40 Days for Life begins NEXT WEEK…HELP NEEDED!!!

40 Days for Life kicks off NEXT TUESDAY evening at 7pm inside St. Paul Cathedral’s SYNOD HALL, and the 40 day prayer vigil in front of Planned Parenthood begins at 7am NEXT WEDNESDAY!

As of right now, just 64 churches have signed up for a time slot.  There are still 25 churches that took part last time that have not signed up yetIf you have not yet signed up, please look at the schedule HERE and email me to take your slot.Out of 480 hours, only 320 hours are now filled with church groups.  That leaves 160 hours that we need to fill!  Of those 160 hours, there are 48 hours that are absolutely critical because the shift manager has no one to stand with them!

I understand people’s reluctance to do this…I really do!  If God wasn’t giving me the motivation and the strength to do this, there is NO WAY that I could!!!  No one wants to go to Planned Parenthood.  Not the prayer volunteers, not the women going for abortions…not even the workers.  It is a dismal, depressing and dark place.
But the truth is that our presence and prayers are important!  Lives are saved from abortion, hearts are changed and souls saved!

My heart melted yesterday when a woman, whom I now call my friend, texted me photos of her little girl on her first day of school.  This woman went to Planned Parenthood a few years ago…scared and thinking abortion was the only answer.  Because we were there to give her hope and courage…little “A” is now a happy little pre-schooler.  It was just what I needed to see yesterday, as the stress and discouragement of trying to persuade and beg folks to give up a few hours of their time to come to pray was starting to weigh on me.  Seeing this little girl, alive and with a whole lifetime of promise and possibilities ahead of her…and seeing how much my friend has grown closer to God and is being blessed in her life…I was reminded of how important this work is. 

It is a stark, cold fact that if no one had been in front of Planned Parenthood that day, my friend would not have her beautiful daughter, but would have only an empty hole in her heart instead.

I have learned that when we trust God and step out of our comfort zones, out of love for Him, that HE blesses, restores and fills us with everything we need!  He is always ready to fill us with his grace…but like a pond already filled…the water becomes stagnant and can no longer receive any more unless we have outlets for that water!  It is only when we give ourselves away to others that we have room for God to fill us with fresh grace.

So please help us as you can!  Click HERE to see the schedule and let me know when you can come.  And please consider helping by taking the MOST CRITICAL hours, when shift managers are alone.  They are:

Mondays from 3-5pm
Tuesdays from 3-5 and 5-7pm
Wednesdays from 1-3pm
Thursdays from 1-3pm and 3-5pm
Fridays from 1-3pm

Help to spread the word at your church by using the FLYER and BULLETIN ANNOUNCEMENT (both linked) in your church bulletin, and join us at our KICK OFF EVENT (linked).

I hope to see you on the sidewalk!

In Christ,

Nikki Bruni


URGENT REQUEST! Vigil is only half-filled with just two weeks to go!!!

Our 40 Day Vigil is looking pretty patchy right now!  We have only 240 of the 480 hours filled! 

40 Days for Life is an opportunity to show the world and our God that we love Him and each other, by standing in a united, unbroken wall of prayer and Christian witness for 40 days.  God is using 40 Days for Life in a powerful way!  Unfortunately, unless many more people sign up, it is looking like all we may be able to muster is a weak, pitiful, broken-down wall.

If you haven’t signed up yet…or if you have signed up, but can still do more…PLEASE check out the vigil schedule HERE and then email me to sign up for as many empty hours as possible.

I understand that there is a lot of bad things happening in the world and in the Church right now, and many people are bewildered and discouraged.  But, there are also a lot of exciting and good things happening as well!  God is on the move and He is coming to rescue us…but we may have to endure some hard times before that happens.  Stay strong in your faith and do not give up the fight for goodness and love!  The truth is, if we cannot even manage to have three individuals on the sidewalk in prayer from 7am to 7pm for forty days…if there are not enough Christians in Pittsburgh that believe that God will answer the prayers of His children when they humble themselves and pray and seek His face and turn from their wicked ways…then truthfully…we do not deserve to see God end abortion.  I apologize if that sounds harsh.  I understand that everyone cannot do everything.  There are many worthy causes that I do not participate in myself, and I know that everyone cannot come to Planned Parenthood during the 40 days to  pray.  I am not being critical.  But there are a LOT of Christians in Pittsburgh…and surely there are 480 people who can each take just ONE hour out of 480 hours to come at pray on the sidewalk.

