September 27- November 5

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Fall 2017 campaign to end abortion in Pittsburgh-  September 27- November 5


Sign up to pray.  Join in with friends, a church group, or gather friends together to pray in peaceful witness in front of the abortion facility in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh.   Check out the schedule.

Peaceful, prayerful and meaningful witness for life.

Kick off the campaign with us:

September 24  5:00 pm at Holy Wisdom Parish,

St. Boniface Church

Kick off information is on Get Involved Too


Also, can you help?  Please read this pdf.  Witnessing for life is making a difference!!!! No more walk

WCN is making a difference and needs our help.

Those of us on the front lines in front of Planned Parenthood rely on the wonderful service that Women’s Choice Network provides, (free ultrasound, pregnancy test, and counseling and support of those facing crisis pregnancies). They now need OUR help. Click the link to the PDF to find out how you can help to make sure they are able to continue accepting walk-in clients.   No more walk  



3-2-17 40days

Nikki’s Reflection on 40 Days for Life in Croatia

Lisa K. and I returned home last night from our 10 day journey to Croatia and Medjugorje, where we had the joy of meeting so many of our 40 Days for Life family and saw the Holy Spirit working powerfully through their campaigns.  Marian asked us each to write a little reflection of our trip, which I am happy to do.

I think I need to start from the beginning, in order to let you all know how God is working so mightily for us through 40 Days for Life!

Last summer a customer of mine gave me a wooden rosary from Medjugorje in Boznia-Herzegovina.  I had heard of the place as a pilgrimage site, but had never really had a desire to go there myself.  I began using that rosary daily and on the third day was suddenly overcome with a desire to go to there!  This happened while I was taking a shower of all things!  I actually began to whine like a little kid (out loud…in the shower!)…asking for God to make a way for me to go.  As soon as I got out of the shower, I ran downstairs to ask my husband if he would mind, (if I could save up my own money) if I went to Medjugorje!  He said it would be fine, (he probably thought I would never be able to save up the money, so he figured he would be safe, LOL!)  Anyway, that was going to be my plan….no matter how long it took…I would save the money and go on a group pilgrimage to Medjugorje.

Three weeks later, I went to the 40 Days for Life international symposium in Orlando, along with Lisa K., Marian and Beth.  40 Days for Life leaders from all around the world attended this conference and I had the privilege of being one of the presenters.  Right after I spoke, I met the leader from Croatia in the lobby of the hotel.  She asked me if I would come to Croatia to speak at their national meeting.  I really didn’t know where Croatia was, and didn’t know anything about the country…and was confused as to why she would want me to come there to speak!  I said to her, “Why would you want me to come?  I don’t speak Croatian, am not a speaker, and have never even traveled outside of the USA!”  But then, something clicked in my mind, and I asked, “Wait a minute…isn’t Croatia near Medjugorje?”  She answered that it was only a 2-hour drive from Croatia, and said that if I came to Croatia, she would take me to Medjugorje!  At that point I think my jaw hit the floor, and I told her the story of how I had suddenly got the desire to go, and had just prayed for a way to go!

So, God is the One who arranged this trip…and I now see why!  It was a life-changing experience to see how the Holy Spirit is alive and working in the hearts of the people in Croatia!  There are only about 40 campaigns in all of Europe…and 26 of them are in Croatia!  They are incredibly organized, with the 26 local leaders reporting to the regional coordinators (Petra, Lidija and Marija), who then report to the national leader (Ante).  They begin and end EVERYTHING with prayer.  They put God before everything else.  We had Mass everyday, Eucharistic adoration and a visit to a shrine…along with many informative presentations and discussions.  Watching the joy and the unity among them made me feel as though God had plucked me up and set me down right into the middle of the early Church in Jerusalem, where all the believers were selling their belongings and sharing with one another.  These people traveled from their own towns to be together for FOUR DAYS!  I felt like such a part of them, that I cried when the conference ended…knowing that I had to leave and may never see them again.  It was a truly beautiful experience.  As a “spoiled” American, accustomed to comfort and affluence…to see these committed believers, who have suffered so much from the war in the 90’s and have just recently been freed from Communism….was a truly humbling and inspiring experience.  Through this experience, God reminded me of the IMPORTANCE of this battle to end abortion.  God REALLY cares about this!  This issue goes right to His Heart…and so we cannot give up or become complacent.  It also helped me to realize how united the family of God is.  Even though we didn’t speak the same language, and came from totally different cultures…we had a strong bond in our love from the Lord.  I felt more at home among them than I do when I am among non-believers of my own culture.  It was beautiful, (or as they say in Croatian…”Lijepo”).

lisa climbing cross mountain

And as for our three days in Medjugorje…it was a gift from God.  I carried the prayers for my family and friends to the top of apparition hill and cross mountain…and through the difficulties of climbing in the heat and on the sharp rocks…thanked the Lord for the opportunity to share in a tiny way with His suffering.  Being immersed for three days with believers from all around the world, speaking so many different languages…but united in our love for God, was wonderful!

lisa and nikki cross mountain

So thank you dear 40 Days for Life family, for reading about my experience.  I hope we can once again unite in prayer, fasting and peaceful witness to bring an end to abortion in Pittsburgh!  The campaign begins on September 27th and ends November 5th.  The schedule is posted and I am ready to sign groups up, so let me know if you are ready to choose your time slot at the vigil at Planned Parenthood.  Email me at

May God bless you throughout the summer!

