows.

THE ONLY downside of the work we do at 40 Days for Life is that we shift managers often only get to know the shift managers who we relieve or those we relieve us. In my case I am overly thankful for Chris and Joe who are the “bookends” for my shift. Chris passes the baton to me and Joe shows up like an angel to take over a few hours later.

BUT there are scores of us who make up we at 40 Days for LIFE are SO MUCH MORE.

7-9am Shift Manager Tim Reports:

Gentlemen of St. Anne’s bring Prayer to 933 Liberty Avenue at DAWN!

We made a strong witness this morning starting with the group from St Ann’s who arrived before the vigil even started.  Then the Choices mobile sonogram with Jill and Betsy arrived allowing us to offer an alternative to PP.
The streets were active this morning with hundreds running (in preparation for the upcoming marathon I think). Two separate women, one from Somerset County, stopped by with both saying they had seen the movie “Unplanned” and had to come and pray.  Many of the runners said nice things to us, and some not so much.  Regardless we were very visible to so many.  It was a blessed morning.

Jill and Betsy arrive with the Mobile Sonogram Unit Saturday Bright and Early!

Shift Report From Sue, 9-11 AM:

Just wow – what a beautiful day and a shift just PACKED with pray-ers!  We were blessed by:  Father Dan and his faithful squad from Our Lady of the Lake in Edinboro, PA; Bob, Peggy, Kathy, and John from St. Anne; Nathan, Carol, Janet, Anita, Mike, and Kim from St. Michael, along with Kim’s daughter Yvette and her family including adorable baby Baxter; members of the Little Flower Household from Franciscan University of Steubenville, Donna from Holy Family in Steubenville; Jeannette from Blessed Sacrament; Ted from Holy Sepulcher; Therese & Eileen from St. Elizabeth; the “S” family from SS. John & Paul; regulars Bill H. and Charlie; and Sidewalk Advocates Sue D., Judy, Jeff, and Marian.  The prayer was abundant and continuous and included folks kneeling. 

There were not many people going in to Planned Parenthood during the first half hour or so of the shift, but the number unfortunately definitely picked up toward the end.  A young post-abortive woman and her mother accepted a Rachel’s Vineyard post-abortive healing flyer after hesitating.  We were able to give out some literature to folks going in, but several would not accept any.  We prayed for them all. 

A woman and her husband from Cleveland, who were walking down to the convention center to attend the Steel City Con, stopped by to talk.  She said she had just seen “Unplanned” and hadn’t been aware in advance of our vigil at 933 Liberty.  When she stopped, she exclaimed, “I feel like I just walked right into that movie!”  We had a nice talk, and she said they are going to look up the contact info to attend the Cleveland 40 Days vigil in October.  God is working!!Sue

Shift Report From Dean, 11 AM-1 PM:

Persistent. I hope that is the impression we leave on all the people we have encountered on the sidewalk. I pray for God to change hearts and minds regarding abortion. And He will, in His own time.
Today had such a strange vibe to it. Maybe because of all the folks headed to the Steel City Comic-Con. Most of them didn’t want the information about support groups.
I won’t be at the closing tomorrow but, I would like to wish all of you a blessed Easter. He is Risen Indeed!  

St. Elizabeth of Hungary Parishioners and Pets!

Shift Report From Billy, 1-3 PM:

I met with Beth a sidewalk advocate today and it started out with a discussion with a gentleman named Bob (I have known this man before I came to 40 days.) Bob brought friends and began talking theology with us and thankfully the priest had asked me to assist with a person who was one of the fellow convention partakers.  After this we had prayers. A woman walked by and said I agree with you pray to end abortion! A gentleman came over and said thank you for being here. I was praying with the  Word of God Parish/Madonna Del Castello Church.  We had a lot of comments today and I witnessed about four people entering Planned parenthood and a moment later a few more. Then while we were praying I noticed a young girl recording the prayer on her phone but she then stopped when convention passersby came to us. Around 2:30 I walked over with one of our volunteers so one side wasn’t empty because people had left and i didn’t want anything to be stolen. A man by the name of Tom stopped by to pray with us and then before my shift ended a man came up to me and he asked me about everything in Planned Parenthood and what goes on in there. He said that God is on our side and they have power but not God. I had an eventful day. I wasn’t expecting it at all.  Billy

Here are the Word of God church!

Shift Report From Rick and Mary, 3-5 PM:

The 3-5 PM Shift was peaceful, prayerful and was very well attended.  Special thanks to Amy and Vince from Warrendale, who came to the prayer vigil for the first time after seeing the Unplanned movie. Their faithful prayers and witness were a true blessing.  It was obvious that Amy wants to be more involved in the 40 Days for Life Campaign. 

Special thanks also to Dan, Luisa, Anna, Jim and Kolbe from  Assumption Church in Bellevue, Tom from St. Fidelis, Sue from St. Mary of the Assumption, Bennett from St. Alexis, Donna from St. Kilian, Jane from St. Alphonsus and Carol from Aquinas Academy for their prayers (Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet, etc.) and witness on behalf of unborn children and pregnant mothers in need.  Thanks also to Nikki Bruni and so many others for organizing such a successful 40 Days for Life Campaign which saved the lives of unborn children and provided assistance and love to pregnant mothers in need.  Mary

Day 32: Thanks to Knights of Columbus, Sidewalk Advocates, Guardians for Life, Holy Trinity, Bethlehem Lutheran, Stonebridge Church, and individual volunteers

In the past few weeks I have taken advantage of the winter clearance sales for women’s clothing. As I clipped off a tag from a blouse I’d wear to work that day, I stopped to read it.