SO, please help if you can!  And please also sign up to help us in our 40 day fast by clicking HERE. 

Help spread the word at your church by using the bulletin announcement (HERE) 

And make sure to join us at the KICK OFF EVENT on Tuesday, September 25th at 7pm in Synod Hall in Oakland!  Rev. Adam Stump, Fr. Chris Donley and musician Katy Blythe will motivate and inspire us to begin this 40 day journey of prayer, witness and fasting!  I expect to see miracles during these forty days!

May God bless you!

Your sister in Christ,

Nikki Bruni


(Scroll down to see photos from the memorial service for the observance of Remembrance Day last Saturday at St. Paul Cathedral, where the lives of those who have died from abortion were honored.)

Many thanks to Charlene for organizing it and to Fr. Kris for leading the prayers!  Charlene wrote:

The Blessed Virgin’s Birthday…and Remembering the Victims of Abortion who are are with their Blessed Mother in Heaven. It was a day that helps us think about why we are on the sidewalk, why we kneel, why we pray and why we sacrifice. We pray that someday, our Memorial Service will be about times past. Charlene

Our Best Moments…

Our Best Moments…

Last summer, while enjoying the music of Randy Koslosky’s family polka band at St. John the Baptist parish festival, I was captivated by the sight of a large, tattooed dad…dancing with his little daughter.  This bearded, burly-looking tough guy was merrily bouncing up and down holding his little girl, who looked to be about three. He didn’t seem the dancing type, and I thought to myself, “What else would be able to get a man like this to dance in public…other than the love he obviously has for his daughter?”  I was struck by the truth that children make us BETTER people!

For instance, my daughter in law gave birth to twins this past July.  My son is young, just 25…and they just got married last August.  So, before their first anniversary arrived…they became parents of a son and a daughter!  That is a sure way to grow up fast!  So, my son…who has always loved his video games…now spends more time cuddling, feeding and changing his little ones.  Although he misses his video games…I know he will look back on this time in his life with pride.  He won’t be sad about the video games that went un-played.  He will be happy for the time he was able to spend bonding with his children.  But if he were given the choice right now…I bet he would choose the video games.

I am the same way.  If I have the choice…I will choose selfishly.  My mom had a knee replacement last week, and so she has needed me lately.  Some evenings, as I collapse into bed and I think back upon the day, I am grateful that I had the opportunity to help my mom, and I feel satisfied that I accomplished something worthwhile and meaningful.  Realistically though, I know that would have spent my time on other things if I had been given the choice.  On Monday, I actually had the opportunity to spend my day as I chose.  I ended up being lazy, wasting time and eating too much.  When I went to bed that evening, I didn’t have the sense of satisfaction that I had on those days when I did NOT get to choose how I wanted to spend my day.  I am realizing more and more that our FAMILIES make us BETTER!  Family connections, responsibilities and obligations keep us from focusing on our selfish selves…which, at least speaking for myself…I will do every time if given the chance!  (Is it any wonder that the FAMILY is the area that Satan seems to be the most intent on destroying?)

I believe that our best moments are always those in which we have given ourselves away for the good of someone else.  

This is what we get to do during the 40 Days for Life.  We get to give ourselves away!  We get to do something that we really wouldn’t choose to do…if we are honest.  But when we lay our heads on our pillows at night, and we think back on our day…we will have the satisfaction that we did something that may have saved a life from abortion. We may have changed a heart from death to life, and a soul may have been saved.  We probably won’t find out about it until we get to Heaven…but we know that by our prayers and our presence, we have made a difference.  We have accomplished something important!

We need YOUR presence at the 40 Days for Life vigil from September 26th through November 4th!  Our vigil is less than half-filled!  Go to http://40daysforlifepittsburgh.com/vigil-schedule/ to see what hours need filled, and then email me at nbruni@40daysforlifepgh.com to let me know how you can help.