Your sister in Christ,


40 Days for Life – Croatia

Nikki did such a great job that she got invited to speak in Croatia!! No kidding!!
Nikki did such a great job that she got invited to speak in Croatia!! No kidding!! July 2016


Last summer when Nikki spoke at the 40 Days for Life conference in Orlando, Florida, she was invited to attend the national conference for 40 Days for Life in Croatia.  Nikki and Lisa K. are attending the conference and have sent back pictures of their time thus far.  Please check in to see the updated pictures.  Look for Lisa’s reflection and Nikki’s reflection after they return.

Beth, Nikki, Petra, and Lidija trying to figure out the Uber app. It was only our third Uber reservation ever! (The first two were on Friday.) Nikki's got the hang of it now!!
July 2016: Beth, Nikki, Petra, and Lidija trying to figure out the Uber app. It was only our third Uber reservation ever! (The first two were on Friday.) Nikki’s got the hang of it now!!


So, Nikki and Lisa left on a jet plane…leaving the driving to the pilot.   Nikki spoke at the national conference in Croatia on Day 2.

Dear Nikki, Please find attached some photos I took during your inspiring talk. I hope you’ll find them O.K. 🙂 Sincerely, Kruno   June 2017   Croatia  (Thanks for the pictures of Nikki speaking!!)



From the sidewalk in front of 933 Liberty Avenue Pittsburgh to the sidewalks of Croatia, the message for life is spoken!!

0622170813 (2)
Katie’s picture… June 22



Nikki and Lisa with Lidija, regional 40 Days for Life coordinator for the region of Slavonija.  In addition to overseeing many cities, she also operates the post abortive healing programs throughout all Croatia!
Petra is the national 40 Days for Life coordinator, under Ante. She is the one who invited us to come to Croatia, and she is a powerhouse of energy, determination, and a great leader and organizer!
Ante, National director of 40 Days for Life  in Croatia gave a motivating talk. He oversees all of the regional coordinators in Croatia

40 Days for Life- Podcast #62   Ante is interviewed in this Podcast #62.


We needed our Bibles for the talk by Lidija, as it was referencing Scripture. Of course, Lisa and I were unable to read theirs so we read the verses on our phones instead
Marija is the 40 Days for Life coordinator for the entire region of Dalmatia and Split, Croatia. She oversees many campaigns in many cities throughout Croatia! She and her wonderful husband, Davor, drove us six hours from Split to Cakovec for the conference.



Our lovely translator, Dijana, made sure that Lisa and I understood all of the inspiring talks, which were all in Croatian.
Tomislav is a faithful participant of 40 Days for Life In Croatia. Everyone is young here! Very hopeful!
40 Days for Life family in Croatia!
40 Days for Life- listening to the same message we receive in Pittsburgh.



40 DFL team member Vanja telling us that we have to be close to the Lord in order to be a leader for 40 Days for Life.
Our sweet interpreter, Dijana, and sweet Nikki

Day 2




The Bishop in Cakovec is very supportive of 40 Days for Life. He celebrated Mass and spoke a life affirming message to us this morning.
National leaders Ante & Petra give the Bishop a gift of thanksgiving for his support.














Taking a break with local 40 days for life leaders, Krunoslav and Danijela.  Krunoslav leads the campaign in Krizevci and Danijela leads at Bjlevar. Although we are of different cultures and nations we are truly United in our love for the Lord and this fight for life! It is wonderful!


Information to hear and take to heart.
Participants Day 2 including Lisa and Dijana.

Lisa and I met this wonderful group from Osijek. Sandra (On left) is the campaign director, and Bredrag and his wife Suzana are on her team.


Marko is only 17 years old and lives in Herzegovina, Bosnia and he leads the 40 days for life there! He is also an artist and a really sweet guy!


New friends Lidija from Nova Gradiska, Mira from Slavonski Brod and Jozo from Rijeka


The participants singing, raising hands, and clapping in prayer and praise.


National leaders Ante and Lidija in a fun moment.  Nikki is behind them.

In any language, the signs for 40 Days for Life speak the same message. The signage is one way we stay united in mission. (editor’s note)


Day 3:


Sisters, Margareta and Diana from Bjelovar.
Krunoslav (on left )was a huge help and a blessing to us by providing much of the translation!  Pictured with Eva from Slavonski and another Krunoslav. Everyone made us feel so welcomed.


Damir is the local leader for the city of Split. He spoke on how to present 40 Days for Life in churches.

Zmonimir spoke about Chile where abortion is illegal.
Marija and Petra



Vlatka from Calovec


Closing  Day:

Sunday was Croatia’s Independence Day, celebrated at Mass.
Singing final song at closing of conference. So much joy, love and unity among them!  I started to cry knowing I was leaving.


Ante is an amazing leader for 40 Days for Life in Croatia!

Ivana was such a help translating!

Hand made gifts given to us!  It reminded me of our closing rallies!

Connecting for life through the years with 40 Days for Life

40 Days for Life Croatia 2015
Group from St. Sebastian's
Retro- 40 Days for Life -Pittburgh 2011

 Prayer and Prayer Warriors:  Daily Prayer

Beautiful shrine!

Djirdjica and her husband, Mladen, were kind enough to drive us to the shrine for prayer. They are a beautiful couple!
Praying together at shrine. They really put prayer first here!


Nikki and I stopped at a cafe for “coffee”- which we found out just means to hang out and have something, it doesn’t have to be coffee!