40 Days for LIFE = People who LIVE 4 TRUTH

And a pair of new corduroy pants were labelled with this idea:

MADE and LOVED- Really?

Like NIKE introducing JUST DO IT, advertisers have progressed from touting the qualities that make their products special, to addressing the very real and needy human spirits of their customers. They forego enumerating the attributes of what they are selling and cleverly shift focus. The advertising is now about US and how we feel about ourselves. Somehow I am supposed to be EMPOWERED by my clothing purchases. It is nearly comical …. Will I be more truthful if I wear my new blouse? Don’t think so. Does the person who made my pants also still LOVE them??? NOPE. We are called to “LIVE 4 TRUTH” in our pro-life efforts and we continue in them because EVERY precious life is MADE and LOVED by our creator.
So, yes, I believe God is speaking to me, even in the labels of my clothing. What’s in YOUR closet?

7-9 am Shift Manager Tim Reports:

The Armour of these Knights is LOVE!

The vigil opened early with a strong presence from year-round regular Sidewalk Advocates Virginia and Joe along with Bill and Chuck (who does a Jericho march every Saturday morning).  They were joined by Beth from North Park Church, Claire from Our Lady of Grace, Tom and Charlie from the Bellevue KOC and Shift Mgr. Pat M.  Two women and a man got out of car in front of PP and accepted information and then engaged in a conversation and all agreed that adoption is a better option.  They then viewed the fetal models while still inside the yellow line and were promptly asked by an escort to step outside of it.  They then walked away.
We were joined by the strong presence and prayer of Fr Tim and the Uniontown Knights of Columbus. What a strong witness we made today.   Tim B.

PORTRAIT of JOY: Guardians for Life unite and PRAY

Sue D. Reports 9-11: We were very happy to arrive to more pray-ers than usual today and, despite the beautiful weather, fewer folks going in to PP for services.  One couple did accept info but entered PP.  Another couple, coming out of PP, also accepted the yellow card.  And another couple hurriedly coming out would not accept information – when I offered, the woman said, “No, just pray for me.”  When I told her we are here every Saturday and invited her to come back and talk to us anytime, she said again, “No, just pray for me.”  I told her I definitely would.  We did not know if she had just had an abortion or had been in there for an initial appointment and had not yet made a decision.  I told the group, who will also be praying for her.  She asked for it – she’s DEFINITELY got it – we prayed then and will continue praying!

Among our many prayer warriors today were the Guardians for Life; folks from Our Lady of the Lake in Edinboro, PA; members of the Most Holy Name Society from the Greensburg area (Ascension and Sacred Heart Parishes); and the beautiful large “S” family from St. Alexis in Wexford.  Many many thanks to all, coming from far and wide!  The prayer was abundant and continuous this morning; so wonderful.  It seemed we had an even proportion of positive and negative reactions from passersby.  In between prayers we talked about the “Unplanned” movie and the major impact it is having.

At one point, Mike from the MHN Society told me he had approached a group of the PP escorts to tell them that he and they have a lot in common, that they are all volunteers, and that he is a volunteer for Christ.  I knew by his quiet and sincere manner that he had spoken these words to them in love.  God bless you and good work, Mike – you perfectly embodied today the spirit of 40 Days for Life!


Most Holy Name Society, JeannettePA joins in

1-3 Shift manager Billy reports:Today I was accompanied by Holy Trinity church, Tom, Jenny , Sarah and Tom and Jenny’s children. I was accompanied around 2:30  by Melissa and Jason and Gail  from Bethlehem Lutheran church in Shaler who helped pass out Unplanned flyers. While we were there, there was a couple who walked out of planned parenthood and took one of our flyers and one woman grabbed the information before she went into planned parenthood. I saw a couple people coming out of the planned parenthood. All in all we had a good day. Here are some photos:

11-1 shift manager Dean reports: Thanks to the folks from Holy Trinity for praying with me today. There wasn’t as much traffic at P.P. during my shift.

Sharon, the coordinator from Holy Trinity, with a wonderful group of prayer warriors from her parish
Holy Trinity parish in Robinson came out in force today!

5 Shift Manager Kathy Reports: On one side of the circle was colorful and enthusiastic Stonebridge Church: Charlie and Sarah wore 40 days shirts. Another Sarah brought 3 children. 
Beautiful roses were laid around circle.
Adrienne from Log Church and Kimberly from SHBC completed the group:ALL first timers!!!So blessed to pray with Bethlehem Lutheran Church from Glenshaw. Amazing testimonies of Gods love. Melissa brought flyers for Unplanned that she recieved from Pgh Christian Events!

What it looks like from the bus stop across the street— You are noticed. You make an impact!

Day 25 : Thanks to Good Samaritan, Our Lady of the Lake, St. Sebastian & St. Ferdinand Parishes, Starkdale Presbyterian Church, Aquinas Academy, St. Kilian’s That Man is You group, and individual volunteersi

As a 40 Days for Life Shift Manager I have determined that I contribute exactly, or precisely ….. (drum roll) 1/42 of the sidewalk effort! No kidding. Every Week there are 42 SIDEWALK SHIFTS. 42 slots to fill, 42 Resource Needs, 42 opportunities to witness, 42 shifts of exposure. I am responsible for JUST ONE of them — That is a whopping 2% of the Shift Staffing Effort, which is combined with our other necessary tasks :Communication, Resource Stocking, Delivery and Retrieval of Resources, Publicity, Special Event Planning , and Documentation. We even have a Fasting component and folks who cannot make it to the Sidewalk are organized into Home (and convent) Prayer warriors. … And more! This united effort creates 40 Days for LIFE Pittsburgh.