This is an important time to continue the prayer, fasting and peaceful witness to end abortion!  Never have I heard so much about the possibility of the overturning of Roe Vs. Wade as I do now.  On one hand, it is exciting because we can see God moving in a powerful way!  He is shining his light…exposing the evil that has been permitted to grow in the hidden, dark places.  It is encouraging to see this!  But on the other hand, it is disturbing to see the fierceness of those who prefer the darkness.  They are absolutely LOSING THEIR MINDS!!!  We really need to just keep our focus on Jesus and pray like never before!  Come to the vigil.  Kneel in prayer if you can.  And remember to bring a flower in honor of a lost child to leave on the sidewalk.

You will be glad you came.

Your sister in Christ,


The Courage to do what’s right!

I heard a quote many years ago that has stuck in my mind…and I think of it often.  I am not sure who said it, or if I am quoting it exactly, but here it is:

Courage does not mean a lack of fear…it is the willingness to do what’s right anyway.

This past weekend my husband and I went to see Dinesh D’Souza’s latest movie, “Death of a Nation“.  It compared Abraham Lincoln to President Trump.  Although much of the historical and political stuff went over my head…(I am just not smart in that way)…one part of the movie hit me like a hammer.

Sophie Scholl: Source; By The White Rose(Life time: 1943) – Original publication: 1942Immediate source: http://therebelution.com/blog/2013/12/being-young-is-no-excuse-a-lesson-from-hans-and-sophie-scholl/, PD-US, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=54036342

The movie told the story about Sophie Scholl, the young college student who, during the Nazi reign in Germany, courageously led a group of students to print out flyers, warning of the terrible human rights violations that were happening under Hitler.  They printed and distributed the flyers as secretly as they could, but eventually they were caught.  At just 22 years of age, Sophie was executed.

What really got me about this was the cold, calculated method of the whole thing.  When they arrested her and brought her to the police station, an officer sat across a wooden desk from her and read the flyer that she had written.  He was shocked that she was so outspoken in her criticism of Hitler…even calling him “evil“.  As he read her words back to her, she looked scared and ashamed, almost like a school girl called in to the principal’s office.  After reading the flyer, he looked at her and told her that if she was convicted, she would be sentenced to death.  And he asked her, “So, was it worth it?”  Her answer was profound.  With a voice quivering in fear, she replied, “An end in terror is preferable to a terror without end.”  At that, he shook his head in seeming disbelief that this beautiful young girl would sacrifice her life for this cause, and he walked out of the room.  The next scene showed Sophie being led into the execution room.  She was dressed in her regular clothes, and walked into what could have been any medical examination room…except for the stockade-like device at the end of the table.  Two men helped her to lay down on her stomach and place her head in the stockade.  They locked her head in place with the top of the wooden block and the scene cut just before the blade came down.

The emotion that overwhelmed me as I watched this on the big screen was SHAMEShame for my own cowardice.  Here was someone who was willing to put her LIFE on the line in order to speak out against the evil that was happening in her own time.  And here I am…80 years later…living through a similar time, where vulnerable human beings are being killed in just as cold, calculated a way as Sophie was.  Their mothers sit across a desk from Planned Parenthood “counselors”, as they discuss the method that will be used to end the life of the child within them.  In Sophie’s time, the Nazi’s would eventually kill almost 20 million people.  In my time, our Government has sanctioned the killing of 60 million…and counting.

Sophie was afraid…but she was more concerned about speaking out against the evil of her time.  She risked death by what she did, and she paid the ultimate price.  So…how about us?  What are WE willing to risk in order to speak out against the evil of abortion?  We certainly don’t risk being executed, as she was!  At the most, we may be insulted and cursed at.  Even in the rare case of someone spitting at us, or acting aggressively…it is a very small price to pay compared to what Sophie paid.

Right now, we have a greater opportunity to save lives then ever before!  Our year-long sidewalk advocates have noticed a dramatic increase in turn-aways from Planned Parenthood recently. In fact, there have been almost as many turn-aways since this past June (NINE!!!) then there were in the entire year of 2017!  I think we may be seeing more people change their minds lately because so much is being spoken about in the media these days about the possibility of Roe vs. Wade being overturned!  Just that possibility is enough to plant the seeds of doubt in people’s minds about the so-called “right” to abortion.  Then, when that hesitation is already in their mind, and they show up to Planned Parenthood to find people who are willing to offer them loving alternatives…they are more likely to turn away from abortion.