Ivana took Nikki and me to an air conditioned cafe!


Sightseeing with our wonderful and sweet guide, Ivana, along with another local leader, Krunoslav, who was kind enough to serve as our translator during the Bishop’s talk.











20170622_182451 (1)
The Church of St. Joseph, where we had Mass every day in Cakovec


National team member Marija walking with Nikki in Split along the Adriatic Sea




Katie’s picture- Pittsburgh Diaper Drive



Expect rain… hope like the little girl who prayed for rain… and brought her umbrella to the prayer meeting!!  The chalk drawings may wash away, but the message of hope and life is etched in our hearts— all over this world.

day 8, second shift5


Father’s Day Reflection 2017


Vince wrote the reflection for this blog and invites all to pray:



Sunday, June 18 at 7 am in front of 933 Liberty Avenue.


When most people think about abortion, they think about the mother who carries the child and the child itself.  Forgotten many times is for every abortion, there is also a father.  The father is many times thought of as the one who may be instigating the abortion.  Though this may be true, there are many instances when it is not. 

During one of the prayer vigils at Planned Parenthood last fall, a young man approached while we were in the midst of our prayers.  He stopped directly in front of the window that featured a young woman in a poster, with a warm and inviting smile that seemed to say come on in, we will take care of all of your problems!.  This young man stood face to face with this poster for maybe a minute or two and just stared.  He finally spat on the window, turned and faced me and continued to move on.  The hurt in his eyes was overwhelming.  I do not know what his story is, but I think it is safe to say that he is hurting by something that occurred in Planned Parenthood. 

We have to realize that there are many men out there who have been impacted by abortion as well.  Perhaps, the woman they were involved with became pregnant and unequivocally chose to have an abortion, in spite of any resistance from the father.  Let’s face it, if the woman decides to go that route, the man has no say.  What can he do to stop her?  There may be other instances where a man may have no knowledge at all, that he conceived a child, if the woman decides to have an abortion without ever letting him know.

This Sunday is Father’s Day.  It is the final Sunday that we will be reciting all 20 mysteries, on behalf of the unborn, the father’s (& mothers) who lose a child and of course, the ultimate goal, the closing of Planned Parenthood at 933 Liberty Avenue.  For those of you who are fathers, come on out at 7 AM for our brothers who have lost a child through abortion.  Heck, come on out, even if you are not a father.  We would love to see you ladies too!  It takes about an hour and a half.  You will feel better for it.  You will feel even better for it when the day comes that they put the padlock on that place when it goes out of business once and for all, and you know that you had a hand in it.  It’s time to fight the good fight all of you good & faithful servants!  We hope to see you! 

Vince P


Fatherhood Aborted   read the extraordinary work the author completed before his untimely death.  The author was a leader with Care Net

Download “Fatherhood Aborted” by Guy Condon & David HazardÂ describes Fatherhood aborted as a unique look at the emotional devastation men face from being involved in abortion.Â


DIAPER DRIVE- May 13- Updated information


Many did get behind the diaper drive effort!!



Pictures and stats from this year’s diaper drive:



Second Annual Diaper Drive

Saturday, May 13, 2017

7 am to 7 pm

933 Liberty Avenue

Pittsburgh, Pa.

2017:  Katie writes:

Sue saved the day with her van, and herself being there for 8 hours, and Beth came back a second time when Sue had to leave. My dad was able to stay for the last couple hours, which was fortunate because David came all the way from WV (and he had to leave to go to work in Ohio!) to donate $100 and some formula, baby snacks and Pedialyte. We left at 6:15, and I’m really sorry if anyone came by after that, I should have stayed till 7! Beth said people can bring donations down between 9 and 11 on Tuesday during her shift.


We collected 2,291 diapers, 2,876 wipes, a swing, 3 bouncy seats, a play mat, 2 baby carriers, several swaddlers and sleep sacks, a set of crib sheets, a car seat cover, a bag of maternity clothes, a few bags of baby clothes, a diaper bag, a high chair, a car seat (not in the picture because I have to check and make sure used is ok) an audio monitor, a few containers of formula and $536.

In addition Katie reports:
The part of the day that sticks with me the most is when two girls came by, and we gave them a resource card.  Sue M. asked if they know anyone who was pregnant and the one girl said “Yeah, me.”  Sue asked if she was going to keep the baby and she said “No.” She looked sad and had her hand on her stomach. I gave her a “hopeful” gift package and told them about Nick and how I hadn’t been happy at first when I got pregnant.  I told her how women grieve after abortions.  We both gave her our numbers. I keep thinking about things I should have said and hoping we were able to get through to her and that she’ll call us for help.
Towards the end another woman, J, stopped and took a pregnancy test.  She said she was homeless and had two kids that lived with their dad.  I gave her a hopeful gift also in case she was pregnant, told her about Genesis and gave her my number.  She didn’t seem to be considering abortion but it’s hard to tell.  When I asked if it would be good news she said she wasn’t sure, but she seemed interested in Genesis.   I hope that’s a good sign.



Last year we collected 4,949 diapers, 4,862 wipes, $693, a stroller, a high chair, a hobby horse, a swing, two diaper bags, a couple bags of maternity clothes and a ton of baby clothes, a few containers of formula, several bottles of baby soap, powder, etc. for the clients of CURO and Women’s Choice Network.  Monetary donations can also be made.    Katie


Our own Katie, Shift Manager and Sidewalk Advocate, hosted this second annual event!





sue's van
Sue not only lent a hand, She lent a van!!! Sue is the coordinator of Sidewalk Advocates for Life- the year round peaceful, prayerful and outreach ministry to the clients of PP.