The truth is, there are TONS of us each doing a small separate part of 40 Days work in our own unique way.

I like to think of the 40 Days for Life Pittsburgh Team as a Zipper on a much needed warm jacket.

Did you every really look at a ZIPPER? EVERY SINGLE PART is NEEDED! UNZIPPED, the jacket does some good, but when the zipper closes, we achieve SO MUCH MORE. And if you look at a zipper, every tiny piece matters! There are even supporting parts — Our families, spouses, children, relatives and friends who encourage our participation. They steady us and allow us to extend out to join with the efforts of others.

Zippers are AMAZING. And so are the tremendous members of the 40 Days for Life Pittsburgh family, so Zip up and stay warm!Zippers are awesomeJeannie

Praise Report: The movie Unplanned is # 4 this weekend despite the media blackout!!!.  

7-9: Shift Manager Tim Reports: What a blessed morning it was starting with the church group from Ambridge area already praying with signs before the vigil officially began thanks to Tom who brought the materials early. The blessings continued when Jill and Betsy arrived in the Choices Pregnancy Services mobile sonogram. And then two young men came to view the fetal model and signs then made a donation. AND the local florist stopped by giving us a dozen beautiful roses and bag of red and white rose petals. Even Joggers passing by thanked us.  And then a young couple arrived with the woman in sweat pants. We talked and they accepted material. We walked with them to the mobile unit but they wouldn’t go in. Instead they went into PP. We stormed heaven with prayers, we knelt and cried. A short time later they came out circled the block and got back in their car. They accepted more information and closed the the door. I clasped my hands in prayer and mouthed I’ll pray for you. She clasped her hands and smiled. 
Please pray for them and their child whom I called Hope. Tim 

Prayer starts Early on the streets of Pittsburgh

Betsy and Jill ready to show moms their babies!!!!

9-11: Shift Manager Sue Reports:

What a huge group of prayer warriors greeted Sue D. (my co-shift-manager) and I this morning!  The weather sure was nice, too, which always comes as a blessing when we spend time at such a dark place.  Thank you so much to prayer volunteers from St. Sebastian, St. Michael, Our Lady of the Lake in Edinboro, PA, and Aquinas Academy.  For a long time, there were two ladies kneeling in prayer, one on each side of the circle up against the building.  The prayer, vocal and silent, was constant and continuous, interspersed with beautiful singing.  The Choices ultrasound van was on the scene this morning; sadly, no potential PP clients during my shift took advantage of their services.  Jim L. had arrived earlier to bring roses, and they were placed on the ground and on our signage.  Many scattered rose petals “littered” the sidewalk.  It seemed to me that the negative reactions from passersby were more pervasive today than usual — we had heads shaken at us, were called hypocrites, and were given the one-finger salute by one guy — but we also had positive reactions to counter the negatives.  The Lord is at work.  We trust Him!! For Life, Sue M.

Sue and Sue on a bright Saturday

St. Sebastian Church is REPRESENTED! 

Prayer support from Girard Missionary Alliance

Dennis, Patty, Cathy & Ronnie

11-1: Shift Manager Dean Reports:

Thanks to all the young folks from Aquinas Academy, Girard Missionary Alliance, and the family of shift buddy Patti, who were all willing to pray against abortion with me today.
Some folks said, “Absolutely
not”, to our little yellow cards; which reminds me that I used to hate broccoli but, I have since changed my mind

Aquinas Academy students and parents.

St. Ferdinand parishioners came to Pray too

1-3: Shift Manager Billy Reports:

Today at one o’clock I was two ladies today one from my church Monroeville Assembly of God,  see the picture below on the left her name was Kathy (Cathy?) and she was with her friend Ronnie (the woman on the right) from Faith Community Church today, we were also accompanied with Tom A, his wife and two of his children, and then St. Ferdinand’s church and Bill S. were with me today. I prayed a couple silent prayers, and we had a couple discussions about the unplanned movie, and we had a nice big group prayer at two o’clock led by me. When Kathy (Cathy), Ronnie, and Tom who had left at two, Bill’s group came on the right hand side with us and I took the group picture with all the remaining volunteers. We then had a group prayer and Kathy K came to join us early. She helped out a big time with all the women walking by, she was a phenomenal help. We got a couple people to take our information, one girl who took it followed her friend into Planned Parenthood and we had a couple people taking information cards. 
3-5: Shift Managers Kathy and Katie Report:

So happy to stand with Starksdale Presbyterian!!Busy Saturday sidewalk! We prayed and shared fellowship, they enriched my world . Many thank yous, one cursing outburst.  An angry man maintained that people should not have 4,5,6 babies if they cant afford them. Not happy with our answers, he walked away. He was treated with respect, Christ’s love.

Day 18: Thanks To Sidewalk Advocates and Individual Volunteers

One family’s journey to bring life into the world”…
… “In the harshest place on Earth, Love finds a Way”

Text from a pro-life video? An account of the birth of Jesus? A national 40 Days for Life Reflection? NOPE — this text is from the trailer of MARCH OF THE PENGUINS – a documentary movie showing the natural life cycle of Emperor Penguins. Turns out, we can AND SHOULD all learn a lot from this committed, loving animal.