So NOW is the time to be courageous and selfless…as was Sophie!  Add YOUR name to the list of those who are willing to sacrifice their time and comfort to stand (and kneel) on the sidewalk to pray!  Our 40 Days for Life vigil is beginning to fill up, with 20 church groups already signed up!  Will you take a look at the fall schedule and let me know what hours you can commit to?  Go to http://40daysforlifepittsburgh.com/vigil-schedule/ and then contact me at nbruni@40daysforlifepgh.com  to sign up.

Also, please consider using our attractive, full-color flyer or bulletin insert to spread the word at your church!  Either print them yourself, or order them from me for just $4 per hundred!  View the flyer HERE.    

We also need to fill our fasting calendar as well!  Our goal is to have at least two people fasting every day during the 40 days.  Go to:  https://signup.com/client/invitation2/secure/2398861/false#/invitation to sign up!

Make sure to mark your calendars to attend our fall 40 Days for Life Kick Off Event!!! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION!!!

WHENTuesday, September 25th at 7pm

WHERE:  Synod Hall, next to St. Paul Cathedral, corner of N. Craig St. and Fifth Ave in Oakland

Come and enjoy the music of Katy Blythe, and be inspired and motivated by speakers, such as Pastor Adam Stump of the Creekside United Methodist Church and Fr. Chris Donley from St. Raphael Church.  There will be opportunities to get 40 Days for Life merchandise and also to sign up for vigil hours!  Come and join us as we prepare to storm the gates of Hell with our weapons of peaceful prayer and powerful fasting!

I want to close by asking you to consider doing two things.  First, I want you to know that our ranks of year-long sidewalk advocates are severely depleted.  We are not able to provide any presence in front of Planned Parenthood on Thursdays (an abortion day)…and there are many times on other abortion days when only one person is there and even many times when no one is there.  Many people who had committed to being a sidewalk advocate, and have taken the training, have gotten discouraged and quit.  I believe it is because they feel inadequate to say the right words, and feel like failures when abortion bound couples ignore their offer of help and walk in those doors of death anyway.  So, I would like to propose a solution.  Since being a sidewalk advocate is a calling, and not many feel equipped to do it…I would ask you to consider simply being an ON-SITE PRAYER PARTNER to someone who is already a sidewalk advocate.  If we could assign a prayer partner to every SA, we would be able to cover more hours in front of PP, and wouldn’t have to leave any SA’s all by themselves.  (For instance, I am scheduled to be alone this Friday from 9-10am).  No training is necessary to be a prayer partner.  You could wear an inspiring, loving and encouraging sign if you like…or you could simply pray.  You could hold pro life literature if you like, in case someone asked for help…but you would not have to if you don’t feel comfortable.  If this is something that God is putting on your heart, please contact Sue McGrath at susanmcgrath526@comcast.net to see where you could plug in to our year-round schedule.

Secondly, I would like to ask you to consider donating to Women’s Choice NetworkThey are the closest pregnancy help center to Planned Parenthood, and that is where we direct abortion-bound women for an ultrasound.  They have been targeted by the recent “Expose Fake Clinics” movement, and have been harassed with protests in front of their doors, “fake-clients” visiting their clinics and video taping them, and having false negative reviews posted on their web reviews.  This is taking a toll on them.  To compound the problem…although it is a good thing…the numbers of women seeking their help have dramatically increased…and their staff is stretched to the max.  In fact, we had a young woman recently (a teen), who was entering Planned Parenthood for a pregnancy test, and we were able to talk her out of going to Planned Parenthood and were going to bring her to Women’s Choice Network…but when we called, their schedule was just too jammed to be able to take a walk in.  Thankfully, we were able to walk the young woman to Catholic Charities instead.  But this really made me realize how critical it is for all of us to support Women’s Choice Network financially!  Go to www.mypregnancycenter.org to donate.

Thank you for reading this long post!  I hope to hear from you soon!