Sidewalk Advocates were on their shifts and supported Katie (also a Sidewalk Advocate) with a cause we could all get behind!!!

jim, joe and sue
Jim, Joe and Sue- year round advocates for life! Jim stood in the pouring rain on Thursday morning also to reach out to the abortion bound and other clients of PP. Jim is relatively new to Pittsburgh. It is great to have young people donate their time to ending abortion in Pittsburgh – changing one heart at a time.


jim,katie and joe
Jim, Katie and Joe


Virginia, Saturday morning Sidewalk Advocate, looks at the food goodies and the information.




katie and jeff
Katie and Jeff. Jeff stopped by on his way to a training class. Jeff and his wife are members of a church in North Park. Their church helps to support Bethany House ministries. Jeff donated to the cause. And in addition learned where PP is located. He said he was surprised at the amount of customers they have.


ken and family
Ken and Darlene stopped by to support the cause. Pictured here with 4 of their 10 children, Ken and Darlene are living proof that raising a large family successfully is possible and joy filled. Lots of diapers and graduations later… Ken and Darlene and their children bless others through 4H fairs and ministry work (the adult children). The children pictured here are the four youngest. Ken is a year round prayer warrior in front of PP. He can testify that family works!!! Thanks Ken and Darlene for your youthful witness!!

Rick, Thursday 5-7 shift manager, and his wife did a “drive by drop off”.

Diane D., with a new sign showing help for women, stood for several hours on the opposite side of the street, supporting the drive and directing attention to practical help. 

Beth, long time Sidewalk Advocate and President of PCUC, came down in the morning and then came back in the afternoon to stay with Katie so she wouldn’t have to stand alone.  Judy, (SA) Sue D. (shift manager, SA and blog writer for 40 Days for Life) and Marian (SA) also supported Katie during the drive.

Tim B and Bill H manned their spots, as usual, early on Saturday.  Bill H came back later to check to see if Katie needed someone to stand with her.   Judy and Hank, shift managers (and Sue D’s parents) for 40 Days for Life also stopped to donate.

A special thank you to Katie’s mom and dad for donating their time, talent and treasure.  And to Nick, Katie’s son, who gracefully shares his mommy!! 

Happy Mother’s Day!





God smiled on our Prayer Vigil to defund planned parenthood

IMG_2190The rain held off and the sun even tried to peak out over the Prayer Vigil and Jericho March to protest planned parenthood,  ask for God’s help to defund pp and ultimately end abortion.  Several dozen came out on this Saturday morning despite the forecast and early sprinkles. KDKA TV covered the event and interviewed Jeannie F. who emphasized that tax dollars are not to be taken away from women in need rather that should be redirected away from pp to Federally Qualified Health Centers of which there are 12 within a 5 mile radius of pp. She emphasized that solution to dealing with women in crisis is to deal with the crisis be it material needs,  pressure or perceived lack of options and not abort the child. She also brought a carload of great signs that boldly and clearly witnessed to our purpose.IMG_2197

In closing those participating were asked to continue to Pray to End Abortion and to contact their U.S. Senators and Congressmen and ask that they pass legislation to defund planned parenthood.

My Thanks to all who came out despite the weather and concerns over counter protests.  Thanks also to those who couldn’t come but prayed for us.

Tim B.

Help defund planned parenthood with Prayer April 29

April 29 flyer 300 pxHere’s how you can help defund Planned Parenthood in Pittsburgh

On the last weekend in April, pro-lifers across the country will hold rallies, marches, prayer vigils and demonstrations at Planned Parenthood facilities as part of the second annual National Day of Prayer and Protest Against Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood is the nation’s largest abortion chain and receives over $500 million from taxpayers like you every year. But pro-life leaders in Washington are working right now to end that government subsidy.

Come out on Saturday, April 29 and join tens of thousands of pro-lifers across the country in support of this urgent campaign to defund Planned Parenthood!

Event: Prayer Vigil and Jericho March at Planned Parenthood
When: Saturday, April 29, 9 a.m. to 10 a.m.
Where: 933 Liberty Ave, in downtown Pittsburgh

More Info: Contact Tim Barr at


Editors addition: Please note that  40 Days for Life Pittsburgh is part of 40 Days for Life.  The group does not endorse candidates nor will include any information on the websites which appears to have a party affiliation.  40 Days for Life is not a political movement.  Please read the mission statements on the About page and on 40 Days for Life- the national website.  Any use of these websites to endorse candidates or political parties will be removed and reported to 40 Days for Life- national.

Day 41: Thank you to ALL those who came to pray!



The Lord GOD is my help,
therefore I am not disgraced;
I have set my face like flint,
knowing that I shall not be put to shame.

Isaiah 50:7


We were able to close our vigil on Palm Sunday with a beautiful time of prayer, fellowship, encouragement, and sharing.  See the following photos for some scenes from our evening:

Pastor Joe leads us in prayer...
Pastor Joe leads us in prayer…


... and song.
… and in song.



THANK YOU so much to all who attended over the 40-day vigil, those who fasted, those who prayed from home or in religious communities, and those who helped and participated in many other ways.