Here’s a little summary of the emperor penguin’s life cycle:

After a long arduous walk to the mating grounds and a few weeks of engagement and courting, the female lays one single egg and passes it directly on to the male, who puts it against the “brood patch” on his feet. Then the female leaves the colony and returns back to sea to feed. The male emperor penguins have to wait more than two months– 68 days — with the precious eggs until the females return and the eggs hatch!   For 68 days this penguin Dad  protects and nurtures his offspring within the egg.

In the harsh Antarctic environment, how do penguin dads do it? Emperor penguins depend on each other for keeping warm. They stand very close together in a circle, constantly turning around, so each bird in turn has the chance to warm up in the center and alternately has to bear the cold and snowstorms on the outside of the crowd. In this way, the whole group can survive in such extreme climate and protect the eggs until the female penguins return from feeding.

Not until the female has returned (or their instinct tells them they have to leave to save their own life) will a dad emperor penguin journey back to the sea to feed. TALK ABOUT COMMITMENT TO YOUR BABY!!

Think of a clutch of eggs of any of our birds- from Hummingbird to Ostrich — These new parents are presented with oblong, fragile shell- covered eggs that look NOTHING like baby birds. And YET, the bird parents will risk their lives protecting what they know instinctively to be their offspring.

And birds are not the only ones…….. the animal kingdom is full of examples of adult animals recognizing, caring and sacrificing for their offspring in the very early days of life.

So, the next time someone refers to you as a “bird brain” say “THANKS” ! -Jeannie


Despite the fact that the vigil was officially cancelled today due to safety concerns, some dedicated witnesses manned the sidewalk this morning to pray for and offer life-affirming options to clients of PP and their children.

Tim, 7-9 AM:

I was blessed on this brisk morning to see Pat, year-round Saturday morning regular Bill H. and Michele from St. Peter’s already at the vigil when I arrived. It was a busy morning with couples going into the clinic and a full team of escorts on both sides.  One young man accompanying a woman was receptive to us and accepted material. I picked up two daffodils and placed them near the yellow line for the first two couples going in.  As I was preparing to leave, four rugged looking men were walking down the street towards us and when they got to us the first one said “Great job” and another added “Thanks for being here” and the other gave us the thumbs up.  It was so encouraging and just what I needed.

Charlie arrived to take over at 9 along with Bill S. from St. Ferdinand’s.  They were blessed with sunshine as it peeked over the building and were joined by the faithful frequent group that traveled down from Edinboro to pray and witness.

Pat, Michele, Bill
Please pray for today’s victims of PP

Charlie, 9-11:30 AM:

I filled in as a shift manager from 9 to 11:30. Tim Barrett has pictures of the group that came at 9. Then at 11, a group of seminarians and two students from St. Vincent came. We prayed a rosary but I’m sorry that I left at 11:30–I was frozen through. 

Bill, Bill, and Tim

SM Charlie and group of faithful from Edinboro
A witness from Holy Wisdom parish joined by our Seminarians and students from St. Vincent

Day 11: Thanks to the Bellevue Knights of Columbus, Guardians for Life and more…

Its not just the number of hours in a week that make you FULL TIME — what is up with 40 40 always 40 … ?

Mentioned 146 times in Scripture, the number 40 generally symbolizes a period of testing, trial or probation. Here are some of my favorite biblical 40’s:
– 40 days to build the Ark, and 40 days of the Flood Genesis 7:17
– Israelites Wandered in the wilderness for 40 years Exodus 16:35
– 40 years of Peace in Israel Judges 3:11; 5:31; 8:28
– Egypt was desolated for 40 years  Ezekiel 29:11
– 40 years for Israel to be restored Ezekiel 29:13
– 40 days of Fasting by Moses Exodus 24:18; 34:28;
– 40 days of Fasting by Elijah 1 Kings 19:8
– Nineveh overthrown after 40 days Jonah 3:4
Jesus Fasts 40 days in the Desert   Matthew 4:2
– Christ appeared 40 days after the Resurrection Acts 1:3
– 40 years later the Romans destroyed the temple Matt 24:1 – 2

Scholars suggest that the period of either 40 days or 40 years signifies a period of testing, trial and judgment. Each period of 40 years marks an epoch (generation). So if the bible in the Hebrew context talk of generations, it talks of one period of 40 years to another. For example: So Noah made the ark for a whole generation, meanwhile preaching repentance, in which God was patient for a whole generation to pass before he destroyed the earth. 

One of my favorite non-Biblical 40s The word Quarantine comes from the Italian ‘quaranta giorni’ meaning —– ‘forty days’ which was the period that ships were required to be isolated before passengers and crew could go ashore during the Black Death. I feel in a way we are QUARANTINED together as the Pittsburgh 40 Days for Life community right now to strengthen us for building the kingdom of God through the Gospel of Life.

In fact, I have always seen 40 Days for Life as an event in itself– … But last weekend at Catholic Mass, the story of Jesus’ temptation in the desert was retold and I clearly heard that the 40 Days in the desert was a PREPARATION for Jesus as he accepted his public ministry. Finishing the 40 day period was the BEGINNING of His life’s work!! The devil’s temptation during that time served to strengthen Jesus for what he was about to do.