Your sister in Christ,

Nikki Bruni

40 Days for Life Pittsburgh

40 Days for Life International Symposium was INSPIRING!

NOTE:  Scroll down to the bottom for information about up-coming local pro-life events!

I was blessed to be able to attend the international 40 Days for Life Leadership Symposium in Phoenix last month with two wonderful team members, Beth Svirbel and Judy Stump.

Beth, Judy and Nikki at the 40 Days for Life symposium in Phoenix

We were so inspired to be with hundreds of other team members from campaigns all around the nation and from other countries as well!  Here is a group photo of all of us:

40 Days for Life local leaders from all around the nation and other countries shared ideas and were inspired to keep fighting the battle to end abortion!

We met up with Krunoslav, a friend I met last summer from the Croatia 40 Days for Life team.  He had traveled all the way from Croatia by himself for the conference!  It was such a joy to see him again!

Kruno from Croatia joined us for much of the conference. It was a blessing to see him again after getting to know him last summer on my visit to the 40 Days for Life Croatia conference!

We were inspired to hear motivating talks from other local and national leaders, including:   Elissa Graves of Alliance Defending Freedom ; Alison Centofante of Live Action Ministries ; Sue Thayer, Former Planned Parenthood Director – turned 40 Days for Life local leader ; Rev. Brian Walker and Brian Gibson of Pro Life Action Ministries, along with many others!

Hundreds of local leaders were inspired and motivated during a weekend of pro-life education and unity in Christ!

We were able to talk with other team members from cities all around our nation and our world, and were blessed to realize that we aren’t fighting this battle alone!  There are many dedicated people all around the world fighting this battle for life, and putting Christ first.  We are united in our love for HIM!

We met up with a 40 Days for Life leader in Florida, who was originally from Pittsburgh (Bethel Park). Jane has a great team of pro life warriors in Florida and has seen 40 Days for Life make a huge impact in her town!

We enjoyed the Christian fellowship of our fellow pro life brothers and sisters, and were informed and inspired by all the speakers…but I have to say that there were two highlights that were particular moving for me:

  1.  As we were gathered together for Friday night’s gala event, a “surprise letter” was put up on the screen.  We noticed that the letterhead was from the White House…and the letter began with the words, “Melania and I extend our greeting to those attending the 40 Days for Life bi-annual leadership conference in Phoenix AZ.”  At that point, I think my jaw hit the floor.  It was a letter from our nation’s PRESIDENT…addressed to US!!!  He encouraged us in this battle by writing a letter to us!  I kept trying to close my mouth…but it continued to gape.  I looked around the table and saw the same expression on everyone else’s face as well.  I saw others wiping tears from their eyes, as I was doing the same.  “WOW”, is all I can say about that.
  2. Sue Thayer’s personal testimony of her conversion, from being a Planned Parenthood clinic director, to becoming a 40 Days for Life local leader, and then having her Planned Parenthood clinic close following her first campaign was just amazingly inspiring!  She was funny and real and honest…and it gave me hope that if it can happen to her, then it can happen to any of the clinic workers!  Nothing is impossible with God!

We came away from this conference inspired and ready to begin our fall campaign (Sept. 26 – Nov. 4).  We are ready to pray and fast and witness on the sidewalk for 40 days…but we need your help!!!  It is time to begin getting the vigil schedule filled!  Please let me know if you can sign up to pray for a certain time block…either once during the 40 days, or once a week during the 40 days!  Email me at nbruni@40daysforlifepgh.com if you can help.  Together, we can do this!

Beth, Judy and Nikki enjoying some down time on our last day of the trip

P.S.  I have to share this photo of my newly born grand-babies, Nora and Jensen!  They were considerate enough to be born BEFORE the symposium, so that I was able to attend!  They are such sweet little things, and are a reminder of how precious life really is:

National Day of Remembrance is Saturday, Sept. 8th!

Memorial Service for Aborted Children at St. Paul Cathedral

On Saturday, September 8, pro-life Americans throughout the country will gather at the gravesites of aborted babies and other memorial sites dedicated in their honor for the sixth annual National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children.