Many of those who joined us for the vigil were also at the closing:


Beth, Helen, and another faithful pray-er
Beth, Helen, and another faithful pray-er


Chris and others in prayer
Chris and others in prayer


Faithful Chuck in prayer
Faithful Chuck in prayer


George, Audrey, and Nikki
George, Audrey, and Nikki


A reflective moment for Dean
A prayerful moment for Dean


Katie in prayer
Katie in prayer


Mary Catherine and Ann
Mary Catherine and Ann


Pastor Bryan and Richard
Pastor Bryan and Richard


Pastor Bryan, Richard, and Barbara
Pastor Bryan, Richard, and Barbara


Cathy and Jack
Cathy and Jack


More beautiful souls in prayer
More beautiful souls in prayer


Thank you to Bill for helping to keep the peace
Thank you to Bill for helping to keep the peace


Pastor Bryan and Bill blow the shofars to officially end our prayerful 40-day vigil
Pastor Bryan and Bill blow the shofars to officially end our prayerful 40-day vigil



We offer a big thank you to Nikki, our local campaign director, who has been an amazing inspiration as always.  Thank you also to Megan, who coordinated our fasting schedule.


Take a look at our time of fellowship and sharing at Catholic Charities:


Audrey and Sue
Audrey and Sue



Dee and Pastor Joe
Dee and Pastor Joe


Listening to our speakers
Listening to our speakers


Helen speaking about coming to pray on Good Friday at 10 AM
Helen speaking about coming to pray on Good Friday at 10 AM


Joe as our MC- thanks, Joe!
Joe as our MC- thanks, Joe!


Marian, coordinator of the blog-- thank you, Marian!
Marian, coordinator of the blog– thank you, Marian!


Our beautiful leader, Nikki- thank you!
Our beautiful leader, Nikki- thank you!


More friends listen to our speakers
More friends listen to our speakers


Pastor Bryan, Kim, and Helen
Pastor Bryan, Kim, and Helen


Rick, Jeff, and Cecilia
Rick, Jeff, and Cecilia


Mimi, Marian, and Barbara
Mimi, Marian, and Barbara


Al and Sally
Al and Sally






The above Scripture passage tells us what we need to know now, as we go forward from this Lenten campaign.  We know that we must be steadfast and unashamed, as Jesus was as He faced Jerusalem… for the Lord God IS OUR HELP.  Planned Parenthood, the media, abortion advocates, etc. all claim to be of help in some way.  But those on the side of life know that the Lord God is our help.  I’d rather put my trust in HIM than in the others.

We now enter into Holy Week, as Jesus entered into Jerusalem.  This is the holiest week in the Christian year.  What will we do to observe Holy Week in a way that honors God and respects life?

  • We can pray, first and foremost.
  • We can also participate in the Good Friday prayer service on the sidewalk in front of Planned Parenthood this Friday, April 14, at 10 AM.
  • Third, even though it will be in the Easter season, we can participate in the Magee Project, praying for the end of abortions at Magee Hospital.


4-10-17 magee project


Information taken from Pat’s blog the other day:

Join The Magee Project (founded by our very own Meredith) for a major prayer event:

A week-long Jericho Walk around Magee-Womens Hospital in Oakland.

From Sunday (4/30) through Friday (5/5) the Jericho Walk will begin at 6:30 PM.  We’ll meet at Magee – on the corner of Halket Street and The Blvd. of the Allies – to circle the hospital one time in silent prayer and meditation.  We’ll then gather briefly after walking to pray together and then and dismiss for the evening.

On Saturday, May 6th, we’ll meet at 8:30 AM and circle the hospital seven times in silence. We’ll gather at the end to make declarations about the spiritual walls we’ve asked God to topple and to declare what we are asking God to plant in place of those walls.

We’re asking individuals to make the effort to come to as many evenings as possible.  For churches and church groups (such as the Knights of Columbus), the hope is that they would adopt one evening, and then come again on Saturday morning.  Contact Meredith at or at 412-795-3924 with any questions.

As for parking, on street parking is available on Halket St, across from the main entrance to the hospital, but is limited to one hour.  There is also a parking garage available right at Magee’s front entrance.  But don’t park in the Panera/Quality Inn parking lot.  Even if you buy a coffee there, if you walk off the lot, they’ll tow you.

And finally, be aware that a launch event for our Jericho Walk will be held on Friday, April 28, at 7 PM at Lincoln Place Church of the Nazarene (Pastor Joe Stump’s church), which is at 5604 Interboro Ave. in Pittsburgh.


Let us pray as we go through this week, meditating on Our Lord’s Passion and Death.  We know that Easter is coming!  But we also must remember to reflect and pray through the great gift of life that the Lord has given us through His cross- the gift of ETERNAL LIFE.






Thank you, Catholic Charities, for sharing your warmth with us during this Spring Campaign!


Our Blog tries to capture the fullness of what people see at 933 Liberty Avenue, Pittsburgh.  Each of us sees at least slightly differently.  A lot of us agree that key words flesh out the bare bones of why we show up.





In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

Now the earth was a formless void,

there was darkness over the deep, and

God’s spirit hovered over the water.

God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.

…God divided light from darkness.

Exodus 1:1-3, 5


The heavens declare the glory of God;

The firmament proclaims the works of his hands.

Psalm 19:2


Whether describing the vastness of the stars or the microscopic intricacies of the human body, large numbers are inevitable.  These numbers are so large we cannot comprehend their meaning. But trying, we can see more clearly.



How long does it take to count to a million?  Let’s estimate 2 seconds for each number.