Jesus didn’t give a heavy sigh after his 40 days in the desert and think “Sheesh, I’m glad that’s over!” He strapped on his sandals, packed his gear, and headed to preach and serve and die for us. His 40 days was a beginning for sure.

CAN YOU join me in pledging that this 40 Days for Life does not signify the End of our work, but rather a NEW , refreshed BEGINNING for more Pro-Life work in Pittsburgh?   


7-9 Shift Manager Ginny and 9-11 Shift Manager Sue

7-9 Shift Manager Ginny writes:

Tom had just about finished “setting up” when I arrived at 7AM, there was another person,
Pat who was there until 8 AM. David was also there for the shift. There was numerous escorts, about 11.  Early on one couple had tried
to get into PP, left, only to return later and entered the building (unfortunately).
Fr Tim and his “angels” came about 8 AM, a glorious sight for sure. There was light foot traffic into the clinic, only one other couple aside from the one mentioned above.
Lots of young and older folks colorfully dressed on their way to the parade.
About 8:45 the “owner” (several individuals say they own this place) of the “lounge” right next door
to PP, loudly announced his property rights and told people to get out of the doorways, etc.
He then entered the bar,  returning to set up a large crate-like item on the sidewalk, that was the last I saw him.
Sue came at 9.

9-11 Shift Manager Sue reports a hopeful story of a potential life saved: 

I arrived to a very large group from the Guardians for Life, along with Joe and AJ from the Bellevue K of C and another faithful pray-er on the opposite side who had been there from the earlier shift (I am sorry that I did not get her name). Sidewalk Advocate Terri reached out to a couple being escorted in, but they did not respond.We could see the woman in tears as the couple stood in the PP vestibule. We prayed for the couple as Terri stood within their sight line. We were very happy to see the couple come out within a much shorter time period than an abortion procedure would take. Please pray for this couple, that they will ultimately choose life for their child!!

Despite the hubbub of many people walking up Liberty toward the parade or Pens game, it seemed that overall, fewer people entered PP this morning than on a typical Saturday. The wind picked up, and poor Charlie got beaned on the head by a large piece of flying paper trash. Persecution comes in many forms! One pleasant young woman approaching PP accepted a yellow card from me, listened to my explanation of it, and told me she was “just going to her doctor’s office in the basement.” Jim L. came with two huge bundles of roses and handed them out to passersby. The companion of a woman who accepted one said to her, “You realize that rose is from a person on the other side,” and the woman replied, “I know but I don’t care!” Hopefully all of these folks discussed above will have a change of heart!

11-1 Shift Manager Dean Reports:
Thank you Knights of Columbus for standing with me on a cold, blustery day. It was a fairly quiet day, given the otherwise party atmosphere. This also meant a drop off for P.P.’s business, which was something for which we can be thankful.

KUDOS to Shift Manager Jeff who is presenting WATCH ME GROW ! on the sidewalk.
Guardians for Life IN ACTION

Shift manager Billy and Knights of Columbus

1-3 Shift Manager Billy Reports :

For my shift today I was accompanied by Charlie who has been such a good sport for being at the vigil all day. Shout out to Charlie, Kurt from Knights of Columbus, a Jim, from North Hills, and an Adam from Monroeville came down to witness with me today.  We had a crowd of people standing by us multiple times blocking the way for passerby traffic, and many entering in next door to Planned Parenthood during the shift, and the parade was going on. We had a lot of nay sayers, but we had a lot of supporters coming passed us, and one guy walking by me had his hand in the air saying He was pro-life, and he high-fived me. I had a couple of times of silent prayer. The parade though being very busy for us we were able to see that only a couple of people left the abortion clinic today, and I only saw one or two people go in. All in all a good day. Happy Saint Patrick’s day!  – Billy

3-5 (plus many earlier hours!) Shift Manager Charlie Reports:

All in all very good day. At 4pm we had a shouting match between a group of about 8 yelling at us and 2 guys defending us. Me along with the 3 other guys kept quiet . Things quieted down after a minute but noticing that things were not going to get better we decided to wrap up at 4:30.

Day 4: Thanks to St. Maria Goretti, Bloomfield and many wonderful Individual Volunteers

Like many of you, I have been involved in the pro-life movement for more than a few years. My sainted mom, God rest her soul involved the whole family in prayer and witness for the cause of life even before 1973. Several of us remain actively involved today…. 46 years later.

I always thought once the country realized the humanity of the unborn child, and therefore the injustice of Roe v Wade, laws would immediately change to respect life ….. but I was wrong. — It is 2019 and we are seeing both the most liberal and most conservative abortion laws introduced by states throughout our country…

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is arrows-3077974_1920-1024x681.jpg

Why ? Because Abortion is a Civil Rights issue and like any historic struggle of this nature, when the Rights of one group of Americans need to be expanded, other groups push back in fear of losing their rights… Changing civil rights laws requires Changing Hearts, which takes time.

Consider these Civil Rights timelines:

1619 : A Dutch ship brings the first permanent African settlers to Jamestown, VA.
1651 : Rhode Island declares that an enslaved person must be freed after 10 years of service. — the first legal protection for people of color in the United States.
But, it was not until 1868: — A full 217 (two hundred and seventeen) years and a horrible war later that the Fourteenth Amendment was ratified granting human rights to Black Americans.