Solemn vigils will be held at these sites to commemorate the more than 59 million children who have lost their lives to legal abortion since 1973, and to remind our society of the humanity of the unborn child. Please join us for the memorial service at the Cathedral:

When: Saturday, September 8, following the noon mass

Where: In front of the memorial for the unborn at the corner of Craig and Fifth Ave.
More Info: Contact Mark Sullivan at mark_w_sullivan@yahoo.com

Together let us remember the victims of abortion and pray for a final end to this injustice in our land during the National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children.


Fall 40 Days for Life…Important Information!

I was inspired to choose HUMILITY as the theme of our next 40 Days for Life (Sept. 26 – Nov. 4), after witnessing a profound witness of humility on the sidewalk in front of Planned Parenthood.  

Two weeks ago, at the end of a very sad and discouraging sidewalk advocate shift, we were wrapping it up and preparing to leave.  My sidewalk partner knelt to pray before leaving.  Now, I have seen many people kneel to pray on the sidewalk before…and I myself have often knelt to pray on the hard brick pavement.  So I am not sure why her prayer moved me so much on this particular day…but I felt my eyes well up with tears as I watched her unselfconsciously pray, as if she were all alone in her room.  Seemingly oblivious to the many passersby, her face covered with her hands, she poured her heart out to her God…her Father.  It was so intimate…so touching.  I noticed that others seemed to be moved by her witness as well, as they walked by.

Driving home that morning, it occurred to me that the theme for our next 40 days should encompass what I witnessed on the sidewalk…GENUINE HUMILITY.  And I thought that we should ask people to come to kneel for a few minutes of prayer, and to leave a flower on the sidewalk in honor of a child.  Not that this is intended to be a “show”, or to be a “ploy” to try to draw emotion from people…but that it will be an HONEST show of respect for the lives of the children that are lost there The humility of kneeling on the sidewalk is a witness to others, (as well as to ourselves and to God), that we are helpless to save these children…but that we care, and believe that their lives matter.  The flowers will speak to the beauty of each life that is created by God.  Whether Planned Parenthood allows the flowers to remain as a witness on the sidewalk, or they choose to pick them up and throw them away is irrelevant.  The flowers will speak…either from the sidewalk or from the garbage cans inside Planned Parenthood.  They will speak for the beautiful babies who cannot.  

I realize that this is a very exciting time in the pro-life movement…with Justice Kennedy’s retirement and the promise of a pro-life justice being appointed to the supreme court.  There is actually a real chance of Roe Vs. Wade being overturned!  That is simply amazing!  But I don’t want to get too excited yet.  This is not the time to celebrate…it’s the time to pray and fast more than ever before!!!  It’s the time to be HUMBLE.  The verse from Psalm 131 came to me as I was driving…”But I have calmed and quieted my soul, as a weaned child with its mother…”

Genuine humility does not get angry or impatient.

We have been working hard for many years.  We have prayed our hearts out.  We have fasted.  We have been a public witness for life on the sidewalk…no matter the weather.  We have been there with our signs and our fetal models, showing the beauty and truth of life.  Hearts and minds are changing in this nation.  It’s true that there is an ever-increasing division…but I think that is okay.  When the lines are clearly drawn, there is less chance that anyone will be deceived into choosing the wrong side.  Everything is out in the open…finally.  I can’t seem to walk past the television without hearing the words “abortion” coming from it.  That is a big change from 10 years ago.  The issue of abortion was hidden, swept under the rug…dressed up in fancy phrases such as “women’s health”.  No longer.  It is now being called out for what it is.  This is all God’s doing, and it is wonderful to see.

But whether or not this will be the time that Roe Vs. Wade is overturned…I don’t know.  I plan to pray and fast for this intention, but no matter what happens…the important thing is to continue to humbly fight this battle on our knees.  To not give up hope.  To not get too excited about the highs and not get too discouraged by the lows.  To simply TRUST that God is working.  Our prayers are being answered.  The harvest is indeed great….and so we need to ask the Master of the Harvest to send more WORKERS!!!