We’d have to count day and night without break for 23 days!

How big is a billion?   One billion is equal to 1,000 million.

How big is a trillion?  One trillion is equal to 1,000,000 million.

What is a light year? It’s how far a beam of light travels in one year – six trillion miles.





The Andromeda Galaxy is bright enough to be seen by the naked eye on dark, moonless nights. It is about 2.5 million light years away and is about 200,000 light-years across. It is thought to contain about 400 billion stars.

There are hundreds of billions of galaxies in the Universe.


What is an atom?  Atoms are collections of tiny bits of electricity.

What is a nanometer?  Atoms, the smallest pieces of everything, are measured in nanometers (nm), one-billionth of a meter.  A meter is about 39 inches long.

How many atoms are in a cell?

Approximately 100 trillion atoms are in a cell.

What is a cell?

A cell is the basic unit of life, the smallest unit capable of independent reproduction.

How many cells are there in a human body?

The estimate is 37.2 trillion cells in the human body.




Then the LORD God formed the man out of the dust of the ground

and blew into his nostrils the breath of life,

and the man became a living being.  Genesis 2:7

God created mankind in his image;

in the image of God he created them;

male and female he created them. Genesis 1:27



Lennart Nilsson “Drama of Life Before Birth”

1965 Cover, Life Magazine







Dr. Russell Sacco, 1970.  “All of a sudden, I saw these tiny feet; these perfectly formed tiny feet, with little toes, little wrinkles and creases and I held them between my fingers and took the picture. I was crying because I felt so bad – it just really got to me,” he said. “I really didn’t think the photo would be anything, but God must have taken the picture because it was perfect, and I knew that this would be one powerful way to send a message to the world, as this unborn baby was only about 10 weeks along.”



More tortuous than all else is the human heart, beyond remedy.

Who can understand it?

Jeremiah 17:9



So I tell you, her many sins have been forgiven; hence,

she has shown great love.

But the one to whom little is forgiven, loves little.”

He said to her, “Your sins are forgiven.”

Luke 7:47-50




Watch out, the devil exists!

The devil exists even in the 21st century.

And we must not be naïve.

We must learn from the Gospel how to battle against him.

His Holiness Pope Francis


Then the LORD asked Cain,

Where is your brother Abel? He answered,

“I do not know. Am I my brother’s keeper?”

Genesis 4:9







The last morning of the vigil was truly beautiful.  Sunlight seemed to linger a little longer than usual in that dark corridor of Liberty Avenue.  It warmed our faces even as the prayerful fellowship of today’s vigil participants warmed our hearts.

Diane was there even before I pulled up, ready to provide the extensive resources that make a world of difference on the sidewalk (as she and her husband, Tom, have done day in and day out over so many campaigns.)

Emily and Brother Thomas from The Pittsburgh Oratory joined Sunday “regular” Vince for prayer and witness to a steadier-than-usual stream of cars and pedestrians.

Nikki and Joe, despite having done so much for the campaign already, arrived to take the second shift in place of Sue, whose own list of “having done so much for the campaign already” is truly inspiring.

We had the opportunity to offer up a number of beautiful prayers, including a Chaplet of St. Michael which Br. Thomas graciously shared with us.  There were a few negative responses from passersby, but more positive ones to encourage us.  One man even asked if he could hold a sign and stand with us for a while.  He is going through a difficult time in his life—he and his wife have a one-year-old child but nowhere to live.  Please keep S. in your prayers.

When I went to Mass after the vigil this morning, our priest asked us to reflect on times where we could identify with various people in the Gospel account of our Lord’s Passion.  Can we sometimes relate to Peter, denying that he knew Jesus at all?  Can we sometimes relate to Judas, being overcome by despair at having fallen into temptation?  In this 40 Days for Life campaign, we may have had the chance to relate to Simon, helping to carry Jesus’ cross, as we offered help to those facing an unplanned pregnancy.  We may have had the chance to relate to the faithful women, bravely following Jesus and weeping over him, as we consoled those who have been wounded by abortion.  We thank You, Lord, for these opportunities, challenging as they have been; and we ask You for the strength to continue praying and witnessing for life in other ways until we come together again in the fall as the 40 Days for Life family!



NIKKI 9-11

Thanks to my wonderful husband Joe for accompanying me as we subbed for the 9 to 11 shift this morning.

And thank you, Lord, for the beautiful sunshine and the intensely blue sky! It was a beautiful morning to witness and pray on the sidewalk! Thanks everyone for participating in this 40 days for life!





The shift started with antagonism. A man with his around 10 year old son told him, “These are the people who use fear and religion to get people to do what they want.” I said, “That is not true!” He continued on his way saying, “If there is a hell those are the ones who will be in it.”  I felt so very sad. This boy and so many others like him are being kept in the dark. Evil is presented as good and good as evil.

Then a man in his early 30’s started in on the other prayers. I walked up to hear him say that, “Children of degenerates do not deserve to live. When abortion first began it helped lower the crime rate by 30%.” He also said, “It’s not a baby but just 2 molecules.” My religion teacher just came out and I started to discredit everything he said, but of course he didn’t hear a word I said. It was a continuance in a way of the other conversation.

Lies continue to be propagated and there seems to be more and more people believing them. Jesus is, “the way and the truth and the life.” Let us cleave to him and trust that we are on the sidewalk for a reason and God will use us if we let him. Jesus I trust in you! Jesus, Mary and Joseph save souls!