And :
1848: the first Women’s Rights Convention is held at Seneca Falls, NY with Pro –Life feminist heroes Elizabeth Cady Stanton  & Susan B. Anthony leading the way.

1920: ( 72 years later)  the Nineteenth Amendment giving American Women full voting rights is ratified.

And even more recently with the advantage of mass media, although 43 million Americans have physical or mental disabilities, it was only 1990 that the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) passed prohibiting discrimination in employment, public services, public accommodations, and telecommunications!!

So here we are 46 years after Roe v. Wade and the Abortion issue continues to divide us. THANK HEAVENS!!! Abortion is still an issue because someone is being denied human rights, and it tears at the conscience of Americans. Praise be to God that the issue is NOT SETTLED.

The time for reasonable debate and dialogue about this civil rights issue is…. NOW. The abolitionists (who labored for 217 years to end slavery) and suffragists (who worked for 72 years for voting rights) would be PROUD.

-Jeannie (proud pro-life feminist)


7- 9 am Shift Manager Virginia says:

This shift was quiet. Tom dropped off the materials, and Joe, David and myself were present.
Joe had the “baby display”  (designed by Jeff) so David was in from of the Condo/offices with that.
There were 3 couples [male-female] that went in but took no literature, and ignored any verbal greeting.
About 8:30 a fellow came (Dan) and was shortly joined by a friend, Lawrenceville parishioners.
There were many PP escorts, about 11. A fellow passing by and taking a yellow card, suggested we try and hand these cards out at AA meetings.

9-11 am Shift Manager Sue reports:

The weather was so nice this morning, I almost didn’t need hand and feet warmers inside my gloves and shoes. When I arrived, there were sidewalk advocates, a group from Erie as well as Dan and friends from St. Maria Goretti’s! Quite a few people went into PP but we did our best to offer our yellow resource card. The group from Erie spent the entire shift praying on the other side of the circle. On our side, Dan lead us in the Divine Mercy then Jared and Mary came around 10am and lead the rosary. Sue

Married couple Jared and Mary joined the prayer team advocating for Adoption!

1-3 pm Shift Manger Billy says:

I was shift manager from 1 to 3 today and I stayed with Joe and Katie until 4 in case they needed any extra help. We had a gentleman (I didn’t get his name) and Mary Jane there until 2:30, I was with Bridgette and Nadine until 3 o’clock, and Joe came a little earlier than his shift today. We prayed. I saw about 8 people total come out of planned parenthood, got a bunch of compliments and a few negative comments. Lisa K was there praying for an hour. We had also a gentleman asking about War today. It was a very eventful start and from 3 to 4 I helped Katie out for a bit.

Thanks for coming today!

3-5pm New Shift Manager Report from Katy:

My first shift as a shift manager started with being greeted by Billy, Joe, Nadine, and Bridget. Billy stayed an extra hour to pray with us, which was wonderful. Joe was a great example of Christ, saying Hi to everyone that passed us on the street. The greeting was often unreciprocated, and there was the occasional individual telling us to “get a life,” but periodically there was someone that would ask how we were, or offer encouragement. We were greeted by a Messianic Jew witness who shared with us his hopes of Roe V. Wade being overturned. There was a man who turned after already being down the road to speak to us about how “we will be living on the moon soon because the world is overpopulated,” and then continued to hop around on viewpoints, stating views such as more people should adopt, so we were ultimately unclear on his position. Despite that, I was thankful that he felt compelled to turn back around and engage with us. Lastly, there was a cute moment where a mother walked by our display model with her son and said “you were that small once,” to which the son excitedly responded “really?!”

I am so grateful to God for this opportunity to witness for life!

Shift Managers Billy and Katy and Personable Joe
Shift Managers Billy & Katy & faithful Joe

From 5-7 Shift Manager Nikki:

We arrived for our 5 to 7 shift tonight to find two very chilly prayer warriors, Katy and Joe. They had faithfully prayed and witnessed during the 3 to 5 shift. Shortly after they left, a young man from Saint Sylvester‘s parish was  walking past and he saw our signs. He stopped and told me that he had heard about 40 days for life from his men’s group at his parish. He kindly offered to get us something warm to drink. I told him I did not need anything, but invited him to stay and pray, which he did. We prayed a rosary, then he left to go to the festival of praise at Holy Apostles parish tonight. After that it was just Joe and I praying by ourselves. One  older couple stopped to talk. The husband was an obstetrician, although he is now retired. He said he has delivered 7000 babies. He is so angry about the governor of Virginia’s comments and about the terrible laws which now permit infanticide. He was so visibly angry, he said he will be speaking about it on the Christian radio station this coming week. He thanked us for being there. We got Many, Many, Many  thank you’s and positive comments. I did not hear a single negative one. In fact, at one point, somebody from the bar threw another person out, yelling and swearing at him, telling him never to come back again. Then he looked at us and saw us praying, and he apologized to us for his bad language! Isn’t that something?  Finally, a prayer volunteer named Mary, coincidentally also from Saint Sylvester Parish, came for her assigned 6 PM hour. We prayed together until faithful Diane and Tom arrived to pick up the materials. Thank you everyone for praying today! 
 – Nikki

So there was this young man Jack just passing by …… Welcome to the Prayer Team Jack
from St. Sylvester in Brentwood.

Lovely Mary joined for our last hour of prayer on the sidewalk. Blessings, Mary!