Which, in fact, leads me to the reason for this email.  I have been working to prepare for the fall campaign, and our faithful vigil shift managers continue to be the bedrock of our 40 day witness on the sidewalk.  Almost all of them have recommitted, although a few have had to take a break.  We have a need for some new vigil shift managers.  I normally try to personally recruit vigil shift managers, but I would like to put this out there to everyone this time.  If you feel God prompting you to become more involved in 40 Days for Life, and to become one of our wonderful team members, please reply to let me know how you can help.  There are 3 weekly shifts that I need to find vigil shift managers for.  (This will be from September 26 – Nov. 5).  They are:

Mondays from 5-7pm

Thursdays from 5-7pm

Fridays from 5-7pm

If any of these shifts would fit into your schedule this coming fall, and if you feel prompted by the Holy Spirit to step out in faith to help us maintain our 40 day prayer vigil in front of Planned Parenthood, please reply to this email to let me know.

I also want to let you know of another opportunity to be a witness for life in Pittsburgh on Wednesday, July 18th.  It is called “The Bridge Project”, and is organized by Pro Life Action League.  The idea of this project is to provide a witness on bridges over high traffic roads during rush hour.  There are no graphic images on the signs, simply the words, “Abortion takes a human life”.  The witness will be from 7-9am and then again from 4-6pm.  It will be held on the Gerst Way overpass, which goes over Rt. 279 in the north side of Pittsburgh.  4 people are needed for the 7-9am shift, and another 4 people are needed for the afternoon shift.  If you are interested in finding out more information about this, contact Peg Donley at pegdonley@gmail.com  or at  (412) 303-2064.  Now more than ever, it is important to keep the pro-life message visible to as many people as possible!  This is one way of reaching thousands of people!

Finally, the Diaper Drive was a huge success!  Thanks to all who donated, and thanks to Charlene and Dick for organizing it!  Here is what Charlene wrote:

Charlene and Dick lead the 40 Days for Life Diaper Drive!

The Diaper Drive was a great success! I knew it would be as soon as I saw all of the escorts scurrying around trying to see our permits. 🤣Thank you to all who contributed..you have helped a lot of families! We got a car full of diapers and wipes..and $340 in cash! Wahoo! It was good to be back on the sidewalk between campaigns and Dick loved organizing the diapers so they all fit! It was a good day…hot but as Tim said, “We will remember this when it is 5 degrees and snowing”.

Thanks for being a part of our 40 Days for Life family!

May God bless you!

In Christ,


Prayer Vigils for the Unborn

You are all invited to join us for a FULL rosary on behalf of the unborn.  We will be asking for our Mother’s intercession on behalf of the unborn, specifically for the closing of the Planned Parenthood located at 933 Liberty Avenue.  Each Sunday, throughout the month of May, we will be reciting all 20 mysteries.  We will be kicking off this devotion on Sunday, May 6th at St. Alexis’ Church, following the 11 AM Mass & Baptism.  We anticipate commencing at 1 PM.  The 3 remaining Sundays, we will actually pray in front of Planned Parenthood, bright and early, beginning at 7 AM.

We must keep in mind that Mary is the Queen Mother and was bestowed this title virtually at the time of her acceptance of being the Mother of Jesus.  A common misconception today is that the Queen is the woman married to the King.  For the Jews however, the mother of the King was in the role of the Queen.  A prime example is in the Book of Kings, with Bathsheba as the mother of King Solomon.  Bathsheba was the wife of King David, but only became queen when David passed on and Solomon became King.

Fast forward to the Book of Revelation, in chapter 12, “A great sign appeared in the sky. It was a woman clothed with the sun, with moon under feet, AND ON HER HEAD, A CROWN OF TWELVE STARS.  SHE WAS WITH CHILD AND WAILED ALLOWED IN PAIN AS SHE LABORED TO GIVE BIRTH.”  As you can see, she was already wearing the crown, while she was with child.  According to Scripture, she was already Queen mother, before she actually gave birth.

What way to better honor our Mother, than to seek her intercession on behalf of the unborn.  What better time to ask for her intercession than during the month of Mary.

I hope you are able to make it to at least 1 Sunday if not more.  Incidentally, this prayer vigil will be held on one other special Sunday in June since mothers are not the only ones who are impacted by abortion,  we will be there to pray on Father’s day, June 17th as well, again at Planned Parenthood, 933 Liberty Avenue in Pittsburgh at 7 AM.

~Vince P.