Certainly helping with sharing the message of God’s love, these pictures show the faithful praying people who come to share God’s message.




What a beautiful day to complete our 40 Days of Life.

The Catholic Men’s Fellowship from St Mary Our Lady of Guadeloupe in Kittanning joined our vigil.

Mary and Jimmy prayed with us.

With the sun shining on us we felt God’s love!



Catholic Men's Fellowship, St. Mary of Guadeloupe; Mary and Jimmy; Shift Manager Audrey
Catholic Men’s Fellowship, St. Mary of Guadeloupe;
Mary and Jimmy;
Shift Manager Audrey




JOE 5-7

Faith filled 40 Dayers




Extra! Extra! Additional note for Saturday

MARIAN 11 to 1 Saturday
During the busy rush hours of traffic on Liberty Avenue, two prayerful woman went right to work in prayer. From St. Maurice Parish were Mary and Arlene. God, who sees the bigger picture, captured their faces. No photographer can actually capture the beauty of people praying but the women praying quietly were part of God’s plan yesterday. Sidewalk Advocates need the prayers on the battlefield for life. The prayers are the supply source of energy. Make no mistake about that.


Stay tuned for more NOTES from today.


Go out into all the world.

Proclaim the Gospel to everyone.

Mark 16:15

Information about The Magee Project and reports from Day 39: St. Ann Catholic Church (Castle Shannon), Word of God parish (Braddock/Swissvale), St. Sebastian Catholic Church (Ross)



*  Did you know that abortions have been performed Magee-Womens Hospital of UPMC even before Roe v. Wade was decided?

**  And that Magee does between 500 and 700 abortions every year?

***  And that the University of Pittsburgh offers abortion training to medical students and Associate professors at Pitt perform abortions at Magee?


Imagine the spiritual walls erected at Magee by decades of shedding innocent blood.  Isn’t it about time for those walls to come down and for a renewed culture of life to be restored!

Each night pray-ers for life meet at Magee Women’s Hospital to pray to end abortion.  Pat took these two pictures on May 2, 2017.  Join in prayer!




Join The Magee Project (founded by our very own Meredith Parente) for a major prayer event:  A week-long Jericho Walk around Magee-Womens Hospital in Oakland, from Sunday, April 30th, and ending on Saturday, May 6.


From Sunday (4/30) through Friday (5/5) the Jericho Walk will begin at 6:30 PM.  We’ll meet at Magee – on the corner of Halket Street and The Blvd. of the Allies – to circle the hospital one time in silent prayer and meditation.  We’ll then gather briefly after walking to pray together and then and dismiss for the evening.


On Saturday, May 6th, we’ll meet at 8:30 AM and circle the hospital seven times in silence. We’ll gather at the end to make declarations about the spiritual walls we’ve asked God to topple and to declare what we are asking God to plant in place of those walls.


We’re asking individuals to make the effort to come to as many evenings as possible.  For churches and church groups (such as the Knights of Columbus), the hope is that they would adopt one evening, and then come again on Saturday morning.  Contact Meredith at or at 412-795-3924 with any questions.


As for parking, on street parking is available on Halket St, across from the main entrance to the hospital, but is limited to one hour.  There is also a parking garage available right at Magee’s front entrance.  But don’t park in the Panera/Quality Inn parking lot.  Even if you buy a coffee there, if you walk off the lot, they’ll tow you.


And finally, be aware that a launch event for our Jericho Walk will be held on Friday, April 28, at 7 PM at Lincoln Place Church of the Nazarene (Pastor Joe Stump’s church), which is at 5604 Interboro Ave. in Pittsburgh.




There was a nice sized group of prayers from St. Anne’s (Castle Shannon), a few Saturday regulars , and a parishioner from St. Joseph’s.  There were about 15 escorts and, unfortunately, 2-3 customers.  One couple took some information, but continued inside.

Virginia, 7-9

It was another Saturday with a plethora of pray-ers!  I began my shift with the St. Anne’s Respect Life group in the middle of the rosary.  The man leading had a beautiful booming voice which could be heard on both sides of the circle.  I couldn’t help but think that the escorts must pay attention on some level, especially at the door with the baby models also being in full view!  Beth (SA), Joe (SA), and Joe were also present.  A short time later, a large group from Grove City College came and eagerly signed in and took signs to wear.  You can see them lining the street in the picture, their smiling faces bolstered everyone and it was a joy to have them with us!  Several rosaries, divine mercy chaplets, and many other prayers were offered.  Lots of people in costume passed by for some kind of convention.  We were able to hand out a lot of cards and offer free help to any who was simply open to accepting it! God Bless everyone who came.  Thank you!

Sue, 9-11

Pray-ers from St. Anne's in Castle Shannon w/Joe B
Pray-ers from St. Anne’s in Castle Shannon w/Joe B
Grove City College students
Grove City College students
GCC students form their line
GCC students form their line

Three large healthcare facilities offering abortion in Pittsburgh…and we wonder why a city this size worries about the future?  The healthcare giant getting federal funds is located in downtown Pittsburgh where this 40 Days for Life campaign is ending for this season.  But abortion will not stop.  Abortion may not be front and center in some lives for the next several months but babies will continue to die under the watchful eye of PP.

So today we watched and prayed.  On my particular shift, Word of God parish and Madonna del Costello parish was represented by Dave, Maryann, Mike, and Bernie.  None of them are strangers to the sidewalk for life.