Day 39: Thanks to Guardians for Life, St. Maria Goretti, St. Ferdinand Church,


Last week on the sidewalk, I watched an employee of PP walk out and pour water on the musings of my favorite street prophet which read:  “Every Human Life Saved is > any $ Amount “  The chalked message was a response to the pledge-a -picketer message PP has posted.  The PP employee took time and used paper toweling to attempt to scrub the words off the sidewalk .    She was definitely bothered by it what the message said, which means SHE READ AND UNDERSTOOD IT  and she felt she had to remove it — It GOT TO HER!    


Another  PP employee addressed me about the baby photo I was wearing.  She said “You know they don’t look like that, don’t you?”  (referring to the innocent ones killed in the clinic) .    I said    “Well, I know you don’t look like you did when you were 2 years old, but you are still you — it is still a child!”   She through up her hands and walked angrily away.

Many of us have experienced similar instances where folks are “acting up” in response to our presence.  It may just be showing us that convenient middle finger, or using the phrase that often accompanies that gesture,  or maybe a shake of the head or an audible “tsk”,  sometimes these poor souls even lose control of their drool  (if you know what I mean).  I  know it is easy to become upset or unsettled when folks approach us with this impolite behavior.   I react viscerally as well….  it is a bit nerve-wracking.

But …..   once things settle down (and they always do) we must realize that this behavior means that


I think we can safely say that WE Are getting under the skin of the PP employees/supporters.  They read our signs, they see our images, they witness our commitment and ……  THEY REACT.    If our message didn’t hit home, didn’t stir something within them —- if we were insignificant,  or clueless, would any of them bother with us?   I think not.

I pray that we are given the peace to react to these angry acts of PP supporters  by acknowledging them as the beginning of the conversation on abortion people in our country need to have.  



Perhaps, now that we are under their skin,

we can make it to their HEARTS!   



Shift Report from Tim, 7-9am

Thanks to Father Tim and the Guardians for Life who made such a powerful witness on the sidewalk with their prayers and presence. Liberty Ave was closed to traffic so we really stood out on the sidewalk.

The Saturday morning “regulars” mentioned they were saddened by the end of 40 DFL.  It gave a sense of being part of something so much bigger than their individual efforts. And they really liked the extra prayer warriors to give witness to life.  Never the less, this dedicated team will be back next Saturday morning and every one thereafter.  God bless them all. Tim B.

Shift Report from Sue:

I arrived this morning to the faithful Guardians for Life finishing out a Rosary, and they stayed and prayed until around 10:00.  Dan from St. Maria Goretti joined us, followed shortly afterward by Rosemary and Tom from St. George Orthodox Church in Bridgeville.  I for one am blessed every vigil by Tom and Rosemary’s lovely sung prayer, and this vigil was no exception.  SA Judy also arrived around 10:00.

PP business today was pretty “average” for a Saturday – “average” of course always being too much.  We offered cards and literature to each person going in, and we also prayed for each person going in.  For the first time in my years of coming to the PP sidewalk, I witnessed a PP escort accompanying a woman OUT of the clinic and down the street.  I am pretty certain I saw this woman go in; thus, she likely did not have an abortion, but all the same, I’ve never seen this happen.  At one point, a passerby said to us “Just adopt!” and I replied “Amen – perfect idea!”, although I believe her intention was to imply that we should do that instead of being on the sidewalk.  Judy, as she regularly does, told each PP escort that their lives are profound and have been since before they were born.  Today, one of the male escorts replied to her that he had talked to God and that He was going to forgive us.  Amen – may God forgive us and the escorts and every person who loves Him, and may he break hardened hearts by the power of His Holy Spirit!

Dan from St. Maria Goretti, with Rosemary & Tom from St. George Orthodox Church in Bridgeville


Shift Report from Dean:

Peaceful shift for the first hour and a half, until the last half an hour a man came to pass out tracts.  He was trying to get into an argument about differences in Christian religions.  Happily, we were able to avoid arguing with him.

St. Ferdinand Church Prayer Squad!

Shift Report from Billy:

Today  I was accompanied  by 2 volunteers named Maggie and Tammy. I was visited by a guy named Chuck  and while he was talking to me a lady walked  by with her son. She explained to us that she went with her friend to take her friend to the particular  clinic we were at and explained in detail and even expressed to her son this clinic was an abortion clinic.  Then we had Mimi come visit. Out of all the people who I had recognized going  6 went in and 4 came out. Out of the four the one woman definitely seemed to not be comfortable there  and seemed to work else where. All in all it was pretty quiet today.  Billy


Shift Report from Kathy:

Joan, Mike, Mimi, John, Bridgette:Beautiful People

Mimi arrived just as I arrived.   She commanded:  “Say Rosary.”
God provided Joan, John,and Mike from Bentleyville at just the right moment.

Mike led the Rosary and Bridgette joined us. Afterward, Mimi shared all she would do tonight and we watched as she crossed the street and zoomed down Liberty. 

Praying on her knees Bridgette was observed by many as the concert preparations were underway, touching hearts  —- including mine.
Jim joined us, too.   

Prayers continued until we were delighted to see Diane and Tom. 

Day 32: Thanks to BELLEVUE KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS all day and Individual Volunteers



After a trying week on the sidewalk, I think we all need to understand that those of us in the 40 Days for Life movement are attempting to rescue lives —– from in front of a moving freight train!   

That Freight Train is the well funded, Madison Avenue Scripted, Hollywood Star -Studded, Millionaire Financed BIG BUSINESS of Abortion … It is lethal , and it moves FAST.