An older, distinguished looking gentleman with a camera took a picture of Maryann as she was praying.  He didn’t need to ask permission, but the polite thing to do is to ask.  George was evasive of how he plans to use the pictures other than for class, but under gentle and firm persuasion he did ask Maryann’s permission.  She graciously said yes.  He accepted our brochure to let us know if the pictures he took get published.  Taking a picture of someone in prayer… the man saw something that attracted him.

I was able to reach out to several people going into PP today.  Joan and Judy were also Sidewalk Advocates keeping vigil and reaching out.  A young couple did take post abortion information from me, after the seed was planted and watered by Judy and Joan.

Another 30 something woman would not take information – offered twice.  Visibly stressed and smoking, she told me after she looked at the baby models her mind was made up.  She told me (paraphrasing) “look, there is nothing there”.  I said it is her baby.  She walked inside while telling me to shut up.  Simultaneously, an even older woman walked by and yelled at me that it was the woman’s choice.  I won’t argue that statement.  It is a legal choice, but a deadly one for baby and mother.  The mother just isn’t aware.  Please pray.

The town was full of characters from the comic convention.  Right before I left the sidewalk for the day, two men crossed over to the our side of the street.  Unsolicited, the one said  “Stay vigilant.”  I took that as a message.  God has never spoken to me from a burning bush nor have I had any visions.  But I know wisdom when I hear it.  Anyone coming to the sidewalk must remain vigilant this weekend.  The convention has many dark spirited people walking by.  God is practical.  He told us he was sending us out among wolves.  WE must remain vigilant for life all year round.

Thank you to all of those who I shared the sidewalk with today… you know who you are.

Please keep Deacon Ron from Madonna del Costello and Word of God Parish in prayer.  He usually leads his parishes in prayer at the vigil but sadly, his wife died on Thursday.  The viewing is tomorrow and the funeral will be Monday.  Please pray.

Marian, 11-1

Pray-ers from Word of God parish
Pray-ers from Word of God parish

There was a lot of traffic in and out of P.P. today.  Some of the girls who came out together may have been training as escorts.  As this campaign comes to a close, I have to say how encouraging it’s been to read all of your reports and to stand together with you in this cause.  We uplift one another when we come together in prayer.  If the people who run P.P. we’re being honest, they would place a sign in their window stating, “No Lives Matter”.  Abortion subtracts from all of us.  The abortionist preys upon those who are economically disadvantaged and plants seeds of doubt.  40 Days for Life recognizes and supports that all life is God ordained and has purpose.

Dean, 1-3

Nelson and Sue from Word of God Parish in Swissvale
Nelson and Sue from Word of God Parish in Swissvale

I was so blessed today to be able to stand in prayer and witness with my fellow parishioners from St. Sebastian.  There were lots of folks on the streets of Pittsburgh today, what with a comics convention and a Pirates game going on.  With everyone dressed for spring — and the comics convention participants dressed in many colorful ways! — it was hard to believe that it was snowing just yesterday!

I met two wonderful Spirit-filled ladies, Pat and Bernadette, who are active with a pro-life prayer ministry by the name of Preborn Jesus (  And speaking of the Holy Spirit, Bill stopped by as well, as ever on his Holy-Spirit-led “beat.”

We were very encouraged that SO many of the passersby – and even some people leaving Planned Parenthood! — were open to taking the yellow resource cards.  For me personally, it had to have been a record number of cards that I was able to give out.  Praise God!!  One young gentleman and his wife stopped to shake our hands and thank us for being there.  We engaged in a few conversations with some searching souls.  There were some rude and unsupportive comments as well.  At one point, a woman exited Planned Parenthood and purposely knocked the fetal models over.  But the negativity today was far outpaced by the general openness to our message.  Please pray that all of the yellow cards handed out today, along with the conversations had, will bear much fruit!

For Life,

Sue M., 3-5

Linda, Mary Lou, Gloria, and Dot, from St. Sebastian
Linda, Mary Lou, Gloria, and Dot, from St. Sebastian
Pat and Bernadette from Preborn Jesus Ministry
Pat and Bernadette from Preborn Jesus Ministry
Mary Ann, Mary, and Guy, from St. Sebastian
Mary Ann, Mary, and Guy, from St. Sebastian
Jim, Sandy, Dot, and Gloria, from St. Sebastian
Jim, Sandy, Dot, and Gloria, from St. Sebastian

I was asked to re-post my Shift Manager report from yesterday.  Here it is:

IMG_20170407_171702 (1)
The highlight of my evening – heck, the highlight of the whole campaign for me – was meeting Violetta and her five children.  The first thing she said when she saw me and our signs (and our baby models) was:  “Oh you guys are just the greatest.  Thank you for being here.”  Then she explained.  She had been at the East Liberty mill seven years ago for an abortion.  As she went in there were people there who were trying to convince her not to have an abortion.  She heard what they were saying, but went in anyway.  Well, through a series of strange events – along with the voice of her conscience – she walked out and decided not to have that abortion.  Then she introduced me to Nyona, who is seven, the baby she was going to abort.  (She’s the one right in front of her mom with the purple coat and the big smile.)  It was obvious the way that she talked that she understood that it was God who ultimately saved her and her baby.  She said that she had made the mistake at 16 of having an abortion right there at PP. We talked quite a while and I have her information from “Silent No More.”  When I shook Nyona’s hand I said:  “I’m glad you’re here.”  She said:  “I’m glad I’m here too.”
Pat, 5-7 (Friday)