So… IMAGINE  you are in your car and you approach a railroad crossing gate which has descended, signalling a train is imminent.

Suddenly, you notice child playing innocently on a train track unaware of the imminent danger.

WHAT do you do?

YOU shift your car into park, unbuckle your seatbelt, open your door, and  run, yelling, to help.   You search for anyone who might be able to lend a hand, you wave your arms furiously, you call out to the child….. you do whatever you possibly can to change the the course that life appears to be on for that child.   You do your best…

Unfortunately, the odds of all ending well are against us in these situations: 

MOST TIMES we are simply not able to safely make the rescue ….  We watch as the pregnant mom enters the abortion clinic.  We are too late, too unconvincing, too outnumbered …. to succeed.

SOMETIMES we ourselves will be “injured” attempting to help.   We are mimicked, ridiculed, scorned, verbally abused  —- even as we use our powerful and peaceful commitment of PRAYER!


EVERY ONCE in a great WHILE, through the Grace of God & often with the help of others,  we are successful :  We can push that child off the track — and work to embrace him and (re)unite him with those who love him.  We are able to offer REAL CHOICES to women who are abortion-minded —-natural choices that do not involve violence or death.

THIS IS a pretty MIRACULOUS outcome—  we call them SAVES!

Heaven knows it is difficult, but please continue to answer God’s call to be pro-life, and to answer His call to put yourselves in the physical path of the Abortion Freight train.   We know our work results in MIRACLES called SAVES.   I am honored to stand, and kneel with the pro-life community in Pittsburgh.



Before I share today’s reports, Let us all take a moment to pray for the victims of today’s violence in Squirrel Hill.  With heavy hearts we have learned of the hateful acts of a man who randomly, callously and purposefully took the lives of gentle souls united in prayer at Tree of Life Synagogue in Squirrel Hill.  

I was within one mile of the Tree of Life Synagogue this morning.  As I pulled over in my car in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood to offer a rosary, an Orthodox Jewish man and his son walked unknowingly and peacefully past my car on the sidewalk.   

It brought the heinous reality of the massacre up close-  Every living human person is beloved by God.  May God have mercy on the souls of the departed and provide aid to the injured.  May His peace flow like a river in this city of rivers….. 

Shift Manager Reports:

Sunrise Crew welcomes God into the day


7-9 am Shift Manager Tim reports:    

We were blessed to have Jill and Betsy in the Choices mobile sonogram, the year round Saturday morning Sidewalk Advocates and the Bellevue Knights of Columbus. Sadly it was a busy morning at PP. Yet we prayed and God heard our prayers.   Tim B


Good Morning Jill and Betsy!


9-11 am Prayer Warriors between raindrops












9-11 Shift Manager Sue Reports:

Charlie and his Knights of Columbus, along with Mary Pat, were holding down the fort when I arrived.  Shortly afterwards, as Joe K. was still there after his 7-9 shift as a Sidewalk Advocate, we noticed a couple standing in the circle in front of PP, shuffling their backpacks and bags and not particularly looking as if they were preparing to go in.  Joe, however, thought he would approach them anyway to offer them information.  Before I knew it, he was leading them across the street to the mobile ultrasound unit!!!  They entered, and all indications were that they received services there, as we did not see them exit before the mobile unit left quite some time later (although we’re certain they must have left the unit at some point due to the fact that the mobile would not drive off with them inside).  Praise God for this bright spot on an otherwise very sad morning in Pittsburgh.

Shortly after Joe led the couple to the mobile, Joan showed up to pray along with Tish, Lisa, and Bo, all from St. Patrick in Canonsburg.  Mary and Arlene from St. Maurice arrived soon afterwards, along with Rose from St. John XXIII.  They did a lot of praying.  Several couples and singles entered the clinic, unfortunately not responding to our offers of help and literature.  We prayed for each one.  At 11:07, which at that point was officially Dean’s shift, I received a text from a friend who was lunching in Squirrel Hill, telling of the horrible news and asking us to pray.  We all prayed together.   Dear Lord, please send out Your Spirit, and renew the face of this city, this country, and this earth!

Tish, Lisa, Bo, and Joan from St. Patrick in Canonsburg, with Bill H.


11-1 Shift Manager Dean Reports:

Our prayers go out to all of those people effected by the killings at The Tree of Life Synagogue in Squirrel Hill today. I saw many of the first responders en route as I passed through that area on my bus trip to 40DFL this morning. All killing effects all of us.

Knights of Columbus Bellevue and Verona



1-3 Shift Manager Billy Reports:


Tom and Jenny

I was shift lead today with 2 knights  of Columbus AJ and then Kurt, along with Tom  and Jenny.  Tom began reading  the passion of Jesus. I also noticed  there was  a rainbow flag around the tree with our choose life sign and what came to my mind was Noah finding mercy from God. I was thinking  we are being the merciful choice for the babies. We were accompanied by a sidewalk ad vocate. We also got visits from Mimi  and Rick who prayed the rosary for us.

I noticed  we had seen people accidentally mistake planned parenthood for another place, and also a few women were having issues with the door.   Our  side walk advocate gave a  would -be client information and that person  went on !!  Other than that we did not have any issues



3-5 Shift Manager Kathy Reports:  

Quiet rainy prayerful shift: grateful to Ken, Jim, Rick, sidewalk advocate Marian .

Prayer Warriors